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Query Number: 0711-10

Requested Information

In doing some research for the queries I came across “The History of Ancient Woodbury (CT)” by William Cothren, a book the U of Michigan has added to their digital library. There is a reference on p.670 to Molly Pierce, 6th child of Samuel and Martha Edmonds Pierce, b. between 1795 and 1800 who married _____ Seeley and had a daughter Patty who m.1 Garry French and m.2 Henry B. Stiles of Southbury, CT. Patty and Henry B. Stiles’ children (listed on page 700) were Jennette M, Ellen E. and Alice Stiles. I’m wondering who Patty Seeley’s father is.

The “Peirce Genealogy” (Frederick Peirce, 1880) identifies Mary Pierce, dau of Samuel and Martha Edmonds Pierce as b. 6 Feb 1780 and d. 9 Jun 1851, m. unknown Seeley. However the “History of Ancient Woodbury” identifies Mary as the 2nd child (same birth date) of Samuel and Martha and lists no husband.


Linda Crocker | llbc100@msn.com

Response Information

Patty is in the database as Patty T., just listed with her 2nd husband, Henry B. Stiles. Can anyone identify the father of Patty Seeley?

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Query Number: 0711-9

Requested Information

Iva Jean is looking for the ancestry of Mercy Seeley. She was married 27 Aug.1761 in New Canaan, Fairfield, CT. First Cong. Church to Robert Blatchley Jr. They had 5 children, all baptized at the same church in New Canaan:
Sarah Blatchley b. 28 Mar 1762
Samuel Blatchley b. 1 Apr 1764
Ebenezer Selah (Seeley) Blatchley b. 27 Oct 1765
Mary Blatchley b. 27 Sep 1767
Joseph Blatchley b. 25 Jun 1769.
Mercy died about 1770-1773 as Robert Blatchley Jr. married Cata (Catherine) Smith in the same church 3 Jan 1775.

Iva Jean has been looking for Mercy for quite a while – she had a query in the Feb. 1992 SGS newsletter.


Iva Jean Wheeler | ijwheeler@comcast.net

Response Information

This query from Iva Jean Wheeler (ijwheeler@comcast.net) was about the ancestry of Mercy Seeley Blatchley. Ardienne Damicis (adwdmt@aol.com), our Area Coordinator for CT, found the following information.

Ebenezer Carter of Norwalk in his will 6 Mar. 1775 (test 3 Aug 1775) names children of his deceased granddaughter Mercy Blatchley: Sarah, Sam, Seeley, Mary, Jos

New Canaan baptisms and marriages:

Feb. 17, 1761 Joseph Blatchley m. Mercy Seeley (the query had her husband as Robert, Jr. but Iva Jean had mis-transcribed her notes)
The following baptisms:

  • p. 24 Samuel Blatchley, son of Joseph, 4/1/1764
  • p. 28 Mary Blatchley, dau of Joseph, 9/27/1767
  • p. 30 Joseph Blatchley, son of Joseph, 6/25/1769
  • p. 33 Carter Blatchley, son of Joseph, 2/19/1772 (died shortly after baptism)

In the Canaan Parish 1733-1933 Rev. Drummond’s Journal of Family visitations. (He was the Congregational minister.) p. 93 Jan 29 Joseph Blatchley (widower) Sarah, Samuel, Ebenezer, Seally, Mary, Joseph (children) This was also listed as a census of 1773.

If Mercy Seeley Blatchley is a granddaughter of Ebenezer then her mother was a daughter of Ebenezer Carter who married a Seeley. Can anyone find this marriage?

Responder: SGS Response Feb 2008

Response Information

Update to Query 0711-9 Re: Mercy Seeley Blatchley, granddaughter of Ebenezer Carter of Norwalk, CT

We recently received a response from Pamela Miller (sunkst7@aol.com), who is also a descendant of Mercy. She writes, “I have found records showing Mercy Carter, daughter of Ebenezer Carter (who was taken captive), married Ebenezer Seeley (Sheldon’s History of Deerfield, Massachusetts, Vol. 2, p. 101 of the Genealogy section). She left a daughter, Mercy Seeley, who married Joseph Blatchley in 1761 (Early Connecticut Marriages, Fourth Book, ed. by F. Bailey, p. 23). She died, and he married Cata Smith in 1775 (p. 26). However, Sheldon’s History lists Ebenezer Carter’s death as July 1774. I found his wife Hannah’s death, Feb 1774, in Canaan in Connecticut, Church Records Abstracts, Vol. 74, New Canaan, but Ebenezer’s death is not in those records. I also checked Vol. 33, Fairfield, and Vol. 35, Franklin, without success.”

SGS Response: I have not been able to verify the marriage of Mercy Carter to Ebenezer Seeley in any other source nor that the Mercy Seeley that married Joseph Blatchley is a daughter of this couple. The History of Deerfield, Massachusetts, states that Mercy Carter Seeley died a year after her marriage (md. about 1740, d. 1741). If anyone can find a birth or baptismal record for Mercy Seeley, supposedly b. 1740 to Ebenezer and Mercy Carter Seeley, please notify me.

Responder: SGS Response Feb 2008

Query Number: 0711-8

Requested Information

Marilynn is wondering about the children of Mary Seeley (SGS #11) and Jonathan Squires, in particular their son Seeley b. 1701 and his wife. We have several children listed for Mary and Jonathan Squire/s in the SGS database including Seeley and show him married to Phebe Sears, b. 1733, dau. of Joshua Sears and Mary Thatcher. Can anyone find out where that information came from and the sources it is based on?

The other Squire/s children listed are Ann b. abt 1685 Woodbury, CT, all the others b. in Fairfield, CT: Jonathan b. abt 1687, Nathaniel (SGS # 48a) b. abt 1690, Abigail b. abt 1694, Mary b. abt 1694, Deborah b. abt 1699, with Seeley born last in 1701.


Marilynn Muñoz | hotshots@netgate.net

Response Information

I haven’t found a listing of these children. None of the children are in the Barbour transcription for Fairfield, CT. I saw one reference that Seeley Squire enlisted in the Rev War from Norwalk, CT and may have been from Woodbury, Litchfield, CT. Our “Descendants of Robert Seely, Generations One Through Five” only lists Nathaniel as a child of Mary and Jonathan Squire with the note “probably other children”. It says the information is from Lineage Books, Daughters of American Colonists. If you can verify the name of the wife of Seeley Squire or document the births of Seeley and his siblings please contact me.

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Marilynn Muñoz (hotshots@netgate.net) had asked about the children of Mary Seeley, SGS# 11 and her husband Jonathan Squires, in particular their son Seeley b. 1701, Fairfield, CT. Ardienne Damicis (adwdmt@aol.com), our Area Coordinator for CT, found the following information in Vol. II, Part 3 of “History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield.” by The Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter of the DAR. Ardienne says “This volume has no date. The book also has no sources listed and is the one that I think has incorrect info on my Lloyd Seeley’s ancestors”. (So use with caution!)

Squire (pp. 575-579) 1. George, then lists 4 sons the 4th one being Jonathan (- after 1723) m. Mary Seeley; 3 sons listed – Jonathan (b. 1687), Nathaniel (1697-1783), Seeley (no dates).

Nathaniel had a son Seeley, b. 6 Oct. 1728 who married Esther Taylor and they had a son Seeley, bapt.20 July, 1783

Seeley, (son of Jonathan ?) “Of Norwalk, with wife Phebe conveyed 1754 to John Seymour; he died before 1768. He m. Phebe Sears, dau. of Joshua of Norwalk, whose will 1754 called her Phebe Squire. She was bapt. at Harwich, Mass, 8 Apr. 1733 and d. at Wilton 8 Dec. 1807. Among other children they had Selah (or Seeley) b. 9 Sept. 1754; removed to Chenango, Broome County, NY, and died at Binghamton, 28 Dec. 1837. m. at Wilton, 2 Apr. 1778, Hannah Abbot, who d. 10 May 1839. They had 10 chiildren. A footnote says that he had two sons drowned at Norwalk, 10 Aug. 1798 (see Vol. III, p. 313).

Since this reference may not be reliable we would still like to find primary records on this family.

Responder: SGS Response Feb 2008

Query Number: 0711-7

Requested Information

Here are excerpts from another biography Chris found for our website. Isaac Casper Seeley from “History of the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota” edited by Isaac Atwater, published 1893 by Munsell & Company, pages 715-718.

Nearly the entire business life of Mr. Seeley has been passed in Minneapolis. Coming here at the age of thirty years, after a boyhood passed upon a western farm, a collegiate education procured by his own industry, a war experience of thrilling incident in the saddle as a dashing cavalry soldier, and months of cruelest suffering in Anderson prison, followed by a six year’s course in college and law school, he has for twenty years been one of the most active, enterprising and successful business men of the city.

His ancestors were among the colonial settlers of Connecticut of Pilgrim stock. A branch of the family emigrated to Saratoga County, N.Y., whence Nathaniel Seeley, his father, passed to Michigan, where he taught school, and eventually settled down on a farm. He married Sophia Ann Sherwood, a native of Rochester, N.Y.

Isaac C. Seeley was born January 22, 1843, in the township of Plainwell, Allegan County, Mich. He grew up amid rural surroundings and engaged in rustic labors. He was an active lad, with eyes and ears alert to whatever was passing in the world around him. He was seventeen years old when the presidential election occurred at which Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln were competitors, one of the most exciting which has ever agitated the nation. He joined a wide awake club at Plainwell, and drove a wagon to bring voters to the polls. Of course he attached himself to the Republican party. About this time he left home to attend a seminary in preparation for college, and being obliged to provide for himself, he obtained and taught a school near Kalamazoo, Mich. When the tocsin of war sounded throughout the country, calling the young men to arms, himself and another young man, were the first two recruits who put down their names Allegan County. He was rejected as too young to be a soldier. He applied himself again to study and teaching, and after sixteen months again enlisted. He was mustered into the service August 14, 1862, and was assigned to Company “L,” Fourth Regiment of Michigan Cavalry. This regiment has a brilliant record.
(see our website for details)

Isaac Seeley was discharged at Nashville on the 8th of July, 1865.

Mr. Seeley married February 9, 1876, Mrs. Julia M. Willard, daughter of Henry L. Hubbard of Minneapolis. They have one daughter, Edith, born Oct. 5th, 1877.


Christine Havnar | webmaster@seeley-society.net

Response Information

1850 census Gunplain, Allegan, MI

  • Nathanl Seeley, age 38, b. NY, farmer
  • Sophia A Seeley, age 24, b NY
  • Jacob C Seeley, age 7, b. MI as are his siblings
  • Eunice M. Seeley, age 5
  • George D. Seeley, age 3
  • Samuel E Seeley, age 2

1860 census Gunplain, Allegan, MI

  • Nathaniel Seale, age 48, b. NY, farmer
  • Sophia A. Seale, age 35, b. NY
  • Isaac Seale, age 17, b. MI as are his siblings
  • Nanse Seale, age 15
  • George Seale, age 13
  • Samuel E. Seale, age 12
  • Alfred Seale, age 10
  • Louisa Seale, age 8
  • Mary Seale, age 6
  • Albert Seale, age 4
  • Emma Seale, age 2
  • Infant Seale, age 1/12

1870 census Plainwell, Allegan, MI

  • (Indexed Luley)
  • Seeley, Nathaniel, age 59, b. NY, farmer
  • Seeley, Sophia, age 47
  • Seeley, Isaac C., age 27, student, b. MI as are all children
  • Seeley, Alfred M., age 20, works on farm
  • Seeley, Lucy A., age 18, at home
  • Seeley, Mary J., age 16, at home
  • Seeley, Albert S., age 14, works on farm
  • Seeley, Emma R., age 12, at school
  • Seeley, Abby, age 8, at school
  • Seeley, Lane J (male), age 2

1880 census Gun Plains Township, Allegan, MI

  • Seeley, Nathaniel, age 68, b. NY, parents b. CT, farmer
  • Seeley, Sophia, age 56, wife, b. NY, parents b. unknown
  • Seeley, Abner, age 28, son, b. MI, parents b. NY, works on farm
  • Seeley, Emma, age 22, dau., b. MI, parents b. NY
  • Seeley, Abby, age 17, b. MI, parents b. NY
  • Seeley, Lain, age 12, son, b. MI, parents b. NY
  • Russ, Mary R., age 6 mos (b. Dec 1879) grand-dau., b. MI, parents b. MI

1880 census Minneapolois, Hennepin Co., MN

  • Seeley, Isaac C, age 38, b. MI, parents b. NY Real estate and Loan Agent
  • Seeley, Julia M. age 39, b. NY, parents b. NY
  • Seeley, Edith L., age 2, dau. b. MN
  • Willard, Fannie M., age 22, step-dau., b. NY, parents b. NY
  • Willard, George H., age 20, step-son, clerk in office, b. Louisiana, parents b. NY

1900 census Kalamazoo Ward 2, Kalamazoo, MI

  • Seeley, Alfred, b. June 28 1850 MI, parents b. NY, painter and paper hanger
  • Seeley, Julia, b. Mar 17 1855 NY, no children
  • Rees, Mable E., niece, b. Feb 17 1878 MI, parents b. MI, day laborer

1900 census Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN

  • (indexed as Serley)
  • Seeley, I. C., b. Jan 1843, MI, real estate and ins.
  • Seeley, Julia M, b. Oct 1843, married 24 years, 4 children, 3 living
  • Willard, George H, step-son, b. Sept 1861, LA, insurance firm
  • Pevay, John W, son-in-law, b. July 1859 NH, book Keeper, bank
  • Pevay, Edith S., dau. b. Oct 1877 MN
  • 2 servants

Woodside Cemetery, Gun Plains Township, Allegan Co MI Seeley:

  • G.C., 1846 – 1918
  • Nathaniel, 1811 – 1888
  • Nathaniel, son of N & SA b. May 9, 1860, d. Aug 11 1863
  • Sophia, 1824 – 1903 (CR Sophia Ann d. Oct 19 1903, age 79 at Mattaw)

From USGenWeb, Michigan, Allegan County vitals

  • Seeley, Nathaniel and Sophia Ann Sherwood married 18 Jul 1839
  • Seeley, Alfred N. and Delia G Bennett 15 Mar 1882
  • Seeley, Charles D and Libbie Weaver 17 Sept 1882
  • Seeley, Lucy A and James J Steele 21 Nov 1870
  • Seeley, Emma R and Charles F Hicks 4 Apr 1883

John Seely’s database on the SGS CD shows that this Nathaniel Seeley who married Sophia Ann Sherwood was b. 28 Dec 1811 in Saratoga, NY to Isaac and Mary Seeley – lineage unknown.

Can anyone verify this information and identify this Isaac Seeley, grandfather of Isaac Casper Seeley?

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

The original query traced Isaac C Seeley, subject of a biography on our website back to Nathaniel and Sophia Ann Sherwood Seeley. We are still trying to determine Nathaniel’s parentage. Sean Seeley contacted us about his grandfather William Floyd Seeley whose death certificate and obituary are also on our website. Tracing William Floyd Seeley back through the census I determined that he was the son of Jay Seeley (b. Feb 1881 MN) who was the son of Samuel and Josephine Twombley Seeley, resident in Mineola, Goodhue, MN in 1875. The best identification I can make is that Samuel (also identified as S E in a later census) is Samuel E Seeley son of Nathaniel Seeley and Sophia Ann Sherwood of Plainwell, Allegan Co MI. Any information verifying that this is correct or identifying Nathaniel’s lineage would be welcome.

Responder: SGS Response Feb 2008

Query Number: 0711-6

Requested Information

Debbi came across a Seeley gravesite in the Rock Hill Cemetery in Foxboro, MA. She has posted photos of the gravestone on www.findagrave.com.

Almon F Seeley 5 Jan 1819 – 7 11 1907
Elvira Graves Seeley 21 Jan 1825 – 1 Apr 1904
Son Rodney H Seeley 16 Nov 1846 – 15 Nov 1902

She is wondering who these Seeleys are.


Debbi Smith | breken2022@yahoo.com

Response Information

1900 census Foxboro, Norfolk, MA (Fourth Street)

  • Seeley, Almond, b. Jan 1819 NY as were parents, age 81, married 55 years, retired
  • Seeley, Elvira, b. Jan 1825 NY as were parents, 4 children, 1 living

1880 census Athol, Worcester, MA

  • Seeley, Almon F., age 60, b. NY, father b. MA, mother b. NY, occupation: Road master
  • Seeley, Elvira, age 54, b. NY as were her parents

1850 census Moira, Franklin, NY

  • Seeley, Almon, age 31, b. NY, farmer
  • Seeley, Alvira, age 24, b. NY
  • Seeley, Rodney H, age 3, b. NY
  • Seeley, Mary M, 1 mo., b. NY

1840 census Moira, Franklin, NY

  • Benjamin Seeley
  • 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10- 15, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60; 1 female under 5, 2 female 15-20, 1 female 40-50

There are 3 Seelys in Malone, Franklin, NY
Alla Seely, Nathan W. Seely and Nathaniel Seely. None have a son the age of Almon.

There is an Ira Seeley in Fort Covington, Franklin, NY
1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 50-60; 1 female 15-20, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 50-60

From “A History of St Lawrence and Franklin Counties, NY”
Appleton Foote of Middlebury, VT an agent for the proprietors of Moira brought in Benjamin Seeley and family to assist him and they were the first family to settle in Moira.
Can anyone identify this Benjamin Seeley and/ or show that he is the father of Almon F.?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0711-5

Requested Information

The following biography was been posted on our website. We would like to determine T B Seeley’s lineage.

