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Query Number: 1211-3

Requested Information

Chris was working on the database and noticed that we had 2 different wives listed for Leonard Johnson Seely of NJ. Leonard is a son of William and Hannah/Ann Sickles Seely and grandson of John Seely d. 1825 Monmouth NJ and Phoebe Truax. We do not know John Seely’s lineage.

In the database we had Leonard md to Catherine M Van Emburgh and also to Catherine M. Walter. There is nothing except the two names to suggest that Leonard was married twice.


Chris Havnar | chris.havnar@gmail.com

Response Information

1900 census Kearney Ward 4, Hudson, NJ

  • Folkman, Charles b. June 1868 NY, IRE, DEN, painter md 12 yr to
  • Folkman, Frances b. Aug 1874 NJ, NJ, IRE, 4 ch., 3 living
  • Folkman, Charles b. Oct 1889, Henry b. Jan 1894, Frances b. Feb 1898, all b. NJ, NY, NJ
  • Seely, Leonard J., uncle b. May 1818 NJ, NJ, NJ, widower
  • (Several Van Emburgh families further up the page)

Is Frances or Charles a Van Emburgh relative?

1900 census Harrison, Hudson, NJ

  • Walter, John B. b. July 1863 NY, GER, GER, bottler, md 12 yr to
  • Walter, Elizabeth b. Jan 1858 NJ, NJ, NJ, 4 ch., 2 living
  • Walter, Katherine b. May 1888, Olive May b. July 1897, both b. Nj, NJ, NJ
  • Seeley, Minnie, sis-in-law b. June 1870 NJ, NJ, NJ
  • Seeley, Leonard J, father-in-law b. May 1818 NJ, NJ, NJ
  • (In 1910 the family is just John H., Elizabeth and Olive)

1880 census Harrison, Hudson, NJ

  • Seely, Lenard, age 63 b. NJ, NJ, NJ, boiler maker
  • Seely, Cathrine M age 60 b. NJ
  • Seely, Alice V age 26, Elizabeth age 23, works in tailor shop, Minnie age 12, all b. NJ, NJ, NJ

1870 census Harrison, Hudson, NJ

  • Seally, Leonard, age 53, b. NJ, boiler Maker
  • Seally, Catherine, age 48 b. NJ
  • Seally, Richard age 23, Allice age 20, Samuel age 16, Elizabeth age 14, all b. NJ

1860 census Harrison, Hudson, NJ

  • Seely, Leonard J age 42, b NJ, boiler Maker
  • Seely, Catherine M age 40 b. NJ
  • Seely, Leonard W age 18, saddle maker, Mary age 16, Richard M age 12, Henery age 11, Samuel F age 10, Alice V age 7, Elizabeth age 4, all b. NJ

(Cannot find them in 1850)
1920 census Harrison, Hudson, NJ

  • Walter, John age 58 b. NY, GER, GER, street car conductor
  • Walter, Elizabeth age 62 b. NJ, NJ, NJ
  • Wagner, Catherine, dau. age 30 b. NJ,NJ, NJ, md
  • Walter, Olive, dau. age 21, single
  • Wagner, John, grson age 2 yr 6 mos b. NJ, NJ, NJ
  • Wagner, John, son-in-law age 33 b NJ, NJ, NJ, electrician
  • Kissto, Owen, roomer age 22 b. NY, NY, NY, street car conductor

1930 census Harrison, Hudson, NJ

  • Wagner, John age 43 b. NJ, GER, GER, iron worker md 21 yr to
  • Wagner, Katherine age 36 b. NJ, NJ, GER
  • Wagner, John Jr age 12, Grethel age 10. both b. NJ, NJ, NJ

(In 1940 in Kathryn M Wagner age 52 and son John O age 22, paper co. messenger are still in Harrison with many lodgers living with them)

This research shows that Leonard and Catherine Seely’s daughter Elizabeth married John Walter and had a daughter named Catherine/Katherine who married John Wagner. I am supposing that a submitter transcribing their records got confused with all the Catherines and Johns and entered Leonard’s wife as Catherine Walter instead of Van Emburgh by mistake. If you can find proof of the surname of Leonard J Seely’s wife I would love to hear from you.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Nov 2012

Response Information

Query Number: 1211-2

Requested Information

Estelle (Seeley) Stephens was the wife of Virginia’s grandfather, Ernest Stephens who was born 1879 in Beeton, Ontario, Canada and died in 1967 in the Los Angeles, California area. Virginia doesn’t have any information nor photos of Estella. She believes that her grandfather and Estella had three children – the first named Florence born circa 1905; her father Kenneth Stephens born in Spokane, Washington in October, 1909 and a third son named Charles. She thinks Charles was born after her father but she is not sure.

