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Query Number: 1311-4

Requested Information

Stephanie is searching for information on Albert R Seeley b. 2 Jun 1867 Minnesota City, MN. Albert md Martha Booth and had two children: Clarence b. 20 Jul 1887 in MN and Mabel b. 8 Dec 1900 in IA. Martha died giving birth to Mabel. Nothing is known about Albert’s parents except that his father was b. in Scotland and his mother in England.


Stephanie W | sure_ya_do@yahoo.com

Response Information

1900 census LaPorte, Black Hawk, IA (June 6th)

  • Seeley, Albert R b. Jun 1867 MN, SCOT, ENG, day laborer, md 15 yr to
  • Seeley, Martha D b. Jul 1866 IL, MI, OH, 2 ch., 1 living
  • Seeley, Clarence F b Jul 1887 MN, MN, IL
  • MNBI
  • Clarance Seeley b. 20 Jul 1887 at Chatfield, Fillmore, Minnesota, father: Albert Seeley, mother: Martha
  • Seeley b. 25 May 1886 at Chatfield, Fillmore, Minnesota, father: Albert Seeley b. MN, mother: Mattie b. MN

1905 census Jordan, Fillmore MN

  • Seeley, Albeart R age 49 b. MN, ENG, PA, laborer, resided in this enumeration district 4 yr 3 mos
  • Seeley, Betsa age 46 b. IN, VT, -, resided in this enumeration district 15 yr, 5 mos
  • Murphy, Clifton R age 11 b. MN, IRE, IN, resided in this enumeration district 11 yr 4 mos.
  • Sutherland, Lester B age 79 b. VT, IN, -, resided in this enumeration district 15 yr 4 mos

1910 census Jordan, Fillmore, MN

  • Seeley, Albert R age 51 b. MN, NY, IA, 2nd marr., odd jobs, md 7 yr to
  • Seeley, Betsy S age age 51 b. IN, NY, PA, 2nd marr., 1 ch., 1 living
  • Murphy, Clifton age 15, stepson b. MN, IRE, IN, labor – general farm

In 1920 Albert is in Jordan living with his stepson Clifton and Clifton’s wife Fannie

1880 census Battle Plain, Rock, MN

  • Rexford, Harriet age 46, divorced, farmer b. NY, NY, NY
  • Seeley, Albert R age 21, son, b. MN, NY, NY
  • Seeley, Maggie A., dau age 20 b. MN, NY, NY
  • Rexford, Job W., son age 13 b. MN, NY, NY

1870 census Bloomfield, Fillmore, MN

  • Rexford, Vincent age 38 b. CAN, farmer
  • Rexford, Harriet age 36 b. NY
  • Rexford, Willis age 3, Harriet b. Oct 1869, both b. MN
  • Seely, Albert age 12 b. MN
  • Gates, Henry W age 61, grocer b. NY

1865 census Fillmore, MN

  • Willis, GW, male, HE, female, RA, male, JP, female, HJ, male
  • Seeley, HA, female, AR, male, ML, female
  • Wilson, ML, OM, both female

1860 Chatfield, Fillmore, MN

  • Seeley, John age 40 b. VT, farmer
  • Seeley, Harriet A age 26 b. NY
  • Seeley, Albert H age 2, Margaret age 1, both b. MN

1857 Chatfield, Fillmore, MN (October)

  • Seely, John age 38, b. WI, joiner
  • Seely, Harriet age 24 b. WI
  • Page, Mehitable age 17 b. VT
  • Lowery, Charles age 25 b. NY, blacksmith
  • Lowery, Mary age 20 b. IRE
  • Lowery, James A age 1, Jane age 5 mos., both b. MN
  • MN Marriage Index
  • Albert R Seeley md 1 Oct 1902 at Preston, Fillmore, Minnesota Betsy Stone Sutherland
  • Albert Seely md 3 Mar 1885 at Fillmore, Minnesota Mary Boath
  • Harriet Ann Seelye md 3 Jul 1866 at Fillmore, Minnesota Vincent Rexford
  • Harriet A Willis md 15 Jan 1857 at Fillmore, Minnesota John K Seely

1850 census Paris, Kenosha, WI

  • Willis, Grove W age 40, farmer, b. NY
  • Willis, Harriet age 38 b. NY
  • Willis, Harriet A age 16, Mary age 14, Grove age 12, all b. Ny
  • Willis, Rufus age 8, Matilda age 4, Jane age 2 all b. WI

John Seely, husband of Harriet Willis is SGS# 2325 according to our records. We have him dying in Chatfield, MN on 22 Jan 1861. It would be helpful to have a death record or something to tie him to his father Philo.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Nov 2013

Response Information

Query Number: 1311-3

Requested Information

Charles Rollins Seeley is the great-grandfather of Dwight’s wife. Dwight wonders if this Charles is the same as our SGS# 2784 who is the son of Schuyler and Abigail Requor Seeley of CT. Charles was married in 1892 to Rose Fitzpatrick. Dwight says this was a 2nd marriage and believes there was a son Charles from a previous marriage.


Dwight Mossman | ddmossman@comcast.net

Response Information

1850 census Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT

  • Seeley, Schuyler, age 51, b. CT, shoemaker
  • Seeley, Abigail M., age 46 b. NY
  • Seeley, Adaline age 21, Charles, age 13, both b. CT

In 1860 in Bridgeport Adeline is the only one at home with Schuyler and Abigail.

1860 census Warrenton, Warren, MO

There is a Charles Seely age 23, b. CT, laborer living in the home of CW Bennett age 26 b. NY, brick mason and his wife Sarah age 21

1870 census Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT

  • Seeley, Schuyler, age 72, b. CT, tollgate keeper
  • Seeley, Abigail M., age 67 b. NY

1880 census Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT

  • Seeley, Schuyler, age 83 b. CT, parents b. CT, tollgate keeper
  • Seeley, Abigal, age 77 b. NY, parents b. CT
  • Seeley, Charles, son age 43, divorced b. CT, CT, NY, laborer

1900 census Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT

  • Seely, CR b. Jan 1838 CT, CT, NY, superintendent md 8 yr to
  • Seely, Rose R b. Mar 1861 PA, IRE, IRE, 2 ch., 2 living
  • Seely, Abigal R, dau. b. Sept 1892, Hugh R, son b. Apr 1897, both b. CT, CT, PA

1910 census Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT

  • Seeley, Rose, widow age 41 b. PA, PA, PA, operator at cartridge co., 2 ch., 2 living
  • Seeley, Abigail M. age 17 b. CT, Ct, PA, operator at telephone co.
  • Seeley, Hugh R age 13 b. CT, CT, PA

1920 census New Rochelle, Westchester, NY

  • Komar, Joseph H age 33 b. NY, GER, SWE, electrician
  • Komar, Abigal M age 27 b. CT, CT, PA, hairdresser

1925 NY census Pelham, Westchester, NY

  • Seeley, Rose A age 60
  • Seeley, Hugh R, son age 27, electrician
  • Seeley, Dorothy T, dau-in-law age 22
  • Komar, Joseph H, son-in-law age 43, electrician
  • Komar, Abigail M., dau. age 31
  • Komar, Hugh S age 3, grson

In 1930 Joseph, Abbie and Hugh Komar are in New Rochelle. Joseph and Abigail are md 11 yr.

1940 census Westport, Fairfield, CT

  • Seeley, Hugh R age 41, b. CT, electrician
  • Seeley, Elsie M age 29 b. CT
  • Seeley, Raynor N age 9, Robert H age 2, Gail E age 0 mos., all b. CT
  • Seeley, Rose A mother, widow, age 78 b. PA
  • SSDI
  • Abigail Komar b. 20 Sep 1892, d. Mar 1983 – Ossining, Westchester, NY, Civil: CT
  • Hugh Seeley b. 26 Apr 1897, d. Oct 1963 VA, Civil: CT
  • Hugh S. Komar b. 21 Nov 1921, d. 25 Apr 2003 – Mount Kisco, Westchester, New York, USA, Civil: NY

I’m not sure the Charles Seeley in the 1860 census of MO is the correct man and I can’t find Charles/CR in 1870. We would love to hear from you if you can find an earlier marriage for Charles and/or other children.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Nov 2013

Query Number: 1311-2

Requested Information

I was contacted by Lowana who is a descendant of Edwin J. Seeley (Lowana, Lloyd M, Albert, Merrick, Edwin J.) She has a copy of the marriage certificate of Edwin J Seely and Carrie Coburn. It states that Edwin was b. in Monroe Co. NY. She wants to identify Edwin’s parents.