T. B. SEELEY, train dispatcher and superintendent telegraph Sioux City & Pacific Railroad Company, is a native of DeKalb County, Ind.. When a boy he came to Harrison County, Iowa, with his parents; there he assisted on their farm; in 1875 he came to Dodge County, Neb., and with the exception of one year has worked for this company since; in 1878 he removed to Sioux City, where he remained one year; September, 1879, came to Onawa, Iowa; was appointed station agent and soon after removed to Missouri Valley; there held the position as train dispatcher; March 1880, came to Blair and has held his present position. From:

Washington County “History of the State of Nebraska; containing a full account of its growth from an uninhabited territory to a wealthy and important state. Illustrated.” Published: Chicago, The Western Historical Company, A. T. Andreas Proprietor 1882.


Christine Havnar | webmaster@seeley-society.net

Response Information

1860 census Butler, Wilmington, DeKalb Co. IN

  • Seely, M. T., age 32, railroad agent, b. NY
  • Seely, Charlotte, age 31, b. MI
  • Seely, Sterling, age 6, b. MI
  • Seely, Theadore, age 4, b. IN
  • Seely, Emagene, age 2, b. IN
  • Seely, Clerisse, Sen., age 55, b. NY
  • Seely, Clerisse, Jr., age 25, b. NY

1870 census Harrison, Harrison, IA

  • Seeley, M T, age 44, b. NY, house carpenter
  • Seeley, Charlotte, age 31, b. MI
  • Seeley, Sterling, age 16, b. MI, apprentice carpenter
  • Seeley, Theodore, age 13, b. IN
  • Seeley, Imogene, age 12, b. IN
  • Smith, Gemie, age 16, b. MI

1880 census Fremont, Dodge, NE

  • Seeley, Marcus, age 53, carpenter, b. NY, no info on parents
  • Seeley, Charlotte, age 53, b. MI, parents b. NY
  • Seeley, Joseph, son, age 24, b. MI, f. b. NY, m. b. MI, carpenter
  • Seeley, Laura, d-in-law, age 20, b. IL, f. b. RI, m .b. ME
  • Scott, Emma, age 22, boarder, b. IL, milliner
  • Scott, Walter, age 2, boarder, b. IL

1880 census Blair, Washington, NE

  • M C Seely, age 25, b. NY, telegraphing, boarding in a hotel

1885 census Fremont, Dodge, NE

  • Seeley, Joseph I, age 31, b. MI
  • Seeley, Laura, age 25, b. IL
  • Seeley, Imogene, age 4, b. NE
  • Seeley, Verna, age 2, b. NE
  • Seeley, Lottie, b. 12 May 1885, NE
  • Seeley, Marquis F, age 58, b. NY
  • Seeley, Charlotte, age 57, b. MI

Burial at Ridge Cemetery, Fremont, Dodge, NE:

  • Charlotte Seeley 11 Dec 1828 – 30 Aug 1889

1900 census Chicago, Cook, IL

  • Seeley, Marcus, b. June 1826 NY, parents b. NY, architect married 10 years to
  • Seeley, Jennie, b. May 1844, Ireland

Some questions: Is Theodore Seeley, son of Marcus/ M T Seeley the same person as the T B Seeley of the biography? What happened to T B Seeley after 1882 (date of bio)? Who are the parents/ancestors of Marcus/ MT Seeley b. 1826-28 NY? Send your any information to me so I can write an update in the next newsletter.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0711-4

Requested Information

Julie is looking for information to confirm and expand upon what she inherited in old family papers. Anna Seely b.1789 Somersetshire d.1868 Wooster, Ohio m. George Albert/Alfred James b. 1785 Somersetshire d.1858 Wooster, Ohio They had a child Amelia b. 1818/1819 Bath, England. d.1888 Aurora, Illinois m. James Charles James in Franklin, Ohio. Julie has information on their descendants that she is willing to share with anyone interested.


Julie Boehm | julie2te@aol.com

Response Information

1880 census Aurora, Kane, IL

  • James, George, age 20, machinist, b. OH, parents b. Eng.
  • James, Amalia, mother, widow, age 50, b. Eng., parents b. Eng.
  • James, Amanda, sister, age 30, b. OH
  • James, Clara, sister, age 18, b. OH
  • James, Charles, father, age 67 (entry has a line through it and no birth info, perhaps he died recently)

1870 census Aurora, Kane, IL

  • James, JC, age 58, music dealer, b. England
  • James, Amelia, 50, b. England
  • James, Fred, age 31, b. OH as are all children
  • James, Addie, age 24
  • James, Frank, age 21
  • James, Ella, age 19
  • James, Zilla, age 17
  • James, Geo, age 12
  • James, Eva, age 9

1860 census Wooster, Wayne, Ohio

  • J C James, age 49, b. England, variety store
  • Amelia James, age 39, b. England
  • Fred D. James, age 23, b. OH, Dig. Artist (I think an early form of photography)
  • Amanda H. James, age 18, b. OH
  • Frank W. James, age 13, b. OH
  • Ella N. James, age 9, b. OH
  • Letitta G. James, age 7, b. OH
  • Geo A James, age 2, b. OH
  • Clara E. James, age 3/12, b. OH

1860 census Franklin, Wayne, OH

  • David James, age 32, b. England
  • Ellen James, age 24, b. OH
  • Thomas James, age 4, b. OH
  • Ann James, age 2, b. OH
  • Ann James, age 67, b. PA
  • Holy Moris, age 23, b. OH

1870 census Franklin, Wayne, OH

  • James, Sealy (indexed as Ledly), age 52, b. England
  • James, Martha, age 29, b. OH, parents foreign birth
  • James, Thomas, age 9, b. OH
  • James, Alfred, age 7, b. OH
  • James, Edward, age 5, b. OH
  • James, George, age 3, b. OH
  • James, Harvey, b. Nov. 1869 OH

1860 census Franklin, Wayne, OH

  • Seely James, age 47, b. England
  • Martha James, age 18, b. OH

1850 census Franklin, Wayne, OH

  • George James, age 60, farmer, b. England
  • Ann James, age 58, b. England
  • Sealy James, age 32, farmer, b. England
  • David James, age 22, farmer, b. England
  • Seth Smith, age 32, laborer, b. OH

According to naturalization records of Wayne Co. OH George James arrived in the US in 1845, Sealey James in 1847 and James C James in 1834.

Obituary: Wooster Republican 11 Feb 1858
James, George: Died 31 Jan 1858
George James departed this life at his residence in Franklin Township, Jan 31, aged 67y. [Note: poem]

Can anyone find information on Ann/Anna Sealy/Seeley’s birth or marriage in England to George James or immigration into the US?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0711-3

Requested Information

Dr Seeley who spoke at the 2007 reunion would like to verify his information on his descent from Benjamin Seeley, reportedly of the Isle of Guernsey and emigrant in Argyle, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia before 1775. There he married Susan Merrifield (b. 30 Aug 1742) and had 2 sons, Thomas and Henry.

Thomas m. 16 Nov 1777 Mehitable, dau. of Josiah Forbes. They had 2 sons, Benjamin and Henry (b. 16 Sept 1778).

Henry married Margaret (Peggy) Hart Scotia on 10 July 1806. They had a son Benjamin.

Benjamin was married 4 times. Richard descends from the 2nd wife, Margaret Synder/Snyder. Benjamin and Margaret had 5 children:

Elias, b. 1839, d. 21 Oct 1933, married Lydia E Larkin, resided Beverly. Essex, MA. One son, Edward.

Margaret Susan, married twice, resided Beverly, Essex, MA

William Willoby Austin who m. Emily Trefry of Nova Scotia.

George Samuel Seeley b. approx. 1839 Smith Cove, Digby, Nova Scotia and d. 3 Nov 1901 Beverly, Essex, MA. He was a fisherman and resided in Beverly, Essex, MA. He married Nancy E Meservey of Marblehead who was b. Beverly 7 Aug 1836 or 1837 to Joseph and Sarah Meservey and who d. 3 Sept 1855. Richard says George S. and Nancy Seeley had 2 sons, Joseph Benjamin Foster Seeley and Arthur Seeley and a daughter. Joseph Benjamin Foster Seeley was Richard’s grandfather through his son Joseph Harold, one of 8 children of Joseph BF Seeley and his wife Catherine Perkins Gould, residents of Salem, MA.


Dr Richard Seeley | rassdsee@aol.com

Response Information

This family was also the subject of Query 0405-3 from Rick Morgan (no valid email available) however we have more information now.

1860 census Beverly, Essex, MA

  • George S Seeley, age 22, Lobster Man, b. NS
  • Nancy E Seeley, age 22, b. MA

1870 census Beverly, Essex, MA

  • 1st family in dwelling is headed by Charlotte Maines, age 73, b. Nova Scotia. Other Maines family members are James, 38, John, 39, John h. 10, Sarah, 8, Charlotte, 6, Mary, 4 and Mary A., 31, all b. Nova Scotia

Next family is Seeley, George, age 32, mariner, b. Nova Scotia, parents of foreign birth

  • Seeley, Nancy E., age 32, b. Nova Scotia, parents of foreign birth
  • Seeley, George A., age 3, b. MA
  • Seeley, Carrie E., b. Dec 1869 MA
  • Maservey, Wm W., age 19, carpenter, b. MA

Next family (still same dwelling)

  • Seeley, Elias L., age 29, Shoemaker, b. Nova Scotia
  • Seeley, Lydia E., age 24, b. Nova Scotia
  • Seeley, Edward W., age 4, b. Nova Scotia
  • Crosby, Edward, age 25, show factory worker, b. Nova Scotia

1880 census Beverly, Essex, MA

  • Seeley, George S., age 42, Fisherman, b. Nova Scotia as were his parents
  • Seeley, Nancy E., age 42, b. MA as were her parents
  • Seeley, George A., son, age 13, b. MA
  • Seeley, Carrie E., daughter, age 10, b. MA
  • Seeley, Joseph F., son, age 6, b. MA
  • Meservey, William W., brother, age 26, Carpenter, b. MA

1900 census Beverly, Essex, MA

  • Seeley, Joseph, b. Jan. 1875, MA, salesman- groceries, married 4 years to
  • Seeley, Catherine, b. Dec 1876, MA 2 children both living
  • Seeley, Harold, b. June 1898 MA
  • Seeley, Rodney, b. Dec 1899 MA
  • Seeley, George (father), widower, b. May 1828, age 62, b. Canada (Eng.), fish dealer, immigrated to US in 1849, naturalized citizen. (I’d say George was b. in May 1838 – someone couldn’t subtract 62 from 1900 correctly, I’ve seen this same mistake before. This would match his age in earlier census records)

I also found George Seeley listed as a Civil War veteran residing in Beverly in 1890. It says he served as a private in Company K, 40 m & m (?) from 11 Aug 1862 to 25 Apr 1865. There is a comment that is hard to read but it looks like he was discharged with a disability received in action and is/was hospitalized in Worcester, MA.

Then I found this:
American Civil War Soldiers database on Ancestry.com
George Seeley: Residence: Beverly, MA, Occupation: Fish Dealer
Enlistment date: 9 Aug. 1862, age 23 as a Private
Service Record: Enlisted in Company K, 40th Infantry Regiment on 3 Sept 1862. Disability discharge from same company and regiment on 23 April 1865 at Readville, MA

From Massachusetts Vital Records 1841 – 1910

  • Seeley, George Arthur d. Beverly 1888 (this would be the son of George S.)
  • Seeley, George S. d. Beverly 1901

Joseph Benjamin Foster Seeley b. Beverly and of Beverly m. Catherine Perkins Gould b. Topsfield and of Beverly on 29 April 1896. His parents George S. and Nancy E (Meservey) Seeley. Her parents William and Lois (Rice) Gould. First marriage for both.

Benjamin Ceely and Susannah Merryfield m. 30 Aug 1742 Marblehead, MA (Second Baptist Church). Five children recorded at Marblehead: Benjamin Seeley b. 1743, George Seeley b. 1746 and buried 8 Dec 1747, Remembrance/Remember Seeley, b. 1748, Thomas Merryfield Seeley b. 1750 (bapt 28 Oct 1750) and Henry Seeley b. 1753.
The IGI says their 6th child, Sarah Seeley was b. 1754 in Berwick, ME. She married Palatiah Goodwin 21 Dec 1771 Argyle, Nova Scotia.

So, it looks to me as though we have a Benjamin Ceely/Seeley in Marblehead, Essex, MA, origin unknown. His son Thomas Merryfield was b. 1750 in Marblehead but married in Nova Scotia in 1777, Thomas has Henry b. 1778, Henry has Benjamin who has George Samuel in 1838, all in Nova Scotia and then George Samuel Seeley goes to Beverly, Essex, MA and we can trace the line down from there through the census. What we are looking for is proof of the relationships from Thomas Merryfield Seeley down to George Samuel Seeley such as birth, census, tax, marriage records, wills, etc. Also the origin of Benjamin Seeley/Ceely of Marblehead, MA in 1742. Remember to send any information to both Dr Seeley and your Query Editor.

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Member Dr Richard Seeley (rassdsee@aol.com) has been trying to verify his descent from and the origins of Benjamin Seeley/Ceely who m. Susannah Merrifield 30 Aug 1742 Marblehead, MA. Richard believes his line is through their son Thomas who removed to Nova Scotia.

Douglas A Wenny (Douglas.wenny@verizon.net) responds that according to Peter Crowell, a researcher in Nova Scotia, Benjamin and Susannah were in the Pubnico area of Yarmouth County, NS in 1761. Further information is that Thomas Merryfield Seeley married at Argyle, Yarmouth Co., NS, 06 Nov 1777, Mehitable Forbes. He died in 1799 (will dated 08 Mar 1799, filed 03 Apr 1799) in Nova Scotia.

Douglas’s wife is descended from Nathan Seeley, born at Argyle, NS 19 Jun 1790, son of Thomas Merryfield and Mehitable (Forbes) Seeley. (This son would be in addition to the two sons listed previously: Benjamin and Henry.) Nathan’s son Stephen Seeley ended up in Boston, MA and is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery where Douglas has viewed his gravestone.

He also writes that concerning the Mehitable who married Thomas Merryfield Seeley, he believes that she was born at Berwick, ME, 06 May 1757, daughter of Nathan Forbes/Furbish and Mary (Emery). Richard thought that she was the daughter of Josiah Forbes.

If anyone has further information on the children of Thomas Merrifield Seeley or Mehitable’s ancestry please contact me.

Responder: SGS Response Feb 2008

Query Number: 0711-2

Requested Information

One of the biographies on our website is for Alfred L. Seeley who operated a mail delivery service in San Diego. There is a link to the Seeley Stable Museum where Mr. Seeley is identified as Albert Lewis Seeley. According to an article quoted in The Journal of San Diego History, July 1957 Mr. Seeley’s name is Alfred Lazarous Seeley. Chris wants to find a lineage for Alfred/Albert > Seeley.


Christine Havnar | webmaster@seeley-society.net

Response Information

On the SGS CD there are 2 entries:

Seeley, Albert b. abt 1825 Galena, IL and m. abt 1857 Yreka, Sisk., CA to Emma Walker

Seeley, Albert Lewis b. abt 1822 Marshall Co. IL and d. abt 1895 Sonoma ? CA married to Emily Walker b. abt 1835 Manchester, England

No parents are listed for either entry.

In the May 1994 issue of the SGS newsletter there is an article by Barbara Cullings who had visited the Seeley Stable. In talking with the attendant Barbara was given more information: Albert and Emily Walker Seeley had 6 children, one an adopted son who committed suicide in 1877. Their daughter Florence died at age 2 in 1885. After leaving San Diego in 1895 he built a home in San Francisco and later homesteaded in Sonoma County.

I can’t find Albert/Alfred in the 1850 census.

1860 census Dawson, TX

  • A. L. Seely, age 29, b. IL, road agent
  • He is one of several men living with Wellington Bramhall and wife Mary D. – all involved with stage stop work.

1870 census San Diego, San Diego, CA

  • Seeley, Albert, age 39, b. IL, mail contractor
  • Seeley, Emilie, age 35, b. ENG
  • Seeley, Mary, age 4, b. CA
  • Seeley, Charles, age 10, b. TX
  • Warren, Vina, age 11, b. CA

1880 census San Diego, San Diego, CA

  • Sealey, Albert L., age 53, mail cont., b. IL, f. b. NY, m. b. –
  • Sealey, Emma, age 38, b. England as are parents
  • all children. b. CA to f. b. IL, m. b. Eng.
  • Sealey, Mary, age 14
  • Sealey, William, age 8
  • Sealey, Carrie, age 5
  • Sealey, Fannie, age 3

1900 census San Francisco, CA

  • Seeley, Emily M, b. Feb 1836 England, widow, entered US in 1860, 5 ch., 5 living
  • Seeley, Clara, dau., single, b. Jun 1879 CA, f. b. IL, m. b. ENG
  • McLean, Lavene, dau., married, b. Jun 1878 CA, f. b. IL, m. b. ENG 1 ch., 1 living

1910 census San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

  • Seely, Emily, age 66, b. England, widow, 8 ch, 5 living
  • Hicks, Ada, age 27, roomer, b. CA, parents b. Ireland
  • Hicks, Ada M, age 4, roomer, b. CA, parents b. CA

1920 census San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

  • Seeley, Emily, age 85, b. ENG, entered US in 1864, widow
  • Frank, Leo, age 58, barber, b. Germany, boarder

California Marriage Records
Fannie L Seeley m. Henry Watts McLean 5 Apr 1898 Los Angeles, CA

Emily Seeley died 27 January 1920 in San Francisco at age 85. Chris is trying to get a copy of the death record. Can anyone find Albert/Alfred’s birth or death information?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0711-1

Requested Information

Joe contacted us because he was trying to find out more about a D.T. Seeley who made and signed a double barrel rifle. The lock is marked JOSH GULCHER and Joe knows about him as he has another rifle with a Gulcher lock, but the barrel is marked D.T. Seeley Dunkirk, NY no.32x. He was told it was made as a gift for a NY senator ‘way back when’. It is in great condition – really deep lands and grooves. It looks to be around 40 cal. He doesn’t think it has ever been fired, no pitting or anything around the nipple. This rifle was made somewhere between 1840 and 1870.

