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Query Number: 1702-1 February 2017

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Requested Information:

Annie asked about locating relatives of Norman Seely, born 1911 in New Windsor NY and Sandra Seely, born 1936. According to Annie, Norman was the oldest of 6 children of Oscar Seeley. Oscar was a son of Frank Seeley and had siblings Alfred, Margaret and Frank.

Requester: Annie Seeley via Facebook

Initial Response Information:

We already had some information on parts of this family and found even more:
1940 census Rye, Westchester, NY (10 April 1940)
• Seeley, Norman age 28 b. NY, canned goods salesman
• Seeley, Madeleine, age 26 b. PA
• Seeley, Sandra age 4, Frederick age 2 mos, both b. Greenwich, Westchester, NY
1930 census Portage, Columbia, WI
• Seely, Oscar age 41 b. NY, GER, NY, laborer at city waterworks, md at 31 to
• Seely, Nellie C age 39 b. WI, WI, WI
• Seely, Marceline V age 9, b. NY, NY, WI; George A age 8 WI, NY, WI
• (In 1940 they are still in Portage listed as George A age 50 b. NY, Helen L age 50 b. WI, Marceline B age 19 b. WI, Oscar I age 18 b. NY. The father is a foreman, the daughter is a stitcher in a shoe factory and the son is a laborer for the WPA)
1920 census New Windsor, Orange, NY
• Seeley, Alfred J age 38 b. NY, GER, NY, farmer
• Seeley, Mary age 29 b. IRE, IRe, IRE
• Seeley, Frederick, adopted son age 5 b. NY, NY, NY
• Seeley, Frank, father age 65, widowed b. GER, GER, GER
1920 census Blooming Grove, Orange, NY
• Seely, Oscar J age 34 b. NY, GER, NY, dairy farmer
• Seely, Millie age 29 b. WI, WI, Wi
• Seely, Gertrude E age 11 b. NY, NY, WI
1920 census Dobb’s Ferry, Westchester, NY
• Seely, Norman age 8 is living as one of several adopted sons of Elizabeth G Park age 46, single b. NY, NY, NY, school housekeeper with 2 female servants age 36 from Scotland
1915 census Hamptonburgh, Orange, NY
• Seely, Oscar age 29 b. US, farmer
• Seely, Gertrude age 21 b. US
• Seely, Gertrude age 5, Norman age 3, Margaret age 1, Frederick age 1, all b. US
1910 census Lewisboro, Westchester, NY
• Seeley, Oscar age 24 b. NY, GER, NY, odd job laborer
• Seeley, Gertrude age 17 b. NY, NY, NY
1910 census Blooming Grove, Orange, NY
• Seeley, Frank age 65, b. GER, GER, GER, widowed, farm laborer on dairy farm of Edward Davis age 24 and wife Luona age 21 b. NJ, France, NJ
1900 census Kingston, Ulster, NY
• Margaret Seeley b. Aug 1895 and brother Frank b. Mar 1896 both b. NY, US, US are living in the Industrial Home
1900 New Paltz, Ulster, NY
• Hoffman, Carl b. Aug 1831 GER, GER, GER, farmer, to US in 1852, md 43 yr to
• Hoffman, Eliza b. Jun 1829 NY, NY, NY, 6 ch., 5 living
• Seely, Frank b. Jun 1852 GER, GER, GER, farm laborer, single to US in 1875
• Seely, Alfred b. Jul 1889 NY, GER, GER, farm laborer
1880 census Lloyd, Ulster, NY
• Plop, Ferris W age 35 b. NY, NY, NY, farmer
• Plop, Marthy age 30 b. NY, NY, NY
• Plop, Eddy son, age 11, Jose L , dau. age 3 both b. NY, NY, NY
• Sely, Frank, age 25, laborer b. Baden, Baden, Baden
New York County (NY) Marriages 1847-49, 1907-1936
• Oscar I Seely age 23 of Blooming Grove, farmer b. New Paltz to Frank C Seely and Lydia Davis md 4 June 1909 at Washingtonville, NY by Joseph W Chaney (?) preacher to Gertrude Jones age 18 of Blooming Grove, b. Craigville to George Jones and Elizabeth Waters, Alfred J Seely and Mrs George Brown, witnesses
• Norman A Seeley b. 1911, d. Jun 1964 Buried at Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Denver, CO
• Madeleine Oxford Seeley b. 1913, d. 2006 Buried at Fairmount Cemetery, Denver, Denver, CO
• Name: Norman Seeley
• SSN: 165-03-0092 issued in PA
• Last Res.: Arizona
• Born: 8 Nov. 1911, Died: Jun 1964
US Public Records
• Name: Madeleine A Seeley
Birth Date: 24 Aug 1913
Address: 7705 E Pasadena Ave, Scottsdale, AZ, 85250-7728
• Name: Norman A Seeley Jr.
Birth Date: 15 Aug 1943
Address: 7705 E Pasadena Ave, Scottsdale, AZ, 85250-7728 (1992)
• Name: Norman A Seeley
Birth Date: 1 Sept 1967
Address: 7705 E Pasadena Ave, Scottsdale, AZ, 85250-7728 (1984)
In conclusion, we found quite a few relatives. If you have more information please contact Annie directly via our SGS Facebook page or send it to your Query Editor and I will get it to her.

Responder: SGS Query Editor

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