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Query Number: 1811-1 November 2018

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Requested Information:

Joy is looking for information on Ruby Seeley. There is a photo displayed in a Campobella lighthouse, the East Quoddy Lighthouse (see below). It says that Ruby is the daughter of George and Frances Seeley. However Joy can’t find any information that she was their daughter. It says that she married Roger Sprague and the photo says that it is of her, her husband, and son George. Joy wonders if “Ruby” is a nickname. Her father, George, was keeper of lighthouse in early 1900’s. Joy would appreciate any information


Requester: Joy Giacomo Duke

Initial Response Information:

: Campobello Island is in New Brunswick. I found an article about the lighthouse here: http://lighthousefriends.com/light.asp?ID=1022. It lists Neil A Seely as the lighthouse keeper 1882-1903.

1891 census Campbello, Charlotte, NB

  • Seelye, Neil age 45 b. NB, parents b. NB, light keeper, steam fog whistle???, gen engineer
  • Seelye, Eliza L age 46, b. NB, parents b. NB
  • Seelye, Clement age 20, George age 18, Murchie age 15, Normand age 13, Urania age 11, Ella age 9, Portia age 7

1901 census Campbello, Charlotte, NB

  • Seelye, George b. 7 Mar 1872 NB, engineer
  • Seelye, Fanny b. 2 Feb 1874 NB
  • Seelye, Angus b. 19 Jan 1896; Priscilla b. 20 Mar 1897, Huldy b. 16 Mar 1899, Ese b. 2 Jan 1901, all b. NB


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  • Seelye, Murchie b. 28 Dec 1876, fisherman
  • Seelye, Gracie b. 15 May 1881 NB
  • Seelye Luther b. 1 Feb 1898, Bessie b. 1 Mar 1899, both b. NB

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  • Seelye, Neail b. 12 May 1847 NB, fog alarm and light house keeper
  • Seelye, Jane b. 30 Apr 1846 NB
  • Seelye Norman b. 4 May 1878, engineer; Ella b. 26 Mar 1882, Portia b. 11 Jul 1885, all b. NB

With this information I checked The Seelys of New Brunswick by Harold Fanjoy and  Hap Ward, 1992. Their information on this family isn’t complete but it says that George, son of Neil went to ME and had 14-16 children.

1910 census Lubec, Washington, ME

  • Seeley, George W age 38 b. CAN, CAN, CAN, engineer in sardine factory, md 16 yr to
  • Seeley, Frances E age 35 b. CAN, CAN, CAN, 11 ch. 9 living
  • Seeley, Angus W. age 15, Doris E age 13, Hulda P age 11, all b. CAN, CAN, CAN;
  • Laura J age 8, Letena age 6, George H age 4, John age 1, Ella B age 0 mos.all b. ME, CAN, CAN

1920 census Lubec, Washington, ME

  • Seeley, George W age 46 b. CAN, CAN, CAN, stationary engineer at sardine factory, to US in 1895
  • Seeley, Frances E age 44 46 b. CAN, CAN, CAN, to US in 1895
  • Seeley, Angus A age 24, apprentice electrician, Laura S age 17, Tine E age 16, George age 14, John age 13, Theodore age 10, Rosie age 7, Ethel age 6, Kathleen age 3, all b. ME

1930 census Garner, Worcester, MA

  • Seeley, George W age 56, b. CAN, CAN, CAN, engineer at chair factory, md 35 yr to
  • Seeley, Fannie E age 53 B. CAN, CAN, Can, dressmaker
  • Sargent, Latina E age 26, md 4 yr, b. ME, CAN, CAN, housekeeper
  • Sargent, Henry age 4 yr 1 mo b. MA, MA, ME
  • George H age 23, John C. age 22, Theodore R age 20, Ethel B age 16, Katherine P age 13, all b. ME, CAN, CAN

This seems to be the correct George and Frances/Fannie Seeley/Seelye but there is no daughter Ruby and the daughters that are listed all died young or married other people. I can’t find any Roger Sprague married to a Ruby, nor with a son George. Can anyone identify these folks? If so, contact me!

Responder: Query Editor

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