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Query Number: 1808-1 August 2018

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Requested Information:

Mary is helping a friend find her biological ancestors; the friend’s mother was adopted as an infant in Scranton, PA. Through DNA analysis they think the friend’s grandmother was a daughter of Alexander L Seeley (1908-1977) and his wife Eveia May Enslin (1908-1992). Mary wonders if we have any information on Alexander’s descendants, especially his daughters Betty Maie, Joan and Josephine.

Requester: Mary Morken

Initial Response Information:

Alexander isn’t in the SGS database but a census search leads to Alexander’s family and back to his father and grandfather:

1940 census South Canaan, Wayne, PA

  • Seeley, Alexander age 32 b. PA, carpenter for a ??? contractor
  • Seeley, Eveia age 31 b. PA
  • Seeley, Richard age 8, Betty Maie age 5, Joan Ann age 3, Josephine age 1, all b. PA

1930 census South Canaan, Wayne, PA

  • Seeley, Alexander age 22 b. PA, PA, PA, house carpenter, md less than 1 yr to
  • Seeley, Eva N. age 21 b. PA, PA, PA

1920 census Scranton, Lackawanna, PA

  • Seeley, Theodore age 35 b. PA, PA, PA, carpenter in RR shop
  • Seeley, May age 35 b. PA, PA, PA
  • Seeley, Dorothy age 14, Alexander age 12, Ralph age 10, Elizabeth age 8, all b. PA, PA, PA

1910 census Scranton, Lackawanna, PA

  • Seeley, Theodore age 21 b. PA, PA, PA, runner for Car broker, md 6 yr to
  • Seeley, May age 27 b. PA, PA, PA, 3 ch., 2 living
  • Seeley, Dorothy age 4, Alexander age 2, Ralph age 6 mos, all b. PA, PA, PA
  • Robinson, Ugene, bro-in-law age 37, single b. PA, PA, PA, laborer in celler(?)

1910 census Dunmore, Lackawanna, PA

  • Seeley, Arthur age 51 b. PA, PA, PA, asst foreman, electric line, md 27 yr to
  • Seeley, Cora L age 43 b. PA, PA, PA, 10 ch., 4 living
  • Seeley, Marian age 3 b. PA, PA, PA

1900 census Lake, Wayne, PA

  • Seeley, Arthur b. Oct 1859 PA, PA, PA, RR brakeman, md 18 yr to
  • Seeley, Cora b. Apr 1866 PA, PA, PA, 3 ch., 3 living
  • Seeley, John b. Jan 1883, Theodore b. Mar 1886, George b. May 1889, all b. PA, PA, PA
  • 2 brakemen are also boarding with them.

PA Death Certificates:

  • Arthur E. Seeley b. 7 Oct 1858 at So. Canaan, PA, d. 22 Oct 1941 at Dunmore, Lackawanna, PA. Son of John Seeley and Anna Swingle, wife is Lillian Seeley. Informant is dau-in-law May Seeley, widow of Theodore.
  • Theodore Seeley, laborer, of Dunmore, Lackawanna Co. PA , died there 13 Nov 1939, age 53 years, 7 mos. 23 days of kidney disease. He was b. in PA to Arthur Seeley b. PA and his wife Cora Smith, also b. PA. Informant is Theodore’s wife Mrs. May Seeley, nee Robinson. Burial was at East Canaan, Wayne, PA
  • Alexander Seeley Jr b. 22 Jul 1930 at So. Canaan, Wayne, PA and died there at age 3 hours (premature birth), son of Alexander and Eveia May Seeley, both b. So. Canaan. Buried at East Canaan Cemetery by Alexander Seeley as undertaker.

PA Birth Certificates:

  • Alexander Lane Seely b. 8 Jan 1908 at So. Canaan, Wayne, PA to Theodore Seely age 22 b. Avoca, PA, farmer and Mae Robinson age 22 b. So. Canaan, PA, housewife, 2nd child


  • Alexander Seeley of Lake Ariel, Wayne, PA b. 8 Jan 1908, d. Sept 1977

Burials in East Canaan Cemetery, Wayne Co. PA

  • Seeley, Elizabeth: 1911 – 1952 (daughter of Theodore and May R. Seeley)
  • Seeley, Eveia May (Enslin): 1908 – 1992 (wife of Alexander Seely Sr.)
  • Seeley, May R.: 1886 – 1950 (wife of Theodore Seeley)

So, Alexander is the son of Theodore, son of Arthur, son of John Seely and Anna Swingle. John is SGS# 3482. Unfortunately, I can’t find any information on Alexander’s children which is the information Mary was looking for. If you know this family, please have them get in touch with us.

Responder: Query Editor

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