Virginia surmises that Estelle was born circa 1890 plus or minus 5 years. She has a copy of her father Kenneth’s birth certificate which states that Estelle was born in Oregon. Her grandfather Ernest visited with her family three times during the 1950’s in the Hartford, CT area however he never discussed with Virginia ( I was 8 through 11 years) anything about his wifehe may have spoken about Estelle to Virginia’s mother but she is deceased.

Virginia would like to make a connection with someone who may know more about her grandmother, Estelle Seeley Stephens and would especially like to find a photo of Estelle.


Virginia Tedeschi | vazoedylan@sbcglobal.net

Response Information

1910 census Spokane, Spokane, WA

  • Stephens, Earnest E., age 30 b. CAN, parents b. CAN, telegraph operator, md 5 yr to
  • Stephens, Estella H age 23 b. OR, parents b. KS, 3 ch., 3 living
  • Stephens, Florence C age 4, b. CA, father b. CAN, mother b. OR; Clarence E age 2, Kennet F age 6 mos., both b. WA, father b. CAN, mother b. OR

1920 census Chicago, Cook, IL

  • Florence Stephens age 13 b. CA, CAN, OR is a lodger with the family of John and Martha Stueckemann where she is a maid doing housework

Also in Chicago:

  • Kenneth Stevens age 11 b. CA, parents b. CA, boarding with George and Nellie Meier

in the Chicago Nursery and Half Orphan Society:

  • Stevens, Chas age 6 b. CA, CAN, US

1920 census Bloom, Cook, IL

  • Clarence Stephens age 11 b. WA, US, US is in the Manual(?) Training School for Boys

1930 census township 4, Shasta, CA

  • Stephens, Earnest, age 50 b. MI, CAN, CAN, poultry man, married 25 years
  • Stephens, Charles, son, age 18 b. CA, MI, KS, laborer
  • next door
  • Stephens, Fred age 55 b. CAN, CAN, CAn, poultry man, md 30 yrs to
  • Stephens, Nettie age 54 b. CAN, CAN, CAN

In 1940 Earnest Stephens is still in Shasta County, CA, a farmer (age 60 b. FR-CAN, widowed) with lodger Harris W. Bean age 33, md., b. CA who also works on farm.

In 1916 I found an Earnest Stephens age 37 married, b. CAN, of CAN-Amer. citizenship working as an accountant in Winnipeg Manitoba, a roomer in home of Hubert and Nan Baylis

WA Birth Index

  • Born at Spokane to Ernest Stephens and Stella Seley 1 Mar 1908, male and 22 Oct 1909, male

WWII Draft Registration

  • Ernest Stephens b. 19 May 1879 Beeton,ONT, CAN, resides Palo Cedro, Shasta, CA, poultry raiser, names
  • Fred Stephens of Buckeye, CA as someone who will always know his address

1881 census Tecumseth, Simcoe, Ontario, CAN

  • Earnest Stephens age 2 and Fred age 6 are both ch. of John S and Ann Stephens


  • Ernest Stephens b. 19 May 1879, d. May 1967 – Long Beach, Los Angeles, California

CA Death Index

  • Ernest Stephens, SSN: 545707695 b. 19 May 1879 Canada, d. 30 May 1967 Los Angeles Co. CA, mother’s maiden name McKay
  • Frederick S Stephens, b. 24 Nov 1874 Canada, d. 20 Sep 1950 Shasta Co. CA, mother’s maiden name McKay, Father’s surname: Stephens

CA Birth Index

  • Charles Stephens b. 6 Jun 1913 in Alameda Co., mother’s maiden name Suley

1900 census Maple Lane, Clackamas, OR

  • Siley, Oscar b. Aug 1853 WI, OH, IN, laborer in paper mill, md 20 yr to
  • Siley, Mary J b. Dec 1862 KS, GA, KS, 6 ch., 5 living
  • Siley, Otis b. Jan 1886, Stella b. Apr 1887, Tunsey (?), son b. May 1890, Clarence b. Feb 1894, McKinley b. May 1896, all b. OR, WI, KS

1910 census Portland, Multnomah, OR

  • McKinley Seley age 14 b. OR, MI, KS is in a detention home

WWI Draft:

  • Clarence Oscar Seley b. 1 Feb 1894 at St John’s OR, resides Lents OR, teamster, has wife, registered in Pacific Co. OR

1885 census Milford, Davis, KS

  • Seely, George age 59 b. CANADA, to KS from IA
  • Seely, Eliza age 57 b. NY
  • Seely, Frank age 23, Eva age 21, George age 19, all b. IA
  • Wells, Pearl, age 2 b. KS

