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Query Number: 0611-BW3

Requested Information

Can anyone identify Alice’s ancestor William Seeley? Alice is descended from Anson G Seeley Jr, , son of William’s son Anson G Seeley, Sr.
William SEELEY d 24 May 1831 Skaneatelas, Onondaga Co. NY Source: Wi l l wife: Sarah ? (maybe 2nd wife ?) d 14 March 1845 Newspaper record

Children: Smith D. SEELEY b 1785 living Onondaga Co 1831, Thomas SEELEY b ca 1787 living Chautauqua Co. NY 1831, Betsey SEELEY Haskins b 1794 living Truxton, Cortland Co. NY 1831, Phebe SEELEY b 1796 living Skaneatelas, Onondaga Co. NY 1831, Anson G. SEELEY, Sr. b 1798 living Skaneateles, Onondaga Co. NY 1831, Census records:

  • 1790 Wm Selah Town of Hoosick, Albany Co. NY
  • 1800 William Selee Pittstown, Rensselaer Co. NY
  • 1810 William Selye Pittstown, ” “
  • 1820 William Seeley Marcellus, Onondaga Co. NY
  • 1830 William Seeley Marathon, Cortland Co. NY (possibly living with dau Betsey?)


Alice J Wright | wright.farm@juno.com

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Nothing to date. Can you help?

Responder: SGS Response

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Query Number: 0611-BW2

Requested Information

Name: Hannah Seeley or Seelye. Some records (unverified) show first name as Katherine.
First (only) verifiable info: Baptismal record December 28, 1809, of four of her children in Amherstburg, Essex County, Ontario, Canada, St John the Baptist Church. On the baptismal record, she signed her named clearly Hannah Seelye. Her husband’s name:
Thomas Lidwill

Children’s names: Elizabeth, Hannah, Abner, Mary, Robert, Thomas Jefferson, Julie, born in time period 1797-1810. Some were born in New York state; the last in Canada; the first (unverified) in Ireland.

Final record: She died in Amherstburg, Essex County, Ontario April 15, 1813, identified only as wife of Lidwill in the church record of her death.

Other information: Unverified information says she was “an English Catholic lady”. Her husband, Thomas Lidwill, was from Ireland. The family was in New York state by about 1800, one son born there (in Troy) in 1808, they were in Essex County, Ontario, Canada by December 1809.


Anne Denny | jadenny@msn.com

Response Information

Jim Seeley responded: Here are a couple of web sites that might be useful: www.irishgenealogy.ie Irish Genealogy Ltd. www.irishroots. net Irish Family History Foundation Here is some more information Jim received during the Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference in Boston earlier this month (Ref: Introduction to Irish Birth, Marriage and Death Records, presentation given by Eileen M. O Duill, CG, CGL, 47 Delwood Road, Castleknock, Dublin 15, Email: info@heirsireland.com):

Important dates to remember about Irish civil registration:

  • 1 April 1845, beginning of registration of non-Catholic marriages
  • 1 January 1864, registration of births, marriages, and deaths for the whole population.
  • 1879, registration of births, deaths, and marriages (Army Act)
  • The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) website might be hel p f ul – http://www.proni.gov.uk .

If you have other ideas for Anne let her know. Remember to send me a copy of any ideas or information.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0611-BW1

Requested Information

Marilyn has been searching for Adelia Seeley for more than fifteen years. She was born 15 Jan. 1823. She died 18 Jan 1887 in Rockstream, New York. According to the census she was born in Seneca, Cayuga County. About 1840 she married William Jones and they lived in Rockstream, NY until their deaths. Their children: Sarah Ann 1841, Archibald 1842, Eliza 1850. Joseph 1851, Charlotte 1852, William 1857, Frank 1859, Fred Starr


Marilyn Colby | mdcolby@freeway.net

Response Information

Rock Stream is in the southern part of the township of Starkey, Yates County. Adelia appears with her husband William Jones in each US and state census for Starkey, Yates, NY from 1845- 1880, identified as Adelia, A, Addelia and Delia. According to the various census records her children are Sarah A. born 1839/40, Archabald born 1842/3, Joseph born 1845, Mariah born 1848 (died before 1860), Eliza born 1850, Charlotte born 1852, Timothy born after 1850 census listed in 1855 state census and died before 1860 census, William Jr (Willie) born 1854, Franklin (Frank) born 1857, a daughter identified as “A” born 1859 and died before 1865, and Frederick (Fred) born 1867. In Cleveland’s History and Directory of Yates County the wife of William Jones is identified as Delia Seeley. Adelia and her birthdate and husband are listed on our CD-ROM with no other details. William Jones is the son of Timothy Jones, originally from Rockland County, NY. The Jones family moved to Yates County in 1835. Let me know if you have other information or research suggestions.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0611-5

Requested Information

Paul Seeley contacted us about researching his ancestors in MI. His great grandfather (Charles Grove Seeley) was a railroad engineer from Bay City, MI. Tracing Paul’s family back through the census I found that he is descended from Stephen J Seeley, SGS # 1975 through his son Alanson. However in sending information to Paul I noticed that there is a note on page 7 of SGS Volume 3 (Nathaniel section) about the age discrepancy between Stephen Seeley SGS #612 (father of Stephen J.) and his wife Ruth Odell/O’Dell. She is possibly 15 years older than Stephen and he would have become a father at the age of 14 or 15 if he was born shortly before his baptism in 1761 and his first child was born about 1775. So this query is about what information we have about this marriage and about possible birthdates for Stephen Seeley and Ruth Odell.

Additionally, the1860 census for Forest, Genesee, MI shows that Alanson Seely, age 34 was b. in IN. His brothers Judson, age 45 and Chauncey, age 43 were b. in OH, Norice O, age 32 was b. in IN and Mark, age 30, was b. in KY. So it looks like the family went to Ohio first, then Indiana, then Kentucky and finally Michigan. If Mark was 30 in 1860 they obviously didn’t leave KY until after he was born in 1830. It looks like our note about Stephen J. Seeley’s residency on page 7 should be amended.


Paul Seeley | paul.seeley@gm.com

Response Information

Kathie Olsen responded as follows.

“In my opinion, both of their births are not computed correctly. The age spread is unusual and also the age of Stephen at the birth of the first child is very young. His baptism is listed as 1761 (maybe this is not the correct date) but he could have been born several years earlier. (Maybe the preacher only came sporadically.) Her baptism date is 1753. Her father died in 1756 with two small children at age 25 (meaning he was born in 1731) so she probably wasn’t born as early as 1746 even though her death information says she was 94 at her death in 1840. She was living with a granddaughter at the time of her death. One reason previous researchers gave for believing these two individuals were married to one another is that the first two children were named Eunice and Gershom, the names of Ruth O’Dell’s parents. On the second question, the History of Genesee Co. Michigan states, “…they came in the fall of 1836, residing in Pontiac until 1838 when they removed to Genesee. Settled in Forest Township in July, 1841.” I will make this correction to the 7th Generation Book note on page 7.”

If you have further information on the ages or marriage of Stephen Seeley and Ruth Odell please contact us.

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Paul Seeley (paul.seeley@gm.com) has sent in his DNA for testing, copies of various records and tombstone photos and is planning a trip to NY State this summer. He is interested in knowing the name of the granddaughter that Ruth Odell Seeley (widow of Stephen) was living with at the time of her death and the places of burial for both Stephen and Ruth Odell Seeley.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0611-4

Requested Information

Herman has a relative named Dave Bowser. Herman says Dave’s grandfather was Orly Seelye of Conneautville, PA. Orly had 2 brothers, names unknown, and was married to Margaret Carr. Orly and Margaret had 4 sons who moved to Southern CA and Oregon. Herman wonders what Orly’s origins are.


Herman Seelye | ehseelye@pacbell.net

Response Information

I found the 4 sons of Orlando L Seeley and Margaret Carr on the SGS CD-ROM:
Glenn Carr Seeley b. 30 MAY 1884 in CA , d. 13 MAY 1964 , wife: Hannah ______ Howard Seeley b. 13 NOV 1888 in CA , d. 13 AUG 1965 m. 13 NOV 1920 Los Angeles CA Whittier ? to Taber, Edna who was b. 13 MAR 1894 in Los Angeles CA Whittier

Andrew Ross Seeley b. 5 JUN 1892 Los Angeles CA Whittier d. 9 JUL 1964 Riverside, CA, Corona, married Lois H. b. ca 1894 Orlando Lawrence b. 15 JAN 1894 CA d. 16 JAN 1976 Rive, CA Perris unmarried Andrew Ross Seeley had 2 daughters, Anita and Betty. Betty married a Bowser and I suppose she is Dave’s mother. There are death certificates for all the brothers in CA and Betty Bowser gave the details on at least 2 of them.