Seeley Mannlein | dlmannlein@centurylink.net

Response Information

1880 census: Brooks, Newaygo, MI

  • Seeley, Edwin age 28 works at saw mill b. NY NY NY
  • Seeley, Carrie wife age 18 b. IN OH IN
  • Seeley, Anna dau. age 1 MI NY IN
  • MIDI
  • Edwin Seeley, son of Emma and Hiram Seeley, b. abt 1852 NY, d. 11 Jan 1886 Alpine, Kent, MI, married, RR hand

1900 census Traverse, Grand Traverse, MI

  • Galbreth, Cashirs b. Jul 1856 MI, OH, NY, saw filer, md 12 yr to
  • Galbreth, Carrie b. Feb 1862 IN, OH, IN, has had 6 ch., 6 are living
  • Galbreth, Flora C b. Apr 1889, Nellie b. Jul 1891, Margrett b. Jan 1896, all b. MI, MI, IN
  • Seeley, Allice, step-dau b. Mar 1879, Maryc A, son b. Dec 1880, Eva E dau. b. Oct 1886, all b. MI, MI, IN

In 1910 in Traverse it is Cassius J Galbreath b. OH, Oh, OH, millwright at saw mill, md 22 yr to Carrie. It is 2nd marriage for both. Galbreath children Nellie and Marguerite M are still with them.
California Death Index
Name: Marguerite Muriel Goodspeed
Soc. Sec. No. 373058983
b. 10 Jan 1897 MI
d. 25 Feb 1980 San Diego
Mother’s Maiden Name: Coburn Father’s Surname: Galbreath

This shows that this is the same Carrie as married Edwin Seeley.
I have not been able to identify Edwin in the 1870 or 1860 censuses.

1850 census Clarkson, Monroe, NY

  • Seely, Rhoda age 60 b. NY
  • Seely, Norman age 30, Laville age 21, Hiram age 25, Eunice age 17, Alanson age 7, all b. NY
  • Findagrave
  • Norman Seeley b. 1820, d. 1853 age 33; buried at Clarkson, Monroe, NY

Rhoda Seeley is the wife of SGS# 1908, Bennett Seeley. Hiram is listed as one of his sons. Can anyone find proof that this Hiram is the father of Edwin?

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Nov 2013

Query Number: 1311-1

Requested Information

Karen is the granddaughter of Vera Seeley Buckel, wife of Henry Buckel, and daughter of George and Isadore McFarren Seeley. Family papers indicate that George is George William Seeley , born 1871 in Elyria, Lorain Co., OH. Karen and her family have been trying to find George’s parents. Some papers indicate that he is the son of William George Seeley who married Bridget Kelley and others say that his father is George F Seeley. Vera was born in 1899 in Kalkaska Co. MI. Vera has siblings named Donald, Clayton, and Clark Seeley and a sister Doris H. who was an infant when she died. The family papers also indicate that Vera’s father George had an older sister Annie Seeley who died in Michigan at age 16 in December of 1884 or 1885 of a gunshot wound and is buried in Kalkaska, MI. This would mean Annie was born late 1868 or early 1869.


Response Information

MI Death certificate: http://cdm16317.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/p129401coll7/id/124214

Doris H Seeley b. 20 Oct 1916, died 21 Jan 1917 at Rapid River, Kalkaska, MI.
Parents: Geo Seeley and Isadore McFarren

Also http://cdm16317.contentdm.oclc.org/cdm/singleitem/collection/p129401coll7/id/463658/rec/2

Eleanor Pierce b. 20 Jan. at Beera OH, age 44, divorced, died 6 Aug 1919 at Kalkaska, Kalkaska, MI of tuberculosis. Her parents were Geo. Seeley b. NY and Bridget Kelley b. IRE
Informant Geo. Seeley of Kalkaska

1920 census Rapid River, Kalkaska, MI

  • Seeley, George, age 49 b. OH NJ Ireland Farmer General Farm
  • Seeley, Isador, wife age 45 b. MI NY IN
  • Seeley, Clayton, son age 18 b. MI OH MI Laborer – Factory
  • Seeley, Donald, age 8, Clark age 6, both sons b. MI OH MI

1910 census Rapid River, Kalkaska, MI

  • Seeley, George W age 39 b. OH NJ Ireland Farmer, md 15 yr to
  • Seeley, Isador, wife, age 35 b. MI NY IN, mother of 2 ch., 2 living
  • Seeley, Vera age 10, Clayton K age 8, both b. MI OH MI
  • Chambers, Lena, sister, age 35 wd born OH NJ Ireland, mother of 1 ch., 1 living

1900 census Rapid River, Kalkaska, MI

  • Seeley, George W b. Feb 1871 OH NJ Ireland, Day Laborer Teamster, md 4 yr to
  • Seeley, Isador, b. May 1874 MI MI IN, mother of 1 ch., 1 living
  • Seeley, Vera dau. b. Jul 1899 MI OH MI

I cannot find George or his sisters Eleanor or Lena in the 1880 census.

1870 census Bearea (Berea), Cuyahoga, OH

  • Cely, George age 30 b. NY, laborer
  • Cely, Bridgett age 33 b. IRE
  • Flanagan, Joseph age 9, Mary age 8, both b. OH
  • Cely, Ann age 1 b. OH

1930 census: Cadillac, Wexford, MI

  • Buckel, Henry E age 35, age at first marriage 23 b. MI MI MI Fireman for Rail Road
  • Buckel, Vera A wife age 30, age at first marriage 23 b. MI OH MI
  • Buckel, Alvin C age 3 2/12, B Blaise, age 1, both sons b. MI MI MI

I found Vera A Buckel with husband Henry E in the 1919 directory of Owosso, Shiawassee, MI and also in 1924. In the 1920 census of Owasso they are listed separately, both as roomers but in different homes. He says he is married and a RR worker. She has no occupation, is listed as divorced and b. MI, both parents b. Sweden!!!

1940 census Wilson, Kalkaska, MI

  • Buckel, Henry age 45, b. MI, farmer
  • Buckel, Vera A age 40 b. MI, public school teacher
  • Buckel, Alvin C age 13, Blaise age 11, Arlene M age 8, all b. MI
  • Seeley, Isa C age 65, widow, wife’s mother b. MI

In doing research for the database we also have information on Vera’s brothers Clayton, Donald, and Clark.

About Lena, sister of George W. Seeley
Cook Co. IL Marriages
Lena Seeley age 24 md 20 Oct 1897 to Frank T Chambers age 28

1900 census Mackinac Island, Mackinac, MI

  • Chambers, Frank T b. Oct 1858 MI, IRE, MI, painter, md 3 yr to
  • Chambers, Lena b. May 1875 OH, NY, OH, 0 ch.

1920 census Chicago, Cook, IL

  • Lena Chambers age 43 b. OH, NY, OH, is working as a servant for family of Ralph Baurine. With her is dau. Dorothy Chambers age 16 b. MI, MI, OH

In Chicago in 1930 Lena is a lodger in a boarding house. In 1940 she and Dorothy are living together again in Chicago. Dorothy is a stenographer at a publishing co.
Chambers, Lena E age 67 d. 16 Oct 1949 Cook Co.
Dorothy Chambers b. 7 Oct 1903, d. Jan 1982 – Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

About Eleanor, dau. of George Seeley and Bridget Kelley, probable sister of George W.

1900 census Charlevoix, Charlevoix, MI

  • Pierce, Harris b. Jul 1866 MI, NY, CAN, drayman, md 2 yr to
  • Pierce, Eleanor b. Jan 1875 OH, NY, IRE, 1 ch., 1 living
  • Pierce, Seeley K b. Nov 1898 MI, MI, OH

In the previous house were Daniel and Addelia M Pierce, ages 69 and 54

In 1910 in Charlevoix Seeley Pierce age 11 and his brother Kenneth age 3 are living with their grandmother Adelia Pierce. Adelia’s son-in-law Albert Holmes age 37 is the head of household. Also there are his wife Bertha age 38 and their son Ivan age 9. They are all still together in Charlevoix in 1920.

WWI Draft
Seeley Kingsley Pierce b. 24 Nov 1898, resides Charlevoix, truck driver, names father Harris Kingsley Pierce as next of kin.

1930 census Morrow, Warren, OH

  • Pierce, Seeley age 31 b. MI, MI, MI, proprietor oil Station, md 2 yr to
  • Pierce, Irene age 32 b. OH, Oh, OH
  • Pierce, Phillis A age 6 mos b. OH, MI, OH
  • Pierce, Kenneth age 24, brother b. OH, MI, MI, assistant at oil station

1940 census Morrow, Warren, OH

  • Seeley K and Irene and Phyllis Ann are still there. He is proprietor of service station; Irene is proprietor of restaurant

1940 census Williamsburg, Clermont, OH

  • Pierce, Kenneth age 33 b. MI, resided rural Warren Co. in 1935, salesman for wholesale canoeery ? co.
  • Pierce, Alice age 26 b. OH. resided rural Warren Co. in 1935
  • Pierce, Donald age 8 b. MI, Edward age 2 b. OH
  • OHDI
  • Seeley K Pierce, b. 1899, d. 25 Apr 1964 – Silverton, Hamilton, resided Silverton, Hamilton, OH

Please contact SGS if you can identify the parents of George, Lena and Eleanor Seeley or have more information on the George and Bridget Cely of Berea, Cuyahoga, OH.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2014

Response Information

Update to Query 1311-1 Re George Seeley, b. 1871 OH

George’s great-granddaughter, Karen Hart (karen-hart@torchlake.com), was trying to identify his parents. We found his probable parents George and Bridget Cely in the 1870 census of Berea, OH, with his older sister Ann, age 1, and older children Joseph and Mary Flanagan, ages 9 and 8, but could not find them in the 1880 census.