Next door

  • Seely, William age 29, b. WI
  • Seely, Mary age 22 b. NY
  • Seely, Will age 6 b. IA, Lilly age 2 b. KS

1880 census Milford, Davis, KS

  • Seley, George H, age 54 b. CAN, ENG, ENg, farmer
  • Seley, Betsey age 53 b. NY, Ny, NY
  • Seley, Oscar age 22 b. WI, CAN, NY
  • Seley, Frank age 19, George age 14, Eva age 16 b. IA, CAN, NY

Next door:

  • Seley, William age 23 b. WI, CAN, NY, farmer
  • Seley, Mary age 25 b. MI, -, –
  • Seley, William age 2, b. IA, WI, MI
  • Zimmerman, Thomas age 23 b. NY, NY, NY, boarder, farm laborer

1870 census Jackson, Linn, IA

  • Cely, George, age 44 b. CAN
  • Cely, Betsy, aage 43 b. NY
  • Cely, Wm age 15, Oscar age 12, both b. WI; Frank age 9, Eva age 6, Geo age 4, all b. IA

1860 census Anamosa, Jones, IA

  • Seeley, George age 33 b. NY
  • Seeley, Betsey age 33 b. NY
  • Seeley, Edward age 13 b. NY, Charles age 9, Wm age 5, Oscar age 2, all b. WI

1850 Spring Prairie, Walworth, WI

  • Seley, George, age 24, laborer, b. NY
  • Seley, Betsy, age 23, b. NY
  • Seley, Edwin, age 3, b. NY

Blodgett Cemetery, Jackson Twsp, Linn, IA

  • Edwin L. Seley, s/o George & Betsey, d. 16 March 1866 age 19 yrs.

Obituary: Elizabeth Seley – December 8, 1902 – Milford, KS

Mrs. Elizabeth Seley was born Nov. 6, 1826, in Genesee County, N.Y. She was married to Geo. H. Seley, Jan. 1, 1845. They removed to Milford, Kas., in 1878, where she has since resided. Mr. Seley died in 1897. To them were born nine children, six of whom are living and mourn their mother’s death. She lived a faithful and consistent Christian life for sixty years. She died at her home in Milford, December 8, 1902 after an illness of three months.

Published in the Junction City Union, undated, donated to the Seelye Research Center

From Findagrave:

  • George H Seley b. 1826 NY, d. 26 Jul 1897 at Milford, Geary Co. KS, and his wife Betsey Elizabeth Worth Seley (1827-1902) share a tombstone in Milford Cemetery in Milford KS
  • Oscar Seley b. 1858, died 1929 buried Multnomah Park Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah Co. OR

In conclusion Estella seems to be the dau. of Oscar and Mary Seley and the granddaughter of George H and Betsey Worth Seley. We do not know the ancestry of George H. Seley. If you recognize this family please let us know.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Nov 2012

Query Number: 1211-1

Requested Information

Pat is wondering about Henry James Seeley and his photography business in Bridgeport, CT,

She found pictures in her mother’s papers of what she thinks are relatives. She would like to know if anyone in SGS (or elsewhere of course) might have records of people who had their picture taken by Henry or his son Wilber (who took over the business).


Pat Perro | jperro6@yahoo.com

Response Information

Looking at the census Henry was working as a photographer by 1880 and until at least 1910. His son Wilbur Nash Seeley was b. in 1872. There are several photos by HJ Seeley and from the Seeley Warnock Studio in Bridgeport on ebay. If you can help Pat with her research please contact her and copy me.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Nov 2012

Query Number: 1208-4

Requested Information

Here is another mystery Seeley. Illinois Death Index: SEELEY, WALTER, age 81, died 19 Jan 1950, Kane County

From Findagrave: West Batavia Cemetery, Kane Co. IL

  • Walter E Seeley “father” 1868-1950, Plot: Lot 639, Grave 09
  • Mary E Seeley 1870-1962 “mother” Plot: Lot 639, Grave 10
  • Walter Clyde Seeley, Plot: Lot 639, Grave 06, b. 22 Jun 1892, d. 9 Jan 1954

