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Query Number: 1511-3 November 2015

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Requested Information:

In researching his grandmother Mildred Seeley (1908-2002), Tom wants to verify her descent from John Seeley, SGS# 3033. Mildred’s father was Thomas Charles Seeley b. 9 May 1873 at Brainardsville, Franklin Co. NY, md Avelina Newsome 4 July 1900, d. 16 Mar 1958. According to Tom, Thomas Seeley’s parents are John S Seeley and Mary Ann Miller Sellers with Richard Norman Seeley as the father of John S and John Seeley, SGS# 3033 as the father of Richard.

Requester: Tom Erickson | terickso25@gmail.com

Initial Response Information:

1900 census Concord, Merrimack, NH
• Seely, Mary b. June 1860, age 49 (so should be Jun 1850), CAN, ENG, SCOT, widow, 5 ch., 5 living, landlady
• Seely, Thomas C b. May 1873, brakeman RR, Albert H b. Dec 1876, locomotive fireman, Gordon E. b. Feb 1881, drug store clerk, all sons b. NY, CAN, CAN
• McKenzie, Robert, s-in-law b. Nov. 1875 MA, SCOT, SCOT, boilermaker, md 0 yr to
• McKenzie, Emiline A b. June 1879 NY, CAN, CAN
1880 census Bellmont, Franklin, NY
• Seely, John age 32 b. CAN, CAN, CAN, wheelwright
• Seely, Mary age 30, wife b. CAN, ENG, SCOT
• Seely, Thomas, age 8, John Jr age 5, Albert age 3, Emily age 0, all have measles, all b. NY, CAN, CAN
(John and Mary are also there in 1875 with Thomas and John and are there together without children in 1870)
Unfortunately there are at least 3 John Seely/Seeleys in the 1851 and 1861 censuses of Canada, all born between 1846 and 1849. I have not been able to find any record that shows which John is the one that married Mary and immigrated to the US and resided in Franklin Co., NY. Any help you can give will be appreciated.

Responder: SGS Query Editor


Update to Query #1511-3 // Re: John S Seely b. 1845/6 Quebec

We have been trying to determine if the John S. Seely, father of Thomas Charles Seely, is a descendant of SGS# 3033, John Seeley. The original submitter, Tom Erickson (terickso25@gmail.com) believes that the father of John S is Richard Norman Seely, youngest son of SGS#3033. Richard Norman was b. 28 June 1827 and baptized at St Gabriel Presbyterian Church, Montreal, 28 Aug 1827. We cannot find a record of Richard after the 1851 Canadian census (below)
1851 census Elgin, Beauharnois, QUE
• Seely, John, farmer age 67 b. US
• Gibb, Mary age 65 b. US
• Seely, Emmeline age 32, Richard age 24, John age 6, all b. CAN
1861 census Elgin, Huntingdon, QUE
• Seely, John Sr age 77 b. US, farmer (It looks like one female age 40 died of consumption in the previous year – Emmeline?)
• Seely, John age 15 b. Lower Canada, labourer
• Lafavre, John age 24, b. Lower Canada, labourer
• Lafavre, Mrs J age 25, b. Lower Canada
• Lafavre, Mary age 18 b. Lower Canada
• Seely, Hiram, age 49, b. Lower Canada, farmer
• Seely, Mrs Hiram age 49 b. Lower Canada
• Seely, John age 13, Ann age 11, Sophia age 8, all b. Lower Canada
This seems to show John living with his grandfather John and near his Uncle Hiram and his cousins, one of whom is also named John.
So, we are still looking (unsuccessfully) for information on the fate of Richard Norman Seely and proof that he is the father of the John Seely who married Mary Sellers and lived in Bellmont, Franklin County NY. Tom believes he has located some Seely descendants of Hiram and will try to get a DNA test done on one of them.

Responder: SGS Query Editor

Update to Query #1511-3


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