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SGS Membership Meeting and Reunion

Site Selection Process

One of the major decisions made at biennial SGS Membership Meetings and Reunions is the selection of the site for the next meeting.

At the 2019 Membership Meeting, the membership voted to hold the next meeting in St. Louis. That meeting was supposed to occur in 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 meeting was replaced with a virtual event and the 2023 meeting will be held in St. Louis. During that meeting, we’ll select the site for the 2025 SGS Membership Meeting and Reunion.

To streamline the process of selecting the reunion location, SGS members are asked to nominate locations in advance of the 2023 SGS Membership Meeting and Reunion.

Site Nomination Form

Help us determine the location of the 2025 SGS International Reunion, by opening the PDF file below and fill it out as best as possible.

The first gathering at the multi-day event usually occurs the day before festivities begin and is the final meeting of the outgoing SGS Executive Board. As always, all SGS members are encouraged to attend. Although there is much discussion about the activities of each of the board members in the preceding two years, usually the only new business is to discuss the nominated sites, weigh the pros and cons of each, then select a site to present to the membership during the general membership meeting.

With that in mind, members are asked to take time to nominate a location they believe would be a good one for the 2025 SGS Membership Meeting and Reunion. The form for doing so is below. Good reunion sites often include local Seeley history, good research facilities, and/or fun, history- or family-oriented activities. It is important to note that as a nominator, you would be expected to provide information about the location along with the nomination form. Attending the meeting of the board at which the Membership Meeting site is debated would also be helpful. Finally, you would be a part of the planning committee that conducts site visits and sets up the membership meeting and reunion. The committee will be chaired by the SGS president elected during the 2023 reunion.

For reference, the locations nominated for the 2019 reunion were San Diego, CA (which was the site selected), Glens Falls, NY, and Newburgh, NY. Sites nominated for 2021 were St. Louis (which was the site selected) and Stamford, CT.

Below are the locations of previous SGS reunions:

  1. 1980 Lyons, CO
  2. 1983 Denver, CO
  3. 1986 Fort Wayne, IN
  4. 1989 Fort Wayne, IN
  5. 1992 Wethersfield, CT
  6. 1995 Salt Lake City, UT
  7. 1997 St John, NB, Canada
  8. 1999 Abilene, KS
  9. 2001 Tacoma, WA
  10. 2003 Williamsburg, VA
  11. 2005 Abilene, KS
  12. 2007 Wethersfield, CT
  13. 2009 Salt Lake City, UT
  14. 2011 Horseheads, NY
  15. 2013 Grand Rapids, MI
  16. 2015 Abilene, KS
  17. 2017 Parkersburg, WV
  18. 2019 San Diego, CA
  19. 2021 Virtual
  20. 2023 St. Louis, MO

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