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Query Number: 0911-3

Requested Information

Pat has contacted us before asking for information on Permilla Seeley who married John MILLS, Jr, son of John MILLS – Rebecca SMITH of Sussex CO NJ USA. They were in PA at one time, and then removed to Ontario, Canada, around Grimsby, and/or Windham, Norfolk, ONT CAN area. Since then she has had her brother do a DNA test and it confirmed his descent from John MILLS, husband of Permelia or Permilla SEELY, son of John MILLS and Rebecca SMITH of Sussex Co NJ USA. John and Permelia were born ca 1760’s either of NJ or CT or PA.


Patricia Fischer | ChekWriter@aol.com

Response Information

We get questions about this Permilla/Permilia once every year or two (see Query SR-2001-13 on our website). I would love to be able to identify her. However … now I would like to know the original source of the information that she was John Mills’ wife – some kind of written record. The only Permillia/Pamelia, etc that we know of that early was a daughter of Benjamin Seelye of CT (some confusion as to which Benjamin) but she is b. 1810 and md to Horace Frazier. I am really curious if anyone can find some proof that John Mills’ wife was really a Seeley.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Nov 2009

Response Information

Query Number: 0911-2

Requested Information

We get questions about this Permilla/Permilia once every year or two (see Query SR-2001-13 on our website). I would love to be able to identify her. However … now I would like to know the original source of the information that she was John Mills’ wife – some kind of written record. The only Permillia/Pamelia, etc that we know of that early was a daughter of Benjamin Seelye of CT (some confusion as to which Benjamin) but she is b. 1810 and md to Horace Frazier. I am really curious if anyone can find some proof that John Mills’ wife was really a Seeley.


Response Information

1850 census York, Steuben, IN

  • Hardendoph, Alpheus, age 24, farer, b. NY
  • Hardendoph, Lydia, age 42, b. NY
  • Hardendoph, George age 5, Harriet age 8, Lydia age 10, Adelia age 15, Abram age 17, all b. NY

Lydia is not listed in the SGS database. Paul Seeley, a member of the Query Team, noted that Daniel Seeley (SGS# 609) had a 1st wife named Lydia Comstock and a daughter Lydia. Daniel resided in Ballston, Saratoga, NY. This Lydia is too old to be the right one, however she had two brothers, Samuel (SGS# 1940)and Joseph (SGS# 1943), both named in their father’s will dated 1807 and probated 1812. We have no information on these men but it is certainly possible that one of them could have named a daughter Lydia after their mother.

Pam Turner, SGS Librarian, suggested looking at a copy of “Centennial History of Ballston Spa – 1762-1907” by Edward F. Grose, copyright 1907” which is available at the Ballston Spa Library.

Can anyone identify this Lydia or send information on Samuel or Joseph, sons of Daniel of Fairfield CT and Saratoga NY?

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Nov 2009

Query Number: 0911-1

Requested Information

Patrick sent the following:
Seeley, Patrick John, b July 6,1966, Suffern NY, Currently living in Hershey PA, Son of
Seeley, John Patrick, b Jul 6, 1932, Cleveland, OH, d Mar 3,2003 Harrisburg PA, Son of
Seeley, George Russel, b July 11, 1899, Cleveland, OH, d Aug 27,1954,
Son of
Seeley, William A, b 1875, location unknown, d Aug 29,1903, Cleveland, OH
Son of Unknown

Patrick says that William A Seeley died a premature death by suicide (hanging). His wife was Helen Neville b unknown, md Feb 1,1898, at St John Cathedral, Cleveland, OH. Helen died on May 11,1958 at Cleveland OH.

A family story says George Seeley and Helen were wards of the state when Helen suffered from TB while George was young and she was sent to a solarium somewhere outside Cleveland. She recovered but the dates of recovery and the status of George are both unknown. Given the style of death of William A Seeley’s death he was never discussed at family gatherings according to Patrick’s father and aunt who are both now deceased. Patrick would like to expand his family tree by a generation.