Karen recently heard from a relative that Bridget Jane Kelly, (the wife of George Cely/Seeley) was married to John Flanigan/Flannagan and lived in Ohio at that time. She found a census record from 1860 in Pultney Twp, Belmont, OH, showing where a John Flanagan and a Bridget Kelly were in the household of Dennis Hays. She also found an Ohio marriage record from Cuyahoga Co., OH, dated Nov. 21, 1858 for John Flannegan and Bridget Kelley.

I searched for Joseph Flanigan and found this:

1860 census (Berea P.O.), Middleburg, Cuyahoga, OH

  • Flannagan, John, age 25, b. IRE, laborer
  • Flannagan, Bridget, age 25, b. IRE
  • Flannagan, Joseph, age 6 mos., b. OH They are listed directly after Thomas Kelley age 30 and wife Jane age 23, both b. IRE.

Karen’s father recalls hearing of a “step-brother” to his grandfather George William Seeley (this George was born in 1871 in Elyria, OH) but the step-brother had moved and was living in Tulsa, OK. Possibly this would be Joseph Flanigan. Her dad also believes that there was a step-sister of this same grandfather (possibly, Mary Flanigan) who lived in the Chicago area.

If you have any more information on these Cely/Seeleys or Flanigans, we would love to hear from you.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2014

Response Information

Update to Query 1311-1 Re: George Seeley b. February 1871 in OH

Grace Pierce (dongracepp@msn.com), wife of a grandson of Eleanor, sister of the above George, was in touch with us. She sent a copy of Eleanor’s marriage record: Ellenor Seeley, age 23, resident of Chicago, b. abt. 1875, Berea, OH, to George Seeley and Catherine Kelley, md. 19 Jan 1898, Charlevoix, Charlevoix, MI, to Harris K. Pierce, age 31, resident of Charlevoix where he was b. to Daniel H. Pierce and Adelia Griffith (MI Marriage Records, 1867-1952, MI Dept. of Community Health). Grace also told us that Kenneth Pierce, son of Eleanor and Harris, had a twin sister, Elizabeth, who died at age 3 mos. (b. 27 Sept 1906, d. 27 Dec 1906), and is buried in Brookside Cemetery, Charlevoix, MI. When I forwarded this information to the original submitter, Karen Hart (karen-hart@torchlake.com), she was able to locate a grave for Elinor Seeley Pierce in Evergreen Cemetery (Lot 336), Kalkaska, MI. This grave is shared with Annie Seeley and George F Seeley, believed to be her sister and father. These three graves are unmarked but noted in cemetery records. Just west of these graves in Lot 335 are four graves with headstones for George and Isadore Seeley, Alvin Seeley, and Vera Seeley Buckel. None of us have been able to find an 1880 census record for George and Bridget/Catherine Seeley or any of their children. If you can find one, I might give you a prize!

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2015

Query Number: 1308-3

Requested Information

Listed on the SGS website as a Vietnam Veteran, Larry is a descendant of SGS# 2530, Charles Seelye. Another person on that list is Capt. Douglas Milton Seeley who is shown MIA. A few months ago Larry attended a family seminar hosted by the Joint Accounting Office for POW/MIA Families. He gave them a DNA sample at that time. He was told that Capt. Seeley’s case had been activated and progress made. He was asked by the case manager about the relationship he had to Capt. Seeley, or whether there were any other close relatives. Larry knows that Capt. Seeley was an only child, born 25 Jan 1943 in Marietta, Washington, OH, that he was married to Paula, and that both his parents (John Philip Seeley and Dorothy Evelyn Swaney Seeley) are deceased. Larry wants to know his relationship to Capt. Seeley.


Response Information

SGS Response: Chris Havnar and I have already done research on Capt. Seeley’s extended family, starting from various obituaries, including that of his mother, Dorothy Evelyn Seeley: “BRADENTON, Fla.—Dorothy Evelyn Seeley, 93, passed away on Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009, at Blake Medical Center in Bradenton, Fla. She was born in Marietta, on May 3, 1916, to the late George Arthur and Martha Forshey Swaney.

“Dorothy graduated from Marietta High School in 1934. She married John Phillip Seeley on July 3, 1938. He passed away on April 21, 1970, in Chandler, Ariz. While she resided in Marietta, she worked as a dispatcher for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and as a stenographer for a local attorney. Bradenton, Fla., was her home for the past 36 years.

“Besides her parents and husband, she was preceded in death by her son, Air Force Capt. Douglas M. Seeley, missing in action from the Vietnam War; as well as four brothers, Everett, Glen, Delbert and Floyd Swaney; and one sister, Violet Swaney.

“Dorothy is survived by a brother, Gerald Swaney and his wife, Eileen, of Marietta; one sister, Thelma Lowther of Lakewood, Colo.; a sister-in-law, Jane Swaney of Marietta; and her daughter-in-law, Paula Seeley of Chandler, Ariz. Fourteen nieces and nephews also survive her. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. on Thursday (Oct. 22, 2009) at Hadley Funeral Home, Reno Chapel, where family will receive friends one hour prior to services. Burial will follow in Valley Cemetery.

“Online condolences may be sent to hadleyfuneralhomes.com.” Published in the Marietta Times, (Marietta, Ohio) October 21, 2009

1940 census Marietta, Washington, OH

  • Seeley, J Phillip, age 32, b. OH, chainman for county
  • Seeley, Dorothy, age 23, b. OH, lawyer’s secretary

1930 census Marietta, Washington, OH

  • Seeley, M C, age 66, b. OH, parents b. OH, painter, md 34 yr to
  • Seeley, Nettie, age 66, b. OH, WV, OH
  • Seeley, Philip J, age 28, son, b. OH, OH, OH, wholesale salesman
  • Dye, Laura, dau. age 33, b. OH, OH, OH, md 6 yr.
  • Dye, Fred A, grson, age 2 b. OH, OH, OH

1920 census Marietta, Washington, OH

  • Seely, Marcellus C, age 56, b. OH, OH, OH, calker in coal mining co.
  • Seeley, Nettie age 56, wife, b. OH, WV, OH
  • Seeley, Laura L age 23, stenographer, Fred C, age 21, telegrapher, J Philip, age 18, truck driver, Francis S, age 12, all b. OH, OH, OH

In 1910 in Marietta Marcellus is a carpenter, married 14 yr to Nettie, and she has had 6 ch, 4 living: Laura, Fred, Philip and Francis
1900 census Marietta, Washington, OH

  • Seely, Meselus C, b. Jun 1863, OH, OH, OH, boat caulker, md 4 yr to
  • Seely, Nettie L, b. Oct 1863, OH, WV, OH, 2 ch:
  • Seely, Laura L, b. Oct 1896, Fred C, b. Nov 1898, both b. OH, OH, OH
  • Severance, Rachel M, mother-in-law, b. Aug 1825, OH, MA, OH, md 55 yr, widow, 7 ch, 5 living

According to our database, Marcellus is Marcellus Cornelius Seeley, son of John Ceiley, Cealey, Seeley, b. 1825-32 in OH, and his wife, Nancy/Ann M, b. 1838/9 OH. They resided in Olive, Meigs, OH, in 1860 and 1880, and Troy, Athens, OH, in 1870. I cannot find John in the 1850 census and cannot find data to take his line back farther than that.

Looking for a male cousin of Captain Seeley, any sons of John Philip Seeley’s brothers.

About Fred C.:
WWI Draft

  • Fred Congrove Seely, b. 8 Nov 1898, resides Marietta, Washington, OH, telegraph operator for Western Union, names Mrs Nettie Seely of same address as next of kin


  • Fred C. Seely, b. 8 Nov 1898, d. 27 Dec 1987, Wheeling, Ohio, WV, USA; Civil: WV

1930 Census: Williams, Wood, WV

  • Seely ,Fred C., age 31, b. OH, OH, OH, Telegraph Brokerage Office, md 6 yr to
  • Seely, Virginia, age 27, b. WV, WV, WV
  • Seely, Phillip, son, age 5, b. OH, OH, WVa
  • Wagner, Lelan A, lodger, age 21, b. WV, WV, WV, Messenger Service Station


  • Philip C. Seely, b. 22 Nov 1924, d. 20 Jun 2008, Civil: WV

“MASON CITY—Philip Clark Seely, 83, of 638 Sixth Street S.E., Mason City, died Friday (June 20, 2008) at his home. “Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 24, 2008, at Hogan Bremer Moore Colonial Chapel, 126 Third St. N.E., with the Rev. Kenneth Gehling officiating. Inurnment will be at Elmwood St. Joseph Cemetery in Mason City. Visitation will be held from 4 until 6 p.m. Monday, June 23, 2008, at Hogan Bremer Moore Colonial Chapel. Memorials may be directed to Hospice of North Iowa.

“Philip Clark was born on Nov. 22, 1924, the son of Fred C. and Mildred V. (Clark) Seely in Marietta, Ohio. He graduated from Wheeling High School in West Virginia. Philip enlisted in the United States Navy in 1943 and served until 1968. He was a chief radioman. Philip married Mary J. “Jan” Tenney on July 11, 1968, in Sioux Falls, S.D. Philip then worked for the Chicago & North Western Railroad for 16 years before retiring.