Orlando appears in the 1900 census for Los Angeles, age 43, born Dec 1846 (should read 1856) in PA as were his parents. He is listed with his wife Margaret age 38, born Nov 1861 in PA and the 4 sons listed above.

I found Orlando with his parents in the 1860 census of Spring, Crawford, PA. His father is William Seely, age 43, b. NY, a farmer, his mother is Adaline, age 42, b. PA and the children are Martha, age 15, Andrew age 13, Eliza, age 9, Justin, age 5, Orlando, age 3 and Laura, age 4 mos.. Adaline is a widow in the 1870 census and Martha is listed as Mattie, Eliza as Addie, Justin is listed as WJ and Laura is Flora M., Orlando and Andrew as before. Adlaine is also with Andrew, Orlando and Laura in the 1880 census for Spring. That census states that Adeline’s parents were born in Ireland. Seely is spelled Seelye in 1850, Seely in 1860 and 1870, Seelye in 1880 and Seeley in 1900.

I also found Margaret Carr in the 1870 census of Conneautville, Crawford, PA. Her father is Levant Carr, age 30, b. NY, a wagon maker, her mother is Maria, age 32, B. PA, and the children are Julia, 15, Jacob, 14, Bradford, 11, Margaret, 9, Mary, 6, Minnie, 4 and Maria, 1, all b. PA. By 1880 3 more children are born, Beatrice, age 10 (or maybe she’s the same as Maria), Donna, age 8 and Marshall, age 2. Margaret is called Maggie and is a schoolteacher.

Returning to the SGS CD-ROM it shows:

William Daniel Seely b. 11 AUG 1818 Crawford, PA, Springboro d. 20 JUL 1869 m. bef 1846 Patterson, Adaline who was b. 24 JUN 1819 and d. 7 JUL 1897 William’s parents: Father: Seeley, Schubel, Mother: Moon, Martha

From The Seventh Generation Families of Nathaniel Seeley, p.55 SGS #2486* Schubel/Shuble Seelye (b 25 May 1793; d 12 Jan 1842, Springboro, PA) m about Jul 1812, Martha Moon.

Schubel’s father is SGS # 914 Justus Seelye (7) (David; Justus; John; Benjamin; Nathaniel; Robert) (b 26 Apr 1771; d 7 Dec 1832, Queensbury, NY, “died in the West”) m 19 Oct 1790, Elizabeth Fuller (d 2 Dec 1832, Queensbury, NY) Daughter of John/Ebenezer Fuller. Justus resided Queensbury, NY.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0611-3

Requested Information

Chris wants to research his grandfather’s family. His grandfather was Earlon L. Seeley Sr. born in Windham, Maine, November 22nd 1900. Earlon’s father was Frank Seeley, born approximately 30 years earlier.


Chris Seeley | chris@seeleyinvestments.com

Response Information

Going through the census I found in the Portland, Cumberland ME census for 1910

  • Seeley, Frank S. age 41, overseer at County Farm, b. ME, Father b. ME, mother b. NY
  • wife: Katie H. age 49, Matron at County Farm, b. ME, f. b. ME, m. b. ME
  • son: Earlon L age 9 b. ME, f. b. ME, m. b. ME

In the 1900 census for Windham, Cumberland, ME:

  • Seely, Frank b. Aug. 1869, age 30 b. ME, f. b. ME, m. b. ME day laborer
  • Katie b. Jan 1861, age 39 f. b. ME, m. b. ME, dressmaker, married 5 years

In the IGI a marriage:

  • Frank Seely, age 26 (b. Standish, Cumberland, ME to James W. Seely and Jennie Collins on 14 Dec 1895 in Windham, Cumberland, ME) married to Kate H. Lamb, age 33 (b. Webb’s Mills, Cumberland, ME to Sylvanus Lamb and Hattie Hall)

In the 1880 census for Windham, Cumberland, ME I found Katie H. Lamb, age 19, works in ???? shop, with her father Sylvanus, age 48, a cooper, mother Harriet, age 40 and brothers Ralph, 11, Jordan H. age 8 and Freeman, 4 and Charles Sands, a boarder who works in the cooper shop.

  • Also in 1880 in Gorham, Cumberland, ME
  • Cilley, James W., age 39, laborer
  • dau. Flora E., age 12
  • son Frank, age 10
  • Crockett, Jolian, age 61, mother, keeping house
  • Lindsay, John, age 79, boarder

In 1870 in Gorham, Cumberland, ME

  • Lindsey, John, age 66, manufacturer of kegs, b. Wells, ME
  • Crockett, July P., age 50, keeping house, b. Lisbon, ME

In 1870 in Standish, Cumberland, ME

  • Cela, James, age 26, b. Lisbon, ME, common laborer
  • Jane, age 23, b. Shelby, NY (Orleans Co.)
  • July, age 5, b. Shelby, NY
  • Mary, age 3 b. “
  • Florence, age 2, b. “
  • Frank, age 1, b. Standish, ME

I possibly found James in the 1900 census of Windham, Cumberland, ME

Seely, James, age 57, b. Nov. 1842 b. ME, father b. ME, mother b.ME, a farmer
wife Araminta, age 56, b. Jul 1843, married 10 years (obviously a 2nd marriage for James)

On the Orleans, NY GenWeb site I found the 1865 census for Ridgeway (next town to Shelby)

Seeley, James, b. Ontario Co. NY, laborer, age 25
wife, Jane (Collins), b. Ireland, age 23 sister-in-law Collins, Kate, b. Orleans Co., age 7

There are a couple of Collins families that Jane might belong to.

Obviously this data doesn’t match perfectly.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0611-2

Requested Information

Jean is looking for the ancestry of Harley Seely b. 10 June 1829 in Quebec. Harley married Josephine Coutu/Couture (b. abt 1842) 15 December 1868 in Dunham, Quebec. This was a catholic marriage after their marriage 9 years earlier under a protestant minister. They married twice so their children could have a choice of religion. Josephine died 11 Jan. 1898, age 56, buried in Dunham. Jean knows of 2 children. Josephine Seeley married Joseph Poirier 9 Nov. 1885 in Dunham. Ezra Seeley was b. 27 Dec. 1864 and died 3 December 1937. His wife was probably Virginia Robillard. Harley may have had a brother named Ezra. Jean suggests that Ezra Seeley, SGS #865 may be the father of Harley.


Jean Racicot | isidore01@sympatico.ca

Response Information

The Seventh Generation book, Nathaniel section, page 46 and note at the bottom of page 45, indicates some confusion/uncertainty about the ancestry of Ezra D Seeley, SGS# 865. It doesn’t look to me like he is the father of Harley as Jean suggests.

Harley is listed as Harley Saley in the 1881 census of Dunham, Mississquoi, Quebec. He is shown as age 54, married, of Irish descent, and living in the home of Micheal Vail. No other members of Harley’s family are listed. I also found a reference in the same census to Ezra Seeley, age 17,of Irish origin, living in the home of Luciano Whitcomb, also in Dunham, no other Seeleys present in the household.

Can anyone identify Harley’s parents or offer suggestions to Jean?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0611-1

Requested Information

Randy contacted Chris Havnar about John Franklin Seelye of Felton, CA. John Franklin’s son Raymond married Randy’s great-great-aunt. Randy is in touch with some of John Franklin’s descendants in the Bay Area who would like to know more about that side of their family.

According to Randy, Raymond was the fourth and last surviving child of John Franklin Seelye (b. Aug. 14, 1864), a gambler, roamer and lumberman who had worked for a time at a mill in Felton. John Seelye’s first wife, Raymond’s mother Gertrude Fumigalli died in childbirth in about 1901. John soon either remarried or merely lived with a “rich lady” nicknamed Becky, whom Raymond remembered fondly. By about 1915, Becky was out of the picture, and Raymond had a new stepmother, Arabella “Cora” Hough (b. Sept. 25, 1870). The family remained in Felton until the lumber mill closed shortly after the Great War (WWI), when they moved to Mayfield, San Mateo County, near the university town of Palo Alto. A staunch Protestant, John refused to meet Raymond’s second wife Flora Dern or attend the wedding, since she was Roman Catholic. Flora never did meet her father-in-law, who died of stomach cancer at age 64 on Nov. 5, 1928.


Randy Baxter | rbaxter@exchange.FULLERTON.EDU

Response Information

Chris directed Randy to the SGS website where the text of John Franklin Seelye’s death certificate is located. It shows that John was born in Little Falls, MN to Dustin F. Seelye and Georgiana Lyman of Nova Scotia. Chris also had a copy of the obituary of Hugh Seelye who is a brother of Raymond. That shows that there were also two sisters, Lila M. Robinson of San Francisco and Ethel Ordway of Winton, CA.