Patrick Seeley | 108cm@comcast.net

Response Information

1900 census Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

  • Seeley, William A., b. Dec 1873 PA, parents b. ENG, lineman, md 2 yr to
  • Seeley, Helen, b. Apr 1873 OH, parents b. IRE, 1 child, 1 living
  • Seeley, George R. b. Jul 1899 OH, PA, OH

1910 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

  • George R age 10 listed as son of Nellie Seeley and grandson of Margaret Neville

1880 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

  • Seely, George H, age 36, b. OH, NY, OH, RR Brakeman
  • Seely, Laura, age 39, b. PA, PA, NY
  • Seely, Addie age 10, William age 7, Charles age 3, all b. PA
  • Russell, Frank H., age 23, b. PA, PA, PA, works in wrench factory, boarder
  • Corby, Charles, age 22, b. PA, PA, PA, polisher, boarder

1870 Girard, Erie, PA

  • Seeley, George, age 28, b. PA, farm laborer
  • Seeley, Laura, age 28, b. PA

1860 Girard, Erie, PA

  • Seely, Wm, age 54, b. NY, tanner & currier
  • Seely, Elizabeth age 44, b. OH
  • Seely, Helen age 14, Geo age 10, Frank age 7, DeWitt age 5, all b. OH

1850 Sadsbury, Crawford, PA

  • Seely, William, age 37, b. NY, tanner and currier
  • Seely, Elizabeth, age 38, b. OH
  • Seely, Helen age 4, George age 3, both b. PA

1860 Fairview, Erie, PA

  • Russell, Caroline, age 41, seamstress, b. NY
  • Russell, Benj F age 21, fr(farmer), b. PA; Laura, age 18, svt (servant), b. PA, Matilda, age 16, svt, b. PA

1900 census Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

  • Seeley, George H., b. Nov 1846 OH, NY, OH, steel polisher, md 33 yr to
  • Seeley, Laura R., b. Oct 1841 PA, PA, NY, 5 children, 4 living
  • Seeley, Charles R b. Oct 1877 PA, OH, PA, baker
  • Seeley, George R b. Feb 1881 OH, OH, Pa, apprentice photo eng.
  • Isaac, William C., boarder, b. Mar 1885, OH, ENG, CAN, bread salesman

1910 OH Miracode Index

  • Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH
  • Laura Seeley age 55 b. PA head
  • Charles R Seeley age 32, son, b. PA

1920 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

  • Seeley, Charles R, age 41, b. PA, PA, PA, bread salesman
  • Seeley, Ellen, age 42, b. ENG, ENG, ENG, to US in 1907
  • Rentley, Elizabeth, age 83, mother-in-law, b. ENG, ENG, ENG, to US in 1908

WWI draft reg’n: George Russell Seeley of Cleveland b. 11 July 1899, inspector for Ferris Mader Flag Co. (?), next of kin Mrs N Seeley of same address in Cleveland

Charles Russell Seeley of Cleveland b. 10 Oct 1878, bakery salesman, names Mrs Nellie Seeley of same address as next of kin

So, William A. is the son of George H. Seeley and his wife Laura Russell. George H . is the son of William and Elizabeth Seely of Crawford and Erie Co. PA. William is b. 1806-13 NY and Elizabeth is b. 1812-1816 in OH. Can anyone identify this William Seely?

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Nov 2009

Query Number: 0908-3

Requested Information

Tom is a descendant of Judson Seeley, son of Stephen J Seeley, SGS# 1975, and his first wife, Armena Phelps. Judson’s 2nd wife is supposedly Phebe Conger. Tom has a lot of information on the Conger family in MI but he can’t place this Phebe.