“Philip was a member of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, the Elks Lodge No. 375, where he was an exalted ruler, past state vice president, and past PDD GER; a Moose member, a lifetime member of the V.F.W., and a life member of the Fleet Reserve Association. Philip was also a member of the Destroyer’s Escort Sailors Association, and the USS Wisconsin Association.

“In his spare time, Philip liked to do woodworking, golf, watch Westerns, drink coffee with his friends and spend time with his grandchildren.

“He is survived by his wife, Jan, of Mason City; children, Philip Seely, Mason City, Fred Anthony (Sally) Seely, Charleston, S.C., Christina Eldridge, Charleston, S. C., Jay Patrick Seely, Des Moines, Timothy (Lynn) Seely, Lake City, Minn., Patricia Hjelle, Mason City, Ann Shaffer, Des Moines, Mary Jo (Vern) Duffield, North Platte, Neb., Kimberly Alejandre, Lodi, Calif., Michelle Hathaway, Mason City; 26 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren; and a sister, Sally Bounds, Wheeling, W. Va.

“Philip was preceded in death by his parents; one grandson, Scott; his daughter-in-law, Rita Seely, and a son-in-law, Doug Eldridge.

“Hogan Bremer Moore Colonial Chapel 126 Third St., N.E, Mason City, 641-423-2372. www.colonialchapels.com.”

Published in the Globe Gazette from 6/21/2008-6/22/2008

About Francis S.
1930 census Marietta, Washington, OH

  • Seely, Francis S., age 23, b. OH, OH, OH, salesman for oil and gas, md 3 yr to
  • Seely, Lola V, age 21, b. WV, OH, WV
  • Seely, Nettie B, age 2 yr 1 mo, b. OH, OH, WV

In 1940 Lola, wife of Francis Seeley is divorced and living in Williamstown, Wood, WV (across the river from Marietta) with her parents, William and Lola B Brothers, her sisters, Catherine, Betty and Stella, and her dau Nettie B, age 12. It looks like the nearest relative for a DNA sample would be a son of Philip Clark Seely.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Aug 2013

Query Number: 1308-2

Requested Information

Donn contacted SGS trying to locate any information on his mother, born Allie Marcelia Seeley at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, on 24 Jun 1938. On her birth certificate her father is listed as William Mearill Seeley. His birth date is not listed; instead, it says that at the time of his daughter’s birth he was 39 years old. His wife, Donn’s grandmother, was Jessie Pearl Dew. She also has no birth date listed , just her age at the time of Allie’s birth, which was 27. According to the birth certificate, William Seeley was born in New York, but it doesn’t say where. Jessie was born in Canada. William worked at the Ford Motor Company. Donn never met William Seeley, and he was really never talked about in the family.


Donn Osborn | my.dream@frontier.com

Response Information

1940 census Detroit, Wayne, MI

  • Dew, Simeon J, age 56, b. CAN, steel work at auto factory
  • Dew Allie M, age 46, wife b. MI
  • Seeley, Jessie P, age 29, married, b. CAN, dau
  • Dew, Alexander L, age 26, son, divorced, b. CAN, delivery for merchants
  • Seeley, Allie M, age 2, gr-dau, b. MI

1940 census Southfield, Oakland, MI

  • Boyd, Raymond, age 42, b. MD, resided Ferndale MI in 1935, hospital attendant
  • Boyd, Elizabeth, wife, age 34, b. NY, parents b. NY, resided Ferndale in 1935
  • Seeley, Viola, step-dau, age 16, b. MI
  • Boyd, Ruth, age 11, Wallace, age 9, Warren, age 6, Donn,a age 5, Marlene, age 2, ch, all b. MI
  • Seeley, Mearill, lodger age 42 b. NY, stock chaser for auto manufacturer

(In 1930 Raymond and Elizabeth Boyd are in Royal Oak, Oakland, MI, with his step-daughter Viola C Seeley, age 6, b. MI, and daughter Ruth Y Boyd, age 1 yr 10 mo, b. NY)
1920 census Detroit, Wayne, MI

  • Seeley, Mearill W, age 21, b. NY, parents b. CAN automobile driver; he is a boarder with the Martin R Moorish family
  • http://news.nnyln.net/potsdam-courier-freeman/potsdam-courier-freeman-1963-january-1964-april/potsdam-courier-freeman-1963-january-1964-april%20-%201399.pdf
  • This shows the wedding of Mary Lang to Mearill Boyd Seeley, son of Mr and Mrs William Seeley of Canton (NY), 27 Mar 1963. The couple will reside in Michigan.
  • http://news.nnyln.net/potsdam-courier-freeman/potsdam-courier-freeman-1983-april-december/potsdam-courier-freeman-1983-april-december%20-%200275.pdf
  • This is the obituary of Viola LaSiege of Ogdensburg (NY), who was b. in Detroit MI, 10 Oct 1923, daughter of Mearill and Elizabeth Corlew Seeley
  • http://news.nnyln.net/potsdam-courier-freeman/potsdam-courier-freeman-1959-april-1960-june/potsdam-courier-freeman-1959-april-1960-june%20-%201380.pdf
  • An article dated 30 Jun 1960 about military service of Warren Albert Boyd and brother Mearill R Boyd, sons of Mr. and Mrs. William Seeley of Canton, NY.

Here is Elizabeth Corlew Seeley’s obituary : “CANTON – Elizabeth M. Seeley, 83, Hudson, Mich., formerly of the Butternut Ridge Road, Canton, widow of Merrill W. Seeley, died Tuesday at the home of her son, Merrill, in Hudson, with whom she had resided. The funeral will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at the O’Leary Funeral Home, with Rev. George Sndyer, Baptist minister, officiating. Burial will be in Crary Mills Cemetery at a later date. Calling hours will be 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Friday at the funeral home.

“Surviving are three sons, Wallace L., Farwell, Mich., Warren A., Canton, and Merrill R., Hudson; a daughter,

Mrs. William (Donna) Kyle, Whitmore Lake, Mich., and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

“Three daughters, Viola LaSiege, Ogdensburg, Mrs. James (Ruth) Machie, Clare, Mich., and Mrs. Victor (Marlene) Gardner, Canton, died previously.

“Born in East Syracuse May 15, 1905, a daughter of George and Elizabeth Ackerman Corlew, she attended East Syracuse schools. She married Merrill W. Seeley in 1939, in Detroit, Mich.

“The couple lived in Detroit after their marriage, where Mr. Seeley was associated with the Ford Motor Co. for 45 years. They came to the Canton area in 1957 and operated a dairy farm on the Butternut Ridge Road for 15 years until retiring in 1970. Mr. Seeley, also a native of East Syracuse, died in June 1979, at the age of 81.”

Published in the Watertown Daily Times (NY), 31Mar 1988, Page 24.
SS Death Index

  • William Seeley, b. 29 Nov 1898, d. Jun 1979, Canton, Saint Lawrence, NY, USA, Civil: Michigan

Merrill William Seeley’s obituary: “CANTON — Funeral services for Merrill W. Seeley, 81, Butternut Ridge Road (Rt. 4), Canton, were held Tuesday, June 12, 1979, from the O’Leary Funeral Home of Canton, Rev. J. David Wolcott, pastor, Canton United Methodist Church officiating. Burial was in Crary Mills Cemetery. Mr. Seeley was pronounced dead on arrival at Potsdam Hospital 9:15 a.m. Saturday (June 9, 1979). Surviving are his wife Elizabeth; four daughters, Mrs. Viola LaSiege, Ogdensburg, Mrs. James (Ruth) Mackie, Clare, Mich., Mrs. William (Donna) Kyle, Detroit, Mich., and Mrs. Victor (Marlene) Gardner, Canton; three sons, Wallace L. and Merrill R., both of Detroit, and Warren A., Canton; 27 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren and several nieces and nephews.

“Mr. Seeley was born in East Syracuse Nov. 29, 1897, son of George and Agnes Seeley. He attended East Syracuse schools and as a young man moved to Detroit, Mich., where he became associated with Ford Motor Co. He continued with that company for 45 years prior to retiring. He married the former Elizabeth Corlew in 1939 in a ceremony performed in Detroit. They moved to this area in 1957, where they operated a dairy farm on the Butternut Ridge Road for 15 years. Mr. Seeiey retired in 1970 from the Dairy business and the couple continued to reside on the home farm.”