Upon further investigation I found in the 1860 census of Little Falls, Morrison, MN:

  • FD Seelye, age 37, b. New Brunswick, labourer and his wife Georgiana, age 32, also b. NB.

Then in the 1870 census of Santa Cruz, CA:

  • Seelye, Farnum D., age 45, b. NB
  • Georgiana, age 43, b. NB
  • Deborah L., age 9, b. MN
  • John F., age 6, b. MN

In 1880 the family is in San Lorenzo, Santa Cruz, CA. Farnum is working as a lumberman and says he and his parents were all b. in NB as were Georgiana and her parents. Deborah L is now going by the name Latetia. By 1910 Latetia is married to JW Cunningham, she has 4 children, and her father, Farnum D., now age 85 and a widower is living with her. He says he immigrated to the US in 1850.

An index to the Mountain Echo, a Santa Cruz paper shows Farnum’s name as Farnum Duston Seelye.

The SGS CD-Rom has 2 entries. One is for Farnum (parents unknown) married to Georgina Hamlin and the other is for Dustin F., son of Henry Seelye, SGS #2307 and Maria Clinch. Henry is in the 8th generation from Robert, a son of Stuart R Seelye. Stuart’s father was a Loyalist and moved the family to St John, New Brunswick in 1783.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0608-6

Requested Information

Yvie is looking for James Seeley, died July 1917 (as per the front cover of the family bible). He was married to Ellen Geary (born Oct 20, 1860, died Sept 24, 1937) on October 24, 1885. James and Ellen Seeley had four children:
Raymond Charles Seeley, Sr., (born May 30, 1903) Beatrice Seeley (unk birthdate, died Dec 10, 1946) James Seeley (unk birthdate, died Oct 19, 1949) Ethel Seeley (unk birthdate, died Dec 9, 1947)

Raymond Charles Seeley, Sr. lived in Flushing, NY (he is her husband’s grandfather) and raised his family there. The family was told that James and Ellen came from Ireland by one story, but in another they were English. Ellen Geary’s father was Michael Geary (Born Oct 13, 1896) and her mother’s name was Catherine (unknown maiden name).


Yvonne Seeley | yerknco@optonline.net

Response Information

From the 1900 census for Brooklyn Ward 5 (Distr i c t 45), Kings Co. NY Seeley, James b. April 1860, married 16 years, b. NY, parents b. Ireland, produce salesman wife: Nellie, b. Oct. 1860, married 16 years, 8 children, 5 living, b. NY, parents b. Ireland son James b. June 1888 dau. Mabel b. Oct 1890 dau. Ethel b. Dec. 1892 son William b. May 1895 dau. Beatrice b. July 1897.

From the 1910 census Brooklyn Ward 25 (District 97), Kings, NY Seeley, James J. age 51, married 25 years, b. NY, father b. NY, mother b. Ire. (Irish), fruit salesman wife: Nellie J., age 49, b. NY, father b. England (Irish), mother b. Ireland (Irish) son James J. age 22, b. NY, working as mail clerk at Post Office dau Mabel V. age 20, b. NY, working as telephone operator dau Ethel T age 18 working as willower at a factory son Raymond, age 7, attended school

From the 1920 census of District 272, Brooklyn Assembly District 5, Kings, NY Seeley, Nellie (Head of family), age 59, widow, b. NY, parents b. Ireland son Raymond, age 16, working as clerk at an agency son-in-law Andrew Kellers(?, could be Kellen, etc) age 23, b. NY, working as clerk at a bank daughter Bertrice Kellers(?), age 22 Nellie owns the house and rents part to a couple in their 40’s, John and Helen Bauer.

Unfortunately the 1890 census is lost except for a few fragments that do not include New York or Brooklyn.

From the 1880 census New York (Manhattan) – district 140, New York Seeley, James, age 55, b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland, working as laborer, cannot read or write wife, Rose, age 50, b. Ireland, parents b. Ireland dau. Rose, age 23, b. NY, saleslady son James, age 21, b. NY, porter dau. Mary E., age 14, b. NY, at school dau. Maggie, age 12, b. NY, at school dau. Josie, age 9, b. NY, at school.

From the 1880 census New York (Manhattan) – district 58, NY Geary, Michael, age 57, b. Ireland, drives truck wife Catherine, age 47, b. Ireland, keeps house son William, age 22, b. NY, drives truck dau. Nellie, age 20, b. NY, artificial flowers dau. Margaret, age 18, b. NY, hair dresser son, Michael, age 16, b. NY, tinsmith son John, age 12, b. NY, attends school.

From the 1870 census of New York Ward 13 District 7 (2nd Enum), NY, NY Seeley, James, age 45, b. Ireland, labourer wife Rose, age 45, b. Ireland dau. Rose, age 13, b. NY son James, age 11, b. NY son Thomas, age 10, b. NY dau Mary, age 4, b. NY dau Margaret, age 3, b. NY.

I haven’t been able to find James and Rose in the 1860 census although they should be there somewhere since Rose and James were born in NY State.

I suggested that Yvie pursue this by consulting the NY State census for New York City for 1855, 1865, etc. She could also check immigration records for James Seeley’s arrival in 1857 or earlier. She might also check church records in that area of New York City. We don’t know if James and Rose married in New York or Ireland. I wonder if they had older children since they seem old for the ages of the children listed.

Let me know if you have other suggestions or information.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0608-5

Requested Information

Dorothy is looking for the ancestry of her greatgrandfather John Seeley. According to census records he was born in July 1830 in NJ (or NY according to 1860 census) to a father from England and mother from NJ. He married Sarah Elizabeth Knowles on 17 Feb 1857 in Jackson County, MI. In the 1860 census they are listed with Sarah’s family, headed by her father Benjamin Knowles, in Brooklyn, Jackson, MI. John and Sarah had 6 children but only 2 survived to adulthood: Ann Elvira Seely, b. 11 May 1858 and m. 1875 John Gill (m2 Daniel Starkey) and George Abram Seely, b. 9 May 1863, Whitehall, Muskegon, MI. According to Dorothy the family moved to Nebraska in 1870 and on to Mitchell County, KS by 1874. John Seeley homesteaded in Logan Township and died in Beloit, Mitchell, KS on 16 December 1914. Dorothy is a daughter of George’s son Ray.
Family lore is that John’s father was named Uriah, was born in England as the 2nd son of a titled person and came to America to avoid conscription. However I can’t find any such person in the census records.

Can anyone identify the origins of this John Seely? If you write to Dorothy please send me a copy of your correspondence. If you prefer, you can email me and I’ll send Dorothy the information.


Dorothy Seely Birch

Query Number: 0608-4

Requested Information

Jim has been trying to connect his branch of the Seeley family into the main group for several years without success.
He says, “We hail from Kentucky, Clay and Laurel Counties. My great-grandfather is Pleasant Davis Seeley (1864-1947), born out of wedlock to Virginia Seeley (1848-?), and we only have anecdotal evidence who his father may have been. I recently had a breakthrough and found Virginia’s parents and family in Kentucky Census records, back to John Seeley (born 1823, married Catherine Cook).

“I think I have a possible link to Michael Seeley (born 1750 in Stratford, CT, died 11 Apr 1823 in Luzerne Co, PA) through his grandson John but my data falls a little bit short. Our family tradition has it that Virginia’s family was from PA and Germany. In the William Seeley GED file I got many years ago I find a Joseph Garrison, born in Germany, wed to Sarah Seely – daughter of Michael. I note she was born in NJ but the family settled in PA. I have a son to Michael (and brother of Sarah) named John(1778-1855), who himself has a son named John. This grandson of William I have no information on.

“The 1850 Kentucky Census has our John Seeley listed as being born in NJ. He doesn’t appear in the 1860 Census but wife Catherine and children do, so I believe he died between 1850-1860. I believe he could be related to Michael Seeley since there is the NJ connection, the PA connection and the Germany connection. Is there any more information on the grandson John of Michael Seeley that might help me confirm this? I think grandson John may have been born in NJ, lived for a time in PA, then moved to Kentucky before 1850.”


Jim Seeley | jim.seeley@comcast.net

Response Information

In the census these Seeleys spell their name Ceeley, Cely, Sealy and Seely.
The ‘Michael Seeley’ Jim refers to is a confusion between 2 Michaels (as noted on page 43 of The Sixth Generation From Nathaniel Seeley). The Michael who died in Luzerne County is SGS #463, b. in Sussex Co. NJ. He does have a son John (SGS # 1573) but this John does not have a son named John according to our information.

