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A Brief History of the Seelye Research Center

The Seelye Research Center (SRC), located in Abilene, KS, was established in 1997 by Marshall Seelye, then President of SGS, and Terry Tietjens, then owner of the Seelye Mansion. The SRC provides a centralized collection area for all people of Seeley descent to store their lineages and allows others to use those files for their own research. In 2006, Pamela Turner was asked to be librarian by then President James Seeley. In 2015, the SGS board established a mission statement and acquisition policy to help guide the direction of the SRC.

In 2013, President Katherine M. Olsen in conjunction with Terry Tietjens, established the hospitality center of the SRC. The hospitality center was envisioned as a place to relax, visit, view photos and videos, and other items of interest pertaining to the Seeley family. It is also used as the meeting place for the SGS board when they are in Abilene, Kansas. The establishment of the SRC has had a profound effect on the collection of Seeley genealogical data, allowing for a centralized location for collection, protection, and use.

Want to submit something to the SRC?

When submitting a document to be filed in the Seelye Research Center Archives, please fill in as much information as you know. Please identify your ancestor’s relationship to the Seventh-Generation name in the Seventh Generation Families Publication of the Seeley Genealogical Society, if known. If this submittal pertains to an item already on file, please list that SRC document’s identification number. If you are submitting a number of documents, please provide an index or list of the documents.

Note: Please contact the SGS President and/or SRC Librarian if you have a donation involving items other than data or a large quantity of documents (i.e. – more than a carton).