That led me to:
MI Death Index

  • Ruth Y MacKie, b. 14 May 1928, d. 11 Feb 1985, Midland, Midland, MI, resided Farwell, Clare, MI

1900 census DeWitt, Onondaga, NY

  • Seeley, George W, b. Aug 1856, CAN, CAN, CAN, to US in 1891, farmer, md 23 yr to
  • Seeley, Agness, b. Apr1858, CAN, CAN, CAN, 4 ch, 4 living
  • Seeley, Norah, age 19, Fred, age 14, both b. CAN, CAN, CAN

Two houses away is the family of George and Etta Corlue, ages 38 and 32, b. NY, 7 ch, 6 living
In 1910 the Corlew family is still in DeWitt:

  • Corlew, Mary, age 70, widow, b. NY, NY, NY
  • Corlew, George, son, age 49, md 29 yr, b. NY, NY, NY
  • Corlew, Albert, age 12, and Elizabeth age 5, grchildren, both b. NY, NY, NY
  • Corlew, Charles, age 27, md 6 yr ,to Winne age 26, no ch, both b. NY

1910 census Granby, Oswego, NY

  • Seeley, George, age 55, b. CAN, CAN, CAN, farmer, md 34 yr to
  • Seeley, Agness, age 53, b. CAN, CAN, CAN, 4 ch, 4 living

Next family

  • Seeley, Fred, age 23, b. CAN, CAN, CAN, farmer, md 4 yr to
  • Seeley, Anna, age 21, b. NY, NY, NY, 2 ch, 2 living
  • Seeley, Ethel age 2, Mile,s age 1 yr 2 mos, both b. NY, CAN, NY

1881 census Elizabethtown, Brockville, ONT

  • Seely, Philip G, age 27, b. ONT, Peddler
  • Seely, Agness, age 25, b. ONT
  • Seely, Miles, age 3, b. ONT

1891 census Brockville City, Brockville, ONT

  • Seeley, Philip, age 35, b. ONT, father b. ONT, mother b. US, baker
  • Seeley, Agnes, age 33, b. ONT, ONT, ONT
  • Seeley, Watson, age 13, b. US, ONT, ONT, Laura, age 9, Anna B, age 9, Frederick, age 5, all b. ONT, ONT, ONT

1892 NY census Syracuse, Onondaga, NY

  • Seeley, Agnes, age 32, b. CAN
  • Seeley, Watson, age 14, b. St Lawrence Co., NY, Anna B and Norah, both age 10, Frederick, age 6, all b. CAN

Now we have at least two myseries:
1. Mearill William/Merrill William/William Merrill obituary says he is the son of George and Agnes Seeley. They appear in both the 1900 and 1910 censuses, but Merrill is not with them, and the 4 children Agness claims to have are all accounted for in census records.
2. It looks as though William Mearill Seeley and Elizabeth Corlew were married and had Viola (or they were not md???); then she married Raymond Boyd and had 5 or 6 children; then she married (or remarried) William in 1939. But the 1940 census indicates that Elizabeth is still married to Raymond Boyd, and the children are all surnamed Boyd except for Viola. Meanwhile, William married Jessie Dew and had Allie and then left her to go back to Elizabeth. Both Elizabeth and Merrill claim all the children are theirs in both obituaries, but Merrill never mentions Allie, his dau. by Jessie Dew.

If anyone has information on Merrill Seeley and how he might be related to these children and to George and Agnes Seeley please get in touch with us.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Aug 2013

Query Number: 1308-1

Requested Information

Martha writes ”I am seeking a death date for Thomas T. Seelye, M.D., who lived in Cleveland, OH, and was b. 1818, Danbury, CT. I also want the birth and death dates for his daughters, Mary and Alice, photos of Mary and Alice, and I would like to know if Dr. Seelye’s personal papers and/or records of his Cleveland Water Cure Establishment are collected anywhere?


Martha Sachs | m-arth-a@hotmail.com

Response Information

I received this Query just a few days before the SGS reunion—too busy to respond immediately, but these names tend to stick around in my brain. One night at the reunion Jesse Crisler did a presentation on places and structures named after Seeleys of all spellings. One of the historic sites he mentioned was the Seelye-Middleton House in Crescent City, FL, “built as the winter home for Dr. Thomas T. and Finette Seelye of Cleveland, OH.” Those names rang a bell for me, so when I returned to my room I quickly fired up my computer and checked the SGS Ancestor File database. There were several Thomas Taylor Seelyes, but the one married to Finette was the first, b. in 1818 in Fairfield Co., CT. Finette Scott was his 2nd wife. This Thomas is the son of Seth Seelye, SGS# 2056, and his wife, Abigail Taylor. We did not have a death place for Thomas in the database, but I quickly found his grave when I looked for him in Crescent City: Find A Grave Memorial #61227432, Thomas T. Seelye, b. 1818, d. 1890, buried Palmetto Cemetery, Crescent City, Putnam Co., FL.

There are two obituaries for Thomas’s daughter Mary F Seelye on the SGS website: http://www.seeley-society.net/obits-ye/obit-MaryFSeelye.html.

I found a grave record for her sister Alice Seelye Rossi at Find a Grave: Find A Grave Memorial#110198329. Alice is buried in Rome, Italy with her husband, Egisto. From the census:

1900 census Mount Vernon, Westchester, NY

  • Rossi, Egisto, b. Aug 1852, IT, parents b. IT, agt, Italian imigra., married 14 yr to
  • Rossi, Alice S, b. Apr. 1852, OH, parents b. CT, 4 ch, 4 living
  • Rossi, Paul A, b. Oct 1887, Guido M b. Oct 1890, Mary M b. Apr 1894, Alice S b. May 1895, all b. IT, IT, OH
  • Marcella, Carlotta, servant b. Mar 1863 IT, IT, IT They all came to the US in 1895.

I didn’t find any photos of Mary or Alice or information about Dr Seelye’s personal papers or his Water Cure Establishment. If you can find these item,s please contact me and Martha.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Aug 2013

Query Number: 1305-5

Requested Information

We received the following request from Ms Shoemaker, Rights and Reproductions, University of Arizona: The Center for Creative Photography is in the process of updating contact information for copyright holders of photographs in its collection. A review of its records indicates no information for photographer George H. Seeley. The Center is mailing out permissions paper work to copyright holders. We need a contact name, mailing address and any other pertinent Information. Any information you can provide us regarding this matter is appreciated.


Cynthia Shoemaker | permissions@u.library.arizona.edu

Response Information

George H (Henry) Seeley, photographer, was b. in Stockbridge MA in 1880 and died there in 1955. He never married. He had a sister May Elizabeth Seeley who md Winthrop Isham Davis. He had 2 other sisters but I found no evidence that they married.

May Elizabeth and Wintrop Isham Davis had one daughter, Marion Cady Davis (1901-1988) who married Thomas Byron.

Marion Cady Davis Byron donated some of George’s papers and photos to Yale University. You can find out about them by googling “George H Seeley Yale.”

MA Birth Index

  • Thomas Clarke Byron Jr b. 4 Nov 1939 at Acton; parents Thomas Clarke Byron and Marion Cady Davis


  • Thomas Byron b. 4 Nov 1939, d. 19 Aug 2005, Andover, Tolland, CT, SSN issued in MA

Obituary from the Hartford Courant: BYRON, Thomas C., Jr. Thomas C. Byron Jr., 65, of Andover, formerly of Manchester, husband of Joan (Gault) Byron died Friday (August 19, 2005) at Manchester Memorial Hospital after a brief illness. He was born November 4, 1939 in Acton, MA son of the late Thomas C. and Marian (Davis) Byron Sr. and had lived in Manchester for 25 years before moving to Andover in 1997. He was a graduate of Longmeadow, MA. High School, Class of 1957 and also a graduate from Brown University, Class of 1961. He then served in the U.S. Navy Amphibious Group from 1961- 1964. Tom was a Systems Analyst at Aetna Life and Casualty and retired as an officer with the company and later was employed a Massachusetts Mutual. He was a longtime choir member and church leader at North United Methodist Church, Manchester and President of the Andover Lake Management Association. In addition to his wife, Joan, he is survived by a son, Thomas C. Byron III and his wife,

Becky Byron of Enfield; a daughter Julie (Byron) Zoppi of South Windsor, three grandchildren. Alexander Joseph Byron, Thomas C. Byron, IV and Christopher D. Zoppi and cousins, Herbert and Linda Melleney. Memorial services will be Saturday, August 27, at 10:30 a.m. at North United Methodist Church, 300 Parker St., Manchester. Burial will be private and at the convenience of the family. There are no calling hours. Memorial contributions may be made to JDRF or NUMC Memorial Fund. Holmes Funeral Home Manchester is in care of arrangements.

I suggested that if copyrights pass down through a family that Thomas C Byron III would be the best bet and found his contact information.

Thomas C Byron III, SavedRemove27 Sun St, Enfield, CT 06082-5115

Response from Ms Shoemaker: Thank you very much for your extensive information and assistance in helping us find the heir to George Seeley’s copyrights. We have sent a letter of inquiry to Thomas C. Byron III.

About the Center for Creative Photography: We are a research institution with a robust program of exhibitions and public lectures. We are the largest institution in the world devoted to documenting the history of modern North American photography.

A list of George H Seeley’s works: http://www.creativephotography.org/artists/george-h-seeley

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2013

Query Number: 1305-4

Requested Information

This time Chris started from a short obituary of Nathan B. Seeley: Nathan Seeley – January 21, 1894 – Benton Harbor, MI, Death of Nathan Seeley Augusta, Jan. 23 – Mr. Nathan Seeley died at his home at Benton Harbor Thursday, age 58 years. He leaves a wife, daughter, and two sons. He was a resident of this place for the most of his life, but for two years last resided there. The remains will be brought here today for burial at Green Wood, Rev. Ford officiating. Published in the Kalamazoo Gazette, January 25, 1894

Chris found 1870 and 1880 census records for Nathan in Kalamazoo Co. MI. She also found his MI death record:
Name: Nathan B. Seeley
Birth Date: abt 1836
Birth Place: New York
Death Date: 21 Jan 1894
Death Place: Benton Harbor, Berrien, Michigan
Death Age: 58
Occupation: Carpenter
Race: White
Marital Status: Married
Gender: Male
Father: John Seeley
Mother: Clarisse Seeley
FHL Film Number: 945406

Chris was also able to find information on Nathan’s children.