I did find a possible entry for John Seely in the 1860 census of Clay Co. KY where he is age 65, b. NJ and working as a tailor. This is the same occupation John has in the 1850 census of Clay Co. where his name is spelled Ceeley and he is age 48 and b. NJ. In that census he is with wife Catherine and children William, 5 and Virginia, 2. Meanwhile back in the1860 census his wife Catherine and children are in neighboring Laurel Co., spelling their name Cely. Catherine is listed as illiterate in 1850 – that might explain all the different spellings.

Our SGS database lists John Seely as married to Catherine Cook on 12 April 1843 in Clay County KY. The information comes from the IGI. I looked at that but couldn’t find any supporting documentation. Without supporting evidence any information in the IGI has to be taken with a big grain of salt! I also think someone guessed John was born about 1823 based on the marriage date.

So, the question is, can anyone suggest who John may be, born 1795 – 1802 (according to census records) in New Jersey? He married Catherine in KY but she is much younger (b. 1827-29). Maybe he had an earlier marriage???

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0608-3

Requested Information

Erin sent the following family line:

Erin’s grandmother was Effie May Seelye who was born 7/30/1912. Effie’s father was Jay Morris Seelye (1883-1956). Jay’s Father was James William Seelye (1852-1918). James’ Father was Nehemiah Jay Seelye (1821-1880). Nehemiah was born in Black Rock, N.Y. and his father’s name was Ezra. Ezra was married to Sofia (Sophia) Pike.

James William Seelye was married to Sally Ann (Annis). James was born on October 26, 1852 and died January 12, 1918 in Eaton Rapids, MI. James and Sally had three children; Allena Agnes(who married Edward Hume), Jay Morris (who married Alice Leora Milller) and William Stirling (who married Vera Long).

James’s Father was Nehemiah Jay Seelye born 10/6/1821 in Black Rock, N.Y. and died 10/31/1880 in Eaton Rapids. He was married to Girzy Stirling (or Sterling) who was from Lenrich, Canada. Girzy was born July 20, 1825 and died March 4, 1887. They were married April 8, 1847. Girzy and Nehemiah had the following children: George Henry (who married Roxanna D. Annis and had 1 daughter, Effie Sophia), Stirling Jay, James William, Sofia Effie & Agnes Jane (who died of diphtheria), Mary Ursula (who married Mack Polhemus) and Helen Agnes (who married George Channel)

The parents of Nehemiah are Ezra Seelye and Sophia Pike. Sophia lived with Nehemiah after Ezra’s death. She was buried at Roselawn Cemetary in Eaton Rapids, MI. Erin would like to learn about Ezra’s ancestry.


Erin Lemke | tjesl1@chartermi.net

Response Information

I checked census records, working backwards to verify Erin’s information. Jay M Seelye is in the 1920 census for Reed City, Osceola, MI with his wife Alice L. and children Effie M., George W. and his fatherin-law Philander E Miller. They were all b. in MI to parents b. in MI In the 1900 census for Eaton Rapids, Eaton, MI I found James W. Seelye, b. Oct 1852 in MI to a father b. NY and mother b. Canada. With him are wife Sally A and children Allina A. b. Apr 1880, Jay M. b. June 1883, and William S. b. Nov 1889.
In the 1880 census for Eaton Rapids: William Seelye, age 27, b. MI, f. b. NY, m. b. Canada with Sally age 25 (MI, NY, NY) and Nellie age 2 mos.

Next house listed: NJ Seelye, age 57, b. NY, father b. NY, mother b. Canada; wife Girzy, age 54, b. Canada to parents b. Scotland, with Sterling J age 30, Mary 19 and Hellen 13 all b. MI.

The 1870 census for Eaton Rapids has the family as: Jay W. Seelye age 48, b. NY, Girty age 45, b. Canada, George, 22, Sterling J, 20, James W., 17, Mary M., 9 and Hellen A, 3, all b. MI

The 1860 census for Eaton rapids lists NJ Seeley, 38, Gissey, 34, George H., 12, Sterling, 10, William, 7, Eppie, 4 and Agnes, 1.

The 1850 census for Eaton Rapids has Nehemiah J Seelye, age 28, Girzy, age 26, George H., age 2, Jay S. age 2 mos. and Sophia, age 47. Also in Eaton Rapids are William Sterling, age 63, and his wife Jane, 61, both b. Scotland In 1840 I find a Sophia Seelye as Head of Household in Gainsville, Genesee, NY with 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15 and 1 female 30-40 (herself) In 1830 I find an E Seeley in Buffalo, Erie, NY with 1 male less than 5, 2 male less than 10, 1 male 30- 40 and 1 female 20-30. Black Rock, NY became part of Buffalo.

Looking in the SGS Sixth Generation volume (Nathaniel) I think Ezra SGS #789 looks like a possible match for Ezra, father of Nehemiah. Ezra #789 has a father named Nehemiah (SGS #273), a brother named John Jay/James who died in Black Rock and another brother Nehemiah who died in Buffalo. Does anyone have information to corroborate or disprove this theory? Please remember to use the query number to identify your response.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0608-2

Requested Information

Norbert contacted us via the website and asked “Recently I bought a silver baby cup (ed: on Ebay) signed “William H. Seely IV” and Officers & Ladies 125 Signal Battalion. If you could, please help me find the original owner of this relic.”


Norbert Trokki | ntrokki@aol.com

Response Information

Our newsletter editor Paul Taylor contributed:

It’s something of a tradition among military officers to present a silver baby cup to new parents in their units (there’s one on display in our living room that says “Carolyn” “Wardroom USS John R Perry”). The name William H. Seely, IV is probably the name of the baby to whom the cup was presented by the officers and ladies of the U.S. Army’s 125th Signal Battalion.

The 125th Signal Battalion is located about five miles north of Schofield Barracks at Helemano Military Reservation in Hawaii. The unit was established as the 125th Signal Battalion on Feb 1, 1957, so it is very likely that William H. Seely, IV was not only born after that date, but is still alive. The 125th is a subordinate command to the 25th Infantry Division.

Further investigation by Paul found a few copies of the unit’s newsletters online and notably the issue of Aug. 19, 1966 where 1st Lt. William H. Seely III is listed on the newsletter masthead as the Information Officer. This was the only issue where he was listed so Paul assumes it was a temporary assignment. If William III had a 3 year tour of duty with the 125th, then William IV would have been born between 1963 and 1969.

Paul and I both found a promotion for a William H Seely III in the Marine Corps in 2005 where he still seems to be on active duty as a LTCOL. We’re not sure this is the same person since it is a different branch of the military and not much in the way of promotions in 40 years (maybe he was out for a while and re-enlisted in a different branch?}.

If anyone recognizes William H. Seely III or IV and/or can place them in one of our Seeley lines, let me know.

Responder: SGS Response (Paul Taylor)

Query Number: 0608-1

Requested Information

Noel is looking for information and the ancestry of his father Elmer Seeley b. 14 June 1917 in CO. He died when Noel was 21 in 1981 and he knows little about his family except that Elmer had brothers named Clarence and Orin and a sister named Irene.


Noel E. Seeley | noeleo@indco.net

Response Information

In the 1920 census for District 116, Justice Precinct, Wichita County, TX:

  • Seeley, George, age 39, rents his home, b. CO,
  • father and mother b. CO, oil well driller
  • —-, Edna, age 33, b. CO, father and mother b. CO
  • —-, Clarence, age 7 8/12, b. CO
  • —-, Orrin, age 4 8/12, b. CO
  • —-, Elmer, age 2, b. CO

In the 1930 census I couldn’t find George, Edna nor Orrin. However I found:

  • Elmer Seeley, age 12, b. CO, living as a foster child with Noel Myers and his wife Ethel, both age 38 in District 11, Precinct 7, Crowley Co. CO
  • Clarence Seeley, age 17, b. CO, is an inmate at the State Industrial School, District 14, Precinct 10, Jefferson Co. CO. He is working as a cook in the commissary.
  • Irene Silly, age 10, b. CO, is living as a ward of Detlef Kuehl and his wife Christine, natives of Germany, in District 26, Precinct 16, Garfield Co. CO. They have another ward as well, Frank Norvell, age 13.
  • George Seeley, father of Elmer, could be the George Seeley born Nov. 1880 in CO as listed in the 1900 census of Boulder, Superior Co. CO as follows:

Seeley, WF b. Oct 1856, age 43, b. PA, father b. CT, mother b. PA, occupation: teamster married 20 years to Florence b. May 1862, age 38, b. MO, father b. WI, mother b. OH


  • —-, Seeley, George b. Nov. 1880, age 19, b. CO,
  • occupation: laborer in Section RR
  • —-, Pearl b. Sep 1882
  • —-, Genevieve b. Sep 1885
  • —-, Mattie b. Dec. 1888 all children b. CO
  • —-, Wesley b. Apr. 1890
  • —-, Lorie b. Oct. 1895 (male)
  • —-, Johnnie b. Nov. 1897

I can’t find George in the 1910 census. It is only indexed by head of household. He isn’t with William Seeley and Florence who are living in Coal Creek, Jefferson Co. CO with Lorie, 15, John, 13 and Dora, 8 and doesn’t appear as a head of household himself.