Joe also found a mention on the internet of another rifle that was also made by D. T. Seeley – a Remington Revolving Percussion Rifle. This rifle in .36 caliber has a 29½” octagon barrel and dates from about 1865. Produced by D. T. Seeley of Delhi, New York (as stamped on the top of the barrel), the attractive stock is made of walnut. Seeley produced weapons from about 1864 to 1874. The trigger guard is of German silver and the gun has an elevated rear sight. The metal of the gun has a dark brown patina with some denting on the barrel. The stock is loose at its connection to the gun but the action functions properly. This is a very rare and attractive piece that dates from the end of the Civil War. Estimate: $4,000 – $5,000. Joe says it is somewhat unusual for Remington to allow a gunsmith to sign an ordinary firearm so either this rifle or DT Seeley were special. Possibly he used Remington parts to make the special order piece.


Joe Hauck | catskilljoe@yahoo.com

Response Information

From the Seeley Genealogical Society database:

Don Augustus Seeley born 31 Jul 1871 Dunkirk, Chautauqua, NY, resided Pittsburgh, PA
Nellie May Seeley born 23 Oct 1875 Dunkirk, Chautauqua, NY, resided Bradford, PA and married Charles Palmer (?) who was b. Casey, IL
Parents of Don and Nellie: Daniel Thorpe Seeley and Anna McNary

Daniel Thorpe Seeley b. 28 Jul 1839 Harrpersfield, Delaware, NY,; d. 8 Jan 1892 Bradford, Bradford, PA. He m. 25 Nov 1869 Schoharie, NY Anna B. McNary who was b. 10 Nov 1849 NY and d. 25 Dec 1926.

Parents of Daniel Thorpe Seeley are Levi Seeley (SGS#699) (1795-1885) of Harpersfield, Delaware, NY and his 2nd wife Hannah Thorpe. Levi is a 7th generation descendant of Robert Seeley (1602-1667). Daniel Thorpe Seeley is SGS# 2114.

From the 1880 census Bradford, McKean, PA

  • Seeley, Daniel T., age 40, gunsmith, b. NY, parents b. NY
  • Seeley, Anna, age 37, b. NY, parents b. Ireland
  • Seeley, Don A, age 8, b. NY
  • Seeley, Nellie M., age 6, b. NY

Note that the first rifle is signed Dunkirk, NY which is in Chautauqua County and is where Daniel Thorpe Seeley’s children were born. The Delhi, NY where the 2nd rifle was made is in Delaware County, NY, 2 towns west of Harpersfield where Daniel was born.

Does anyone have information as to sources for linking Daniel T. of Bradford, PA to Levi of Harpersfield? I found Davis T., age 10 living in Levi’s household in 1850; I can’t place Daniel T./Davis Seeley in the 1860 or 1870 census records.

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

The original query was submitted by Joe Hauck who wondered about the identity of the maker of a couple of 19th C. rifles. SGS member Robert Seeley Van Dusen has sent in a detailed genealogy of the ancestors and descendants of James Dayton Seeley, his ancestor and younger brother of Daniel Thorpe Seeley. This confirms his parents as Levi Seeley (SGS# 699) and his 2nd wife Hannah Thorpe. Additional information on Daniel says that he was a gunsmith by trade, having learned from Andrew Buckhan in Delhi, NY. Daniel worked in the Remington Gun Works at Ilion, NY and at the Colt Revolver Works at New Haven, CT during the Civil War. He then worked in North Harpersfield, NY and then at Delhi and later moved to Dunkirk NY in 1869. he married Anna McNary of Schoharie, NY 25 Nov. 1869. They lived in Dunkirk until moving to Bradford, PA in 1879. Daniel died there 8 Jan 1892. Anna died 25 Dec 1920. Their 2 children were Don Augustus b. 31 July 1871 and Nellie May b. 23 October 1873, both at Dunkirk.

I have the complete genealogy provided by Robert and will eventually take it to Abilene to be filed.

Responder: SGS Response Feb 2008

Query Number: 0708-13

Requested Information

Hannah G McCalla b. 25 Apr 1765, d. 9 Apr 1815, buried Greenwich Old Presbyterian Church Burial Ground, Greenwich, Cumberland, NJ. This cemetery is having their 300th anniversary this year. They asked us for information on Seeley, etc burials there.


Harry Deemer | dsmandl@aol.com

Response Information

From Cumberland County, New Jersey Marriages 1740 – 1910
McCalla, Aulay and Hannah Gibbon 9 Apr 1787
Rootsweb: Transcription of early NJ Marriage bonds
#584 Auley McCalley (Aulay McCalla) of Township of Hopewell and Thomas H McCalley (McCalla) of Greenwich, both Cumberland County … bound to William Livingston, Governor 500 pounds 9 April 1787 for marriage contract (see above).

We have a Hannah Gibbon as SGS #1041 and show her married to Sully McCulla (The Sixth generation Families of Nathaniel Seeley, p. 38. Hannah’s mother was Esther Seeley, SGS #326 who m.1 John Gibbon and m.2 Benjamin Holmes of Salem Co. NJ. Other relatives of this family are buried in the same cemetery.

Can anyone find additional proof that Hannah G McCalla is Hannah Gibbon, SGS #1041? Remember to copy me on any correspondence with the submitter.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0708-12

Requested Information

Seeley Shute b. 9 Mar 1802, d. 28 Apr 1873, buried Greenwich Old Presbyterian Church Burial Ground, Greenwich, Cumberland, NJ. This cemetery is having their 300th anniversary this year. They asked us for information on Seeley, etc burials there.


Harry Deemer | dsmandl@aol.com

Response Information

I was able to identify most but this is one that has me stumped. Does anyone have information on the ancestry of Seeley Shute?
1810 and 1820 census records for NJ have been lost.

1830 census Lower Alloways Creek, Salem, NJ

  • Seeley Shute, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 20-30, 2 females under 5, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30

1840 census Greenwich, Cumberland, NJ

  • Seely Shoot 1 male under 5, 1 male 30-40, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 40-50

1850 census Greenwich, Cumberland, NJ

  • Shute, Seeley, age 48, b. NJ
  • Shute, Elizabeth, age 51, b. NJ
  • Shute, Catherine, age 9, b. NJ

1860 census Greenwich, Cumberland, NJ

  • Shute, Seeley, age 58, b. NJ
  • Shute, Elizabeth, age 63, b. NJ
  • Shute, Catherine, age 19, b. NJ
  • Shute, Edgar, age 22, b. NJ

1870 Deerfield Street, Hopewell, Cumberland, NJ

  • Shute, Seely, age 68, steward, b. NJ
  • Shute, Elizabeth, age 71, Matron, b. NJ
  • Shute, Catherine, age 29, asst. matron, b. NJ
  • Shute, Edgar, age 31, asst Steward, b. NJ
  • followed by about 35 people of various ages; seems to be the local poor house

1880 Bridgeton, Cumberland, NJ

  • Shute, Edgar, age 42, widower, b. NJ, parents b. NJ
  • Shute, Elizabeth, mother, widow, age 82, b. NJ, parents b. NJ

1880 Hopewell, Cumberland, NJ

  • Shute, Catherine, age 37, housekeeper for John S Holmes; still there as age 59 in 1900

Cumberland Co NJ Marriages

  • Seeley Shute and Rebecca Boon 21 Jan 1826
  • Seeley Shute and Sarah Boon 6 Apr 1838

Does Sarah Boon also go by the name Elizabeth or did Seeley Shute have another marriage. Could Seeley Shute possibly be a descendant of SGS # 107a Elizabeth Seeley m. John Shute…?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0708-11

Requested Information

Lee believes that Mary, wife of William Ellis, is a daughter of Samuel Seely, son of Benjamin of VA. This Samuel was a Chickasaw Indian chief and signed treaties between the US and the Chickasaw nation. Tootemastubbie is the Chickasaw name of Col. George Colbert who also became a Chickasaw chief. His daughter is supposed to have married Samuel Seely. Apparently quite a few men of English descent joined the Chickasaw and married Chickasaw wives. There is some information on Samuel on the Seeley website but not identification of this Mary.


Lee Sims | m_lee_s@yahoo.com

Response Information

1850 census Hickman, TN

  • Ellis, William, age 32, b. NC
  • Ellis, Mary, age 22, b. TN
  • Ellis, Sarah, age 1, b. TN
  • Ellis, Joseph, age 29, b. TN
  • 1860 census Dist 1, Hickman, TN (Centerville)
  • Ellis, William, 42, b. NC
  • Ellis, Sela E., age 32, b. TN
  • Ellis, Virginia, age 11, b. TN as is rest of family
  • Ellis, Howell, 8
  • Ellis, Cordelia, 7
  • Ellis, Pleasant, 5
  • Ellis, Lavisa, 3 (or Louisa)
  • Walker, TJ, age 21
  • Walker, SA, 18

1870 census District 1, Hickman, TN

  • Ellis, Willliam, age 55, all b. TN
  • Ellis, Mary, age 45
  • Ellis, Jennie, age 21
  • Ellis, Howell, 18
  • Ellis, Cordelia, 16
  • Ellis, Pleasant, 14
  • Ellis, Willie, 9
  • Ellis, Walker, 7
  • Ellis, Samuel, 3
  • Ellis, Maud, 1 mo.
  • Gray, Richard, age 76, boards, b. SC

1880 census District 151, District 8, Perry Co. TN

  • Ellis, Mary, age 54 widow b. TN as are her parents – same for whole family
  • Ellis, Dely, dau., age 25
  • Ellis, Ples, son, age 22, farmer
  • Ellis, Willie, 19, son, farmer
  • Ellis, Walter, 16, fson, arm labor
  • Ellis, Sam, 13, son, farm labor
  • Ellis, Maud, 10, dau.

Can anyone identify Mary, wife of William Ellis and/or provide us with information on the wife/wives and children of Samuel Seely?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0708-10

Requested Information

Brian is tracing Alvarious Seely born 5 Dec 1808, in New York…. supposedly near Watertown in Jefferson Co., NY a son of Jonathan Seely. He is still trying to prove this.
Alvarious left New York in the early 1830s and settled in LaGrange, Lorain Co., Ohio. One of Alvarious Seely’s daughters married Rufus Holcomb. The Holcombs and other families of Lorain Co., OH were from the town of Champion in Jefferson Co., NY. Apparently there was a wealthy man from Champion that began exchanging the land for property in New York. Many of the early settlers of La Grange Township migrated from Jefferson County, New York, perhaps Brian’s Seely ancestors were among this group.

1850 Census, LaGrange Twp.

  • ALVARUS SEELA, 39 farmer, born in NY,
  • Nancy 38 Canada,
  • Horace 17, Laborer, born in New York.
  • Catherine 15,
  • Julia 12,
  • Esther 10,
  • Jesse 4,
  • Jane 1.
  • Last 5 children all born in Ohio.

1860 Census, LaGrange Twp., Lorain Co., OH.

  • Alvarus Saela, age 50, Farmer, b. NY
  • Nancy Saela, 48, b. Canada,
  • Lorana Saela, 23 b. OH
  • Esther Saela, 20 b. OH
  • Jessie Saela, 14, b. OH
  • Jane Saela, 11, b. OH
  • Alva Saela, 8, b. OH

1870 Census, LaGrange Twp., Lorain Co., OH

  • Alvrius Seely, 62, farmer, b. NY
  • Nancy Seely, 54, Keeping House, b. Lower Canada
  • Jane Seely, 21, b. OH
  • Alva Seely,18, b. OH and attending school.

WILL: LaGrange, February 23, 1873:
In the name of the Benevolent Father of all, I ALVAROUS SEELY do make and publish this my last will and testament. First, it is my will that my funeral debts and all charges be paid out of my estate. Second, I give and ____ all the remainder of my personal and Real Estate to Nancy Seely my beloved wife to her ___. I appoint my older son Horace Seely executor of this my last will and testament. It is my wish that Nancy Seely, Geo. Alva Seely my youngest have the farm and he take care of her. In testament here of I have hereto set my hand and seal. This 23 day of February 1873.

Signed & acknowledged by the seal
Alvarous Seely as his last will and testament and signed by us in his presence
(witnesses signatures – illegible)

Will probated March 15, 1878. Name appeared in the document as Alvarous Seeley and Alvarus Seely.

Elyria Republican – March 7, 1878. Alvarious Seeley died 17th Feb 1878 at Old residence in LaGrange, aged 69 years.


Brian Christensen | BrianC4023@aol.com

Response Information

1840 census Carmdon, Lorain, Ohio

  • Sulliy (or could be Seeliy), A:
  • 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 1 female less than 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 20-30

Living next door was Peter Smith and two houses away was Nathan Smith. Alvarious Seely’s wife was Nancy Smith and she had brothers named Peter Smith and Nathaniel Smith.

From First Families of Lorain County
Alvarous Seely, Nancy Smith Seely and Catherine Seely proven as settlers of LaGrange, Lorain, OH by 1842

IGI shows Nancy’s parents as David and Harriet Smith.

1880 census LaGrange, Lorain, OH

  • Seely, Alva, age 28, b. OH, father b. NY, mother b. Canada
  • Seely, Mary, age 28, wife, b. England as were parents
  • Seely, Edith, age 1, b. OH, as were parents
  • Seely, Nancy, mother, age 68, b. Canada
  • Seely, Horace, age 48, boarder, b. NY, f. b. NY, m. b. Canada

Alvarous (various spellings) isn’t in the SGS database. Can anyone identify his parents in NY state?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0708-9

Requested Information

For 18 years Fay has been trying to find the marriage dates for Justus Seeley’s 2 wives in hopes that this may help her find out who Justus Seeley’s parents were.
JUSTUS SEELEY,(UEL) born about 1766, Connecticut, died 1829, Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds Co., buried on Lot 4, Con 6/7 on George Roantree”s Farm (possibly Edgar Clow’s farm after it changed hands)

Justus 1st married about 1788c to MATHILDA READ, she was born 1770c, Salisbury, CT, she died about 1810, Elizabethtown Twp Leeds Co. Ontario. Her parents were Moses Read & Rebecca Pratt. (Moses Read also a UEL who came to Augusta Twp, Leeds Co. Canada in 1784).
Children of Justus Seeley and Mathilda Read

[1] JOHN SEELEY (OC dated Oct. 22, 1817) b. about 1786-1790 Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds Co. ON. Died: between 1852-1861 (His wife shows as a widow in 1861 McNab Twp. Census)
John Seeley married about 1815 to MARY LAMB, b. about 1790 died 1840c, her parents: Isaac Lamb & Rebecca King. Fay descends from John.
[2] ORILLIA SEELEY (OC dated April 24, 1810)
b. About 1789, Elizabethtown Leeds Co., 1st married 1811c, to JOHN G. BORDON, 2nd marriage 1826 to JOSEPH BEACH (his parents Enos Beach & Sally Hurlburt)
[3] GUY SEELEY (OC dated Feb. 21, 1821)
Born: About 1799, Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds Co.
Born: between 1803-1807, Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds Co.
Born: between 1801/1802, Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds Co
Born: between 1803-1807, Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds Co.
Born: between 1802-1803, Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds Co
Born: About 1788, Elizabetthown Twp, Leeds Co. ON
Born: About 1790, Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds Co.
[10] BETSY SEELEY (OC Oct. 24, 1831)
Born: April 4, 1802, Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds Co. Died: Jan. 11, 1891, Beach’s Corners, Leeds Co. Married 1821, Brockville, ON to ENOS BEACH . His Parents: Enos Beach & Anne Squire
[11] CHARLOTTE SEELEY (OC May 31, 1830)
Born: ‘About 1805, Elizabetthown Twp, Leeds Co. married about 1823, husband: MATTHEW F. BEEBE Born 1797, VT, died 1890 Traverse City, MI his parents Guy Anson Beebe & Joanna Fenton.

Justus Seeley married 2nd wife Annie ____? sometime after 1810. Fay knows nothing about her, born? died? parents?

Justus Seeley (UEL) was a Drummer in the Loyal Rangers, at age 17. Seeley’s Bay was named after Justus Seeley.


Fay Yelle | fitch_1@sympatico.ca

Response Information

Justus Seeley SGS #828 b. 4 Feb 1766 New Milford, Litchfield, CT to Joseph Seeley and Mercy Tupper. According to our information Joseph (SGS #281) resided Bennington, VT, Elizabethtown, Ontario, NY State, New Milford, Ct and then went to Ohio with his brother Abner. Joseph (b. 1743 New Milford, CT) is in the 6th generation of descent from Robert Seeley. We list Joseph’s other children as Charlotte (b. 17 May 1767, m. Oliver Street, res. Elizabethtown and Pompey, NY), Mary (b. abt 1769) and Keziah (b. abt 1771, m. Shubel Seelye -lineage not known – of Elizabethtown).