Tom Seeley | tomseeley@hotmail.com

Response Information

1850 Hampton, Saginaw, MI

  • Seeley, Judson, age 34, b. NY, Sawyer
  • Seeley, Armina, age 26, b. NY
  • Seeley, Elias age 7, Eugene age 5, Edward age 3, all b. MI

Looking at the 1860 census

Judson Seeley age 45, b. OH is in Forest, Genesee, MI in Household 550 with his parents Stephen and Elizabeth Seely and son Francis age 8 b. MI

His sons Elias age 14 and Eugene age 13 are listed in Household 548 with Judson’s brother Mark age 30, Mark’s wife Mary age 37 and their son David age 1

Also in Forest in Household 652 is Phebe Mott, age 22 b. NY living with Sylvenus Mott age 65 and Betsey age 53, both b. NY. Sylvenus is a farmer and Phebe is a servant.

There is a Phebe Conger b. 1839 NY in Litchfield, Hillsdale, MI but she is still living at home with her parents in 1870 and 1880.

Plenty of other Phebe/Phoebes in the general area….

1870 Flint, Genesee, MI

  • Seely, Judson, age 55, b. OH, Sawyer
  • Seely, Phebee, age 31, b. NY
  • Seely, Harrison age 8, Clark age 6, Ester age 4, Lewis age 2, all b. MI

1880 Forest, Genesee. MI

  • Seely, Judson S., age 66, b. OH, NY, CAN, farmer
  • Seely, Phoebe F., age 44, b. NY, NY, NY
  • Seely, Clark age 16, Ester A age 14, Truman S age 10, all b. MI

1900 Thetford, Genesee, MI

  • Seeley Pheobe, servant b. Sept 1839 NY, VT, NY, widow, 4 ch., 3 living
  • She is listed as working as a servant for Alfred H and Rose Phipps.


Forest, Genesee, MI

  • Seeley, Clark, b. Feb 1864 MI, OH, NY, barber, md 14 yr to
  • Seeley, Marion M. b. May 1865 MI, MI, OH, 1 ch., 1 living
  • Seeley, Fred C., son, b. Sept 1887 MI, MI, MI
  • Seeley, Phebe F., mother, b. Sept 1839 NY, VT, NY, 4 ch., 3 living, widow, does housework

California Death Index
Name: Lewis Truman SEELEY
Birth Date: 21 August 1868 Michigan
Mother Maiden Name: Conger
Father’s Surname: Seeley
Sex: Male
Death Place: Los Angeles County
Death Date: 23 September 1945
Age: 77 years

In our records we have Lewis’s sister Esther Seeley’s parents as Judson Seeley and Phoebe Phelps. Another source says Judson was married to Phoebe Andrews. Can anyone identify Phebe/Phoebe, 2nd wife of Judson?

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Aug 2009

Query Number: 0908-2

Requested Information

Victor wrote “I recently purchased a trunk manufactured by Buffalo Trunk Mfg.

The label on the domed trunk has a “Geo T Seeley” of what appears to be Whitesboro, NY. The label is torn between the t and b so I am guessing it is Whitesboro. Just wondering if you had any historical information on Geo.”


Victor Chang | cplvic@hotmail.com

Response Information

Whitesboro is a village in Oneida County, New York. The village is named after Hugh White, an early settler. The Village of Whitesboro is inside the Town of Whitestown.

1900 census Whitestown, Oneida, NY, Whitesboro St.

  • Seelye, George T., b. Jan 1860 NY, parents b. NY, furniture salesman, md 19 yr to
  • Seelye, Ina M., b. Apr 1860 NY, parents b. NY, 2 children, 2 living
  • Seelye, Amy J. b. Nov 1887, William L. b. Apr 1893, both b. NY

(In 1910 the family is still in Whitestown. Amy is a school teacher and the family has been joined by Lydia Westcott, age 84, an aunt)

(In 1920, still in Whitestown, Ina is a widow. Amy and William still live with her.)