Chris Havnar | chris.havnar@gmail.com

Response Information

I found the following census records:

1870 census Ross, Kalamazoo, MI

  • Sealey, John age 65 b. NY, farmer
  • Sealey, Maria age 55 b. NY
  • Sealey, Sarah age 22 b. NY
  • Wilder, Frank age 18 b. MI
  • Child, WM age 12 b. MI

1860 census Comstock, Kalamazoo, MI

  • Seeley, Johnny age 48 b. NY
  • Seeley, Maria age 45 b. Pa
  • Seeley, Shedrick age 33 , cooper, William age 29, Nathan age 24, carpenter, Sarah age 13, all b. NY
  • Wilder, Francis L age 10 b. MI

1850 census Rose, Wayne, NY

  • Seelye, John age 45 b. NY, farmer
  • Seelye, Clarissa age 42 b. NY
  • Seelye, Chaddock age 22, Wm age 19, Gideon age 16, all farmers, Nathan age 14, Cornelia age 13, Mary age 11, Catherine age 9, Emmie age 7, Sarah age 3, all b. NY
  • Gardner, Francis age 17 b. NY, farmer

From Findagrave:
Clarissa Seeley, Birth: unknown, Death: Apr. 30, 1854, Age: 45y, Mother of Shadrick, William, Gideon, Nathan, Cornelia, Mary, Catherine, Eunice and Sarah. Inscription: Wife of John Seeley, Burial: Galesburg City Cemetery, Galesburg, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, USA.

Created by: ambs Record added: Mar 28, 2008 Find A Grave Memorial# 25594780

So John Seeley is in Rose, Wayne Co. NY in 1850, his 1st wife Clarissa dies in MI in 1854 and by 1860 he has remarried. I also found death records for some of John’s other children, all naming their mother as Clarissa. There are a couple of books about Rose, Wayne County NY but neither identifies John Seeley nor his wife Clarissa so that is where we are stuck. Please contact us if you can help.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2013

Query Number: 1305-3

Requested Information

Here is another obituary that led to a brick wall.

This time Chris started with an obit for James Seeley b. 14 Jan 1924 in Lodi, San Joaquin, CA, died 2013 Eugene, Lane, OR. James was a son of Milton and Julia Fielding Seeley. Milton was born in Utah and spent his life on the west coast. According to the 1900 census of Los Angeles CA his father was William J Seeley b. March 1854 in NY state to parents b. NY State. In 1900 William J was married 12 years to his wife Kate b. May 1869 in NY state to parents b. in NY. According to CA death records Kate’s maiden name was McDonald. In 1910 William J and Kate Seeley are in Fresno, CA. Kate has the 3 youngest children with her and William J is listed separately.


Chris Havnar | chris.havnar@gmail.com

Response Information

Chris and I were able to carry the lines forward but we have not been able to identify William J Seeley in any records before 1900 except a voter reg’n in CA in 1896 and Milton’s birth record:

Milton James Seeley b. 15 Sept 1891 at Salt Lake UT to William James Seeley and Catherine McDonald. Any information on this couple will be greatly appreciated.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2013

Response Information

Update to Query 1305-3 Re William James Seeley, b. 1854 NY

This query began with an obituary of a grandson of William James and Katherine McDonald Seeley. Jesse Crisler (jesse_crisler@byu.edu) responded with a bit more information he found on familysearch.org: William James Seeley was b. 5 Mar 1854 in New York, d. 30 Sep 1910 in Fresno, CA; Katherine McDonald, his wife, was b. 10 May 1869 in New York, d. 26 Jan 1918. Her parents are Thomas McDonald and Mary Haggerty, and she had a sister, Mary Ann McDonald, b. 6 Mar 1863 in NY, d. 17 Jun 1950 in Hartsel, Park, CO, md. James Gearon in 1884. William James Seeley and Katherine McDonald, besides Milton James Seeley, had a younger daughter, Marjorie Katherine Seeley, b. 9 Jan 1904 in Fresno, d. 22 Oct 1982 in Pueblo, Pueblo, CO, md. James McDonald Garson or Gearon (1898-1970). Jesse guesses this might have been her first cousin, son of her mother’s sister, given McDonald as a middle name and the first name of James, the same as Mary Ann McDonald’s husband’s name. Marjorie and James had at least three children, all now dead. The email of the person who submitted information on the McDonald family is Sharon McCurry (snarley51@hotmail.com). Jesse wonders if there’s more to learn about these Seeleys from McDonald descendants.

I contacted Sharon who said that her husband’s grandmother was the sister of Milton Seeley, son of William James, but she had no more information on William.

Based on what Jesse located I found

1920 census Antelope, Kimball, NE

  • Geason, Mary, age 52, widow b. NY, NY, IRE, farmer
  • Geason, Thomas, age 31, b. NE, IRE, NY
  • Seeley, Margaret, niece age 14, b. CA, US, NY

WA Death Index

  • Thomas Gearon, d. 9 Feb 1943, Spokane, Spokane, WA, age 54. Parents: James Gearon, b. IA, and Mary McDonald, b. CO

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Aug 2013

Query Number: 1305-2

Requested Information

Chris continues to find Seeley obituaries to add to the SGS website. As she finds them she enters the data in the SGS Ancestor File database and traces the family as far back as she can, hoping to connect to an established line. In this case Chris started with the obituary of Dorothy H Seely who d. 25 October 2011 in Elmira, Chemung, NY. Dorothy’s 1st husband was LaRue Seely. Dorothy and Larue had four children: Richard L., Roslyn J., Gary W. and David.

Chris found the following census information on LaRue and his parents

1930 Census: Elmira, Chemung, NY

  • Lyons W Seely head age 40 age at first marriage 21 born PA, PA, PA Proprietor Tailor Shop
  • Edith D Seely wife age 38 age at first marriage 19 born PA, PA, PA
  • Lareau D Seely son age 17 born PA, PA, PA
  • Hubert H Grogan roomer age 29 born MA, IRE, IRE Toolmaker Auto Parts
  • (Lyons and Edith are still in Elmira in the 1940 census)

1920 Census: Elmira Ward 9, Chemung, NY

  • Lyons N Seely head age 31 born PA, PA, PA Taylor Tailor Shop
  • Edith Seely wife age 27 born PA, PA, PA
  • Larue Seely son age 7 born PA, PA, PA

1910 Census: Wellsboro Ward 2, Tioga, PA

  • Lilian Smith head age 39 1st marr. @ 17 years mother of 2 ch. B. PA, PA, PA, Own Income
  • Lyons W Seely son age 21 b. PA, PA, PA Tailor
  • Blanche M Smith daughter age 18 b. PA, PA, PA Helper in Office

1900 Census: Wellsboro, Tioga, PA

  • Jacob B Marle head age 71 b. Aug 1828 PA, PA, PA Day Laborer
  • Lillie B Smith daughter Wd., age 29 b. June 1870 PA, PA, PA, 2ch., 2 living Day Laborer
  • Lyons W Seeley grandson age 11 b. Dec 1888 PA, PA, PA
  • Blanche M Smith granddaughter age 8 b. Nov 1891 PA, PA, PA

WWI Draft Reg’n

  • Lyons Wellington Seely of Wellsboro, Tioga, PA b. 24 Dec 1889 at Cammal, Lycoming, PA, tailor, has wife and 5 yr old child


  • Lyons Seely b. 24 Dec 1888 d. Apr 1973 – Elmira, Chemung, New York, United States of America. SSN # issued in: NY
  • Larue Seely b. 4 Jun 1912 d. Dec 1979 – Sarasota, Sarasota, Florida, United States of America. SSN # issued in: NY


Chris Havnar | chris.havnar@gmail.com

Response Information

PA Church and Town Records

  • Lyons Wellington Seely b. 24 Dec 1888 bapt. Jan 1892 at Williamsport, Lycoming, Pennsylvania at Christ Episcopal, Father: Wm C Seely, Mother: Lillia B
  • In 1901 Blanche Smith, Lyons Seely Smith and Lillian Smith are all admitted to United Methodist Church in Wellsboro, PA

1880 census Delmar, Tioga, PA

  • Navle, Jacob, age 51 b. PA, PA, PA, farmer
  • Navle, Margaret age 45 b. PA, Pa, Pa, ruptured artery
  • Navle, Ella B age 9 b. PA, Pa, PA

Who is the William C Seely, father of Lyons Wellington, husband of Lillian/Ella B Navle Seely Smith? He appears to have died by Nov.1891 when Lillie/Lillian gave birth to Blanche Smith. There is a William Carlton Seeley, supposedly son of Morris (SGS# 3712) who died in Elmira in 1892 and is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery but I can’t find evidence that he is the correct person or that he was married. Let me know if you can help identify the William C., father of Lyons Wellington Seely.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2013

Query Number: 1305-1

Requested Information

Renee came across a cemetery record for Seeley Harger b. 1850, died 1927, buried in Sanitaria Springs Cemetery, Sanitaria Springs, Broome, NY. His wife is listed as Ida T Odell Harger b. 1856, died 1920. Renee knew there was a Seeley Harger b. 1801 Saratoga Co. NY, died 1873 Oakland Co. MI, son of Mary/Polly Seeley, SGS# 1974 and her husband Eber Harger. Renee would like to know the relationship of the Seeley Harger b. 1850 to the Seeley family.


