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Query Number: 1711-4 November 2017

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Requested Information:

This is another query coming from an obituary. Madelyn Rose Seeley died 18 July 2017 at Seattle, King, WA. The obituary names her husband of 58 years: John “Jack” Seeley.
Chris found their marriage record:
• John W Seeley, born at Seattle, age 29 at last birthday married Madelyn R Lewis 11 July 1959 at Seattle. Madelyn was age 27 and b. in UT.
Who is this John Seeley?

Requester: Chris Havnar | chris.havnar@gmail.com

Initial Response Information:

I found an obituary for Thelma Beneshoof Seeley on the SGS website. It says that she married Raymond W. Seeley 20 Sept 1929 and their children were John (Jack) Seeley wife Madelyn; Jill, husband John Ashley; Steve and Rita.
1940 census Wynona, King, WA
• Seeley, William R (Raym___ is crossed out) age 35 b. WA sheet metal work at aircraft factory
• Seeley, Margaret D age 33 b. WA
• Seeley, Jack age 9, Jill age 3, both b. WA
• Seeley, Charles W, father, age 55, divorced b. ND, sheet metal work at sheet metal shop
Next door is Allen Benhoof age 31 with his family. (The obituary also mentions Thelma’s brother Allen)
1930 census Seattle, King, WA
• Seeley, William R age age 25 b. WA, KS, SD, sheet metal work at airplane factory, md less than 1 yr to
• Seeley, Thelma B age 24 b. WA, IA, IA
1920 census Seattle, King, WA
• Seeley, Charles W age 34 b. WI, WI, WI, metal work laborer
• Seeley, Blanche B age 34 b. ND, NY, CAN
• Seeley, Raymond age 14 b. WA, WI, ND
1920 census Midland, Pierce, WA
• Peterson, Martin F age 32 b. MN, MN, NOR, shredder at lumber mill
• Peterson, Ethel B age 27 b. MT, WI, WI
• Peterson, Bernice A age 4 yr 10 mos, Eugene A age 3 yr 1 mo., Vivian M age 1 yr 9 mos., Remona M age 6 mos, all b. WA, MN, MT
• Seeley, Charles H, father-in-law age 65, widowed b. WI, WI, WI, stickerman at planing mill
1910 census Spokane, Spokane, WA
• Seeley, Charles age 55 b. WI, WI, WI carpenter, md 32 yr to
• Seeley, Arletta, age 54 b. WI, WI, WI, 5 ch., 3 living
• Seeley, Lenford age 30, son, carpenter laborer, Bernice, dau. age 17, both b. WI, WI, WI
• Seeley, Charles age 24, son b. WI, WI, WI, tinsmith, md 6 yr. to
• Seeley, Blanch age 24 b. MT, MT, MT, 1 ch, 1 living
• Seeley, Raymond age 5, grandson b. WA, WI, MT
1900 census Missebshell, Meagher, MT
• Seely, Lanford b. June 1879 WI, WI, WI, carpenter for RR, listed as lodger in home with several other men
1880 census Lindina, Juneau, WI
• Seeley, Charles age 24 b. WI, CT, CT, farmer
• Seeley, Arletta age 25 b. WI, NY, OH
• Seeley, Lenford E b. June 1879 WI, WI, WI
Also in Lindina:
• Seeley, William age 31 b. WI, CT, CT, farmer
• Seeley, Mattie A age 29 b. WI, NY, NY
• Seeley, Lurah(?) age 5, Harry B age 4, infant dau., b. May 1880, all b. WI, WI, WI
• Seeley, Arletta age 13, niece b. WI, WI, WI
1870 census Albion, Jackson, WI
• Ward, Lara, male age 29 b. New Br., foreman
• Ward, Sarah age 19 b. WI
• Ward, Elmer P. age 2 mos b. WI
• Seeley, Charles age 14 b. WI
next home
• Hiles, Samuel age 42 b. MI, lumberman
• Hiles, Harriet age 34 b. CAN
• Hiles, Franklin age 15, Ella age 12, both b. WI
• Thompson, Luy, female age 17 b. OH, house servant
• Paickley, Henry age 22 b. IL
1870 census Willow, Richland, WI
• Seeley, Theodore age 24, b. WI, farmer
• Seeley, Caroline age 18 b. WI
• Seeley, Herbert age 1 b. WI
June 1863 Civil War Draft Reg’n
• Lewis P Seeley age 25, md. farmer, b. CT
Civ. War Deaths
• Lewis P Seeley of Co. E, reg. 9 died 18 May 1865 at the Reg’tl Hosp., Rolla, Phelps, MO
1860 census Westford, Richland, WI
• Seely, Charles age 44, b. CT, farmer
• Seely, Caroline age 47 b. CT
• Seely, Lewis age 22, laborer, Ann age 20, both b. CT
• Seely, Julia age 17, Theadore age 14, William age 12, Sarah age 8, Charles age 4, all b. WI
1850 census Baraboo, Sauk, WI
• Seely, Charles age 32 b. CT, silversmith
• Seely, Caroline age 36 b. CT
• Seely, Harriet age 14, Lewis age 12, Ann age 10, Joseph age 8, all b. CT
• Seely, Julia Ann age 6, Theodore age 4, William age 1, all b. WI
• Wood, Ann age 60 b. CT
Newtown, CT VR
• Seeley, Charles of Newtown m. Caroline Johnson of Litchfield 20 Mar 1836 by Rev S C Stratton
WA Death Cert.
• Charles Seeley age 70 d. 1 oct 1924 at lake View, Pierce, WA. His parents were Charles Seeley and Carolina Johnson; his wife was Arletta A Seeley
• Charles William Seeley age 59 d. 11 Feb 1945 at Seattle, King, WA. His father was Chares; his wife was Bernice.
SS Application
• Ethel Bernice Peterson b. 13 sept 1892 at Great Falls, MT to Charles Seeley and Arletta A Stewart
• Linford E Seeley b. 15 Jun 1879 at Mauston, Juneau, WI to Charles Seeley and Arletta Stewart
• Harriet Seeley Hiles b. 5 Jul 1836 CT, d. 7 Dec 1873, wife of Samuel Hiles, dau. of Charles Seeley and Caroline Johnson, Buried at Dexterville Cem, Dexterville, Wood, WI
• Sarah Elizabeth Seeley Ward, b. 11 sept 1851 Ironton, Sauk, WI; d. 9 may 1936 Port Edwards, Wood, WI. Married to Lawrence Ward, buried Babcock Cem, Babcock, Wood, WI
I wasn’t able to find most of the family in the 1900 census.
Research Query 2009-B also dealt with this family. A descendant’s DNA test showed descent from Nathaniel. Charles Seelye is listed in the 1840 census of Newtown, Fairfield, CT next to Thos Seelye (age 40-50). Can you find any evidence to put Charles in a particular Nathaniel line?

Responder: SGS Query Editor

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