The 1890 census doesn’t exist for most places including CO. There is a George E Seeley, age 4 in the 1885 census of Jefferson Co. CO. His parents are listed as Colonel W Seeley, age 28 and Annie Seeley, age 23. One sister is listed, Helen M. or Herlie M. (hard to read, maybe it’s Perlie M.), age 2. If this is the right family there is a CW Seeley, age 24, b. PA, father b. CT, mother b. Pa with wife Anna, 19, b. MO in the 1880 census for Gunnison City, Gunnison, CO. With them are CD Seeley, CW’s brother, age 27 and CD’s daughter RA, age 6 mos.

Can anyone help by verifying that George, father of Elmer is the same as George, son of William/WF Seeley? Who is Florence, wife of William? What is the ancestry of William/WF Seeley? Who is Edna, mother of Elmer? Also, there must be a story as to why the children were split up by 1930.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0608-5

Requested Information

Jean, a new member, asked for information on Samuel Seelye, identified in the Nathaniel line in the DNA study. She is a direct descendant.

The DNA results are from a descendant of Samuel Seelye, b. 6 Aug 1778, VT, d. 27 Apr 1854, Greenup, KY. Samuel married, in Whitehall, Washington, NY in 1802, Electa Fuller, b. 19 Jun 1783 or 1785, d. 14 Apr 1871, OH.

According to Jean their eldest child was a son, Amos, b. January 27, 1805 in Whitehall, Washington Co., NY, d. June 27, 1883, Scioto Co., OH. Amos married Sophia Bertrand on October 29, 1835 in Scioto County. She was a daughter of Jean Baptist Bertrand, one of the original French settlers of the French Grant in Green Twp. On the marriage record, found in Adams County deed book in 1802, Jean married Sectoque Duglee (doubtful this is an accurate spelling of her name) in April 1802. Sophia was b. January 30, 1806, d. Aug. 6, 1891, Scioto County.

Jean has found five, and possibly six, children of Samuel and Electa:

  1. Amos, listed above. Jean also has information on his descendants.
  2. Amanda, b. Nov. 20, 1806, Whitehall, NY, m. Arthur Van Wye, III, Nov. 5, 1828, Washington Co., PA., d. Aug. 14, 1890 in MO. Amanda and Arthur had the following children: Mary, Almira, George, Charles, Electa, Josephine, Samuel Seeley, and Lucy. This family settled in Sullivan Co., MO.
  3. Almira, b. Mar. 19, 1808, m. a Ferguson, d. Sept. 20, 1877, South Webster, Scioto Co., OH. I know that they had a least one son, Samuel Seeley Ferguson.
  4. Electa, b. April 17, 1810, Washington Co., PA, m. W. C. Richart, Mar. 29, 1877, Scioto Co. , d. July 24, 1878, South Webster, Scioto Co.
  5. Ruby, b. Feb. 12, 1815, Washington Co., PA, m. John P.B. Hill, Nov. 5, 1835, Scioto Co., d. June 13, 1894.
  6. Eliza–I do not know that she is a dau. of Samuel and Electa, but there is a marriage record for her and Adam B. Miller, Sept. 18, 1839, in Scioto Co. I haven’t found any other Seeleys there in this time period, but have no other record of Eliza.


Jean Seeley | djseeley@adelphia.net

Response Information

There is no further data on the SGS CD-ROM.
In the 1800 census for Washington Co. NY there are 2 Seeleys in Whitehall:
Benjamen 2 – -1 – / 1 – – 1 –
Nathaniel 2 1 – 1 – / 3 – – 1 –

Neither has a son in the right age range to be Samuel but Washington County borders VT so perhaps Samuel was there or elsewhere in Washington County. There are many Fuller families in the 1800 census for Whitehall.

Can anyone identify the origins of Samuel Seelye and/or his wife Electa Fuller?

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Re Samuel Seelye b. b. 6 Aug 1778, VT, d. 27 Apr 1854, Greenup, KY

Samuel married, in Whitehall, Washington, NY in 1802, Electa Fuller, b. 19 Jun 1783 or 1785, d. 14 Apr 1871, OH. Jean Seeley (djseeley@adelphia.net), the original submitter wanted to know the parentage of

Samuel and Electa. DNA analysis of a descendant showed that Samuel is in the Robert, Nathaniel line.

Since the last newsletter I have exchanged several emails with Beverly Dennis (msde140@bellsouth.net). She has been trying to establish a connection between this Samuel and Benjamin Seeley, a Rev. War patriot. Beverly believes that Samuel is a son of Nathaniel Seelye, SGS# 272 who is a son of Benjamin and husband of Lucy Graves. SGS only lists one son for Nathaniel: John Seelye b. abt 1771 New Fairfield CT.

Beverly has put together the following analysis: Family tradition has it that Samuel Seeley is the son of Nathaniel Seeley and Lucy Graves Seeley. Samuel lists his birthplace as Vermont in 1778. (1850 Census, KY Death Register) This analysis establishes the presence of the Nathaniel Seeley (married to Lucy Graves), son of Benjamin Seeley), in Vermont at the time of Samuel’s birth. Due to the fire of the Statehouse (where records were kept) in Vermont in 1857, most of the Vermont vital and land records were destroyed. This disaster has made the following analysis necessary. Extensive research through Vermont records that are available suggest the following:

  • Nathaniel/Nathan Seeley was a Captain in the Vermont militia in Vermont during the Revolutionary War. He served under Samuel Herrick and a Col. Bates. (See pay cards for Vermont Militia and the book edited by Fisher and Fisher, Soldiers, Sailors and Patriots of the Revolutionary War in Vermont, p.464.) He is listed as a Freeman in the Boston Evening Transcript, 1910, ed. by William Bradford Brown, “List of Freemen of Pownal.” This Nathaniel is in Vermont at the time Samuel is born.
  • During the Revolutionary War, there are no other Nathaniel Seeleys located in Vermont. In this branch (Captain Robert >Nathaniel >Benjamin >John> Benjamin) for several generations, there is a naming tradition that accounts for several other Nathaniel Seeleys. (This number added to the Vital information missing from Vermont, has resulted in a great deal of confusion.) These Nathaniel Seeleys remain in Connecticut and New York during the Revolutionary War.
  • Samuel’s father, Nathaniel, first appears in Vermont as early as 1766. He is in Pownal as early as 1773 (Pownal List of Freemen) and listed in the Vermont 1771 census as having applied for a parcel of land in petition #17 for himself (VT 1771 Census, p.76) in 1766. Right above his name is the name of his father, Benjamin in petition #18. Benjamin has purchased land in New York with his brother Ebenezer Seeley. Ebenezer is later recorded as selling his claim to New York land (History of Glens Falls, p.105) and appears in Vermont with Nathaniel (Pownal, by Joseph Parks), possibly in Benjamin’s place. Nathaniel marries Lucy Graves in East Haddam, CT. in 1770. Transcription of Will of Jedidiah Graves, New Milford Probate records #1070, (Lucy’s father) lists heirs and marriage of Lucy to Nathaniel. Graves is a partner with Benjamin Seeley in the New York Land acquisition (History of Glens Falls, p.54). East Haddam is where Ebenezer’s wife, Hannah Hungerford was born. (http://www.seeley-society.net/nathaniel/sgs101.html)
  • History of Greenup County, Ky. (by Nina Mitchell Biggs and Mabel Lee Mackroy, 1951: p.181) links Samuel to Nathaniel by naming Lucy Graves, wife of Nathaniel in the publication, that speaks of the Seeley Family connection to the Hill family. (Ruby Seeley, daughter of Samuel and Electa marries John Hill; see U.S. Census 1860). It is believed that Ruby was named for Ruby Morehouse, wife of Samuel’s brother, John (SGS# 779), who may have been murdered in 1797. (See Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) #29485 for Sanford Williams French, Lucy and Nathaniel are referenced as well as Ruby and John.)
  • Further links between Samuel and Nathaniel are established by petitions for land by Nathaniel after the war (1780’s) in Pownal, and Pultney, and around Skenesbrough (later Whitehall, NY). Samuel marries Electa Fuller in Whitehall, NY (recorded in family tree1802). Samuel Seeley’s first 2 children (Amos and Amanda) list New York as their birthplace. Samuel is in the 1810 US census for Washington Co, New York. Curiously, the name of Samuel Herrick is also in that 1810 census. Samuel Herrick was the Colonel that Nathaniel Seeley served under in Vermont during the Revolutionary War, and might possibly account for the naming of Samuel, although Samuel does appear in other Seeley family branches. Tracing Samuel from New York to Kentucky, both younger daughters (Electa and Ruby) list Pennsylvania as birthplace in the 1850 US Census. The birthplace for the daughters as well as the residence for Samuel is mentioned in the History of Greenup County.
  • In conclusion, the locations of Samuel Seeley coincide with the land records and census records of family movements and residences of Nathaniel Seeley which support the relationship between Samuel and Nathaniel. The preponderance of evidence of family connections in Pownal, VT, Whitehall, NY and Greenup Co. KY support the link between Samuel Seeley and his father and mother, Nathaniel and Lucy Graves Seeley.