Renee Woodworth | reneew5@verizon.net

Response Information

SGS Response: 1850 census Romulus, Seneca NY

  • William age 22 and Jane age 24 Harger with Elizabeth age 4 and Edward age 1, all b. NY.
  • Also Lydia Jeffrey age 14 b. NY
  • Next door is the family of James Jeffrey age 74 b. NJ.

1860 census Lodi, Seneca, NY

  • Hodger, WM, age 35 b. NY
  • Hodger, Jane age 38, b. NY
  • Hodger, Elizabeth age 14, Edward age 12, Selah age 10, Jane age 6, Ida age 4, Eva age 3, all b. NY

1870 census Colesville, Broome, NY

  • Hodge, William age 46 b. NY, farmer
  • Hodge, Jane age 49 b. NY
  • Hodge, Edward age 21, Elizabeth age 23, Lilly age 19, Jennie age 16, Ida C age 14, Effie age 13, Ella A age 7, William J age 5, Lucy age 3, all b. NY

1875 census Broome Co. NY

  • Harger, William L. age 50 b. Seneca Co.,
  • Harger, Jane, age 52 b. Seneca Co.
  • Harger, Seeley, 24, Eva, 17, Nellie, 13, all b. Seneca Co.; William, 10, Lucy C., 8, both b. Broome Co.


  • Harger, Edward age 26, b. Seneca Co.
  • Harger, Mary C., age 22, b. Seneca Co.
  • Harger, Ethelbert, age 1 yr 7 mos. b. Broome Co.

1880 census Colesville, Broome, NY

  • Odell, Enos H age 54 , farmer b. NY, father b. NY, mother b. NY
  • Odell, Elizabeth age 46 b. NY, NY, NY
  • Odell, Ida age 22, dau., md, b. NY, NY, NY
  • Odell, Frank age 6, Lena age 4, Harry age 2, ch. b. NY, NY, NY
  • Harger, Seely, age 24, son-in-law, b. NY, NY, NY

1880 census Coventry, Chenango, NY

  • Harger, Wm L and Jane
  • McLollough, Effie, dau. age 23
  • Harger, William age 15, Lucy age 13

1900 census Maine, Broome, NY

  • William Harger age 75 b. Feb 1825 NY, NY, NY, widowed, farm laborer is living with his daughter and son-in-law: Elizabeth Edwards b. Nov 1846 NY, NY, NY md 30 yr to Alfred Edwards b. Apr 1841 NY, NY, NY, farmer. Elizabeth has had 2 ch., 1 still living.

1900 census Binghamton, Broome, NY

  • Ida T Harger b. Sept 1856 is listed md 21 yr to husband Seely Harger b. Dec 1850, no ch. on 15 June 1900 also Ida G Harger b. Nov 1856, md 22 yr is listed with her parents Enos and Elizabeth Odell in Colesville, Broome, NY on 11 June 1900 1920 census Binghamton
  • Ida A Harger age 58 with husband Ceily Harger age 68. Ceily is a deputy sheriff at the county jail.

After I sent this census information to Renee she did some more investigation including a trip to Ovid, Seneca Co. She found the probate and will of Edward Harger Jr, son of Edward Harger and Susanna Dickenson. William L Harger of Colesville, Broome, NY is listed as a son. Further information indicates that his wife was Jane Covert. Edward Harger Jr’s 1st wife, mother of his children, is Catherine L, possibly Catherine Leek, with Leek also a possibility as William L’s middle name. Another child of Edward Harger Jr is Sarah/Sally A Harger b. 1830 in Ovid. She married William Pease Seeley, son of John Beardsley Seeley, SGS# 1961 as his 2nd wife in 1857.

So, Seeley Harger b. 1850, d. 1927 is a son of William L Harger, who is a son of Edward Harger Jr. Edward Harger Jr is a brother of Nancy Harger who md John Beardsley Seeley, SGS# 1961. John Beardley Seeley’s sister Arvilla, SGS# 1969 md Seeley Harger, son of Mary/Polly Seeley (SGS# 1974). Her husband Eber Harger is a brother of Edward Harger Jr, and Nancy Harger.

If you are confused by now (!) you probably don’t want to know that John Beardsley Seeley also had a brother, William Pease Seeley, SGS# 1963, who married a Sally Harger in 1810. This Sally Harger married Peter Covert in 1821, after William died, and then she died in 1825.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: May 2013

Query Number: 1302-6

Requested Information

Chris, our webmaster and Ancestor File Co-chairperson, found an obituary that gave information that conflicted with what we had in our database and in the 7th Generation of Descendants of Obadiah Seely: for SGS# 3897, Peter Johnson Seely.

Our information was that he was married to a Miss Chase. The obituary for Peter states that his wife was Mary E Hunt.


Chris Havnar | chris.havnar@gmail.com

Response Information

1880 Census: Milo, Yates, New York

  • Peter J. Seely age 59 Farmer b. NJ, NJ, NJ
  • Mary E. Seely wife age 50 b. NY, NY, NY
  • Elizabeth Hunt mother-in-law age 74 b. NY, NY, NY
  • Jennie King boarder age 35 Tailoress b. NY, NY, NY
  • Frederick King boarder age 30 Tin Smith b. NY, NY, VT
  • James Wheeler boarder age 26 Clerk in Dry Store b. NY, NY, NY

1870 Census: Torrey, Yates, New York

  • Peter Seeley age 50 Farmer b. NJ
  • Mary Seeley age 43 b. NY
  • Franc Seeley female age 21 b. NY
  • George Seeley age 15 b. NY
  • Anna Hartwell age 14 b. NY

1860 Census: Torrey, Yates, New York

  • Peter J Seelye age 41 Farmer b. NJ
  • Mary Seelye age 32 b. NY
  • George F Seelye age 5 b. NY
  • William Cashan age 22 Farm Laborer b. Ireland
  • Ann Gollahar age 17 Domestic b. Ireland

1850 census Milo, Yates, NY

  • Hunt, Able B age 44 b. NY, dry goods merchant
  • Hunt, Elizabeth age 44 b. NY
  • Seeley, Mary E age 22 b. NY
  • Seeley, Peter J age 22 b. NJ, farmer
  • Seeley, Frances E age 1 b. NY
  • Hunt, Hannah E age 14, Patience M age 12, both b. NY

1900 census Penn Yan, Yates, NY

  • Sisson, Charles H b. Jun 1843 NY, NY, NY, insurance agent, married 28 yr to
  • Sisson, Frances E b. Nov 1849 NY, NY, NJ, 1 ch., 1 living
  • Sisson, Mary E b. Oct 1872 NY, NY, NY, dau.

The Sissons continue to reside in Penn Yan. In 1920 the dau. is Mary Eva; in 1930 Frances is a widow, the dau. is Eva and there is a boarder, James Casterline age 42 b. NY, NY, NY, theater janitor

1940 census Milo, Yates, NY

  • Sisson, M Eva age 67 b. NY, NY, NY, single, resided same house in 1935
  • Seeley, Harry age 61 cousin, b. NY, NY, NY, photographer in photo studio, married, resided same place in 1935
  • Seeley, Minnie age 60, cousin, b. CAN, married, resided same place in 1935

Minnie is Minnie Blanche in the 1920 census of Milo. Harry’s wedding announcement names her as Emily Bowker. I found her in Milo in 1900 as Minnie Bowker age 23 b. CAN, NY, NH to US in 1879 niece of Aldin and Minnie Jenkins

YATES COUNTY CHRONICLE, Wednesday 27 February 1864, Obituary:
“Died at his residence in Penn Yan, February 22, 1864, of pneumonia, Ellis Chase, aged 68 years.

“The deceased was a son of Rev. Abner Chase, (of precious memory.) The family was composed of nine children, Elizabeth, Mary, Lucy, William, Daniel, Elias, Matilda, Susan and Lauren. Of these six are deceased, leaving Elizabeth, widow of Abel B. Hunt, Matilda, wife of M. W. Eastman and Lauren Alverson Chase, the last and youngest. The deceased was born in Sangerfeld, Orange county, Feb. 3, 1815. November 2, 1841, was married to Jane Smith, daughter of Ira and Elizabeth Smith, one of the most respected families in Yates county. The deceased leaves to mourn his departure the wife of his youth and three children, Mary Jane, wife of George Dunning, Albert and Elizabeth, wife of Hiram Dunning.

“The funeral services were held at the residence of the deceased on Lake Street, and was largely attended by both friends and relatives, Rev. E. M. Mills preaching an appropriate service. He will be missed at home where he was the light and joy, yet saddened heart, will find comfort in the thought home be he not, lest, but, gone before.”