Inscription: ILL. PFC HQ DET 89 DIV. WWI
1900 Census: Shabbona, DeKalb, Illinois

  • Walter Seeley age 31 b. Nov 1868, WI, NY, NY, Day Laborer, md 11 yrs to
  • Mary Seeley age 28, b. Nov 1871 IL, NY, NY, mother of 7 ch., 6 living,
  • Frances Seeley dau. b. May 1889 IL, WI, IL
  • Louis Seeley dau. b. Aug 1889(?) IL, WI, IL
  • Walter Seeley b. June 1891 born IL, WI, IL
  • Johnnie Seeley b. Nov 1893 born IL, WI, IL
  • Clarence Seeley Dec 1896 born IL, WI, IL
  • Lillie Seeley Dec 1898 born IL, WI, IL

1910 Census: Shabbona, DeKalb, Illinois

  • Walter Selley age 40 born NY, Unknown, Unknown, Fireman Railroad, md 22 years to
  • Mary Selley age 39 mother of 8 – 6 living, born IL NY


  • Lois Selley age19 born IL NY IL
  • John Selley age 16 born IL NY IL
  • Clarence Selley age 12 born IL, IL, IL
  • Lily Selley age 11 born IL, IL, IL

1920 Census: Geneva, Kane, Illinois

  • Walter J Seely age 51 b. WI, NY, NY, Laborer Foundry
  • Mary A Seely wife age 49 born IL, NY, NY
  • Walter I Seely son age 27 born IL, WI, IL, laborer


  • John Seely son age 26 born IL ,WI, IL, Laborer Foundry
  • Clarence Seely son age 23 born IL, WI, IL, Gateman Railroad
  • Lilly Seely daughter age 21 born IL, WI, IL
  • William Melby boarder age 25 born IL, Norway, IL, Painter House

In 1920, 1930 and 1940 Walter and Mary Seeley continue to reside in Geneva
CA Death Certificate Transcription: District # 1992 Registrars No. 582 Certificate # 988 – Los Angeles County

  • Walter Clyde Seeley:

Date of Death: January 9, 1954 8:17 AM
Place of Death: Veterans Administration Hospital, Wilshire & Sawtelle Blvd., West Los Angeles
Last usual residence: Tucson, Pima County, Arizona
Length of Stay in this city or town: 10 days
Date of Birth: June 22, 1892
Age: 61
Birthplace: Illinois
Male White
Veteran – WWI
Married – Alma Seeley
Father: Walter Seeley born Illinois
Mother: Mary Spears born Illinois
Usual Occupation: Kitchen Helper Veterans Administration
Informant: Records of Veterans Administration Center
Removal 1/13/54 Batavia, Illinois
Shabbona Historical Society Marriage Index
Seeley A. Melby, Wm. 30Jun1920
Seeley, Alice Challand, Walter 12Feb1890
Seeley, Lois Brown, Frank 04Oct1913
Seeley, Walter C. Johnson, Clara 30Jun1920
Seeley, Walter E. Spears, Mary 07Aug1888

I have more information on the children and grandchildren of Walter Seeley and Mary Spears. I can send it to anyone who is interested. Finding Walter’s parents is the problem.

1880 census Shabbona, DeKalb, IL

  • Mary Spears age 8 with her parents Walter and Mary and sisters Sarah, Louisa, Nancy, Cora and Orah

1880 census Shabbona, DeKalb, IL

  • Seeley, Harlis, age 37, farmer b. NY, NY, NY
  • Seeley, Mariah, age 31 b. CAn, CAN, CAN
  • Seeley, Alice age 14 b. WI, NY, CAN; Eva age 5, Linda age 2 both b. IL, NY, CAN

Also in Shabbona

  • Seeley, Melissa age 45, her sister Julia age 58 and mother Mercy age 77, bedridden, all b. NY, NY, NY

Also in Shabbona

  • Seeley, John, age 41 b. NY, NY, NY, widower, laborer
  • Seeley, John Jr age 10 b. IL, NY, NY

In 1870 Mercy Seely age 66, July age 47 and Melissa age 38 were in Victor, DeKalb, IL. I can’t find Harley/Harlis or John Seeley in the 1870 census.

1860 census Clinton, DeKalb, IL

  • Seely, Thomas, age 68 b. NY
  • Seely, Mercy, age 58 b. NY
  • Seely, Julia age 33, Melissa age 29, John age 23, Harley age 21, all b. NY

1850 census Clymer, Chautauqua, NY

  • Seely, Thomas, age 60 b. NY, farmer
  • Seely, Mercy age 48 b. NY
  • Seely, Melissa age 20, John age 18, Harvey age 12, Sarah age 8, all b. NY

So it would seem like Walter should be somewhere in this family since there are no other Seeleys in Shabonna. But this next bit is strange: There is an 1880 death record in Shabonna, DeKalb IL for Walter Seeley age 12 b. IL, NY, NY who died of diphtheria in Mar 1880. If you have any ideas let me hear from you.


