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Query Number: 1811-2 November 2018

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Requested Information:

A.G. is interested in learning more about her paternal grandmother Mabel/Maybell Seeley. She wonders whether her father Robert Seeley Breitenstein is an SGS descendant and if there are other descendants of his line still living in New Haven.

Requester: Agneta (A.G.) Breitenstein | agbreitenstein@gmail.com

Initial Response Information:

1940 census New Haven, New Haven, CT

  • Breitenstein, Albert F age 56, widower, b. CT, mechanical engineer and manager at tool factory
  • Breitenstein, Louise C age 67, Julia F. age 60, both sisters, b. CT
  • Breitenstein, Robert S age 4 b. CT

1930 census New Haven, New Haven, CT

  • Breitenstein, Albert F age 45 b. CT, SWITZ, SWITZ, tool factory manager, md 7 yr to
  • Breitenstein, Maybelle J age 35 b. CT, CT, CT

1920 census New Haven, New Haven, CT

  • Seeley, Joseph T age 44 b. CT, CT, CT, RR conductor
  • Seeley, Mary B age 44 b. CT, CT, CT
  • Seeley, Mabel J age 24 b. CT, CT, CT, stenographer at tool company

1910 census New Haven, New Haven, CT

  • Seeley, Joel age 38 b. CT, ?, CT, steam rail conductor, md 17 yr to
  • Seeley, Mary age 37 b. CT, CT, Wales, 7 ch., 4 living
  • Seeley, Mabel age 16, Grace age 8, Olive age 4, Walter age 2, all b. CT, CT, CT
  • also a lot of lodgers

1900 census New Haven, New Haven, CT

  • Seeley, Joel T. b. Nov 1871 CT, CT, Cuba, RR brakeman, md 7 yr to
  • Seeley, Mary b. May 1872 CT, CT, CT, 2 ch, 1 living
  • Seeley, May bell b. Oct 1893 CT, CT, CT
  • Blakeslee, James, father-in-law b. July 1851 CT, IRE, CT, widower, day laborer

Also in New Haven

  • Seeley, Henry b. Oct 1843 CT, Ct, CT, plumber, divorced, boarder in home of William C Monsell

1880 New Haven, New Haven, CT

  • Seeley, Almira D age 72  md. b. CT, CT, CT
  • Seeley, Henry S age 39, b. CT, CT, CT, son widower, plumber
  • Seeley, Almira A. age 36, dau. b. CT, CT, CT,, divorced
  • Seeley, Harry W age 21, silver plater, Alice W age 19, Joel T age 10, all grandchildren b. CT, CT, So. America

1870 New Haven, New Haven, CT

  • Seeley, Henry S age 32 b. CT, plumber
  • Seeley, Ann age 27 b. Dominica
  • Seeley, Ella age 14, Henry W age 12, Alice A age 10, Deuritta age 7, Addie age 6, Edna age 2, all b, CT

1860 New Haven, New Haven, CT

  • Seeley, Charles age 54, b. CT, ship Master
  • Seeley, Almira age 52 b. CT
  • Seeley, Adelbert age 21, seaman; Almira age 18,
  • Seeley, Henry age 23 , plumber
  • Seeley, Ann age 21
  • Seeley, Ella age 3, Harvey age 1

1850 New Haven (Fair Haven), New Haven, CT

  • Seely, Charles age 41 b. Ct, sailor
  • Seely, Almira age 42 b. CT
  • Seely, Henry age 12, Albert age 10, Almira age 8, all b. CT

Charles Seeley is SGS# 1194 and his son Henry S is SGS# 2935. In our “Seventh Generation Families of Nathaniel Seeley” we don’t have information that Henry had descendants, nor do we list his brother Albert/Adelbert. Our database does not have Henry’s children either so I will be updating the Ancestral File to show these additions.

I couldn’t find a marriage record for Henry S and his wife Ann, nor her death record. If anyone has further information on this family let us know.

Responder: Query Editor

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