Is Justus, son of Joseph Seelye and Mercy Tupper the Justus of Elizabethtown?

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Update to Query 0708-9 re: Justus Seeley b. 1766 CT

We have another person who descends from the family of Justus Seeley through his son John and John’s wife Mary Lamb. Christopher Charles Seeley (c/o Rosaleen Cutler rosaleen.cutler@sympatico.ca) of Coburg, Ontario, Canada is a LIFE member of SGS. Chris recently had a DNA test done and he matched the Nathaniel line in 43 of 43 markers. The earliest knowledge he has of his family is a Justus and Anne (Thompson) Seeley of Sand Point, near Arnprior, Ontario, Canada. This Justus is his great, great grandfather. Anne (Thompson) Seeley died 1887 at age 47. Chris has been to her graveside and has a picture of her restored grave. Justus Seeley is one of eight children of John Seeley (son of Justus and Sarah or Anne) who married Mary Lamb and later married Marion ______ – the other children are John, Joseph, George, Hattie, Ellen, Helen and Annie. Justus lived at Matawatchan Township, near Griffith, Ontario. Justus and Anne had Wm. John Seeley who died at age 4, Colin Seeley 1871-1955 (My great grandfather) Archibald Seeley 1874-1953, Joseph Seeley 1877 – 1948, Mathilda Seeley 1881-1957. Chris wonders if Justus, father of John is the Justus who married Sarah Stewart. Hoiwver that is Justus William Seelye, SGS# 282, and we know he didn’t have a son John. However Justus William’s brother Joseph, SGS# 281 had a son Justus b. 4 Feb 1766 who was the subject of this previous query, with son John and siblings as indicated by Chris. Chris has Justus and Anne Thompson Seeley’s children as Wm. John Seeley who died at age 4, Colin Seeley 1871-1955 (My great grandfather) Archibald Seeley 1874-1953, Joseph Seeley 1877 – 1948, Mathilda Seeley 1881-1957.

I found:

1851 census McNab, Renfrew, ONT

  • Scellie, John, age 61, farmer, b. CAN, Ch. of Eng.
  • Scellie, Mrs J., age 48 b. IRE
  • Scellie, George age 19, Ann age 17, Justus age 12, Merria age 10, Charlotte age 8, all b. CAN

1861 census McNab, Renfrew, ONT

Mrs Seeley age 57 b. IRE with Geo age 28, Char’t age 17 and Justice age 22, all b. CAN

In 1871 Justice Seely is in Arnprior, Renfrew South age 31 with wife Annie age 29 and ch. Mary age 7, William John age 2 and Collin age 5 mos. (b. Nov 1870)

In 1881 in Griffith and Matawatchan, Renfrew So. it is Justus and Ann with Mary 17, Coulin age 10, Archie age 7 and Joseph age 3

We still would like to prove the line from Joseph Seeley, SGS# 281 to his son Justus, SGS# 828 to John Seely and his siblings.

Responder: SGS Response May 2011

Query Number: 0708-8

Requested Information

Kathie asked me to investigate the Seelys buried in Old Wethersfield, CT in preparation for our Sept. reunion.


Kathie Olsen | katherinemolsen@comcast.net

Response Information

From Tillotson, Edward Sweetser, Wethersfield Inscriptions: a complete record of the inscriptions in the 5 burial places in the ancient town of Wethersfield … Published Hartford, CT by WFJ Boardman, 1988, as transcribed on ancestry.com.

Abiah Seely, wife of Joseph Curtiss d. 18 June 1847 age 77

p. 108
Lorana Seely, dau. of Joshua and Martha Seely d. 10 July 1811 age 19 yr, 5 mos., 8 days
Let frantic mirth turn pensive here,
Here let youth weep its transcient bloom;
Let friendship pay the tribute tear,
Loranah moulders in the tomb.

Mrs. Martha Seely wife of Joshua Seely d. 13 July 1795 age 22

According to Sixth Generation Families of Nathaniel Seeley Martha Seely is the wife of Joshua Seeley (6) (John, Joseph, John, Nathaniel, Robert), SGS # 343. Joshua m. Martha Curtis (b. 1771, died 13 Jul 1795) on 21 Aug 1791. Lorana, their daughter is SGS #1055.

Barbour Collection CT Vital Records
Joseph Curtiss, b. 9 Apr 1777 m. Wethersfield Abiah Seely 17 Jun 1798 by Rev John Marsh. Abiah b. 25 Dec 1769

  • Daniel b. 8 Nov. 1799
  • Joseph Jr. b. 30 Mar 1802
  • Seely b. 12 Feb 1805

Abiah Seely doesn’t appear in our publications nor in John Seely’s database. Other than the above information I can’t find out anything about her. Abiah is the female form of Abijah so I wonder if she is a daughter of SGS #349 but from her birth date he would have to have had an earlier marriage…. I’m also not sure of Joseph’s ancestry and wonder if he is related to the Martha Curtis(s) who married Joshua Seeley.

Let me know if you can identify the parents of Abiah Seely.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0708-7

Requested Information

Lynn is seeking the ancestors of Watson Miles Seeley. According to her aunt: “Watson’s father was French Canadian & his mother was Native American Indian from a tribe in Canada. We called her Grandma Bryce (not sure of spelling) & she lived to be 104 yrs. old.” However, Lynn thinks her father used to say that she was from a tribe in NY State.
Watson Miles Seeley was b. abt. 1877 Long Branch, New York, d. 09 Aug 1910 Salina, New York. He was named a Carnegie Hero (#5490-450).

Watson M. Seeley, 33, machine hand, died attempting to save Mary M. Knoll, 18, from drowning, Salina, New York, August 9, 1910. Seeley, fully clothed, swam to the aid of Miss Knoll, who had been upset from a canoe in the Seneca River 50 feet from the bank where the water was 12 feet deep. As he neared the woman, she threw herself upon him, and both disappeared and were drowned. (Carnegie Fund http://www.carnegiehero.org/ and search result: http://www.plumsystems.com/db/chf/plum_press.asp?id=5490)

According to Lynn’s grandmother: “Watson’s young sons William and Wesley watched from the shore as their father drowned.” According to her aunt: “The Carnegie Hero article left out some details about the event. Watson saved two men first, then when he went back out to save this lady, she pulled him under & he drowned. Watson had a restaurant on Lake Onondaga, NY.” According to Lynn’s father “Watson grew up on a farm in Syracuse. Watson was the youngest of 5 boys.” Lynn only knows of Watson and his brother Fred.

Fred Seeley was b. 20 Jun 1899, d. Dec 1968 Saint Charles, Saginaw County, Michigan. According to Lynn’s aunt: “Fred lived Chelsea, MI and worked for an auto company plant. His youngest son’s name was Dick”.

Watson married Edith May Usherwood, b. Oct 1881 Ashford, Kent, England, d. Sep 1936 Syracuse, Onondaga, New York. According to Lynn’s grandmother: “Shortly after her husband Watson drowned, her baby Wesley choked to death. Edith was never the same. She lived near her sisters who cared for her and who raised her son William.” Watson Miles Seeley m. Edith May Usherwood in 1900 in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York.

Their children were William Edward Seeley born 28 Jan 1902 in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, d. 14 Nov 1958 Dover, Morris County, NJ and Wesley Seeley who was younger than William and died shortly after his father’s death in 1910. Bill was raised by his English aunts after his father died because his mother was ill after Watson and her son Wesley’s deaths. Bill was in the US Navy and piloted a dirigible during WWI. He flew out of Lakehurst NJ.

Bill (William Edward) m. Hazel Marie Weiss, b. 28 Jul 1902 Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ, d. 02 Jan 1997 NJ. Their children: Frank Joseph Seeley born 12 Feb 1922 in Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ; d 05 Sep 2004 Hypoluxo, Palm Beach County, FL , Gladys Edith Seeley born 23 Jul 1923 in Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ, William Wesley Seeley born 07 Mar 1927 in Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ; d. 21 Nov 2001 in NJ.


Lynn Seeley Thomas | tomlynn2@gmail.com

Response Information

1900 census Syracuse, Onondaga, NY

  • Usherwood, George, age 22, b. England Nov. 1877, in US 15 years, married 2 yr
  • Usherwood, Nancy, age 22, b. England Sept 1877
  • Usherwood, George W., son, age 1, b. NY Aug. 1898
  • Usherwood, Charles J., son, age 5 mos, b. NY Dec 1899
  • Seeley, Watson, age 23, boarder, b. Dec 1886 (census taker’s error) place of birth unknown, bottling soda

5 houses later

  • Usherwood, Thomas, age 54, b. England Sep 1845, Day laborer, in US 15 years, married 32 years
  • Usherwood, Sarah, age 56, b. England Jul 1843, in US 15 years, 11 children, 9 living
  • Usherwood, Helen W., age 20, b. England Sept 1879
  • Usherwood, Edith M., age 18, b. England Oct.1881
  • Usherwood, Charles H., age 16, b.. England Apr 1884
  • Usherwood, Rose L., age 12, b. NY June 1887

1910 census Syracuse Onondaga NY

  • Bushnic, Anthony, age 24, b. NY, parents b. Germany
  • Bushnic, Rose, wife, age 22, b. NY, parents b. Eng
  • Bushnic, Katherine, sister, age 7, b. NY, parents b. Germany
  • Usherwood, Sarah, mother-in-law, age 64, b. England
  • Ushwerwood, Gladys, niece, age 5, b. NY as are parents
  • Sealey, Edith, sister-in-law, age 28, b. England
  • Sealey, William, nephew, age 8, b. NY, father b. Can-English, mother b. England

Edith Seely is still with Anthony and Rose in Syracuse in the 1920 census

1920 census, Great Lakes, Lake, IL

  • Seeley, William E., age 19, b. NY, f. b. NY, m. b. England, aviation student

1930 census Camden, Camden, NJ

  • Seely, William, age 28, b. NY, f. b. NY, m. b. England, fruit merchant, m. at 19
  • Seely, Hazel, age 27, b. NJ, f. b. NJ, m. b. Ireland, married at 18
  • Seely, Francis, son, age 8, b. NJ
  • Seely, Gladys, dau., age 6, b. NJ
  • Seely, Westley, son, age 3, b. NJ

I found the Usherwoods in the 1881 British census at 2 Roses Villa, L (I would guess Lower) Denmark Rd, Ashford, Kent, England

  • Thomas W Usherwood, age 34, b. Brenchley, Kent
  • Sarah Usherwood, age 35, b. Rye, Sussex


  • Bessie Usherwood, age 10, b. Ashford, Kent as are all children
  • Alice L. Usherwood, age 9
  • Thomas N. Usherwood, age 7
  • Flora I. Usherwood, age 5
  • George B. Usherwood, age 3
  • Ellen W. Usherwood, age 1

So Thomas and Sarah are likely parents of George as well as Edith (born after 1881 census) and that would explain how she met Watson if he was boarding with her brother.

As far as Watson’s place of birth, it is ‘unknown’ in 1900, Canada in 1910 but NY according to William in 1920 and 1930.

1930 census Detroit, Wayne, MI

  • Seeley, Fred, age 42, b. NY, parents b. Canada-English, works as repairman at auto factory, married at 20
  • Seeley, Anna, age 41, b. NY, parents b. NY
  • Seeley, Miles, 21, b. NY as were parents, truck driver at lumberyard
  • Seeley, Watson, age 19, b. NY as were parents, truck driver at lumberyard
  • Seeley, Fred Jr., age 7, b. MI, parents b. NY

1920 census Royal Oak, Oakland, MI

  • Seeley, Fred, 35, b. NY, parents b. ___ US, truck driver at factory
  • Seeley, Anna, 34, b. NY as are parents
  • Seeley, Ethel, 12, b. NY ” “
  • Seeley, Miles, 12, b. NY ” “
  • Seeley, Watson, 7, b. NY, ” “
  • Seeley, Agnes, age 4, b. MI, ” “

1910 census Granby, Oswego, NY

  • Household 196
  • Seeley, George, age 55, b. Canada-English as are his parents, farmer, into US in 1891, married 34 years to
  • Seeley, Agness, age 53, b. Canada -French, father b. Canada-French, mother b. Canada-English, 4 children, 4 living

Household 197

  • Seeley, Fred, age 22, b. Canada English as was father, mother b. Canada French, farmer, married 4 years to
  • Seeley, Anna, age 21, b. NY, parents b. NY, 2 children, 2 living
  • Seeley, Ethel, age 2, b. NY, f.b. Can.Eng, mother b. NY
  • Seeley, Miles, age 1 2/12, b. NY, f.b. Can.Eng., m.b. NY

1900 census Dewitt, Onondaga, NY

  • Seeley, George, b. Aug 1856, Canada-Eng. as are parents, farmer
  • Seeley, Agness, b. Apr 1858, Canada -Eng. as are parents
  • Seeley, Norah, b. Jan 1881, Canada-Eng, etc
  • Seeley, Fred, b. May 1886, Canada-Eng, etc

1881 census Elizabethtown, Brockton, Ontario

  • Seely, Philip G, age 27, b. Ontario, pedlar, Irish ethnic origin
  • Seely, Agness, age 25, b. Ontario, Irish origin
  • Miles, Seely, age 3, b. Ontario, Irish origin

1920 census Detroit, Wayne, MI

  • Seeley, George P., age 65, b. Canada, arrived 1891, machine hand, living with daughter and son-in-law
  • Bradley and Annabell Morris. Annabell listed as age 37 and entered US 1891.

Therefore Watson Miles Seeley is likely the Miles Seeley of the 1881 Canadian census whose parents are George P (Philip G) and Agness Seely with sister Norah and brother Fred. There may be other siblings born between 1881 and 1900.

An IGI entry shows Philip George Watson Seeley b. 1856 Augusta, Grenville, Ontario to Augustus Seeley and Lavina White – no source.

Dian Little, SGS Chief Genealogist, direct descendant of Augustus Seeley and Mary Brisbin of Elizabethtown Upper Canada provided the following:

Augustus (Gus) Seeley is the son of James Seeley and Mary Polly Servos and is the grandson of Augustus Seeley and Mary Brisbin.

From Robert Seeley of Ottawa Ont. records:

  • Augustus (Gus) Seeley b 14 Apr, 1817, White Bridge, Ont.
  • d. 27 Feb 1897 Oxford Twp. Ont. Bishop Mill Cemetery
  • Lavina White b. 23 Dec 1822, d. 14 Apr 1878 ” ” “

Their children:

  • Louis Seeley b. ab 1841, mrd. Caroline Berry on 20 Feb 1867
  • Rachel Seeley b. 10 Mar 1843 On 1851 & 1861 census then disappears.
  • Lucy Jane Seeley, 1881 census ae 30 living with father; 1891 census ae 44.
  • Charles Henry Seeley b. 3 Nov. 1847 at Sarnia ?, m. 23 Dec 1872, Amelia Boyce.
  • Mary A. Seeley b. 7 Mar 1849. m. Edward Buckley at Smith Falls.
  • Sarah Amelia Seeley b 1 Apr 1851, m. William John Coleman 26 July 1851
  • Phillip G H Seeley b. 20 Aug 1853
  • Roxy Jane Ann Seeley b. 28 Nov 1855 near Bishop Mills, 1891 census Roxy Shields w/ 2 children Merrill ae 8 & Pearl ae 6.
  • Maria Seeley b. 1 June 1858 died infancy.
  • Edgar W. Seeley b. 2 Mar 1860. 1881 census ae 30, living in Bishop Mills w/ father Augustus. Never married. A traveling salesman, d and bur Portland Me.
  • Benson Seeley b. 14 Oct, 1862 d. 23 Apr 1883 bur Bishop Mills Cem. Never married. Cem rec b 15 Sep 1863
  • Cynthia Irene Seeley b. 26 May 1866 near Bishop Mills Upper Canada. m. George Acel Walters 22 Dec 1897 Mirrickville, Ont 1881 census ae 14 living in Bishop Mills w/father Augustus.

If you can prove that Miles Seeley is the same person as Watson Miles Seeley please contact me.

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Requested Information

Willard W. Seelye, b. June 30,1913, d. Apr.1986 Binghamton, Broome, New York is Deborah’s grandfather. He shows up on one census in 1930 as a 17 year old boarder on a farm owned by Austin Andrews in Jackson, Tioga Co., PA.
Deborah knows that he moved to the Roseville/Troy Pa. area in his early thirties and spent the rest of his life there as a dairy farmer. His spouse’s name was Alice. Deborah would like to find Willard’s parents and siblings. She has never met any of his family except her father and his siblings, William, Richard, James, and Jeanne which Willard adopted.


Deborah Seelye Ghiai | dasghiai@gmail.com

Response Information

1920 census Southport, Chemung, NY

  • Seeley, Walter, age 34, b. PA, blacksmith
  • Seeley, Mary, age 32, b. England, to US in 1887, naturalized 1912
  • Seeley, Ada, age 12, b. PA
  • Seeley, Florence, age 10, b. PA
  • Seeley, John H., age 8, b. PA
  • Seeley, Willard W., age 6, b. NY
  • Seeley, Eleanor, age 3yr and 10 mos., b. NY
  • Seeley, Edward, age 2, b. NY
  • Seeley, Robert G., brother, age 29, b. PA
  • Seeley, Ida M., sister-in-law, age 23, b. PA
  • Seeley, Marie S., niece, age 4, b. NY
  • Seeley, Robert, nephew, age 1 yr and 1 mo., b. NY

The 1930 census of Jackson, Tioga, PA shows Willard W. Seelye boarding with the family of Austin Andrews and working as a farm laborer and shows he was b. NY, his father in PA and his mother in England.

