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Query Number: 1605-1 May 2016

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Requested Information:

Terry submitted a photo of a painting of his wife, the late Gina Marks (see below).
Gina was the daughter of Johnny Maschio (a Hollywood talent agent) and his wife, actress Constance Moore. The artist is a Seely. Gina was born in 1941. Terry wonders if we can help him date the painting. Terry says her parents were “Hollywood Royalty” in the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s.

Requester: Terry Marks | terrymarks123@comcast.net

Initial Response Information:

We have an obituary for artist Walter Frederick Seely as well as a newspaper article on the SGS website: http://www.seeley-society.net/vitals/vcally414b.html.
In part the article states that W.F., “has a portrait studio on the famed ‘strip’ or Sunset Boulevard near Beverly Hills. Here he has painted the children of such noted Hollywood stars as Harold Lloyd, Alan Ladd, Abbott and Costello and Gordon McCrae”. The article is dated 2 September 1954. Terry verified that the signature on the painting is W. Frederick Seely. W.F. is the great-grandson of SGS# 3223, an Obadiah descendant.
As far as dating the painting, Terry guesses that Gina was age 8-12. If anyone has an idea on how to date the painting please contact me and Terry Marks.

Responder: SGS Query Editor

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