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Mission Statement and Acquisition Policy

Mission Statement

The mission of the Seelye Research Center (SRC) is to preserve the genealogical legacy of the Seeley name (of any spelling), to house artifacts related to the Seeley surname, and to share information we acquired with the public in accordance with current privacy protection policies. To accomplish this mission, the SRC collects and preserves any and all genealogical information and artifacts related to the Seeley surname with the intent of expanding the knowledge of the Seeley name and legacy. Items accepted to the SRC will be handled in accordance with the SGS acquisition policy.

Acquisition Policy

All items to be included in the Seelye Research Center (SRC) will be selected with the following questions in mind:

  • How does the item further knowledge of the Seeley family?
  • Does it add to information the SRC already has, or is it new information?
  • Does it highlight a special individual within the extended Seeley family?
  • Is it of overall historical value to the furthering of genealogical knowledge?
  • What is the condition of the item?
  • Will it require extra effort to repair or preserve the item for inclusion in the SRC?
  • Could it be a detriment to the rest of the collection?
  • Is there a history attached to the item?
  • Does the item include its provenance?

General Rules of Acceptance

  • Items accepted into the SRC must have a connection to the Seeley name (any spelling).
  • Items should be in good condition with a minimal amount of damage.
  • Large collections must be approved by the SGS board before acquisition by the SRC.
  • Digital items may be accepted but must be in a pre-approved format.
  • All items accepted into the SRC will become the property of the SRC and the SGS.
  • Any protests regarding the inclusion of an item into the SRC will be decided upon by the board.

Ready to submit your materials?

When you are ready, please remember that when submitting a document to be filed in the Seelye Research Center Archives, please fill in as much information as you know. We look forward to receiving your information!