1910 census Richmond, Tioga, PA

  • Seeley, Sarah A., age 61, widow, 8 children, 3 living, b. PA, father b. England, mother b. PA
  • Seeley, Albert R., son, age 36, b. PA, parents b. PA
  • Seeley, Walter R., son, age 27, married 3 years, b. PA, parents b. PA
  • Seeley, Mary A., dau.-in-law, age 23, 2 children, 2 living, b. England as are her parents
  • Seeley, Ada L., age 2, b. PA, f. b. PA, m. b. England
  • Seeley, Florence, age 8 mos., b. PA, parents as above

1900 census Richmond, Tioga, PA

  • Seeley, S.A., widow, b. Mar. 1849, 8 children, 5 living, f. b. England, m. b. PA
  • Seeley, W.R., son, b. Feb 1883, PA, parents b. PA
  • Seeley, M.E., dau., b. Sept. 1885 PA, ” “
  • Seeley, R.G., son, b. Jan. 1890 PA, ” “

1900 Arcade, Wyoming, NY

  • Seeley, Albert, boarder, b. Jan 1873 PA, parents b. PA, hay presser

1880 census Sullivan, Tioga, PA

  • Seely, Charles, age 30, b. PA, father b. NY, mother b. PA
  • Seely, Sally, age 31, b. PA, f. b. England, m. b. PA
  • Seely, Allen, age 8, b. PA, parents b. PA
  • Seely, Abert, age 6, b. PA, ” “
  • Seely, Walter, age 2, b. PA, ” “
  • Seely, Emaly, mother, age 64, b. PA, f. b. PA, m. b. MA

1870 census Sullivan, Tioga, PA

  • Seely, George, age 55, b. NY
  • Seely, Emily, age 52, b. PA
  • Seely, Charles, age 20, b. PA
  • Sheelon, Sally, age 21, domestic servant, b. PA
  • Ripley, Lucretia, age 60, b. PA

1860 census Sullivan, Tioga, PA

  • Seely, George, age 55, b. PA
  • Seely, Emily, age 44, b. PA
  • Seely, A.D., age 17, b. PA
  • Seely, C. E., age 11, b. PA

1860 census Sullivan, Tioga, PA

  • Shelton, Robert, age 37, b. England
  • Shelton, Ameda, age 36, b. PA
  • Shelton, Sally, age 11, b. PA
  • Shelton, Rolland, age 8, b. PA
  • Shelton, Helena, age 6, b. PA
  • Shelton, Fanny, age 4, b. PA
  • Shelton, Estella, age 1, b. PA

1850 Sullivan, Tioga, PA

  • Seeley, George, age 45, b. NY
  • Seeley, Emily, age 34, b. PA
  • Seeley, Allen D., age 6, b. PA
  • Seeley, Ellen M., age 3, b. PA
  • Seeley, Charles E., age 1, b. PA
  • Burley, Lucretia, age 13, b. PA

From Tri-County Cemetery listings (www.rootsweb.com/~srgp/cemt/seelye.htm)

Seelye Family Burials: Located on the north side of Scouten Road in the western portion of Sullivan Township near the Sullivan-Richmond Township line (Tioga Co. PA). See 1875 atlas of Sullivan where George Seelye resided and the cemetery would be across the road from the residence.
Seelye monument:

  • George Seelye Mar 20, 1805 Jan 28, 1879
  • Emily his wife April 7, 1816 Sept 4, 1881
  • Allen D. Seelye 1843 Feb 3, 1863
  • Ellen M. Seelye Jan 30, 1845 Sept 10, 1857
  • Allen D., son of George & Emily Seely died in Washington, D. C. Feb 3, 1863 of wounds received Battle of Fredericksburgh 19y 5m 5d
  • Ellen M., dau of George & Emily Seely died Sept 10, 1857 11y 7m 11d
  • Mary E., dau of Chas. E. & S. A. Seelye died Aug 4, 1878 2y 4m 4d
  • Walter son of C. E. & S. A. Seelye died Nov 23, 1880 2y 7m 14d

Apparently after this Walter died they named another son Walter R. (see 1880, 1900, 1910 censuses above)

George Richmond Seelye, SGS # 947, is a 7th generation descendant of Robert Seeley. His son Charles E. Seelye/Seeley is SGS # 2642c. Charles died March 1898 and married Sally Shelton. So Willard is a son of Walter R who is a son of Charles E., son of George Richmond Seelye (7) (Isaiah, Justus, John, Benjamin, Nathaniel, Robert).

If you have information on Willard’s siblings contact me and Deborah.

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Requested Information

Jim and Claudia are looking for information about the parentage & siblings of Caroline Seely / Seeley / Seiley, born in New York 22 July 1828, believed from area of Fallsburg, Sullivan County, NY, died 16 December 1913, burial at Hutchinson, Kansas. Cemetery record for Caroline’s burial indicates her parent’s name was Oliver Seiley or Seeley. The only one found named Oliver who was of appropriate age was Oliver Seely (transcribed Leely on 1850 census) living in Fallsburg, Sullivan county, New York with a wife named Harriet – he appears to have been born about 1792 in Connecticut.
Caroline married Thomas Smith Scoresby, a resident of Fallsburg, New York, about 1848-49 at Sullivan or Ulster County New York. After leaving NY, they moved west, lived in Iowa about 4-5 years, then moved on to Kansas.

The family stopped in Osage County Kansas briefly around 1870, and then they came to Reno County Kansas about the spring of 1873 and stayed.

Their children were Antonia Louisa, Frances Arabella, George Clark, Ella A, and Fred Seely Scoresby (born in New York), Harriet, and Oliver Cromwell Scoresby (born in Iowa).

Claudia has a lot of information on the Scoresby family posted at Worldconnect – file name “cjlaird”, heading “C J Glass”.


Jim & Claudia Glass | jglass7@cox.net

Response Information

Following is information found in the SGS database on the children of Oliver Seelye and Harriet W. Daniel, all surnamed Seelye. These records are submitted by members or are gleaned from our own research.
EFFIE/ALPHA b. 3 Apr 1815 Fallsburg, Sullivan Co. NY d. 24 May 1880 Fallsburg, m. ca 1832 Fallsburg to Gardner, John b. 16 Oct 1871 Fallsburg

HORACE WESTON b. ca 1817 Fallsburg, Sullivan Co. NY, d. ca 1899 bur. Fallsburg, m. ca 1840 to Medlar, Jane b. ca 1813 d. ca 1841 bur. Fallsburg

JAMES QUINTON b. 3 OCT 1819 Fallsburg, Sullivan, NY, d. 13 MAR 1887 bur. Fallsburg, m. to Medlar, Harriet, b. 24 MAR 1826 NY , d. 5 APR 1876 bur. Fallsburg

HANNAH b. 6 SEP 1820 Fallsburg, Sullivan, NY, m.ca 1838 Fallsburg to Rexford, Henry Joseph b. 11 FEB 1814 Sullivan Co NY , d. 14 FEB 1891 Fallsburg

ANTOINETTE b. ca 1826 Fallsburg, Sullivan, NY, d. ca 1905 bur. Fallsburg, m. ca 1842 Fallsburg to Gardner, James R. b. ca 1816 , d. 20 AUG 1873 bur. Fallsburg age 67y

CAROLINE b. ca 1828 Fallsburg, Sullivan, NY

JOHN MEDLAR b. ca 1830 Fallsburg, Sullivan, NY d. bef 1853 m. Elizabeth __ b. ca 1833

HARRIET b. ca 1836 Fallsburg, Sullivan, NY d. ca. 1916 m. to Taylor, Charles

As you can see, we had Caroline’s name but not the name of her husband.

Oliver Seelye is our SGS # 2273. He was b. 18 Dec 1791, New Milford, CT and died 4 Sep 1877, Fallsburg, Sullivan, NY. He married Harriet W. Daniel who was b. 29 Nov. 1797 in CT and died 4 Nov 1880 Fallsburg, NY. Oliver is an 8th generation of Robert Seeley (1602-1667).

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Requested Information

Debbi is looking for info on her great grandfather’s daughter from his first marriage and any relatives thereof. Her name was Ethel Clara Driver born 3 Nov 1895. She married Ernest M Seeley, b. Nov 1890 in New Brunswick. Debbi believes he is the son of Joseph Seeley (found on a border crossing manifest of 1913 to Ogdensburg New York). She also found a James Ernest Seeley in the border crossings of 1912 from the same area whose father is also Joseph Seeley.
Ernest and Clara lived in Massachusetts as she found them on the 1920 census with children George E age 5 and Robert E age 4. She is interested in any information on this Seeley family . She believes the family was from Blissville, New Brunswick.


Deborah Smith | Breken2022@yahoo.com

Response Information

1920 census of Boston Ward 2, Suffolk, MA

  • Ernest M. Seeley, age 30 b. New Brunswick as are his parents,
  • Ethel C, age 24 b. Canada as are her parents the 2 boys, George E. and Robert E, age 5 and 4, both b. MA

In the 1930 census of Meredith, Belknap, New Hampshire

  • Holbrook, Wilbur M, age 26, 1st marriage at age 24, b. NH
  • Holbrook, Ethel M., age 32, age at 1st marriage 16, b. NH as are parents
  • Seeley, Robert E., step-son, age 13, b. NH, father b. English Canada, mother b. NH

Or…more likely

  • 1930 Boston, Suffolk, MA
  • Seeley, Ethel, age 34, divorced, age at 1st marriage 17, b. Canada-English as are her parents, immigrated in 1908
  • Seeley, George E., age 15, b. MA, father b. New Brunswick, mother b. Canada-English

I can’t identify Ernest in the 1930 census.

There’s an Ernest Seeley who entered the US at Ogdensburg, NY in Dec. 1913, age 20, of Painesville Ontario, father Joseph Seeley.

Also James Ernest Seeley crossed at the same place in Aug 1912, age 19, same father. However I don’t think this is the correct Ernest.

1901, Wellington, Kent New Brunswick

  • Seely, Edwin, b. 7 Sep 1860
  • Seely, Addie, b. 12 Jan 1870
  • Seely, Willie, b. 6 Jun 1891
  • Seely, Ernest, b. 26 Nov. 1892
  • Seely, Owen, b. 3 Sep 1895
  • Seely, Mary, b. 13 Jan 1898
  • Seely, Ruth, b. 31 Aug 1900

Same family still present in 1911 with additional children: Stella, age 8, Ettia, age 6, Alice, 4 and Mathis 1

From the SGS database:

  • Seely, Edwin Miles b. ca 1861 New Brunswick, m. ca 1885 to Smith, Adeline b. Dixon’s Point, New Brunswick Canada
  • Edwin’s father: Seely, James Irving and mother: Smith, Ruth Strange

The SGS database also lists the children cited in the censuses above with the addition of Dorica born ca 1908; perhaps she died before 1911.

Seely, James Irving b. 18 May 1838 Richibucto, N.B. Canada d. 3 MAY 1928 Rockland, ME, m. 7 Jun 1860 Buctouche, N.B. to Smith, Ruth Strange b. 25 Jun 1842 St Martin’s church, N.B.
James Irving Seely’s father: Seeley, Charles H. and mother: Irving, Jane
Charles H Seely is SGS# 3249. He was b. 9 Apr. 1812 at St John, New Brunswick to Linus Seely and his 2nd wife Hannah Dunham/Duncan. (Linus was b. 30 Apr1774 in Stamford, CT and came to NB with his father Seth in 1783.)

I found Ethel Clara Driver’s record of entry into the US at Ogdensburg, NY 25 Apr 1908. It says she was b. 3 Nov 1895 in Cardinal Ontario and now lives at 5 Fifth St, Chelsea, MA. She has light brown hair, blue eyes, is 5 ft 4 1/2 and has a broken nose and scar over her right eye.

1910 census Boston Ward 1, Suffolk, MA

  • Driver, George A, age 39, b. Canada English, father b. England mother b. Canada Eng.
  • Driver, Susan, age 39, b. NY, father b. Canada Eng, mother b. NY married 6 years, 3 ch, 3 living
  • Driver, Ethel C., age 14, b. Canada English as are both parents
  • Driver, Helen L., age 4, b. NY, f.b. Can-Eng, m.b. NY
  • Driver, Harold D., age 1, b. MA. f.b. Can-Eng, m.b. NY
  • Driver, George R,. 2/12? b. MA, f.b.Can-Eng, m.b.NY

George and Susan Driver are also in the 1920 census of Boston with Helen L, Harold D, George R and also Arthur R age 8, John W age 6 and Mildred S age 3

1901 census of Edwardsburg, Grenville (South) Ontario

  • Driver, John W, head, b. 21 Feb 1865 Ont
  • Driver, Ida E. wife, b. 28 Feb 1867 ONT
  • Driver, E Jane, widow, b. 17 Nov 1842 Ont
  • Driver, George A., son, b. 24 Apr 1870
  • Driver, Ray, son, b. 21 Dec 1882
  • Driver, Clara E., dau. b. 5 Nov 1895

At familysearch.org there is a transcription of the 1881 Canadian census showing George with his parents and siblings. Also there is an IGI record that shows the mother of Clara Ethel to be Elizabeth Rossen.

Can anyone find a marriage record for George Driver and his 1st wife or a marriage record for Clara Ethel/Ethel Clara Driver and Ernest Seely?

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Requested Information

Karen Sue is new to genealogy and since joining the SGS has been able to connect her family into the Robert Seeley line via Gershom Seeley. She is seeking additional information on Gershom and his family to complete the connection.
Gershom8 Seeley (SGS #1972; Stephen7, Hezekiah6, Nathaniel5, Nathaniel4, Nathaniel3, Nathaniel2, Robert1) is her 3rd great-grandfather through Gershom’s son Clark Pine Seeley9, Clark Ernest Seeley10, Ray Ernest Seely11 (her grandfather).

Based on the SGS histories, Gershom was married to Annie or Amy Pine, daughter of Benjamin Pine.

Ancestry.com family trees show a Benjamin Pine, b. 29 May 1770; d. 4 Dec 1829 in Panama, Michigan; mar. Mary (—) with 7 children including 2 unnamed daughters. This Benjamin Pine was son of James Pine and Phebe Smith. See:

Karen Sue suspects that this Benjamin Pine is the father of Amy/Annie? based on his birth date, death in Panama, MI, wife of Mary (—), and a widow Mary Pine living next door to Gershom Seeley on the 1830/1834 Michigan State Censuses and 1830 Federal Census.

She would like to know if there is a will for Stephen Seeley (SGS #612) or Gershom (SGS #1972), the source for our information that Gershom married Amy/Annie Pine, any information on Benjamin Pine, information on Amy Alvira Seeley, dau. of Gershom who m. Ansel Goodell, and finally the identities of Abel and Jesse Seeley (1820 census Charlton, Saratoga, NY) and Elijah and Jesse Seeley (1810 census Ballston, Saratoga, NY).


Karen Sue Seeley | jpfost@sonic.net

Response Information

The children of Gershom and Amy Alviria Pine Seeley as listed in the SGS database:

  • Stephen J. b. aft 1820 in NY d. ca 1861 MI m. Laura T. ___ b. 1826
  • Clark Pine b. 14 Feb 1822 Niagara Co NY d. 15 Sept 1876 Fabius Twp St Joseph Co MI m. 23 Mar 1848 White Pigeon, St Joseph MI to Beadle, Dolly Ann b. 9 Sept 1828 Penn Twp, Cass, MI , d. 14 Mar 1905 Fabius Twp, St Joseph Co. MI
  • Amy Alviria b. ca 1824 m. Goodell, Ansel
  • Jesse b. bef 1824 NY? m. ca 1848 Fabius Twp, St Jo MI to Newel, Catherine
  • William b. ca 1827 NY

Can anyone answer any of Karen’s questions about the Seeleys and Pines?

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Requested Information

Sharon’s great grandfathers’ name was Orin Seeley who was married to Lizzie (nee Frasier) on March 18, 1875 in Stephenson County, Illinois by Presbyterian minister named McPatterson. Lizzie taught school in 1874 at Millgrove District 5, Twp 26, Range 6 in Illinois.
Sharon also has some unidentified pictures taken at McHenry and Becker photographers, 106 Stephenson Street Illinois. One shows two men, one with a wagon master’s hat. Another has a young boy in the same uniform taken by W. Kasten, 87n Stephenson Street, Freeport, Illinois.

Oral history suggests Orin may have had more than one wife. The family has a registered letter receipt No.55 Dec. 20, 1899 for a Mary A Seeley living in Rock Lake, North Dakota (Minneapolis scratched on the side)and returned by the Registry Division in Minneapolis, Minnesota on January 29, 1900 to Orin Seeley at Starwood Washington. No one is sure who Mary A is.