Beverly says that Nathaniel Seelye also had a daughter Lucy who married Henry Billings and moved to Vicksburg, Mississippi. Lucy then married a Mr. Weed (possibly) She wonders if anyone has information on Lucy? Beverly also wonders about Lucy Graves Seeley – did she remarry? If you can corroborate or add to any of this information please let us know.

Responder: SGS Response May 2013

Query Number: 0605-4

Requested Information

Martha is a descendant of John Seeley of SC through his daughter Elizabeth Seeley (Hardin) Walker. She has searched for a LONG time to go back farther on this line and has never found good evidence of his arrival and from where in SC. Someone was always going to “send” information, but after many years she is still waiting. She asks if anyone has sound information on this subject?


Martha Zimmerman | zimfarm@consolidated.net

Response Information

The following entries are in the SGS database:

  • SEELEY, ELIZABETH b. 1750 in SC? m. HARDEN, HENRY in 1762, dau. of JAGGERS, JEAN S. & SEELEY, JOHN
  • ELIZABETH b. 1750 m. WALKER, ROBERT in 1783 in SC, dau. of JAGGERS, JEAN S. & SEELEY, JOHN
  • ELIZABETH b. 1757 BEAU SC dau. of SUSANNA 2 & SEELEY, JOHN (from IGI)
  • JOHN b. 1715 died 1791 in CHES SC m. JAGGERS, JEAN
  • JOHN b. 1730 in SC d. 1792 in CHES SC m. JAGGERS, JEAN
  • JOHN b. 1730 in SC? m. SEELEY, SUSANNA in 1754 BEAU SC (from IGI)
  • JOHN b. 1730 in SC? m. SUSANNA in 1757 BEAU SC (from IGI)
  • SAMUEL b. 1753 m. SARAH in 1778 son of JAGGERS, JEAN & SEELEY, JOHN
  • REBECCA b. 1766 BEAU SC dau. of SUSANNA 2 & SEELEY, JOHN (IGI)

Some of these entries are from the IGI, others are from submitters including Martha.
There are several inconsistencies.

It looks as though John Seeley may have been married twice (if it is the same John). Which birthdate is correct, 1715 or 1730? If the same John married Jean Jaggers and then Susanna, is it likely he named a 2nd daughter Elizabeth? If Elizabeth was born in 1750 as indicated it seems unlikely that she married Henry Harden in 1762 at age 12. I included information on Samuel and Rebecca since they could be siblings of Elizabeth. I included William and Enoch because they were Seeleys in the same area with a Jaggers connection (look to be father and son).

Does anyone have further information on Seeleys in SC, in particular this family? Thanks for your help. Remember to refer to the query number in your response.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0605-3

Requested Information

Sylvia is looking for further information on her grandfather Franklin Henry Seeley. He is in the 9th generation from Robert, a son of SGS # 2403, Isaac Benjamin Seeley. Below is the information on the SGS CD-ROM.

  • FRANKLIN HENRY SEELEY b.1869 PHIL PA m. LOWE, BLANCHE DANA in 1893 in DC (same parents listed)

According to information left to Sylvia by her father, Franklin Henry Seeley was married to Edna Hamilton. The census indicates that she was born in GA. Family lore says she was the ‘Belle of New York’, but what does that mean? Franklin supposedly had a son Bromley from a previous marriage. The SGS CD-ROM shows a Bromley Seeley born in 1895 according to the Cook Co. IL census. Sylvia’s father is Franklin Hamilton Seeley born in 1913.

Sylvia’s information about Isaac Benjamin Seeley matches ours, except she thinks he was b. in Danby, VT and we have his birth listed in Dunham, Quebec. The older children in Isaac’s family were born in Danby and Whiting, VT but the family relocated to Quebec where the last 3 children were born. This is according to information in the 7th Generation Book on William Bromley Seeley, SGS# 870, father of Isaac Benjamin.


Sylvia Seeley Duncan | SylDuncan@aol.com

Response Information

As Query Editor I did some census research and found Frank Seeley (age 11) in the 1880 census for Philadelphia with his parents Isaac and Hellen along with a 7 year old brother Walter

In the 1900 census Chicago Ward 32, Cook Co. IL

Seeley, Franklin, boarding b. Feb. 1869, PA, father b. Canada, mother b. IL working as a manufacturer of trusses, married 5 years to Blanche L., b. Oct 1872, MI, her parents born MI and son Bromley b. Nov. 1895 in PA, father b. PA, mother b. MI.

In the 1910 census I find Blanche L. Seeley, age 37 working as a clerk in Washington, DC and living with her mother Josephine Lowe age 62 (head of household) and her son I. Bromley age 14. I can’t find Franklin in 1910.

I found in the 1920 census for District 77, Norfolk Jefferson Ward, Norfolk, VA

  • Seeley, Franklin H., age 52, b. PA, parents b. PA Occupation: Doctor with own office
  • ______ Edna H., age 32, B. GA, parents b. GA
  • ______ Elinor H., age 14, b. NY
  • ______ Edleigh L. (son), age 13 b. NY
  • ______ Hamilton F. age 6, b. TX
  • ______ Stewart S. age 5, B. TX
  • All children show father b. PA and mother b. GA

In the 1930 census for Daytona Beach, Volusia, FL

  • Seeley, Franklin H. age 61, widower, married 1st time at age 28, he and parents all b. PA. Occupation: Doctor, industry: Exporter of trusses
  • Son: Franklin H. Jr, age 17, b. TX
  • Stuart S., age 15, b. TX
  • Housekeeper: Marie B. Law, age 57 from Denmark

Does anyone have further information on this family, especially the marriages of Franklin to Blanche and Edna and/or a divorce of Franklin and Blanche?

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Update to Query 0605-3

Re: Franklin Henry Seeley Franklin Henry Seeley, born 17 Feb 1869 or 1870 in Philadelphia, PA is the son of Isaac Benjamin Seeley, SGS #2403. Sylvia Duncan (SylDuncan@aol.com), Franklin’s granddaughter is looking for his baptismal certificate. If you can help please let her know and send me a copy of your information.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0605-2

Requested Information

Sharon’s father was Lewis A Seeley- b. 13 July1927, His father was also Lewis A Seeley b. 21 April1899, son of Matthew S Seeley (born in Knoxville PA) & Ruth Wallace (born In West Union NY). Sharon would like to know the ancestry of Matthew S Seeley.


Sharon Seeley-Smith | Imsharonss@aol.com

Response Information

West Union is in Steuben County, NY. In the 1910 Census, Greenwood, Steuben, NY Matthew Seeley is listed with Ruth, Lewis and 3 younger children but very fuzzy and hard to read. I can see that Matthew says he is b. NY, mother b. NY, father b. PA

1900 Census West Union, Steuben, NY

  • Seeley, Matt. b. Aug. 1857, age 42, he and parents all b. NY State, working as fireman at saw mill
  • ______ Ruth, b. Nov. 1879, age 20, she and parents all b. NY State
  • ______ Lewis, b. Apr.1899, age 1

1870 Census Knoxville, Tioga, PA

  • Seeley, Samuel, age 46, laborer, b. PA
  • ______ Mary, 46, b. Ny
  • ______ Noah, 22, b. PA
  • ______ William, 20, b. NY
  • ______ Nathaniel, age 18, b. NY
  • ______ Mathew, 15, b. NY
  • ______ Julia, 13, b. NY
  • ______ Charles, 10, b. NY

I can’t find Matthew in the other censuses.

John Seely, our SGS database manager indicated that the Samuel Seeley above in the 1870 census was either SGS #2477 or SGS # 2565. In the 7th Generation Families of Nathaniel these appear to be married to the same person. I asked Kathie Olsen, another member of our query team, to check her records. She replied with the following:

It appears there are two Samuel Seeleys.

