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Query Number: 1711-1 November 2017

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Requested Information:

Jan is interested in reconnecting with cousins in New Zealand. Jan is living in Australia. Her cousins are Robyn Andra Seelye Neeley and David Hall Seelye. They are both children of Edgar Cassilis Seelye and his wife Robin Hall Hitchon. Edgar is a descendant of SGS# 2303 David Seelye b. 1816 New Brunswick and died 1864 in Australia. Andra is married to Lance David Neeley.

Requester: Jan Moon | stay@lobstermotel.com.au

Initial Response Information:

I found Andra Lance Neeley on Facebook, living in NZ, and have suggested that Jan try to ‘friend’ her. Jan said she tried that and that Andra doesn’t seem to be active on Facebook anymore. Do you have another idea? Let me know.

Responder: SGS Query Editor