Sharon’s grandfather’s name is Elmer Seeley. According to a delayed Birth Certificate document he was born March 8, 1884 in Rockford, Floyd County, IA. He married Lela Crandall (born in Sedan, KS, Nov. 27, 1894) at Lisbon, Ransom County, North Dakota on Oct. 25, 1911. Lela’s family farmed in the Ransom County area. Oral history places Elmer working at a salmon packing plant in Seattle, King Co., Washington at a young age and also at a shingle mill in Washington. He was a gold and silver mine foreman in Goldfield, Esmeralda County, Nevada between 1910 and 1914. Love letters to Sharon’s grandmother include a description of a devastating flood in Goldfield. Oral history also puts him looking for gold in BC and the Yukon in the early 1900’s. Elmer leased a farm from LC Gordon in 1914-16 at NW 1/4, Sec 8, Twp 134, R57 (Engelvale, ND?)

Elmer came to Canada in 1918, purchased land from the CPR and farmed in Patricia, Alberta from 1919-1929, when he moved to Hussar, Alberta, where his descendants farm today. He moved to Chilliwack, B.C.1952, where my grandmother died on April 21, 1959 and he returned to Calgary to live with his spinster daughter until he died on Dec. 3, 1956. Sharon provided his children’s names.

Sharon is looking for information on Orin and Lizzie Seeley and the identity of Mary A. Seeley. She also wonders how the wagon master uniform ties in? Is there any way to trace Elmer’s salmon packing, shingle making, and Yukon gold prospecting activities?


Sharon McLeay | smcleay1955@hotmail.com

Response Information

I found the 1885 Iowa state census of Jefferson, Buchanan Co.

  • Seeley, Orin, age 36, b. IL, farmer
  • Seeley, Lizzie, age 24, b. PA
  • Seeley, Ralph, age 5, b. Cerro Gordo Co IA
  • Seeley, Elmer, age 3, b. Cerro Gordo Co., IA

In 1892 in Estherville, Emmet, IA

  • Seely, Oren, age 45
  • Seely, Mary, age 45
  • Seely, Ralf, age 13
  • Seely, Elmer, age 11

So it looks to me as though Lizzie died after the 1885 state census and Orin married Mary before the census of 1895. However I can’t find a record of Lizzie’s death nor Orin’s marriage to Mary.

1900 census Stanwood, Snohomish, WA

  • Sealy, Elmer, age 18, b. Mar 1882, IA, parents b. IL hostler (cares for horses)

1910 census Goldfield, Esmeralda, NV

  • Seeley, Elmer, age 18, b. IL, parents b. IL, roomer, out of work farmer

I can’t find other family members in the 1900 or later censuses.

Looking at the 1880 census for Cerro Gordo Co. IA

  • Seely, Orrin, age 32, b. IL
  • Seely, Lizzie, age 27, b. PA
  • Seely, Ralph, age 4 mos (b. Feb) in IA
  • Seely, Charles, brother, age 27, b. IL

1870 census Rock Run, Stephenson Co IL

  • Seeley, Stephen, age 57, b. PA
  • Seeley, Eliza S., age 43, b. PA
  • Seeley, Aaron, age 23, b. IL
  • Seeley, Charles, age 19, b. IL
  • also George, age 17, Almeda, age 16, Laura, age 15, Cranville, age 14, Frank, age 11, Ashley, age 3, all b. IL

1860 census Rock Run, Stephenson, IL

  • Seeley, S, age 35, b. PA
  • Seeley, Eliza, age 33, b. NY
  • Seeley, Angaline, age 14, b. IL as are all children
  • Seeley, Oren, age 13
  • Seeley, Chas, age 12
  • Seeley, Geo, age 10
  • Seeley, Almeda, age 8
  • Seeley, Laura, age 7
  • Seeley, Granville, age 5
  • Geyo, C., age 26, b. IL

In the household listed immediately before S. Seeley is the family of Thomas Seeley, age 40, b. PA, his wife Martha, age 35, b. VT and children Isora, 10 and Mary, 6.

From the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index

  • Seely, Oran m. Frazier, Lizzie 03/18/1875 Stephenson County
  • Seeley, Stephen m. Hodgson, Eliza Ann 02/06/1845 Stephenson County
  • Seeley, Thomas m. Marsh, Martha 01/24/1844 Stephenson County
  • Seely, Clinton m. Borden, Maryann 07/24/1849 Stephenson County

S. Seeley of the 1860 census is Stephen Seely, SGS # 3342, son of Jacob Seely, a 7th generation descendant of Obadiah Seeley. Stephen was b. 20 Aug 1817, Columbia Co., PA and died 16 Jan 1896, buried Sac City, IA. Thomas Seeley and Clinton Seeley are younger brothers of Stephen.

From the Illinois Civil War Database:

  • Orin Seely, Pvt, Company G, 46 IL US Inf, born and resident of Florence, Stephenson Co IL, age 18, height 5 ft 6 in, black hair, grey eyes. Joined 26 Jan 1865 at Freeport, IL for 1 year. Mustered in 16 Feb 1865 at Camp Butler, IL, mustered out 20 Jan 1866 at Baton Rouge, LA

It would be helpful if a member in Iowa could find a death record for Lizzie Seeley and a marriage record for Orin and Mary A. Seeley. What happened to Orin and Mary A. Seeley after the 1892 census?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0708-1

Requested Information

Mary Jo’s 3g grandmother was Mary Ann Seeley, b. 21 Mar 1810, possibly in Canada; d. 02 Jun 1893, buried in Emerson, Mills Co., IA, aged 83 years, 3 mo. Mary Ann Seeley married Thomas Douglas(s) (09 Feb 1805-17 Jan 1874) on 01 Nov 1829. They had four daughters and three sons.

In “Directory of the Province of Ontario, 1857, w/ a Gazeteer” (p. 164) lists a Thomas Douglas as town clerk. In the same publication, p. 702, a Charles Seeley from Stirling, Hastings, Ontario is listed as saddler & harness maker and a Martin Seeley from Stirling, Hastings is listed with “sawmill”. Mary Jo wants any information about this Mary Ann Seeley (esp. her parentage). Are these two males, Charles and Martin, related to her?


Mary Jo Hawkinson | dph777@ksu.edu

Response Information

From the 1880 census Emerson, Mills Co., IA

  • Douglass, Mary, age 70, b. Canada, parents b. MA
  • Douglass, E. Sarah, daughter, age 46, b. Canada, father b. Canada, mother b. NY living with Wilcott, William, age 44 and his wife J. Mary, age 44, both b. Canada as were their parents and their 2 sons, T. William age 5 and unnamed infant, both b. IA

From the 1870 census Elmwood, Peoria, IL

  • Douglass, Ths, age 63, b. Ireland, parents of foreign birth
  • Douglass, Mary Ann, age 55, b. NY
  • Douglass, Sarah, age 30, b. Canada, parents foreign
  • Douglass, George, age 18, b. Canada, father foreign
  • Douglass, Ida, age 8, b. Canada, father foreign
  • Tracy, Jenny, age 20, b. CT (but looks like that might be written over Canada, father foreign)
  • Tracy, Monika, age 1, b. IL

Albert Douglass Hart, Jr’s website (www.renderplus.com/hartgen/htm/seeley.htm) has information on Mary Ann Seeley and Thomas Douglass but he doesn’t give verifiable sources and there are some obvious errors.
Albert’s email is listed as our-folk@renderplus.com

A summary of his information follows:
Mary Ann Seeley was the oldest child of an unknown Seeley. She was born in 1810 and died in 1893 in Emerson, Wayne, NE. Mary married Thomas Douglass on 1 Nov 1829. Thomas was born on 9 Feb 1805 in Ireland. He died on 17 Jan 1874 in Emerson, Mills Co., Iowa .

Mary – on tombstone: 02 Jun 1893, aged 83 years & 3 mo . William Henry Douglass in 1874 visited his Uncle Henry Seeley and his sons Henry Seeley, Jr and Martin Seeley as noted in his diary.

Mary Ann’s siblings:

  • ii. Henry Seeley was born about 1811.
  • iii. Samuel Seeley was born on 5 Jan 1812 and died on 12 Oct 1868 in Hastings Co., Ontario
  • iv. Levi Seeley was born about 1815.
  • v. Martin Seeley was born in 1816 in Ontario.

Albert’s information on Mary Ann’s husband Thomas Douglass:

  • Thomas Douglass b. Feb 9, 1805 in Stirling Ont., Canada d. Jan 17, 1874, near Emerson, Mills. mar. Mary Ann Seeley b 1810, d. 1893 in Emerson, Wayne, NE.
  • Notes from his death: Died at his son’s residence near Emerson, Mills Co., Iowa. Formerly of Stirling, Ontario and late of Elmwood, Illinois.


  • i. William Douglas was born on 15 Sep 1830 in Canada and died on 15 Jul 1896 in Elmwood, Ill and was buried in Hope Cemetery . See #2. below.
  • ii. Sarah Ann Douglass was born about 1832.
  • iii. Elizabeth Douglass was born in 1834 and died about 1834 .
  • iv. Mary Jane Douglass was born on 14 Mar 1836 in Canada and died on 29 Feb 1892 and was buried in Emerson, Mills Co., IA .
    • Mary married William Lloyd Borden. William was born about 1835.
  • v. Thomas Albert Douglass was born about 1839 and died after 1915 .
  • vi. Henry Douglass was born in 1844 in Stirling, Hastings, Ontario, Canada and died in 1921 in Emerson, Wayne, NE . See #3. below.
  • vii. George Albert Douglass died after 28 Oct 1915 .
  • viii. Julia Ann Douglass

Can anyone verify this information and identify the parents of Mary Ann Seeley?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0705-10

Requested Information

Andy is searching for information on the children of Daniel J. Seeley, b. 1798 (SGS #3440) and Abigail Griswald (b. ca. 1807). He is a descendent of their son Lyman but he has no other info on Lyman’s siblings.


Andy Young | Andy.Young@tevaneuro.com

Response Information

We only had Lyman and his sister Nettie(Jennette) in the SGS database.
I found more…

1840 census Avon, Lorain, OH

  • Seely, Danl
  • males: 1 less than 5, 1 5-10, 1 15-20, 1 40-50
  • females: 1 less than 5, 2 5-10, 3 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 30-40

1850 census Chemung, McHenry, IL

  • Seely, Daniel, age 52, b. NY, farmer
  • Seely, Abagail, age 49, b. NY
  • Seely, Ulsina, age 21, b. OH as are all children
  • Seely, Lyman, age 19, farmer
  • Seely, Harriet, age 16
  • Seely, Martha, age 14
  • Seely, Mark, age 12
  • Seely, Charles A, age 10
  • Seely, Jenett, age 4

1860 census Chemung, McHenry, IL

  • Seely, Daniel, age 62,b. NY
  • Seely, Abagail, age 53, b. NY
  • Seely, Martha, age 23, b.OH
  • Seely, Newell, age 20, b. OH
  • Seely, Jennette, age 14, b.OH
  • Seely, Lyman, age 39, b.OH
  • Seely, Jemima, age 28, b.OH
  • Seely, Infant, age 1 mo., b.IL

1870 census Chemung, McHenry, IL

  • Sealey, Lyman, age 37, b OH
  • Sealey, Adelia, age 36, b. NY
  • Sealey, Arthur M, age 5, b IL
  • Sealey, Emily, age 2, b. IL
  • Gardner, Charles, age 15, works on farm

1870 census Chemung, McHenry, IL

  • Newell Seeley, age 25 b NY working as a farm laborer in the household of David H and Mary Bentley

1880 census Chemung, McHenry, IL

  • Seely, Lyman, age 48, b. OH, parents b. NY
  • Seely, Adela, age 46, b. NY, parents b. NY
  • Seely, Arthur, age 14, b. IL
  • Seely, Gertrude, age 11, b. IL

From the IL Marriage Index:

  • Seeley, Lyman m. Pease, Jemima on 04/27/1858 McHenry Co.
  • Willard, Jonathan m. Seeley, Alcinea on 04/27/1858 McHenry Co.
  • Slawson, Leander B m. Seeley, Nettie A on 04/18/1867 McHenry Co.
  • Duval, Fred Henry m. Seely, Gertrude Emily on 04/13/1892 McHenry Co.

From the IL Civil War Database:

  • Seeley, Newel, pvt. of Chemung, McHenry Co, IL, age 23, b. Oneida Co OH, Blue eyes, fair complexion, auburn hair, 5′ 6 1/2″

Joined 6 Aug 1862, mustered in 4 Sep 1862 95 IL US INF out 17 Aug 1865 (There isn’t an Oneida County Ohio but his father was born in Oneida County NY)

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0705-9

Requested Information

Barbara is also interested in Bartholemew L. F. Seeley/Seelye, born 25 Jan 1828, in Ohio and also a resident of Mason Co. IL. She believes his father was Jonathan Seelye, born about 1808 in Ohio or Canada.


Barbara Surratt | geninut39@yahoo.com

Response Information

I have found him in the 1870 and 1880 censuses of Manito, Mason IL. He is born on 1828 (Jan 25 according to the SGS CD) in OH and the 1880 census indicates that his father was b. in Canada and his mother in NJ. His wife in both censuses is Sarah E (Sarah E Sherer b. 14 Feb 1825 in IL according to the SGS CD) and his children include William b. 1851, Joseph b. 1855, Commodore b. 1859, Jonathan b. 1862, Robert b. 1864, Milton b. 1866 and Marietta b. 1868, all children b. in IL. I can’t place Bartholemew before 1870 although he must be in IL since his kids are born there.

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Jonathan Seelye purchased land in Illinois on 24 May 1837 and 14 Jun 1839, per Illinois Public Land Records. Jonathan Seelye Jr. purchased land there 29 Jul 1844.

Those records could pertain to either of the Jonathan Seelyes who married in Tazewell, Illinois, in 1839.

  • Jonathan Seelye marr Angelina Hyde, 27 Aug 1839, Tazewell, Illinois
  • Jonathan Seelye marr Mary Titus 13 Jul 1839, Tazewell, Illinois

Does anyone know about the families of these Jonathan Seelyes? Could one be the father of Bartholemew?

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Barbara posted a query asking about the father of Bartholomew Seelye of Manito, Tazewell County, Illinois. Jim Seelye of Pekin, Tazewell Co. IL (seelyjv@gallatinriver.net) replies that Bartholomew and his own GG-Grandfather, Abner Seelye, were both sons of Jonathan Seelye. Exactly where Jonathan was born (and when) is still a mystery – Some information says northern New York state and some says Canada. Below is one piece of information he has re. Jonathan’s family.

Jonathan Seelye was the head of the family party that came over land from Ohio to Illinois in 1833, settling on land which he had entered from the government in Topeka Township, Mason County (Illinois), where he built his log cabin and cleared and cultivated a farm. Unlike many of the early settlers, at the time of his arrival he was possessed of a few thousand dollars, considered a fortune in that day and locality, and thus did not have to suffer the hardships that fell to the lot of the majority who located in this region with little to assist them save their splendid determination and industry. Jonathan was a man who always liked to be close to Nature, and as the community offered plenty of good fishing and as deer and other game were to be found in the near vicinity, he was perfectly satisfied with his new surroundings. However, he was by no means an indolent man, but worked industriously when not engaged in hunting or fishing, and became one of the substantial and influential figures of his locality. He brought up his children to God-fearing ways, saw them marry and take homes of their own, and died rich in years and contentment, being buried on the old home place. At his side lies his faithful and worthy wife, a Pennsylvania Dutch woman, whom he married in Ohio. They were the parents of: Abner, Jonathan, Douglas, Julias, Bartholomew, Riley, who married twice, Emily who was married twice and died in Havana, Illinois and another daughter.

The information was taken from a story about Jonathan’s grandson, Joseph, that appeared in the following text: “The History of Illinois and Her People” by George Washington Smith, published in Chicago by the American Historical Society, 1927.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0705-8

Requested Information

Barbara is seeking information on Davidson Seeley/Seelye born in Kentucky in 1822 and resident in IL.


Barbara Surratt | geninut39@yahoo.com

Response Information

I have only been able to find him in the 1850 census for Mason Co IL, age 28, with wife Catherine age 21, both b. KY, son William age 2 b. IL and brother(?) Bartlett age 21 also b. KY. Davidson and Bartlett are also not listed in the SGS Database. If you have any information on these Seeleys born in KY please let me know.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0705-7

Requested Information

Robert is asking about SGS# 3267, Sarah Scofield Seely, dau. of William Seely and Elizabeth Braydon and SGS# 3217 Sarah Schofield Seely, a daughter of Seth Seely and Anna Squires. He is a descendant of Sarah Scofield SEELY and John HAYWARD (m. May 26, 1835, Carleton, St John Co), New Brunswick Canada. John went to CA during the gold rush, with his brother Samuel, but died shortly after getting there. Sarah came to NY and NJ with her young children, and was followed by her married daughter, Emma (m. George IRELAND),

Robert found the SEELY connection in “The Seelys of New Brunswick”, Harold N. Fanjoy and C. G. “Hap” Ward, St. John, NB, Ronalds printing, 1992. ISBN 0-9696285-0-1. This text shows her parents as William SEELY and Elizabeth BRAYDON. Recently, he has come across several references (on various websites, including the SGS Web pages) claiming that Sarah Scofield SEELY was the daughter of William’s brother, Seth and his wife Ann SQUIRES. Which is correct? What are the primary sources? What is known about Ann SQUIRES’ background?


Robert Protzmann | protzy41@optonline.net

Response Information

According to the 7th Generation in the Obadiah line the daughter of Seth and Anna died at age 2 and the daughter of William and Elizabeth is the one who married John Hayward. If you have access to the sources for the information about these two Sarah Scofield Seelys please send it to me and Robert.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0705-6

Requested Information

Chris posted the invalid pension for Aaron P Seeley on our website under the Civil War veterans heading. She wondered if we could identify his Seeley lineage.