1880 census Whitestown, Oneida, NY

  • Seelye, Lafayette, age 47, b. NY, NY, NY, grocer
  • Seelye, Jane, age 52, b. NY, father b. VT, mother b. CT
  • Seelye, George, age 20, b. NY, NY, NY, grocer

From the SGS database:
LAFAYETTE b. 1833 Oneida Co. NY, died 1904 NY, md Jane Tyler in NJ in 1855, parents: Martha Griswold and Lyman Seeley (SGS# 3438).

This line is Lafayette, Lyman, Daniel, David, Charles, Samuel, Jonas, Obadiah.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Aug 2009

Query Number: 0908-1

Requested Information

Charlene is researching her family tree and sent a query about her great grandmother Anna Malora Seeley, born 24 Dec. 1872 in Erie County, Pa. Anna’s parents as listed on her death certificate are Seeley, born in Pennsylvania, no first name, and Eunice Delaney Dougan. Anna died 13 Oct., 1942 in Ashtabula, Ohio. Eunice’s mother was Rachel Davis, and her father was Charles Edward Dougan. Eunice married a man named Riley Staley in 1869; Charlene is not sure what happened to him but Eunice and Riley had a child named Robert Staley. Charlene has information that Eunice married a Seeley on the day that Anna was born (24 Dec. 1872). Her family history lists his first name as either Harvey or Warren. Also, Charlene’s father and some older relatives have stated that Anna was at least 1/2 Native American, although she has found no proof of this. Anna’s mother was Irish so the only Native American ancestry would have had to be from her Seeley father.

Charlene found an 1880 census in Erie, Pa, listing Anna and her 1/2 brother Robert living with their grandparents, Rachel & Charles Dougan. Eunice went on to marry John Brown in 1881 in Perry, Lake, Ohio.


Charlene Davis Hall | chall46@cox.net

Response Information

There is no information on Anna nor her mother Eunice Dougan/Dugan in the database. The 1880 census that Charlene refers to is for Greenfield, Erie, PA. Robert Staley is 10 and Annie Seely is 7. In 1870 Riley Staley age 19 and Eunice age 20 are in North East, Erie, PA. He is a farm laborer. Also with them are Jane Staley age 45 and Henry age 9. I can’t find Eunice in 1880.

Can anyone identify a possible father for Anna?

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Aug 2009

Response Info

Charlene Hall Davis, who is still looking for Anna’s father, has a new email address: vincescomet@yahoo.com

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Aug 2012

Query Number: 1208-1

Requested Information

Mr Jackson wrote a book about an Ontario family that included descendant Margaret Gertrude Davidson. Margaret entered the US at Detroit, MI on 18 May 1933 with her mother Alma Marion Davidson. Their contact at their place of departure was Margaret’s father, William Davidson of Frazerburgh, SCOT. They were going to reside in Detroit with Alma’s father William Marfleet. Margaret was age 2 years and 10 mos.

1940 census Detroit, Wayne, MI

  • Marfleet, William H. age 55 b. ENG, caretaker of paint and Varnish factory
  • Marfleet, Gertrude A., wife age 55 b. ENG
  • Davidson, Margaret G, grdau. Age 9 b. CAN

Margaret married a Richard Seeley. They had two children, Margaret b. about 1950 and Richard b. about 1951.
US Naturalizations:

  • Margaret Gertrude Seely b. 30 Aug 1930 CAN, nat’uralized at Detroit 10 Jun 1953

Mr Jackson would like to know the identity of the Richard Seeley who md Margaret G Davidson and also further information on Margaret – where and when did she die? Did she have another marriage.


Query Number: 0905-2

Requested Information

Linda’s great-grandmother was Emma Jane Seeley, born in Clayton, NY USA Mar 10, 1858 and married to William Harry Hunter of Napanee, Ont., Canada. Emma was previously married to an Isaac McNickle. Emma’s parents were David Seeley born 27 Dec 1824 in Foxboro, Ontario, Canada and Melissa Dodge of Cape Vincent, Jefferson County, NY USA. Linda has very little information on David’s parents except that his father was a Gilbert Seeley born in Ireland who was in Canada by the time his son was born in 1824. Linda saw a note somewhere that Gilbert was in Newfoundland, Canada, but has no proof. David and Melissa lived in Clayton for a time before returning to Canada; some of their children remained in the USA.
Linda also said she has heard family lore that the Seeleys are related to the Barnums.