Linda Crocker | llbc100@msn.com

Query Number: 1208-3

Requested Information

Troy was born June 3rd 1977 at the Naval Hospital in Norfolk VA. His birth name was Reginald Alan Wayne Seeley. He was told that his mother’s name was Kathy Marie Seeley of Woonsocket R.I. Troy was adopted August 15th 1979 through the Albertina Kerr adoption agency by James and Cheryl Donaldson in Oregon where he lived until he joined the U.S. Army in 1997. He is a sergeant stationed in Florida and currently deployed to Afghanistan. He is interested in knowing if his birth mother is still alive, where she lives etc. and if she would be willing to establish or have contact with me.


Jeremy Troy Donaldson | troy16b@yahoo.com

Response Information

The Albertina Kerr Agency is located in Portland OR. From their website it looks like their main focus now is working with children with developmental delays but they used to be heavily into work with single moms, foster care and adoptions. I suggested Troy contact them to see if he could get any more information. There are lots of Kathy/Katherine Seeleys.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Aug 2012

Response Information

re Kathy Marie Seeley of Woonsocket R.I.
SGS was contacted by Jeremy Troy Donaldson who was searching for information on his birth mother Kathy Marie Seeley. Troy was born at the Naval Hospital in Norfolk VA but was adopted from an agency in Portland OR.

We received a response from member Loreen Wells (loreenwl@yahoo.com) who contacted us because Troy’s email address is no longer valid (he was serving in Afghanistan when he contacted SGS). Loreen says there is a resource he can use to try to contact his birth parents through the state of Oregon. All adoptions in Oregon ultimately go through the state of Oregon regardless of originating agency. Oregon has a state-wide adoption registry. Troy can register with them expressing his interest in contacting his birth parent. If his birth parent similarly registers, the registry connects them. That’s Loreen’s understanding about how it works.

Loreen worked in adoptions for the state in the late 1960s and early 1970s so she has been out of the loop for a long time. However she might be able to find someone to ask if Troy runs into brick walls.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2013

Query Number: 1208-2

Requested Information

Who is Edward Howard Seeley, father of Edward Howard Seeley Jr b. 1927, Richard Stanley Seeley b. 1929, Helen A Seeley Boyer b. 1932 and John R Seeley b. 1935?


Linda Crocker | llbc100@msn.com

Response Information

Edward Howard Seeley was married 1st to Myrtle Irene Watson and 2nd to Armida Virginia Boyd. We have obituaries for Armida, Richard Stanley and John R on our website that mention these names.

1940 census Washington DC

  • Seeley, Myrtle I D age 29 b. VA, md, lived same place in 1935
  • eeley, Edward Jr age 12, b. CT, Richard S age 10 b.

VA, Helen A age 7 b. CT, John R age 4 b. DC

  • Edward Seeley b. 1 May 1905, d. Feb 1970 Alexandria, Alexandria City, VA

I have been unable to find the family in the 1930 census nor can I identify Edward Howard Seeley in any other census records. If you have information on this family, please contact me.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Aug 2012

Query Number: 1208-1

Requested Information

Mr Jackson wrote a book about an Ontario family that included descendant Margaret Gertrude Davidson. Margaret entered the US at Detroit, MI on 18 May 1933 with her mother Alma Marion Davidson. Their contact at their place of departure was Margaret’s father, William Davidson of Frazerburgh, SCOT. They were going to reside in Detroit with Alma’s father William Marfleet. Margaret was age 2 years and 10 mos.

1940 census Detroit, Wayne, MI

  • Marfleet, William H. age 55 b. ENG, caretaker of paint and Varnish factory
  • Marfleet, Gertrude A., wife age 55 b. ENG
  • Davidson, Margaret G, grdau. Age 9 b. CAN

Margaret married a Richard Seeley. They had two children, Margaret b. about 1950 and Richard b. about 1951.
US Naturalizations:

  • Margaret Gertrude Seely b. 30 Aug 1930 CAN, nat’uralized at Detroit 10 Jun 1953

Mr Jackson would like to know the identity of the Richard Seeley who md Margaret G Davidson and also further information on Margaret – where and when did she die? Did she have another marriage.


Query Number: 1205-6

Requested Information

Janice has an ancestor, Peter (Petrus) Seely Ostrom, baptized at Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, NY in 1765 and died 1811 In Rhinebeck. He married Alida Pawling. Janice wonders if Peter Seely Ostrom was named after a good friend or relative whose surname was Seely. Peter (Petrus) Seely Ostrom and Alida Pawling had a number of children; they named one of them Jesse Seely Ostrom. Jesse is Janice’s gr. gr. grandfather.

