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Query Number: 1508-1 August 2015

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Requested Information:

Craig is trying to prove that Oliver Seeley/Seelye (SGS# 2273), born 1791 in CT, is the son of Abner Seelye Jr (SGS# 816) who was born in 1768 in New Milford, CT. Abner Seeley, father of Abner Jr served in the Revolutionary War. The only source Craig has found is a mention of Oliver as Abner’s son in James E. Quinlan’s History of Sullivan County (NY), 1873. Craig is a descendant of Oliver’s daughter Alpha. A paid genealogist was unable to prove the link by searching records in New Milford.

Requester: craig benton | krang1@comcast.net

Initial Response Information:

Sullivan County is a difficult area to research in this time frame because early records were destroyed when the county courthouse burned. The reference in Quinlan’s History of Sullivan County is not considered a primary source but so far it seems to be the only source linking these two men. Anyone finding a primary source such as a birth record for Oliver naming his parents or a will for Abner Jr naming Oliver is urged to contact Craig and send a copy to SGS.

Responder: SGS Query Editor

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