Linda has pictures of David Seeley and his wife Melissa Dodge, and possibly other Seeleys but the pictures weren’t all labeled in the album she inherited from 1864.


Linda Robinson-Veenstra | ljveen@sympatico.ca

Response Information

I referred Linda to Query 0311-9 on our website for information on the Seelye/Barnum relationship.

Information about David and Melissa Seeley:

1860 Cape Vincent, Jefferson, NY

  • Seeley, David age 31, b. CAN, laborer
  • Seeley, Melissa, age 23, b. NY
  • Seeley, Francis age 6, Addison age 4, Emma age 2, all b. NY

1891 census Kingston, ONT

  • Seeley, David, age 64 b. ONT, parents b. Nova Scotia, carpenter
  • Seeley, Melissa, age 56 b. NS, father b. NS, mother b. ONT
  • Seeley, Norma, age 21 b. ONT, ONT, NS
  • (David and Melissa are also listed there in 1901)

ONT Deaths 1869-1934
David Seeley died 24 Apr 1906 at Kingston, Frontenav, ONT, age 80, b. Foxboro ONT, ship carpenter

1871 census Stirling, Hastings North, Ontario

  • David Seeley b. 1828 and Henry Seeley b. 1829 are both listed as heads of households.

1851 census Thurlow, Hastings, ONT

  • Sealey, Phoebe, age 57, b. US
  • Sealey, David age 23, Henry age 20, both laborers, both born Canada
  • Sealey, Mary M. age 17, Sophia age 14, both born Canada
  • (This family is surrounded by men who are either carpenters or cabinetmakers)

Will of David Dodge, father of Melissa Dodge Seeley

From Jefferson County GenWeb:
The following family group descriptions are adapted from Hamilton Child’s “Gazetteer of Jefferson County, N.Y.”, published in 1890. The families are arranged alphabetically by township, and wherever possible, a link has been made to a Jefferson County Pioneer. We welcome any corrections and additions to the information presented.

Gilbert Seeley, a native of Ireland, emigrated to Canada West, where he died. His son, David Seeley, was born in Sterling, Canada, and when 19 years of age removed to Cape Vincent, where he remained 17 years, when he returned to Sterling, where he now resides. He married Melissa Dodge, of Cape Vincent, daughter of David and Louisa (Barrett) Dodge, and their children are Frances, Addison, Emma, Dewayne, Nettie, Maria, Albert, and Addison H. The latter was born at Cape Vincent, and in 1879 removed to this town and located on road 54, at Point Peninsula, where he now resides. He married Marian, daughter of Thomas and Frances (Whitney) Emery, of Cape Vincent, and they have one daughter, Edith M.

If anyone has information on this Gilbert Seeley please contact the Query Editor.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2009

Query Number: 0905-1

Requested Information

Dan’s great grandmother is buried in the Old Cemetery of Brooklyn, Susquehanna Co., Pennsylvania. Her grave marker reads: Mahala Corson [1839-1924]. It has been suggested to Dan that her maiden name was actually Betsey Mahala Seeley. About 1858 Mahala married Richard Corson [1836 -15 Oct 1896]. He was born in Wilmot Twp., Bradford Co., PA and died in Brooklyn which is where Mahala is buried. Their children were Elsie L. Corson [1859 -1940]; Curtis A. Corson [1860-1922]; Olive Corson [1864-?]; Everett F. Corson [1866-1946]; Benjamin Franklin Corson [1868-1952]; and Minnie Corson [1873-?]. Dan wants to know if we can tie Mahala Corson into the Seeley family.