The Ostroms (Van Oosterum) came from Holland, settled in New Amsterdam, then moved up the Hudson River to Kingston, NY, on to Poughkeepsie, NY and then Rhinebeck, NY.


Rev. Janice Hesselink | jclink51@mhcable.com

Response Information

There are no Ostroms or Van Oosterums in our database. There are some Peter/Petrus/Pieter Seeleys in the Albany area in the early 1700’s. They do not seem to fit in the Obadiah or Nathaniel lines – the information comes from the IGI. Can anyone connect the Ostrom family to the Seely family? Janice and I would love to hear from you.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2012

Query Number: 1205-5

Requested Information

Roger’s great-grandfather’s brother Edward C Timpson married Rita W Seely at Elizabeth NJ 29 April 1891. Rita says she is the daughter of the late Alexander M Seely of St John New Brunswick. Roger would like to know her lineage.


Roger D Timpson | roadwarrior1@verizon.net

Response Information

We have Alexander M Seely b. 1847 New Brunswick, son of SGS# 3224 Alexander McLaughlin Seely. According to The Seelys of New Brunswick (Fanjoy and Ward) Alexander M was married to Ellen D Walton in 1872. Alexander was a sea captain and died before his father who died in 1882.

I have not been able to find Rita nor her mother Ellen in the Canadian census of 1881. According to the 1900 census of Elizabeth, Union, NJ Reda Timpson (she is Rita in later census records) was b. Jul 1874 in Canada to Canadian born parents and emigrated to the US in 1890.

Rita Seely and Edward C Timpson had three children: Laura, Maude and Edward.

We would like to find a birth, christening or census record to link Rita to her parents.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2012

Query Number: 1205-4

Requested Information

Curt contacted us because he had DNA testing that showed he is a Seeley, not a Moorman. His Moorman line is Curtis Elvin, William Elvin, Richard Floyd, William Henry, James Andrew, Benjamin, Andrew, Benjamin. This Moorman line begins in NC and moves into MS and then TX. Curt has 6 generations of photos of the males in his line and says they all have the same face.


Curt Moorman | curt.moorman@gmail.com

Response Information

We have no Moormans in our database. I checked the wives of the Moormans in Curt’s line and didn’t find any of them either. There are Sealey/Seeley, Seale, Ceeley lines that followed the same migration pattern. I also put Curt in touch with Walt Seelye our DNA Project Manager. If you have any Moormans in your line please contact Curt and copy me in your response.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2012

Query Number: 1205-3

Requested Information

Caroline recently purchased a photo that had the name of E.D. Seeley on the back. With the clues that are located on the back of the photo, she and other researchers have determined that it’s quite possibly a photo of Ebenezer D. Seeley’s [b. 1858 NJ] father, Randolph M. Seeley [b.1821 NJ] [Randolph was married to Hannah Sherwood]. From a preliminary search online, this Randolph M. Seeley seems to be the son of Ebenezer Seeley and Mary Marshall of NJ; grandson of Ebenezer Seeley and Mary Clark of NJ; and great-grandson of Enos Seeley and Naomi Petty of NJ.

Caroline maintains a forum where other researchers and myself research ephemera and photos to find the story behind the item. She has the photo posted there as well as the research work. If anyone is interested in taking a look at the photo and the preliminary work in order to authenticate it, she’d greatly appreciate it. If it can be identified, Caroline would like to give the photo to SGS. Caroline is especially hoping to locate a descendant who may also have a photo so the two could be compared to see if they match.


via Facebook

Response Information

1860 census Covington, Tioga, PA

  • Seely, R.M., age 33, b. NJ, glass cutter
  • Seely, H.M., age 24, b. PA
  • Seely, Chas S, age 3, Ella, age 1, both b. PA I can’t find this family in 1870.

In 1880 Randolph M and Hannah M are in Northumberland, Northumberland, PA with son Eben D. age 21 b. PA – I wonder if the Ella of 1860 was really Eben … In 1900 Hannah says she has 2 ch., 2 living. This Eben/Ebenezer consistently says he was b. in NJ in later censuses.) Randolph b. 1826 Cumberland Co. NJ is SGS# 2987, an 8th generation descendant of Robert Seeley.

If you descend from this family post a response on the SGS Facebook site or contact me and I will do it for you.

1900 census Justice Precinct 5, Hill, TX

  • Seeley, Ebenezer D b. Mar 1859 NJ, NJ, PA, carpenter, md 18 yr to
  • Seeley, Laura E. b. Oct 1849 OH, OH, KY, 2 ch., 2 living

Seeley, Randolph S. b. Dec 1883; Sherwood D. b. Mar 1888, both b. TX, NJ, OH

Randolph b. 1826 Cumberland Co. NJ is SGS# 2987, an 8th generation descendant of Robert Seeley.

