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Please send your queries to Query Editor:

Linda Crocker
61 Ronald Reagan Drive
Westwood, Parkersburg, WV 26101

Or e-mail direct to: queries@seeley-society.org

Queries are assigned a query number by the Query Editor and are then sent to the Query Team and Area Coordinators. Linda summarizes each query and any responses for inclusion in the newsletter and on the website.

How to submit a query

If you would like to submit a query please follow a few guidelines.

  • Be specific and detailed: Give us as much information as you have about the person or family in question, especially dates and locations.
  • What resources have you already consulted? The SGS Publications? The census? Cemetery records? Ancestry.com?
  • What exactly do you want to know? Parent’s names and details? Information on siblings? Information on a family marrying into the Seeley family?
  • After your query is printed please keep us informed about any information you receive or any further progress you make on your own. Other members may also be interested or related to your line.
  • One more name, date or place may be the key to connecting your line to another. Also make sure we have your current email and normal address – sometimes we get information several months after publication.
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