Chris Havnar | jchavnar@sbcglobal.net

Response Information

Searching the census I found:

1900 census Palmyra, Wayne, NY

  • Seeley, Aaron P b. Nov 1834 CT, age 65, married 44 years, treasurer of (illegible)_works
  • Seeley, Sophia, b. Sept 1835 NY, age 64, m. 44 years, 3 children, 3, living

1890 Veteran’s Schedule shows Aaron P Seeley living in Palmyra, Wayne, NY and serving from 20 Aug. 1862 – 20 Aug 1864 as Lt Col in Company A 111th NY Inf

1880 census Palmyra, Wayne, NY

  • Seeley, Aaron P, age 47, Canal superintendant, b. CT, parents b. CT
  • Seeley, Sophie E., age 45, b. NY, parents b. NY
  • Seeley, Coles A., age 13, b. NY
  • Seeley, Abner, age 8, b. NY
  • Seeley, Harry, age 4, b. NY
  • Hilimire(?), Esther, age 26, servant

1870 census Palmyra, Wayne, NY

  • Aaron Seeley, age 38, b. CT, asst US assessor, is listed in a household with several other families and single people including an Abner Seeley, age 30, b. NY, carriage maker

There is a mark against Aaron’s name and at the bottom of the page are added:

  • Seeley, Sophia, age 37, boarding (possibly with Aaron or maybe with MH Adams, a physician)
  • Seeley, Coles, age 3

1860 census Palmyra, Wayne, NY

  • Seely, Aaron P., age 27, master carriage maker, b. CT
  • Seely, Sophia, age 24, b. NY
  • Seely, Abner, age 20, painter, b. NY
  • Zeigler, Jacob, age 25, blacksmith, b. Prussia
  • Rainer, Emory, age 17, blacksmith app., b. NY

1850 census of Williamson, Wayne, NY

  • Seely, Munroe, age 50, farmer, b. CT
  • Seely, Eliza M., age 46, b. CT
  • Seely, Sabra, age 15, b. CT
  • Seely, Sarah, age 13, b. CT
  • Seely, Abner, age 10, b. NY

1840 census Williamson, Wayne, NY

  • Seeley, Munson – males: 1 less than 5, 1 5-10, 2 10-15, 1 40-50;
  • females: 1 less than 5, 1 5-10, 2 10-15, 1 15-20, 1 30-40

1830 census Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT

  • Seeley, Munson – males: 1 less than 5, 1 5-10, 1 30-40, 1 60-70; females: 2 20-30

From the SGS database:

  • Aaron Platt Seeley/ye b. ca 1830 Elmira?, Chemung, NY and m. ca 1854 Williamson, Wayne, NY to Kane, Sophia E. b. Chatham, NJ
  • Aaron’s father: Seeley, Munson and mother: Platt, Eliza Maria
  • Munson Seeley/ye is SGS #2091 b. 6 OCT 1800 Monroe, Fairfield, CT, d. Apr 1878, Palmyra, NY and m. Platt, Eliza Maria
  • Munson’s father: Seeley, Abner (SGS #652) and mother: Lyon, Sabra Lane

Other children of Munson are Mary, Sarah J, Armina Delyon, Elizabeth, Sabria

Burials in Palmyra Village Cemetery, Palmyra, Wayne, NY:

  • Seely, Sophia E., wife of Aaron, May 31, 1910, 75y 8m 28d
  • Seely, Aaron P., husband of Sophia, Dec. 30, 1920, 88y, Civil War
  • Seely, Abner, Mar. 15, 1875, 35y, Civil War
  • Seely, Munson, husband of Eliza, Apr. 29, 1878, 78y
  • Seely, Eliza, wife of Munson, Aug. 26, 1888, 84y

An Ancestral File on familysearch.com shows

  • Coles Able Bloomer b. 1 Jan 1804 m. Mahiah Kane Bloomer 1830 NY and Charlotte Johnson 3 Apr 1831 Huron, OH
  • Sophia Kane Bloomer b. 1832

A Family Group shows Aaron Platt Seeley b. 8 Nov 1832 Weston, Fairfield, CT to Monson and Elizabeth Maria Platt and married Sophia Boomer 28 Nov 1852. Another shows he married Sophia Kane Bloomer 28 Nov 1854 Williamstown, Wayne, NY.

Considering that Aaron and Sophia named their first son Coles I would guess that she is a Bloomer. Can anyone verify this?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0705-5

Requested Information

Charles, a new SGS member, is related to the John Seely buried in the Seely/Hale plot in West Aurora Cemetery, Aurora, Kane, IL with his wife Fanny and daughters Lamira and Mary. The stone says he was born in 1809. Charles noticed that we have John Seely (SGS# 3327) b. 1811 to Joseph and Mary/Polly Newland Seely and say that he moved to Aurora, Kane, IL.

Charles provided the following: About 1831 John Seely married Fanny Law. Their children: John Jr b. ca. 1832 NY, Lamira b. 17 July 1833, North East, Erie, PA, Isabelle b. 25 Aug 1836, North East, Amarette b. ca. 1838 North East, Mary, b. ca. 1846, North East, Josephine b. November 1855 PA.


Charles Walther | apcompany4@covad.net

Response Information

From the 1860 census for Oswego, Kendall, IL

  • John Seeley (indexed as Suby), age 60
  • Mary, age 60
  • Mary age 14
  • Josephine, age 5
  • All listed as b. PA

Next door is William Loomis with wife Isabelle and 2 children. Fanny appears with this family in the 1870 and 1880 censuses as William’s m-in-law.

1850, North East, Erie, PA

  • John Seeley, age 40, farmer, b. NY
  • Fanny, age 38, b. PA
  • John J., age 18, b. PA as are all children below
  • Lomira, age 17,
  • Isabella, age 14,
  • Emerette, age 12,
  • Mary, age 4

1840 North East, Erie, PA

  • John P Seely: males: 1 age 5-10, 1 30-40; females: 2 under 5, 1 5-10, 1 20-30

Can anyone verify that John Seely is really SGS #3327 or offer another lineage for him?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0705-4

Requested Information

Shelley “rescued” the original marriage certificate belonging to Rev. Joseph Alexander HARPER of Greenburg, New York and his bride Laura Seely ARCHER of Mamaroneck, NY. The wedding took place in Greenburg, NY on November 13th 1896 with Pastor David COLE officiating. Shelley doesn’t know if SEELY was the bride’s middle name or a married name and this a second marriage, however based on limited research she believes that this was probably a second marriage for both the bride and groom. She’s been able to trace their families through census records as follows:

1880 census of Cortlandt, Westchester Co., NY:

  • Joseph A. HARPER, age 40, born Ireland, a Minister, parents born Ireland
  • Lorena L. HARPER, wife, age 37, born NY, Keeps House, parents born NY
  • Grace E. HARPER, dau, age 13, born NY, at School
  • Edith L. HARPER, dau, age 3, born NY, at Home
  • May W. HARPER, dau, age 1, born NY, at Home
  • Marget HINSLEY, other, age 22, born NY, a Servant, parents born NY
  • Sophire HINSLEY, other, age 13, born NY, a Servant, parents born Germany

1880 census of Scarsdale, Westchester Co.,NY:

  • William ARCHER, age 57, born NY, a Farmer, parents born NY
  • Sarah ARCHER, wife, age 53, born NY, Keeping House, parents born NY
  • E. Seaman ARCHER, son, age 30, born NY, a Farmer
  • Laura ARCHER, dau-in-law, age 28, born NY, parents born NY
  • Clara ARCHER, granddau, age 7, born NY, parents born NY
  • William ARCHER, grandson, age 4, born NY
  • Frank ARCHER, grandson, age 1, born NY
  • John ARCHER, grandson, age 6 months, born NY
  • Thomas B. WARD, brother-in-law, age 67, born NY, Works on Farm, parents born NY
  • Peter RILEY, other, age 18, born NY, Works on Farm, parents born NY
  • Edwin RILEY, other, age 14, born NY, parents born NY

1900 census of Greenburgh, Westchester Co. NY:

  • Joseph A. HARPER, age 60, born Sept 1839, married 4 years, born Ireland, parents born Ireland, to USA 1849, a Clergyman
  • Laura O. HARPER, wife, age 48, born Dec 1851, married 4 years, 5 children/2 living, born NY, parents born NY
  • Charles W. HARPER, son, age 35, born Nov 1864, born NY, parents born
  • Ireland/NY, in Lumber Business
  • May W. HARPER, dau, age 21, born May 1879, born NY, parents born Ireland/NY
  • John K. ARCHER, step-son, age 20, born Nov 1879, born NY, parents born NY, in US Navy

1910 census of Cortlandt, NY:

  • Joseph A. HARPER, age 70, 2nd marriage 14 years, born Ireland, parents born Ireland, to USA 1850, a Retired Clergyman
  • Laura O. HARPER, wife, age 58, 2nd marriage 14 years, 4 children/2 living, born NY, parents born NY
  • Charles W. HARPER, son, age 46, born NY, parents born NY, a Pattern Co. Bookkeeper
  • William UNDERHILL, servant, age 13, born NY, parents born NY/VA, an Errand Boy

Shelley is hoping to locate someone from this family so that this wonderful old document can be returned to its rightful place with family.


Shelley Cardiel | cardiels@comcast.net

Response Information

According to the SGS Database Laura I Seeley, daughter of Aaron M Seely (SGS #3116) and Hannah Elizabeth Underhill, married E. Seamon Archer on 21 Dec 1871, her 20th birthday. John K Archer, Laura’s son, m. Maud E Levinnus/Leviness on Apr 11 1903, according to a One World Tree listing on ancestry.com. John K. and Maud are listed in the 1930 census for Scarsdale, Westchester, NY with their 2 sons, Joseph S. age 24, a NYC RR inspector and Harold, age 23, a chauffeur for a meat business.

So far I haven’t been able to locate Joseph S or Harold Archer after 1930.

If you can identify any descendants of Laura Seely Archer Harper please let me know.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0705-3

Requested Information

Over a year ago Robin received a set of eleven schoolbooks from 1930 that had been owned by Vesta Seeley and her brother, James Seeley, of Rushville, IL. She is trying to find descendants of either Vesta or James that might want these. They are literature classics–Shakespeare, etc. and have notes, drawings and musings of Vesta and James. They are really neat!!

Here is what Robin found on this Seeley family: Vesta was born abt. 1917, James born abt 1922 in Illinois. The family is in Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL in the 1930 census; in Buena Vista Township, Schuyler Co., IL in 1920.

The father of Vesta & James is Lewis Franklin Seeley b. 30 Apr 1980 in Rushville. His parents are William Alfred Seeley and Flora V. Bodenhammer. William Alfred & Flora V. married 30 Apr 1889 in Schuyler County, IL. William Alfred b. 11 Nov 1933, Flora b. 10 Feb 1943, both in Schuyler Co. IL.

The parents of William Alfred are Nathaniel B. Seeley b. abt 1825 in NY and Elizabeth Campbell b. abt 1827 in OH. They married 13 Jun 1844 in Schuyler Co., IL. The children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth are: Edward, Electa Anna, Douglas, Alfred, Alice, Luke.


Robin Deems | rdeems@san.rr.com

Response Information

Nathaniel B. Seeley is a son of Luke Seelye, SGS #2255 and his 1st wife Electa Owen, according to the SGS database.

I also found James A. Seeley’s obituary (published in the Sacramento Bee on 1/26/2005). It has now been posted on the SGS website.

  • SEELEY, James Alfred

Passed away in Sacramento, CA, on January 24, 2005 after a heroic battle with pulmonary disease. He was born on June 4, 1920, in Rushville, IL. A U.S. Marine Corps veteran like his wife and two sons, he served his country from Dec. 29, 1941, to Jan. 11, 1946, in the Southwest Pacific Area from Feb. 23, 1942-Jan. 15, 1945, and participated in the landing on Vella, LeVella, BSI, from Aug. 15, 1943-July 15, 1944. He was a man of generosity and compassion with a great sense of humor. Continuous devotion to his late wife, June M. Seeley, who passed away in 1989. Loving father to his son, Frank W. Seeley, who passed away in 1982. Most beloved father to James A. Seeley Jr. and his wife, Sandra Lee, who cared for him and loved him always until he passed away. Also survived by one sister, Vesta Reynolds Stark of Pittsfield, IL, five grandchildren and a several great-grandchildren. You will be greatly missed, and we thank you for the memories. Private family services.

Robin has already replied. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that Vesta was still alive. Using the information I provided she found Vesta’s address and phone number and is shipping the books to her ASAP.

Responder: SGS Response

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Requested Information

Dana noticed that we have a Clarissa E Hadley married to a Franklin E Seely, SGS #3916. She wonders if the Clarissa E Hadley we have is the one from her family tree. Her Clarissa E Hadley was born to Hiram Moses Hadley and Moriah E Day ca.1830. Dana was hoping we had information about Moriah Elizabeth Day.


Dana Sharpton

Response Information

Dana’s Clarissa Hadley is indeed the same as ours. Clarissa and Franklin Seely are listed in the 1860 census for Bloom, Richland, WI next door to Hiram Hadley and his family and she is shown with them in the 1850 census, before her marriage to Franklin. Does anyone have information on the Hadley family, particularly Moriah Day Hadley?

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0705-1

Requested Information

Ryan’s family comes from Northeast Ohio. He says that his grandfather, Charles Seeley was born in Ohio ca. 1920. He lived in a small town called Wellington, Medina Co., Ohio. His parents lived there for a long time before that. Ryan would like information on Charles Seeley’s ancestors.


Ryan Seeley | Ryan.Seeley@saralee.com

Response Information

As you may remember Wellington is where the graves of Charles W. and Lucy Seeley were paved over last year (see article in SGS newsletter of August 2006). Charles W. is SGS #3445, in the Obadiah lineage.

I started with the 1930 census and worked backwards to check Ryan’s ancestors. Ryan’s grandfather is listed in the 1930 census of Wellington, Lorain, OH as follows:

  • Seeley, Orville J., age 46, b. OH, parents b. OH a merchant in a grocery store
  • Seeley, May A., age 47, b. OH, parents b. OH
  • Seeley, Charles W., age 13, b. OH, parents b. OH
  • Puder, Ralph W. age 36, listed as son-in-law but brother-in law has been written over the entry
  • Puder, Anne R., age 36, sister-in-law
  • Puder, Lucille E., age 14, Betty I., age 12 and Lois M. age 12, nieces

In 1920 Orville Seeley, age 35 is in Toledo, Ward 9, Lucas Co. OH with Mae, age 36, Marrion, age 12 and Charles, age 3 yr 1 mo.

In 1910 Orville J. Seeley, age 25 is in Norwalk, Huron Co. OH with Mae, age 26 and Marion, age 2. Next door is Wesley A Seeley, age 47, married 27 years to Dora M., age 45 who has borne 4 children, all still living, Pearl, age 21 and Grace D., age 19.

1900 census of Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

  • Seeley, Wesley A. b. Feb. 1864 in OH, parents b. OH (indexed incorrectly as Seeney)
  • Seeley, Dora M., b. July 1864 OH, parents b. OH
  • Seeley, Orva J. b. June 1884, OH
  • Seeley, Walter E., b. Dec 1886 OH
  • Seeley, Pearl, b. March 1889 OH
  • Seeley, Grace D., b. May 1891, OH

There is no 1890 census

1880 census Wellington, Lorain, OH

  • Seeley, George D., age 41, b. OH, parents b. NY laborer
  • Seeley, Harriet, age 33, b. OH, parents b. NY
  • Seeley, Westley A., age 17, Joseph age 15, Geo W., age 13, Mary J., age 12, Chas L, age 10, Hattie M., age 4, all b. OH

1870 census York, Medina, OH (Post Office Mallett Creek)

  • Seeley, George O., age 31 farmer, Harriet, age 33, Wesley O., age 7, Joseph W., age 5, George W., age 3, Mary J., age 2 and Louis, age 3 mos. (b. April), all b. OH

The 1860 and 1850 censuses of York, Medina, OH show George to be a son of Jessee Seeley and his wife Prudence. There are 14 children of Jessee and Prudence listed in the 1850 census with the 6 oldest b. in NY and the younger children b. in OH beginning about 1838. George’s next older brother is Samuel Brown Seeley who was the subject of Query 0408-2. In a response to that query we identified Jesse Seeley as a son of David Seeley and Ursula Sweetman. David Seeley is SGS# 1993, a descendant of Nathaniel Seeley. According to the SGS database Jesse was b. 8 Aug. 1808 in Carlisle, Schoharie Co NY, d. 9 Jan 1888, Mallett Creek, OH. He married Prudence Brown 18 Feb 1830, possibly in Schenectady, NY. Prudence was b. 21 Oct 1809 in Carlisle, NY and d. 22 Oct 1883 in Mallett Creek.

So, despite having the same name and living in the same small town there seems to be no close relationship between Ryan’s grandfather Charles W Seeley and the Charles W. Seeley who is buried in Wellington.