Burials Milo Center Cemetry, Milo, Yates, NY

  • Seeley, Mary E. 1847 Aug. 27, Died age 2, dau. of Peter and Mary (Hunt) Seeley

Therefore we have shown that Mary E Hunt, wife of Peter J Seely, is the daughter of Elizabeth Chase Hunt and the granddaughter of Rev. Abner Chase.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2013

Query Number: 1302-5

Requested Information

Anne contacted us asking for verification about the parentage of Eleanor Seeley who married Thomas Douglas and had a son Ebenezer Douglass born 13 Mar 1772, died 17 Dec 1857, Chazy, Clinton, NY. She is supposedly a daughter of Ebenezer Seeley (1729-1806) and Hannah Hungerford (1732-1819).


Anne Hazelwood | annehazelwood@live.com

Response Information

The SGS database lists Eleanor born 1750 and married to Thomas Douglas but does not show her parents. Ebenezer and Hannah Hungerford Seeley are shown with just one daughter, Elizabeth b. 1754 and married Ammasa Hungerford in 1772.

One source for Eleanor’s surname is “A collection of family records: with biographical sketches, and other memoranda of various families and individuals bearing the name Douglas, or allied to families of that name” by Charles Henry James Douglas EL Freeman & Co. 1879. It states that Eleanor was born to Ebenezer and Hannah Hungerford Seeley 1 May 1754 at New Fairfield CT. Since most of the New Fairfield records were destroyed in a fire in 1867 (according to the town website) this will be hard to verify. The book goes on to say that Eleanor and Thomas Douglas were probably married in 1771 and that they moved to Pownal, VT in 1773 or 1774. Pownal is where Ebenezer and Hannah Seeley were living at their death. Apparently it was thought that Thomas Douglas was killed in the Revolutionary War. Eleanor his widow remarried (to William Stewart and had another child) and then Thomas showed up years later.

Contact us if you have any further information on Eleanor Thomas Stewart.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2013

Query Number: 1302-4

Requested Information

Elizabeth Seeley Bruen is SGS# 3407 who was born in 1810 in Chatham, Morris County NJ. She married Charles Torrey, had several children and died in 1844. She was the only child of Eleanor (Nelly) Seeley and her 2nd husband Dr David Bruen who died in 1849. Only three of the Torrey children survived to adulthood and only one married: Elizabeth Jane born in 1841.

Helen Ann researches the history and families of old houses in Chatham NJ. She is currently working on the David Bruen house. She hopes to find descendants of Elizabeth Jane Torrey as she was the only child who married. Perhaps such descendants may have further information on the Bruen home or David Bruen’s ancestry.


Ann Rosenfeld | ha27@optonline.net

Response Information

We don’t have any information on David Bruen except that he was the son of El. and E. Burrill Bruen. I was able to trace one line of descent…

1880 census Mont Clair, Essex, NJ

  • Harris, Fred H age 50 b. NJ, father b. NY, mother b. NJ, sec. ins. co.
  • Harris, Lizzie J age 38 b. PA, PA, NJ
  • Harris, Nellie T age 14, Bessie T age 10, Jennie H age 8, Anna M age 6 mos., all b. NJ, NJ, PA
  • Eliason, Anna age 19 b. SWE, SWE, SWE, servant

1900 census Montclair, Essex, NJ

  • Harris, Elizabeth J b. Nov 1841 PA, PA, NJ, widow, md 34 yr, 5 ch., 4 living
  • Harris, Elizabeth T b. Jul 1870; Jane H b. Jul 1872, physician; Anna M b. Nov 1879, all b. NJ, NJ, PA
  • Torrey, Ellen L, sister b. Sept 1836 PA, PA, NJ
  • Jordan, Mary Lucy, servant b. Aug 1880 NC, NC, NC

1900 census Montclair, Essex, NJ

  • Dutcher, Charles Mason b. Feb 1862 NY. MA, NY, banker, md 8 yr to
  • Dutcher, Helen b. Sep 1866 NJ, NJ, PA, 2 ch., 1 living
  • Dutcher, Frederick H b. Dec 1892 NY, NY, NJ

1910 census Montclair, Essex, NJ

  • Dutcher, Charles M age 48 b. NY, MA, NY, bank treasurer, md 19 yr to
  • Dutcher, Helen age 33 b. NJ, Nj, PA
  • Dutcher, Frederick age 17 b. NY, NY, NJ
  • Harris, Elizabeth J age 67, mother in law, widow b. PA, PA, PA
  • Stuck, Ruth age 30, waitress, Jessie age 21, cook, both black, b. WV, WV, WV

In 1910 daughter Jane H Harris age 38 b. NJ, NJ, PA is in the Isabel, Isabella, Puerto Rico census, occupation “medica.”

In 1930 in Montclair Charles Dutcher is still with wife Helen. He is now bank president.

Further down the same page Elizabeth J Harris age 87, head with dau. Anna M age 50, single with a boarder Una M Miles age 66, artist and servant Anna Carey age 65.

About Frederick Dutcher, grandson of Elizabeth Torrey Harris and g-g-grandson of Eleanor (Nelly) Seeley:

1930 census Montclair, Essex, NJ

  • Dutcher, Frederick H age 37 b. NY, NY, NJ, instructor and consulting engineer at a university md 13 yr to
  • Dutcher, Thea S age 33 b. NY, GERMANY, NY
  • Dutcher, Thea age 10, Helen age 8, both b. NJ, NY, NY

In 1940 the family has moved to Mountain Lakes, Morris, N.J.

According to the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Frederick Dutcher of Wilton, Fairfield, CT b. 5 Dec 1892 died in Sept. 1973. I found an obituary in the Hartford Courant of 2 June 2009 for Thea Dutcher Coburn, daughter of Frederick and Thea Schaefer Dutcher which named various nieces and nephews.

We would still be happy to receive information on the ancestry of Dr David Bruen of Chatham.

Also note that in the 7th Generation Volume of the Descendants of Obadiah Seely , under SGS# 3407, we have an error in the names of Ellen Bruen’s children. Her older daughter is not Elizabeth Ludlow Torrey – her first name is Ellen.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2013

Query Number: 1302-3

Requested Information

Jennifer’s uncle, Jay Steward Seeley, wrote a paper called ‘One Line of Descent of Capt. Robert Seeley” in the 1980’s. She doesn’t have a hard copy and wondered if SGS has a copy or knows of a digital version.


Jennifer Painter | via the SGS Facebook page

Response Information

We have Jay Steward Seeley’s obituary on the SGS website. Jay is the great grandson of SGS # 2255. His line is Jay Steward; Dwight Edward; John Jay; Luke (# 2255); Sheldon (# 813); Abner; Joseph; John; Benjamin; Nathaniel; Robert

Pam Turner, our Research Center Librarian, has checked her indexes and can’t find a reference to this paper in our collection. She is going to check a couple of the files that haven’t been indexed yet the next time she is in Abilene. Meanwhile, perhaps another long-time member of SGS has a copy of this paper. If so, both the Research Center and Jennifer would like one or someone could transcribe it and put it on our website. Let us know if you can help.

Query Number: 1302-2

Requested Information

Tim has been researching Elizabeth Seeley, said to be born 1634 in CT. Elizabeth married Matthias St. John II (1628-1728) about 1657. She died after Sept. 5, 1732. Elizabeth and Matthias had five children Mary, Ebenezer, Matthias III, James and John. Tim thinks a family who immigrated this early would be known however he can not find evidence about Elizabeth’s parents. Some say they are Capt. Robert Seeley and his first wife Mary but he can only find Nathaniel as their child. Others have said Elizabeth is the daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth Fearses Seeley but he can find very little on this couple. Tim wants assistance in finding the parents of Elizabeth who married Matthias St. John ( sometimes spelled Sention).


Tim Kilburn | tk95253@gmail.com

Response Information

No one I can find lists a source for the parents of Elizabeth. We have no evidence of any other children for Robert and Mary Seeley. We also have no information on Matthew Seeley and Elizabeth Fearses. Anyone with information on either this Elizabeth Seeley or Matthew Seeley is urged to forward it to us, with source(s).

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2013

Query Number: 1302-1

Requested Information

Gloria is looking for the parents of Martha Seeley b. c1758. She married Benjamin Giddings on 29 Dec 1774 and died in Poultney, VT on 11 Sep 1842.


Response Information

An online source indicates that she was married in Sherman, Fairfield, CT in 1774. Sherman was part of New Fairfield until 1802 and most of the New Fairfield records were destroyed in a fire in 1867 according to the town website. Benjamin and Martha are both buried in East Poultney Cemetery, Poultney, Rutland, VT.

I found one Seelye family in Sherman in that time period: Abel Seeley b. 1739 New Milford, CT who married Betsey Briggs b. 1741 (I don’t have a marriage date). They are both buried in Sherman.

The children we have listed were born between 1765 and 1784. There is no Martha listed.

The youngest child, John Seelye, born 1784 married Anna Giddings for his 1st wife and married 2nd Rachel Main. Rachel Main Seelye married James Giddings after John Seelye died. This shows some connection between the Seelye and Giddings families.

If any reader has information on Martha Seeley, wife of Benjamin Giddings, please contact your Query Editor.

Responder: SGS Query Editor: Feb 2013

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