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Query Number: 1808-3 August 2018

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Requested Information:

Here we have another query relating to SGS# 3482 and his son John Wesley Seeley. Cindy’s son was working on a family tree for a school project and her husband did a DNA test through Ancestry. They had two surprises. First, they discovered that 18 months before Cindy’s husband was born he had a sister given up for adoption. The second surprise was that the test showed he had 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins in a family they had never heard of – the Seeleys! They have concluded that her husband’s father was not his biological father. Unfortunately, both his parents are deceased so they can’t answer any questions. Cindy has contacted some of the cousins identified on Ancestry, they are trying to help, but they don’t know how her husband fits in. Cindy says that by mapping out dozens of family trees of these cousins that her husband’s great grandparents are James Baldwin Hoadley and Emma Shaffer. So possible grandparents are John Wesley Seeley and Mary Ann Hoadley.

Requester: Cindy Lashinski

Initial Response Information:

I asked Cindy if Judith Lee (see query 1808-2) was one of these cousins. She replied that she has been corresponding with Judith and she comes up as a 2nd cousin. I asked what kind of test Cindy’s husband took and she replied that it was the autosomal test and he is about to do the 23and me test as well (another autosomal test). I suggested he consider a Y-DNA test to identify his paternal line – is it Seeley or another established surname? If you have other suggestions, please notify me and I will share them with Cindy.

Responder: Query Editor


Update to Query #1808-3

Cindy’s husband had done a DNA test and found out that his father was not his biological father. Instead he was a Seeley. They could tell from the results that he had Hoadley ancestors so was probably a descendant of John Wesley Seeley and Mary Ann Hoadley. SGS suggested that he do a Y-DNA test in addition to the autosomal test he had done. Cindy reports that they have now found a 1st cousin on his father’s side so they know his father was one of three sons of Harold and Mary Roug Seeley. Harold is a son of John Wesley and Mary Ann Seeley. Unfortunately, all 3 sons have passed away but Cindy and her husband are in contact with “amazing 2nd cousins, who have been so kind and helpful”.

Responder: Cindy Leshinski

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