SGS #2477 SAMUEL SEELEY (b 11 Oct 1802, Cornwall, Connecticut; d 18 Mar 1887, Austinburg, PA; buried County Home Cemetery, Austinburg, Tioga Co., PA) m unnamed.
Resided Austinburg, PA
Two sons; (9) Noah and Nathaniel
Luman Seely Family Record
Excerpt from ?History of Tioga County (unfortunately, this is a copy without a citation)

SGS #2565 SAMUEL CONANT SEELY or SEELYE (b 4 Jan 1824, Tioga County, Pennsylvania; d 1 Jan 1908; buried Riverside Cemetery, Knoxville, Tioga County, Pennsylvania) m 5 Feb 1844, Troupsburg, New York, Mary Etta Hubbard (b 24 Mar 1824; d 19 Oct 1902; buried Riverside Cemetery, Knoxville, Tioga County, Pennsylvania)
Resided Knoxville, Pennsylvania
Children (9) Noah (b ca 1848), William (b ca 1850), Nathaniel (b ca 1852), Matthew (b abt 1855), Julia (b abt 1857, and Charles (b abt 1860).
Census Records, 1870, 1880, Knoxville Boro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Seelye, Eugene Family Record
Seelye, Mary Conant Family Bible (mother of Samuel Conant Seelye) record transcribed by Abbie Kelts, granddaughter

The two men were about 20 years different in age. They were second cousins. This is a change that will be noted in the next list of published changes to the Seventh Generation Book.

Can anyone document that the Matthew Seeley in the 1870 census, a son of Samuel Seely, SGS #2565 is the same Matthew Seeley who married Ruth Wallace in West Union, Steuben, NY? If so, send your information to both your Query Editor and Sharon Seeley-Smith.

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Update to Query 0605-2 Re: Matthew S Seeley

In the printed response to this query (page 12 of the May 2006 newsletter) Kathie Olsen distinguished between two Samuels: Samuel Seeley, SGS #2477 and Samuel Conant Seely/Seelye, SGS # 2565. Eugene Seeley (easeelye@epix.net) has notified us that some of the information about SGS #2477 is incorrect. The County Home Cemetery isn’t in Austinburg (a part of Brookfield Township, Tioga Co., PA) and Gene can’t find Samuel listed in the other Austinburg cemeteries.

I found Samuel listed in the 1850-1880 censuses for Brookfield, always in a household headed by a family member – with his father Luman in 1850, with his brother Bradley in 1860 and 1870 and with his brother Harvey in 1880. The 1880 census verifies that he is Harvey’s brother and also states that he is single. I also found an online listing for the Tioga County Home Cemetery near Wellsboro but Samuel is not listed. If you have other information on Samuel Seeley, SGS #2477, let me know.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0605-1

Requested Information

They are trying to identify the husband of Susannah Seely (SGS #1611). They initially supposed he might be Thomas Dunn, Jr. Thomas Dunn, Sr. came to Sullivan County, New York around 1800 with his wife Susanna Sweazy (like Seeley, there are many different spellings of this surname), their seven sons, and a nephew, from Sussex County, New Jersey. Two of Senior’s brothers, Levi and William, were killed in the Wyoming Valley Massacre. After getting his family safely back to New Jersey, Thomas and his brother Samuel became Revolutionary soldiers. According to the Tri-Counties website on Rootsweb, the Nathaniel Seely/Jemima Collins family (Nathaniel is SGS# 189) was in the same area of Sussex County, New Jersey after the Revolution as the Dunns.

The Plantzes have established multiple connections between several families with origins in Connecticut, Long Island, Orange County, Sullivan County, and the Finger Lakes region. Most prominent among them are Seeley, Sweazy, Dunn, Hopkins, Hinchman, Sayre, Satterlee, Tuthill and Reeder.

They think Susannah Seely married a Dunn, either in New Jersey or New York, and they had at least 6 children who are as follows:

  • William S. Dunn b. abt 1797
  • Rebecca Hinchman Dunn b. 1801 (SGS #3611)
  • Hiram Dunn b. abt 1803
  • Henry S. Dunn b. abt 1807
  • Fanny Dunn b. abt 1811
  • Homer Dunn b. abt 1814 (SGS #3610)

There is a Thomas Dunn Jr family in the 1810 census of Sullivan Co. NY with several children but that doesn’t fit the information below.

In the 1830 census of Yates Co. NY, Rebecca (now married to Benjamin Tuthill) and Hiram (now married to Charlotte Clark) are enumerated next door to each other. Their respective fathers-in-law, Joshua Tuthill and Elisha Clark, are listed as founding board members of the Starkey Methodist Church and Mrs. Susanna Dunn is a member of the congregation.

In the New York state census for 1855, all of the Dunns in the supposed Susannah Seely Dunn family–Hiram, Rebecca Hinchman, Henry S., Fanny and Homer W. report being born in Steuben County except the eldest, William S., who reported Seneca, which was not yet a county at the time of his birth.

A bio-sketch on Homer said he was born in Painted Post, Steuben in 1814. In 1810, there is a Joseph Dunn family in Painted Post with several children about the right ages. This Joseph seems to be connected to the William Dunn who married Mercy Sayre and was the first sheriff of Chemung County, NY. There is a website from Penn State that has a bio-sketch on one of William’s descendants that has a sort of tangled relation to the Dunn family and references to the Wyoming Massacre.

So, there still is no explanation of what happened to the 8 people listed in the 1810 Sullivan Co. Thomas Dunn, Jr. family. There is also another group of up to 5 children that supposedly belonged to the William Dunn slain at Wyoming.


Bob and Kathy Plantz | bobkathyp@comcast.net

Response Information

None to date. Can anyone identify the ‘Mr Dunn’ who married Susanna Seely?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0602-8

Requested Information

On another subject, John Felt has sent a photo of the tombstone of Catharine Seely, wife of John T. Wood, b. Aug. 8, 1781; d. Oct. 19, 1869. He spotted this tombstone in the Noroton River Cemetery in Darien, CT but didn’t find her name in the Generations One Through Five book.


John P. Felt | jajufelt@aol.com

Response Information

Catherine Seely appears twice on the SGS CD as below:

  • SEELY, CATHERINE -b. — -m. WOOD, JOHN THURSTEEN 1800 ORANGE Co. NY – source – IGI-73-
  • SEELY, CATHERINE -b. 1780 NY -m. WOOD, THURSTEEN 1800 ORANGE Co. NY – source – IGI

Contact us if you can place Catherine in one of the Seeley lines.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0602-7

Requested Information

John wonders if anyone has found the tombstone of Revolutionary Patriot Eliphalet Seeley, #65 in the Obadiah Seeley line? Eliphalet Seeley died in New Canaan, CT on 3 May 1784. He served as a Lieutenant in the militia of New Canaan in 1779 at the age of 78.


John P. Felt | jajufelt@aol.com

Response Information

If you know where this tombstone is contact John and send a copy to me.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0602-6

Requested Information

Vicky is looking for the parents of William D. Seeley b. in NY in 1865. Vicky’s mom was Betty Frances Seeley born Nov.14, 1938 in Garber, OK, a daughter of Edward B. Seeley born Aug.18, 1891 in Denver, CO. and died Aug,18,1964. His father was the William D. Seeley above. William married Laura Belle Krug in Enid, OK abt. 1888. They met in Denver, Colorado where William was performing in the circus as an acrobat. William died Oct.17, 1926 in AZ. His father was born in Scotland and mother in NY according to the census.


Vicky Stradley | dynamitefisher007@yahoo.com

Response Information

According to the 1900 census of Vermillion Co. IL. William and Laura had 4 children: Edward B. (above), Lincoln b. OK, age 5 in 1900, Laura R., b. NY, age 8 in 1900, and Izetta M., b. MO and age 3 in 1900. I haven’t been able to find them in earlier censuses. There isn’t any other information on the SGS CD.

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Teddie’s father’s name was Owen F. Seeley, born Dec. 26, 1926. Owen F. Seeley’s mother’s name was Dorcas Parker, born June 19, 1909, married to Owen Seeley, date of birth Dec. 8, 1904, died Nov. 29, 1927. Who are the parents of Owen Seeley?


Teddie Seeley | teddie_grams@hotmail.com

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Neither Owen appears on the SGS CD. If you have information or suggestions, please contact me.

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Dick is looking for the given name of a “Seeley” who married a Lillian Dorothy or Dorothy Hunsinger abt. 1939/1940. She was born abt 1922 in Chemung Co., N. Y., probably the Elmira area. They had 3 children; Michael Waldo born 6/21/1940, Sonja, DOB unknown and Thomas, DOB unknown but died at about age 2. He left Dorothy and took Sonja with him. Dorothy remarried and her 2nd husband, Elmer Young, adopted Michael. Any help on a first name for Mr. Seeley would be appreciated. Dick is working on the Hunsinger Genealogy.


Dick Hunsinger | rhunsi2@ptd.net

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There is no information about this Mr Seeley on the SGS CD. In a few years the 1940 census will be available which might help. Perhaps local newspapers for that time period in Elmira or Corning would be a place to look. Meanwhile if anyone recognises this family send us your information.