If you descend from this family post a response on the SGS Facebook site or contact me and I will do it for you.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2012

Query Number: 1205-2

Requested Information

The submitter questioned why we have the wife of John Seelye, SGS# 32 listed as Martha Benjamin..

She says “In several places (family trees) Martha’s maiden name is given as Martha Benjamin daughter of Caleb Benjamin. However, The Benjamin Family in America, compiled by Gloria Wall Bicha and Helen Benjamin Brown, FHL 929.273 B438a, states:

“Martha Benjamin, b January 19, 1681 at Weathersfield, Conn, was living unmarried in 1706 with Uncle Samuel Hale and in 1718 with Capt. Samuel Wells. Poor Martha was not very bright and the court records show she had at least 2 children, the last born in July 1718.”

However John Seelye and his wife Martha had 12 children born in CT between 1708 and 1734. His wife Martha was named in his will probated 17 Jun 1740.


Response Information

I examined the records at the SGS Research Center when I was there in April. I found 2 references cited that may have provided Martha’s surname: Genealogy of Park Benjamin (929.273 B438 h, 1948) and Gen. of the Benjamin Family by Baker. However I also found one paper that listed her as Martha Redfield. John Seelye conveyed land in Newtown CT to his “brother James Redfield” Someone may have thought that this meant that this James was Martha’s brother. However John Seelye’s mother Deborah remarried after her husband’s death a man named James Redfield and had one son with her new husband: James Redfield Jr. This would be the ‘brother’ referred to in the land transaction. John’s sister Sarah and her husband Daniel Frost also conveyed land to James Redfield. Of course it is possible that Mr Redfield had a daughter named Martha before he married Deborah.

We have removed Martha’s surname as Benjamin from our records.

Let me know if you can find proof or further information on the correct surname of John Seelye’s wife Martha.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2012

Query Number: 1205-1

Requested Information

Tienne’s great-grandparents were James Tainter Seely and Lulu Hill. James was the son of George Seely and Charlotte (Lottie) Tainter. Charlotte divorced George and remarried in the early 1900’s. Tienne says Charlotte was murdered by her 2nd husband. She is looking for his name and any other information about them.


Tienne Linden | tienne@comcast.net

Response Information

I found a 2nd marriage for George Seely in the Wisconsin Marriage Index: Geo H Seely md Mary E Gilman 4 Dec 1894 in Dunn County WI. I cannot find a 2nd marriage for Charlotte/Lottie Tainter Seely nor any info about her death.

There are two biographies of George H Seely on our website:

  • http://www.seeley-society.net/bios-ly/bio-ghseely.html
  • http://www.seeley-society.net/bios-ey/bio-georgehenryseeley1.html

George is the grandson of SGS#3096, Henry Seely of Onondaga Co. NY

If you have any information on Charlotte Tainter’s 2nd marriage please contact me.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2012

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Victoria is researching an image from a postcard of an oil tank fire. One of the postcards says the picture was taken in Olean, NY and it states: Copyright 1901 Don Seeley. Although not related to the Seeley family herself she would love any information anyone might have on a Don Seeley living and working in the NY/PA oil region around the turn of the century. You can see the postcard at http://www.victoriamanning.com/ (look under Work) and read an interesting article written by Victoria about the postcard (look under Statements).


Victoria Manning | vmanning@lycos.com

Response Information

1880 census Wellsboro, Tioga, PA

  • Seeley, Don, age 26 b. PA, PA, PA, compositor
  • Seeley, Julia age 18 b. PA, PA, PA
  • Seeley, Harry T age 10 mos. b. Jul 1879 PA, PA, PA

1880 census Bradford, McKean, PA

  • Seeley, Daniel T age 46 b. NY, NY, NY, gunsmith
  • Seeley, Anna age 37 b. NY, IRE, IRE
  • Seeley, Don A age 8, Nellie May age 6, both b. NY, NY, NY

I found Don Seele b. 1872 NY in the 1910 and 1920 censuses in Pittsburgh, PA and in 1930 in Olean, Cattaraugus, NY working as a commercial photographer.

There is also a Donald H Seeley b. Feb 1892, residing in Alma, Allegany, NY in 1900. His step-father is an oil driller. This Don lives in Olean when he registers for the WWI Draft and later lives in OK where he works in the oil industry but he would have only been 9 yrs old when the postcard photo was copyrighted….