Dan Corson Stone | kohelethdumc@juno.com

Response Information

I can’t find anything to prove or disprove this suggestion. I have checked the 1850 census and can’t find any Mahala that is close to the correct age nor a Seeley in the vicinity. Dian Little found this information on the Corsons in New Albany, Bradford PA: Benjamin Corson settled in New Albany in 1820. He made shingles and drew them on ox-sleds out to Homet’s where they were exchanged for corn and pork… He died in 1852 and his wife Betsey Smith, in 1842. Their children were George, Samuel, Oliver, Richard, Betsey, Vinson, Ichabod and Thomas. From Pioneer and Patriot Families of Bradford County Pennsylvania 1800-1825,Vol 2 p 251, Clement F. Heverly. This would indicate that Betsey, not Elizabeth, was a Corson name.

1860 Census (New) Albany, Bradford Co:

  • Richard Corson age 24
  • Mahala ” age 22
  • Elsa age 1

However Dian didn’t find any connection to the Seeley family. Jim Seeley, former SGS President, is related to the Corsons through his mother but he also couldn’t find anything about a Betsey Mahala Seeley.

Please let me know if you can identify Mahala’s ancestry.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2009

Query Number: 0902-3

Requested Information

Lynn is curious about Euphemia/Affa/Effie Seeley, SGS# 2274. She needs proof that her father was Abner Seeley, SGS# 816. According to our information, Euphemia was born in New Milford, Litchfield, Connecticut on 23 Jan 1793. However, while New Milford does have records of other Seeley children born to Abner Seeley and Eunice Smith, they do not have records of the birth of Euphemia or Affa or Effie Seeley.


Lynn Davis | Lklem01@comcast.net

Response Information

Euphemia appears as Effie Ferdon age 56, born CT in the 1850 census of Callicoon, Sullivan, NY with her husband Zachariah Ferdon, a farmer age 66 and born in NY. Listed with them are Anthony H. Ferdon age 22, Seth Ferdon age 18, Harriet Ferdon age 11 and Eunice Seely age 21, all born NY. According to the SGS database this Eunice Seely is a daughter of David Seelye and his first wife Mary Bonk. We have David Seelye, SGS# 2277, listed as a brother of Euphemia/Effie.

Does anyone have proof that Abner Seeley is Euphemia’s father or can you place her in another family?

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2009

Query Number: 0902-2

Requested Information

Larry has been researching Morris Seely/Seeley for the past five or six years as part of his interest in the history of Dayton, OH. He has a link on his web site devoted to Morris: http://www.communicationart.net/SeelysDitch.htm. Larry would like to learn the family history of Morris.


Larry Sizer | lsizer@woh.rr.com

Response Information

From Wikipedia: Seely’s Basin
Future Dayton Mayor and son-in-law of William A. Huffman, Morris Seely, had Seely’s Basin built in 1832. The canal, first known as Seely’s Basin, then Seely’s folly, Seely’s ditch, the old ditch, and now as ” the ditch.” was an enterprise intended by Mr. Seely to benefit the property through which it ran. The water was taken from the canal at the east side of Wayne street. immediately at the bridge, then running south along the east side of Wayne to near Lodwick street (Fifth), thence southeasterly across Lodwick to Simpson street, and east along the north side of Simpson, crossing Plum and Pearl streets where a basin was formed extending up to Lodwick street (Fifth). From Simpson street, the race led south between Mad River and Pearl streets. crossing Wayne at Richard street and following its present course to Warren street and to the old basin at the Fair Ground Hill.

Mr. Seely’s vision was that property along this race, especially where wharves and docks could be constructed, would be greatly enhanced in value.

One of the items on Larry’s website is an 1818 land transaction by Morris Seely of Benton, Ontario (now Yates) Co. NY. I located many (11) transmitted deeds there but none linked Morris to another Seely. The only other Seelys listed were Rachel (1 transaction), Samuel S. (2) and Schofield (1).