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Robert is searching for information on his gr gr gr grandmother – Sarah Seeley, b. 1750(?), d. 18 Dec 1830 in Schaghticoke, Rennsalaer, NY, buried in Old Presbyterian Cem, Schaghticoke. (tombstone still standing). She married Thomas Ireland, b. 1745(?) in Huntington, Long Island, NY, d. 10 Dec 1811 in Schaghticoke, buried in Old Presbyterian Cem in Schaghticoke. Robert wishes to find out Sarah’s date and place of birth, her parents, and her siblings. He thinks she may have been from the Saratoga area. County boundaries were changing at that time: Rennsalaer may have been Albany or Washington County. Robert has lots of information on the Ireland family.


Robert Saxton Taylor | rtaylor1@twcny.rr.com

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We have had 2 previous queries on Sarah and Thomas Ireland (0402-1 and 0105-7) with no response. I found a copy of Thomas Ireland’s will on the internet by doing a Google search. Then Dian

Little sent the following:

I have been researching Sarah Seley Ireland for quite sometime as a possible sister of Augustus Seeley. I have been contacted and sent some information to three relatives working on their line: Marlene Hartle, Ross Doherty and Joan Best who found my name from my Augustus Seeley Time Line on the web.

Sarah and Thomas were married in Newburgh, Orange, NY. Augustus’ youngest children were baptized in Schaghticoke. All of Thomas and Sarah’s Children were born in Schaghticoke. Sarah and Thomas died in Schaghticoke. Sarah is buried in the Old Presbyterian Cemetery. Their son Selah is in the Albany 1850 census.

Joan said Augustus wrote to his nephews to encourage them to come to Canada where land was cheap. In 1801 three of Thomas and Sarah’s children went to Brockville [formerly Elizabethtown] and bought land near Augustus Seeley – Isaac, Losee and (___) Milke. Isaac spent the rest of his life there and many of his descendants continue to live in Canada, The above named Marlene one of them. A Thomas Ireland Jr. was on the 1842 Tax Record in Nauvoo.

The Irelands are originally from Warwickshire, England. The first Ireland came about the same time as Obadiah Seeley. Thomas, husband of Sarah Seeley was born in Huntington Long Island New York.

If anyone finds further information on Sarah Seeley’s lineage contact me, Dian and Robert.

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David is looking for information on Charles Harvey Seely, b. 31 Aug 1826, died 30 June 1891, married Cynthia Foster.


David Bruce | DBruce9901@aol.com

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SEELY, CHARLES -b. 1826 MO? -married FOSTER, CYNTHA in 1845 LAWR MO

If you have any information on this Seeley such as his parents or place of birth please let us know.

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Charles Harvey Seely, b 31 Aug 1826 MO, d 30 June 1891, bur Gamble Cem, Centerton, Benton Co, AR, m(1) 15 Oct 1845
Lawrence Co, MO, Syntha R. Foster, b Nov 1824 SC, d 23 June 1884, bur Gamble Cem, Centerton, Benton Co, AR, m(2) after 1884,
Mary Ann Pendergraft, b 1837, d 1914, bur Gamble Cem,
Centerton, Benton Co, AR, widow of Williamson Seamster.
Charles sold his land in MO in 1867 and moved to Gravette, Benton Co, AR where he was a Baptist minister.

Children of Charles and Syntha:

  1. Elijah L. Seely, b. 2 Sep 1846 MO.
  2. William H. Seely, b 14 Apr 1848 MO, m. Rozilla A. …, b 1852 MO
  3. James Francis Seely, b 22 Mar 1850 Lawrence Co, MO, 8 Sep 1948 McDonald Co, MO, bur. Jasper County, MO, m. 22 Feb 1876 Lawrence Co, MO, Martha Deema Costley.
  4. John F. Seely, b. 25 Apr 1852 Lawrence Co, MO, m. Sarah H. …, b Mar 1848 GA.
  5. George W. Seely, b 27 Apr 1854, d bef 1860.
  6. Mary Ann Seely, b. 6 Jun 1858 Lawrence Co, MO, m. 13 Jan 1880, George C. Bates.
  7. Elzora Josephine Seely, b 21 Sep 1862 MO, d 9 Nov 1921, m. 19 July 1883 Benton Co, AR, Albert Harrell.
  8. Charles Harvey Seely, Jr, b 26 May 1866 Lawrence Co, MO, m. 23 Sept 1888, Rosa B. Burress.

Carolyn thinks Charles’ father was probably Elijah Seely, who received 160 acres in Missouri (Warrant #11,236) for his service as Pvt in 25th Regt of Infantry – deed dated 30 Apr 1819. No additional information was found about Elijah Seely.

SGS Response: This further information led to a search of the US Census.

1880 census, Osage, Benton, AR

  • Seely, George (!), age 55, b. MO, parents b. MO
  • Synthie, age 55, b. SC, father b. SC, mother b. Ireland
  • Elzira, age 18, b. MO, father b. MO, mother b. SC
  • Charles H., age 14, b. MO, father b. Mo, mother b. SC

1870 Census Osage, Benton, AR

  • Seely Charles, age 43, b. MO
  • Cynthia, age 45, b. SC
  • James, age 20, b. AR, John, age 17, b. MO, Mary, age 11,
  • b. MO, Elzera, age 9, b. MO, Charles, age 4, b. MO

1860 census Mount Pleasant, Lawrence, MO

  • Seely, Charles, age 34, b. MO
  • Cynthia, age 36, b. TN
  • Elijah, age 14, William, age 12, James, age 10, John, age 8, Mary, 2, all b. MO
  • Next house is Frederick Foster, age 73, b. SC, Mary, age 71, b. SC, Nancy, age 22, b. SC, Sarah, age 19,
  • b. TN, John Bryant, age 17, a farmer and servant.

Perhaps this is Synthia/Cynthia’s family?

1850 census District 47, Lawrence, MO

  • Seely, Charles, age 24, b. MO
  • Synthia, age 26, b. MO, Elijah L, age 4, b. MO, William
  • H., age 2, b. MO, James F., age 6/12, b. MO

1840 census Pike Co. MO has George Seeley age 50-60 with several children including 2 sons 10-15

1840 census Sarcoxie, Newton, MO has Isaac Seely, age 30-40 with several children including a son age 10-15

Additionally the 1850 census for Ralls Co. MO has an Abraham Seely age 55, b. TN, wife Angeline age 31, with several children including 4 sons who are named Abraham B., William, Elijah and Lorenzo. This corresponds to Abraham Seely SGS #1499. It would seem that Abraham would be a likely father for Charles but both the 1830 and 1840 census show that Abraham didn’t have a son the right age.

Responder: Carolyn Fairall | fairall@earthlink.net

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Rich is researching Joseph Sealy who was born in 1825 in NY. He appeared on the census in 1880 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York. He died after 1880. He was a carpenter. Harriet Dufocier was born in 1829 in Isle of Guernsey, England. She died on 24 Sep 1913 in Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY. Joseph Sealy and Harriet Dufocier had the following children:

  1. Harriet Sealy was born about 1850 in Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY.
  2. Benjamin Sealy was born in 1854 in NY. He died on 14 Sep 1919 in Manhattan, NY.
  3. Mary L. Sealy was born in 1856 in NY. She died after 7 Oct 1900.
  4. Harriet Sealy was born in 1860 in NY.
  5. William A. Sealy

William A. Sealy was born on 28 Jan 1866 in Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY. He resided 307 49th St in 1897 in Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY. He was a Clerk in 1899. He died on 15 Oct 1942 in Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY. He was buried on 18 Oct 1942 in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. He was married to Adelaide E. Putnam (daughter of Charles H. Putnam and Henrietta C. H. BROWN) on 16 Jun 1897 in Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY. Adelaide E. Putnam was born on 24 Mar 1873 in Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY. She resided 269 Fourteenth St in 1897 in Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY. She died on 7 Apr 1956 in Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY. She was buried on 10 Apr 1956 in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY. William A. Sealy and Adelaide E. Putnam had the following child: 1. William Valentine Sealy, (b. 14 Feb. 1866 Brooklyn, Kings Co. NY, d. 5 Oct 1975 in Largo, FL.) Rich would like to find information on the parents and grandparents of Joseph Sealy.


Rich Moore | moore.rich@comcast.net

Response Information

SGS Response: The SGS CD lists:

  • WILLIAM A. –b. 1866 NY -d. 1942 NY -m. PUTNAM, ADELAIDE E. in 1899
  • (his parents) LORRAIN, HARRIET
  • (source) SEELY-L

We have no further information to date. If you can help, please contact Rich and me.

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