We have several members who come from that part of the US – perhaps someone will know which Don/Donald Seeley is the oil fire photographer. Contact me with any info you have.

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Seeking ANY information on John H. Seeley, my great grandfather. Listed on daughter, Georgia Seeley Killpatrick’s death certificate, as born in Canada. Served in the Union army or Militia(?) in 1864 in Ky. Was married to Georgia Robinson and had three daughters, Carrie, Lizzie and Georgia. Family story is he left after Georgia died giving birth to her namesake to lead wagon trains west????? I know nothing about his parentage or fate and want desperately to unravel this puzzle.


Killpatrick Fresh | franfresh@insightbb.com

Response Information

1880 census Carlisle, Nicholas, KY

  • Robinson, Carrie, age 37 b. KY, KY, KY, single
  • Robinson, Louise age 35 b. KY, KY, KY, single
  • Robinson, Ben N age 26, single, lawyer
  • Robinson, Eva, age 23, single b. KY, KY,KY
  • Seely, Carrie age 19, Lizzie age 17, Georgia age 11, all b. KY, father b. CAN, mother b. KY

1870 census Precinct 4, Nicholas, KY

  • Georgia Celia age 9 mos in the home of Logan Eshorn and Noah and Jane Anderson

1870 Carlisle, Nicholas, KY

  • Robinson, Jas, age 55, b. KY
  • Robinson, Carrie age 30, Lou age 28, Benjamin age 18, Eva age 16, all b. KY
  • Seely, Jno H age 54 distiller b. CANADA
  • Seely, Mary age 12, LE age 10, both b. KY

1860 census Millersburg, Bourbon, KY

  • Seely, J A age 40 b. VT, livery stable
  • Seely, George A, female, age 16 b. KY

1860 census Carlisle, Nicholas, KY

  • Robinson, James age 50, trader b. KY
  • Robinson, Adaline age 45 b. KY
  • Robinson, Caroline age 20, Louisa age 17, Robert age 14, Agnes age 11, Benj age 8, Eva age 5, all b. KY

1850 in District 2 Nicholas Co. KY

  • James Robinson age 39 and Adaline age 35 with Thomas C age 15, Mary 13, Caroline 11, Louisa 8, George Ann 6, Robert 3, Agnes

Kentucky Death Index

  • Mrs Carrie Seeley Moore d. 6 Oct 1925 Fayette Co. KY, b. KY, parents John H Seeley and Georgie Roberson both b. KY

I haven’t been able to identify John H Seeley, father of Carrie, Lizzie and Georgia. Let us know if you have any information on John.

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Requested Information

Teresa has hit a brick wall in the search for her Great Great Grandmother Ella Mae Seely’s parents. Ella was born Aug 14 1857 and died Dec 12 1909. She married Samuel Michael McCauley possibly between 1873-1874. Their first child Herbert Barnard McCauley was born 4 Sept 1875 in Rockbridge, Richland, Wisconsin. Second son Frank Lewis McCauley was born 15 Aug 1877 also in Rockbridge. Teresa’s Great Grandfather Thomas Eugene McCauley was born 23 September 1884 in Rockbridge. The fourth son was Edward Harrison McCauley born 3 June 1891 in Bartlett, Wheeler, Nebraska. Teresa is sure he was born on the trip to Alpine, Utah where Ella died and is buried in American Fork Cemetery next to her husband. Ella is in the 1880 census in Rockbridge, Richland, WI. Her birthplace is stated as Indiana and it is stated that her parents are both from Pennsylvania. In the 1900 Census it states that she is born in Pennsylvania, her father is born in Pennsylvania and her mother is born in Maine. I was able to get a copy of her death certificate (Samuel Michael McCauley is the informant on the form). He states that Ella’s mother’s maiden name was Hannah Stone, born in Maine. He also states that Ella Mae’s father was named Seley.(spelled that way – no first name given). The 1910 census has the birth place of the boys’ mother as PA. Teresa has searched Ancestry, Family Search, Findagrave, and Rootsweb to no avail. She has found marriage certificates for the entire McCauley family but NOT for Samuel and Ella. The only other Seeley family in the area is Franklin Edgerly Seeley born 1834. He had 14 children, none were named Ella or matched her birth date. Teresa is beginning to wonder if Ella was an orphan and took the Seeley name right before her marriage.


Teresa McCauley Porter | katieteresa@msn.com

Response Information

I have checked our records and did my own Ancestry searching and I cannot identify Ella either. We also do not have a Hannah Stone married to a Seely/Seeley in the database. If any of our readers has further information on Ella Seeley or her mother Hannah Stone please contact Teresa and your Query Editor.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2012

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