Morris Seely married Catherine Huffman in 1827. He died before the 1850 census. If you have any information about Morris Seeley please contact me.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2009

Response Information

Update to Query 0902-2 Re Morris Seely of Dayton OH

Morris Seely born 1790-1800 NY was the mayor of Dayton for a short time in the 1840’s and is known for designing a canal extension in Dayton called Seeley’s Ditch. Morris appears to be the same Morris who made several land transfers in Benton, Ontario County (later Yates Co.) NY circa 1818. He md Catherine A Hoffman in 1827 in Dayton. We were trying to learn more about Morris’s roots.

D. Casper Shahan has contacted SGS, also wanting to know more about Morris’s early life. While this remains a mystery, Casper sent information about Morris and Catherine Seely’s children and grandchildren. They include William Morris Seely, David W. Seely, Eliza Seely Antrim, Catherine J Seely Antrim, Anna M Seely Crawford, Martha J Seely Lukey and Jefferson Seely, all b. 1828-1843. The children and their descendants have been entered in the SGS database. If you would like a copy of the information please contact me.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Nov 2012

Query Number: 0902-1

Requested Information

Tom contacted us about Edward F. Seeley, born July 1852, in Michigan (Genesee county?), married Frances C Freeman (born Sept 1952, NY) on Sept. 13, 1872 in East Saginaw, MI. The 1900 census states that they had 4 children living with them in June 1900. The youngest of the four was Tom’s grandfather Reu Seeley. He was born July 1886 according to the census. Reu L Seeley and Bertha M Kile were married on June 27, 1911 in Flint MI. However Tom cannot find any records at all for Edward F. Seeley’s ancestors. All he can tell from the 1900 census is that Edward was born in MI and his father was born in KY and his mother in MI.


Tom Seeley | tomseeley@hotmail.com

Response Information

This query relates to Query 0805-8 which was about Reu’s brother Roy:

In 1900 Richfield, Genesee, MI

  • Seeley, Edward F. b. June 1852 MI, father b. KY, mother b. MI, farmer
  • Seeley, Frances C., b. Sept 1852 NY as were parents, md 27 years, 7 ch., 5 living
  • Seeley, Mae, b. June 1879 MI
  • Seeley, Roy, b. July 1881 MI, farm labor
  • Seeley, Eunice, b. Aug 1884 MI
  • Seeley, Reu (?), son, b. July 1886 MI

1880 Forest, Genesee, MI

  • Seely, Frank E., age 27, b. MI, OH, MI farmer
  • Seely, Frances C., age 27, b. NY, NY, NY
  • Seely, Ella L, age 5, b. MI
  • Seely, May, age 11 mos (b. Jun 1879)

In 1870 there is a Frank Seely b. MI age 21 in college in Ann Arbor

1860 Forest, Genesee, MI

  • Seely, Stephen, age 71, b. NY, farmer
  • Seely, Elizabeth, age 67, b. VT
  • Seely, Judson, age 45, b. OH, sawyer
  • Seely, Francis, age 8, b. MI
  • Thomas, Bertha (?), age 24, b. NY, servant
  • Thomas, May, age 8 mos, b. NY

2 households before:
Seely, Elias age 14 and Eugene age 13 are living with Mark Seely (age 30 b. KY) his wife Mary age 27 and their 1 yr old son David.

1850 census Hampden, Saginaw, MI

  • Seeley, Judson, age 34, b. NY, sawyer
  • Seeley, Armina, age 26, b. NY
  • Seeley, Elias age 7, Eugene age 5, Edward age 3, all b. MI

Judson is a son of Stephen Seely, SGS# 1975, b. 3 Apr 1788 and his wife Elizabeth Kent. In the 1870 and 1880 censuses Judson is remarried to a woman named Phebe and has young children.

We still would like some proof that the Edward F. of the 1900 census is the same man as Frank E. of the 1880 census.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2009

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