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Query Number: 1405-1 May 2014

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Requested Information:

Samuel lives in Chatham, NJ, and is aware that there have been Seelys in that area since the time of the Revolutionary War. He is wondering if he is related to them. He says, “My father, Hampton Sprouls Sealy was born Jan 2, 1905 in Brooklyn, NY, son of Thomas Sealy, born about 1867 here in NJ. My father’s mother, Edith Sealy, was born about 1874 in NJ. My mother, Marjorie Helen Mateer, was born Feb 1, 1912, to Samuel A Mateer and Elizabeth Sweeney.

Requester: Samuel Mateer Sealy | chatnjfd236@gmail.com

Initial Response Information:

NY Marriage Index
– Name: Thomas H Sealy
– Gender: Male
– Marriage Date: 11 Aug 1895
– Marriage Place: Manhattan, NY, USA
– Spouse: Edith Meeker
– Certificate Number: 12061

1910 census Marblehead, Essex, MA
– Sealy, Thomas H, age 42, b. NJ, father b. ENG, mother b. NJ, stock and bonds broker, md 14 yrs to
– Sealy, Edith M, age 36, b. NJ, NJ, NY, 3 children, 2 living
– Sealy, Christine G, age 9, b. NJ, NJ, NJ; Hampton S, age 5, b. NY, NJ, NJ
– Francis, Dora, age 19, black, servant, b. MA, CAN, MA

1900 census Newark, Essex, NJ (Sealy transcribed as Lealy)
– Sealy, Thomas H, b. May 1869, NJ, ENG, NJ, clerk, broker, md 5 yrs to
– Sealy, Edith, b. Jul 1873, NJ, NJ, NY, 1 ch, 1 living
– Sealy, Christine, b. May 1900, NJ, NJ, NJ

1900 census Brooklyn, Kings, NY
– Sealy, Thomas, b. Nov 1823, ENG, ENG, ENG, came to US in 1828, hat manufacturer, md 38 yrs to
– Sealy, Amanda, b. Sept 1836 NJ, NJ, NJ, 7 ch, 3 living
– Sealy, Elizabeth, b. Oct 1864; William D, b. May 1866; both b. NJ, ENG, NJ; Joseph C, b. Oct 1876, CT, ENG, NJ; Edgar D, b. Sept 1882, NJ, ENG, NJ, underwear clerk

1880 census East Orange, Essex, NJ
– Sealy, Thomas, age 55, b. ENG, ENG, ENG, hat manufacturer
– Sealy, Amanda, age 42, b. NJ, ENG, NJ
– Sealy, Mary, age 20; Elizabeth, age 16; William, age 15, in brokers office; Thomas, age 13; all b. NJ, ENG, NJ; Joseph, age 3, b. CT, ENG, NJ

1870 census Newark, Essex, NJ
– Seely, Thomas, age 45, hat manufacturer, b. ENG
– Seely, Amanda, age 33, b. NJ
– Seely, Robert, age 11; Mary, age 10; Elizabeth, age 6; William, age 5; Thomas, age 3; all b. NJ
– Dawson, Amanda, age 14; Louise, age 11; both b. NJ
– Bruen, Amanda, age 61, b. NJ

1860 census Newark, Essex, NJ
– Sealey, Thos, age 35, b. ENG, hat manf
– Sealey, Mary, age 33, b. NJ
– Sealey, Rob’t, age 1; Gertrude, age 1 mo; both b. NJ
– Lee, Rebecca D, age 53, b. NJ
– (Living next door to a large family of Dawsons, but no Amanda or Louise)

1850 census Newark, Essex, NJ
– Sealey, John, age 65, cabinet maker, b. ENG
– Sealey, Elizabeth, age 55, b. ENG
– Sealey, Albert, age 32, cabinet maker; Thomas H, age 26, hatter; both b. ENG
– Sealey, Joseph, age 18, jeweler, b. NJ
– Rowden, Matilda, age 21, b. ENG
– Sealey, Phebe A, age 19, b. NJ
– Rowden, Henry P, age 25, jeweler, b. ENG
– (In 1860 John Sealy, age 75, is still in Newark with daughter Phebe, age 28, sons Joseph, age 26, and Albert, age 46, and Robert Raden, age 9, and 1 female, Irish servant)

England Birth and Christening Index
Thomas Hewlett Sealy
– Gender: Male
– Baptism Date: 25 Dec 1823
– Baptism Place: Worle, Somerset, England
– Parents: John Sealy and Betsy Sealy
– FHL Film Number: 1526122
– Reference ID: 33

Albert Sealy
– Baptism: 17 Nov 1816, South Brent, Somerset, England
– Parents: Elizabeth and John Sealy

Matilda Sealy
– Baptism: 8 May 1829, Worle, Somerset, England
– Parents: Betsey and John Sealy

John Sealy
– Gender: Male
– Baptism Date: 17 Apr 1785
– Baptism Place: South Brent, Somerset, England
– Parents: John Sealy and Ann
– FHL Film Number: 0990348 IT 4

England, Select Marriages
– Name: John Sealy
– Gender: Male
– Marital Status: Single
– Marriage Date: 13 Dec 1815
– Marriage Place: Banwell, Somerset, England
– Spouse: Elizabeth Hewett
– FHL Film Number: 1517682

So, Samuel’s family goes back to John Sealy who was born in 1785 in Somersetshire, England, and emigrated to the US about 1830.

Responder: Query Editor

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