Andrew Waber, Area Coordinator for sent the following Lorain Co links:

  • Lorain County has its probate court records online at http://www.loraincounty.com/probate/search.shtml
  • The Lorain County cemeteries are at http://home.centurytel.net/lorgen/cemetery/cemetery.htm
  • The Amherst News-Times is online at http://www.amherst.lib.oh.us/obituaries.asp
  • Three hits for Charles W Seeley show up in the probates; the most interesting is:
Docket Date Description Amount Amount Due
09/09/1997 COPY OF PAID FUNERAL BILL FILED 0.00 0.00

Responder: SGS Response

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Requested Information

Dee is interested in the Thomas Seeley who married Addie Burr in Vernon County Missouri on 19 Feb1888. The son of Addie and Thomas was Allie Claud, born Sept 1888. Allie Claud was raised by his uncle Benjamin Franklin Burr. His named was changed to Burr. Family story says that Thomas was killed in a mining accident. Dee thinks that her Addie is married to Joseph Haynie in the 1900 census.

Dee found 2 Thomas Seeley’s in the 1870 Missouri census. One is Thomas M. Seeley in Taney County and Thomas Seeley in Ralls County. In 1880 the Thomas of Taney County is in Shelby Co., IL (his father, John had died and mother Sarah had removed to IL). She has accounted for the Thomas of Ralls County in a later census. The Thomas of Taney County is unaccounted for and Dee suspects he is the father of Allie Claud and husband of Addie Burr.


Dee Burr | rebburr@cox.net

Response Information

I found Allie listed as Allen C Burr in the 1900 census of Dover, Vernon Co. MO as the adopted son of Benjamin and Iddie Burr. They have been married 14 years at that time and Iddie is childless. It also shows that Iddie was born in KS (and her father b. in PA and mother in IA). Allen was born in MO, his father in IN and mother in KS. Benjamin Burr was born in IL to a father b. in OH and a mother b. in IN.

I found Joseph Haynie with wife Addelan in the 1900 census but it clearly shows that she was born in April 1880 in Canada to a father born in MI and a mother b. in Canada. I don’t see how she could be the mother of Allen/Allie. The same information is repeated in the 1910 census so it’s not a one-off mistake. Also the 1910 census for Joseph and Addie includes her brother Frank Ryan, age 16, same birth place information as Addie.

Also in the 1880 census for Lincoln, Johnson Co. IA

  • Burr, Neldon, age 65, b. MA
  • Lydia L, age 60, b. MA
  • Levi P., age 28, b. MA
  • Benjamin F, age 22, b. IL
  • John P. age 20, b. IL
  • Vanwinkle, Adda, age 9, boarding, b. KS

Perhaps this Adda went by the name of Burr when she married Thomas Seeley and considered Benjamin to be her brother, therefore uncle to Allie Claud. However this is just an unverified guess.

If you have information on this family or suggestions please contact Dee and send me a copy.

Responder: SGS Response

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Requested Information

Renee is seeking information on her greatgrandmother, Effie Julia Seeley. According to the family Bible, she was born Nov. 25, 1881, and married Renee’s great-grandfather, George Walter Mizar, on Jan. 21, 1901 in Fairfax, Gregory Co., South Dakota. They had three children – Ruby (b. 1902, Nebraska), Arley (b. 1903, Kansas) and [George] Farrell (b. 1907, South Dakota) – and homesteaded in South Dakota for several years. George Walter Mizar died in 1954 in California, and on his death certificate he is listed as being divorced. Renee does not know what became of Effie. As for Census records, after Effie’s marriage to George Mizar, Renee found those for 1910 and 1920, both in South Dakota. After that, the trail drops off completely. Renee is hoping to learn Effie’s ancestry and what happened to Effie (post-1920), including where/when she died and her place of burial.


Renee Mizar | reneemizar@yahoo.com

Response Information

Looking for Effie’s ancestry, the 1900 Federal Census for McCulley, Boyd Co., Nebraska

  • Seeley, Rionald, b. June 1852, age 48, b. NY and parents b. NY, farmer married 25 years Seeley, Sarah, b. Sept 1850, age 49, b. in IA to parents b. England (she has had 9 children of whom 5 are still living)
  • Seeley, Effie, b. Nov. 1881, IA
  • Seeley, Cora, b. Jan. 1884, IA
  • Seeley, Luella, b. Apr. 1886, Dakota
  • Seeley, Nellie, b. Feb. 1896, NE

Renee believes this is her Effie Seeley because her grandfather’s (Arley Mizar) middle name was Ryonald.

In 1910 Rion F Seeley, Sarah and Nellie are in Peoria, Franklin Co KS.

I also found a record on the SD Genweb site for a land sale of 160 acres to Rionel Seeley on 14 July 1888. Maybe that is why Effie went there when she married.

Other census information:
1860 census of Malaka, Jasper Co. IA

  • Seely, Abner, age 46, b. CT
  • Seely, Julian, age 50, b. NY
  • Seely, Horace B., age 17, b. NY
  • Seely, Orrin, age 14, b. NY
  • Seely, John, age 11, b. NY
  • Seely, Rions or Riono, age 7, b. NY
  • Wright, Edwin O., age 22, b. NY
  • Wright, Emily, age 20, b. NY
  • Wright, Eugene, age 11/12, b. IA

1870 census of Independence, Jasper, IA (house 14)

  • Ceily, Horace B, age 26, farmer, b. NY
  • Ceily, Lydia, age 22, b. IN
  • Ceily, Rionel, age 17, farmer, b. NY

Also in Independence, Jasper, IA (house 63)

  • Thompson, W A, age 66, farmer, b. England his wife Mary J, age 65, b. England
  • son James K., age 22, works on farm, b. IA
  • dau. Sarah N., age 20, no occupation, b. IA

1880 census York Co NE (unspecified township)

  • Seeley, Oney, age 27, b. NY, father b. CT, mother b. NY
  • Seeley, Sarah, age 28, b. IA, parents b. Eng.
  • Seeley, Estella, age 3, b. IA
  • Seeley, Emily, age 3mos, b. Mar 1880, NE

1920 census Butte, Boyd Co. NE

  • Seeley, Rionel, age 67, b. NY, farmer
  • Seeley, Rose A., age 45, b. IL

Boyd County Marriages from USGenWeb site (Nebraska)

  • 11 September 1894 – Seeley, Estella and Audiss, Morris H.
  • 11 August 1902 – Seeley, Luella and Audiss, Robert L.
  • 8 March 1916 – Seeley, Rionel F and Rose Hupp Jasper County, IA Marriages from USGenWeb
  • Seeley, Rowel F and Sarah Thompson by Joseph Dodd, JP on 15 Oct 1874
  • Seely, Sarah E and Edwin Wright 2 Mar 1858-1850 census Rockland, Sullivan Co NY
  • Seeley, Abner, age 42 b. NY as is wife and all children
  • Seeley, Julia, age 41
  • Seeley, Thomas, age 19
  • Seeley, Andrew, age 16
  • Seeley, Charles, age 12
  • Seeley, Emily, age 10
  • Seeley, Horace, age 6
  • Seeley, Orrin, age 4
  • Seeley, John, age 1

Abner Seeley (of the 1860 and 1850 census) is our SGS # 2278. He is in the 8th generation of descent from the immigrant Robert Seeley through his son Nathaniel. Abner’s wife is Julia Ann Rose. Abner’s father was from New Milford, Ct which is probably where he was born about 1806 but he grew up in Sullivan County, NY. The next two families listed in the 1850 census after Abner’s family are both surnamed Rose and include a Charles Rose, age 72, who could be Julia’s father.

The SGS database lists Rionel as Lionel Floyd Seeley and says he was born 28 Jun 1852 Rockland, Sullivan Co NY. It also lists Effie, Luella, Cora and Nellie but says their father’s name is Rev. Rowell Seeley. I can find no evidence that he was a Rev. His occupation is always listed as farmer. The source is listed as an obit. Does anyone have a copy? Can you offer any other help?

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Effie’s father (grandfather of Renee Mizar, reneemizar@yahoo.com ) was identified as Rionel Seeley, a son of SGS # 2278.

Kathie Olsen checked the resource files for the Seventh Generation Book and we have little further information on Rionel Floyd Seeley. We have his record as a child of Abner (SGS #2278) and Julie Ann Rose Seeley. He was born on 28 June 1852, no place mentioned and died on 1 Aug 1928, no place mentioned. He was married to Margaret Sarah Thompson. Kathie does have a picture of Abner and Julie Ann Rose Seeley and a little history. It is not a very good copy, but she would be happy to send it along to anyone who would like it. There is also a family group of his brothers and sisters. Emily his sister was married to Edwin O. Wright.

Julie Ann Rose was a descendant of Edward Fuller of the Mayflower. There is a chart of the Mayflower application submitted by Janet Jordan Oberhelman, a descendent of Horace Burr Seeley, one of Rionel’s brothers.

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Renee was looking for the death and burial places of her great-grandmother, Effie Julia Seeley who had been married to George Mizar. Renee has discovered that Effie died in 1960 (at the age of 78) in Kelso, Washington, where she had lived for many years. At some point she had remarried…she died with the last name of Edwards.

Renee still hasn’t found the death date or burial place of Effie’s father Rionel Seeley. His last known location is Butte, Boyd, NE in 1920 when he was age 67 and married to his second wife, Rose Hupp, age 45.

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Renee Mizar (reneemizar@yahoo.com), the original submitter, is still researching her family. We had established that Rionel Seeley was Effie’s father but didn’t have a death date nor burial location for him. She now has located his grave in Fouts Cemetery, Ottawa, Franklin County, KS with birth year 1853 and death year 1928.

Renee is now interested in finding out more about Sarah Thompson, 1st wife of Rionel and mother of Effie. Terry Tietjens was in contact with a Dorothy Thompson of Ft Myers, FL in the 1990-s who was also interested in Sarah Thompson. Renee would like to contact her or her family to see if they have further information on Sarah.

Responder: SGS Response Aug 2012

Query Number: 0702-2

Requested Information

Jim received a letter from Esther Blackburn, an SGS member. She had a cousin’s DNA tested. Esther’s mother, Sara, and the cousin’s father, David, were both children of Frank Edward Seely. The DNA test matched the Obadiah line. She wants to know Frank Edward Seely’s ancestry.


Esther Blackburn

Response Information

The family is listed in the 1910 census of Washington, Crawford, Co. KS:

  • Seeley, FE, age 40, b. IL
  • Seeley, Alma, age 44, b. NY

FE and Alma married 19 years. She has had 12 children of whom 8 are living.

  • Seeley, Mitt, age 18, b. KS
  • Seeley, Hattie, age 16, b. KS
  • Seeley, Beecher, age 15, b. KS
  • Seeley, David, age 14, b. KS
  • Seeley, Paul, age 11, b. KS
  • Seeley, Frank, age 9, b. KS
  • Seeley, Eugene, age 5, b. KS
  • Seeley, Sara, age 3, b. KS

The 1900 census for Fort Scott, Bourbon Co., KS

  • Seely, Frank, age 33, b. Aug 1866 IL, father b. IL, mother b. NY occ.: Day Laborer
  • Seely, Alma, age 37, b. Jan 1863 NY, parents born NY Frank and Alma have been married 9 years. Alma has given birth to 8 children of whom 6 are living.
  • Green, John, age 11, step-son, b. May 1889 KS, parents b. NY (the Green is crossed over in the 1900 census and John Green is listed as Seely in the 1920 census)
  • Seely, Milton, age 8, b. Mar 1892, KS , father b. IL, Mother b. NY Seely, Hattie, age 6, b. July 1893, KS, parents as above for remaining children
  • Seely, David, age 4, b. July 1895, KS
  • Seely, Theodore, age 3, b. Mar 1897 KS
  • Seely, Paul, age 1, b. Aug. 1898 KS

From familysearch.org Alma Allena Brown married William Daniel Green 20 Aug 1887, Great Bend, Barton Co KS

In the 1930 census Alma A Seeley is listed as age 65, widow and age 23 at her 1st marriage. I couldn’t find her in the 1920 census. According to the SGS database Frank Edward Seely died 12 Jan 1916 at Minden Mines, Barton, KS.

Unfortunately there are no 1890 census records and I haven’t found Frank and Alma’s marriage record. I have tried to identify Frank Edward Seeley in the 1880 and earlier censuses.

I found a Frank of the right age in Whiteside Co. Il but research took that line back to Nathaniel so I tried again.

1880 census Independent township, Barton, KS

  • Seeley, Samuel age 48, b. IL, parents b. MA
  • Harriet A., age 42, b. NY, father b. CT, mother b. NY
  • Milton. age 21, b. IL, father b. IL, mother b. NY
  • Hattie A., age 15, b. IL, etc
  • Beecher W.H., age 13, b. IL
  • Francis E., age 10, b. IL listed as female daughter (but see below)
  • Louise, age 7, b. IL
  • Wilbur, age 3, b. IL

1870 census, Vermillion, LaSalle, IL

  • Seely, Samuel, age 37, b. IL
  • Harriet, age 31, b. NY
  • Milton, age 11, b. IL
  • Chas., age 9, b. IL
  • Hattie, age 5, b. IL
  • Beecher, age 3, b. IL
  • Frank, age 1, male

Samuel, Harriet and Milton are also in Vermillion in the 1860 census.

Illinois Marriage Index: Samuel Seely and Harriet Tyler married 24 Aug 1856 LaSalle Co IL

According to the History of LaSalle County, Town Sketches, Samuel is a son of William Seely of Seneca County, NY and married Hattie Tylee. His brother William married Hattie’s sister and their father Capt. Tylee was an early settler of Brookfield, LaSalle Co. and later Vermillion.

According to the SGS database this is the William Seely listed in The Seventh Generation Families of Obadiah Seeley as William Seeley SGS #3036 who resided in La Salle Co IL.

Considering the similarity of names between the families of Samuel Seely and Frank Edward Seely and the location of the Seely family in Barton Co KS where Frank’s wife had her 1st marriage I think this is the right line. Why the 1880 census taker thought Francis was a girl is a mystery. Maybe he just took down the names and filled in the other columns when he got home??? There is also the mystery of the 15 year old Beecher in Frank’s family in the 1910 census. Since he isn’t with the family in 1900 and doesn’t fit into the count of Alma’s living children (her oldest, John Green Seeley has already moved out), I wonder if he is Frank’s nephew. If anyone can provide further proof of the connection of Frank Edward Seely to the Francis listed as a son/daughter of Samuel Seely of Vermillion, LaSalle, IL please contact me.

Responder: SGS Response

Query Number: 0702-1

Requested Information

Kristyne is looking for a Benjamin Seely/Seeley born in NY about 1836. He was married to Juliana Thorp(e) and had three sons. His first son was Adelbert Eugene (Eugene A in the census) who was born in Illinois in 1856. His second son Horace Cadmen or Cadmen Horace (Horace C in the census) was born in NY in 1859. His third son Elliot Elmer or Elmer Elliot (Elmer E in the census) was born in NY in 1861. Horace C. is Kristyne’s great-great-great-grandfather.


Kristyne Seeley Whitmore

Response Information

The NY 1860 Census of Ripley, Chautauqua, NY gives the following information:

  • Benjamin Seeley 25 years old, born in NY. Julana 24 years old born in NY Eugene A. 4 years old born in IL
  • Horace C. 1 year old born in NY
  • Thorp, John, age 69, b. NY
  • Thorp, John, age 69, b. NY
  • Thorp, Eliza, age 58, b. VT
  • Thorp, William, age 71, b. NY
  • Seely, Eugene, age 14, b. IL
  • Seely, Horace, age 11, b. NY
  • Seely, Elmer, age 9, b. NY
  • Seely, Juland, age 34, b. NY

Interestingly the same household in Ripley in the 1880 census has Thorp, John and Eliza, ages 79 and 68, then Elsworth, Elmer, age 19, stepson, Cadman, Horace, age 21, grandson, Cadman, Lydia, age 17, granddaughter, Thorp, William, age 80, brother.

I found a transcription of the cemetery listings for the South Ripley cemetery. That shows that Juliana Seeley died 11 June 1870 at age 37 (a bit strange since she seems to be alive at the 1870 census on July 28, but people are included if they were alive for part of the year). Also Elmer E. Seeley, 1861 – 1914, John Thorp died 3 June 1880 and Eliza Thorp died 4 July 1887.

The only information on our SGS CD refers to the marriage of Benjamin and Julia/Juliana. I checked that out and they were married 3 September 1854 in Kane Co. IL. So Juliana grew up in Ripley (she is listed there with her family in the 1850 census), somehow married Benjamin in Illinois, had her first son there, then they all moved back to Ripley where she had the last 2 sons (and maybe also Lydia per the 1860 census or maybe she is a cousin) and then she died in 1870. Meanwhile Benjamin seems to have disappeared. I could fin no listing of Civil War service.

Let me know if you have any information on this Benjamin Seeley and his ancestry.

Responder: SGS Response

Response Information

Submitter Kristyne Whitmore’s email is kew70@hotmail.com. Kristyne is interested in a Benjamin Seely/Seeley born about 1836 in NY State and who appears in the 1860 census (age 25) for Ripley, Chautauqua Co., NY.
I recently found the following:

1850 census Machias, Cattaraugus, NY

  • Seeley, Sheldon (indexed as Saley), age 52, b. NY, farmer
  • Seeley, Lola, age 41, b. VT
  • Seeley, Olive, age 20, b. NY as are all children
  • Seeley, John, age 18
  • Seeley, Benjamin, age 16
  • Seeley, Sally A., age 13
  • Seeley, Alexander, age 3
  • Seeley, Margaret E., age 6 months

Sheldon Seeley is SGS #1086c and his son Benjamin is #2753. Now the question is : Can anyone prove that this Benjamin is the same as the Benjamin who married Juliana Thorpe in 1854 in Kane Co. IL and resided in Ripley, NY in 1860?

Responder: SGS Response

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