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Query Number: 1311-4 November 2013

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Requested Information:

Stephanie is searching for information on Albert R Seeley b. 2 Jun 1867 Minnesota City, MN. Albert md Martha Booth and had two children: Cl;arence b. 20 Jul 1887 in MN and Mabel b. 8 Dec 1900 in IA. Martha died giving birth to Mabel. Nothing is known about Albert’s parents except that his father was b. in Scotland and his mother in England.

Requester: Stephanie W. | sure_ya_do@yahoo.com

Initial Response Information:

1900 census LaPorte, Black Hawk, IA (June 6th)
Seeley, Albert R b. Jun 1867 MN, SCOT, ENG, day laborer, md 15 yr to
Seeley, Martha D b. Jul 1866 IL, MI, OH, 2 ch., 1 living
Seeley, Clarence F b Jul 1887 MN, MN, IL
Clarance Seeley b. 20 Jul 1887 at Chatfield, Fillmore, Minnesota, father: Albert Seeley, mother: Martha
Seeley b. 25 May 1886 at Chatfield, Fillmore, Minnesota, father: Albert Seeley b. MN, mother: Mattie b. MN
1905 census Jordan, Fillmore MN
Seeley, Albeart R age 49 b. MN, ENG, PA, laborer, resided in this enumeration district 4 yr 3 mos
Seeley, Betsa age 46 b. IN, VT, -, resided in this enumeration district 15 yr, 5 mos
Murphy, Clifton R age 11 b. MN, IRE, IN, resided in this enumeration district 11 yr 4 mos.
Sutherland, Lester B age 79 b. VT, IN, -, resided in this enumeration district 15 yr 4 mos
1910 census Jordan, Fillmore, MN
Seeley, Albert R age 51 b. MN, NY, IA, 2nd marr., odd jobs, md 7 yr to
Seeley, Betsy S age age 51 b. IN, NY, PA, 2nd marr., 1 ch., 1 living
Murphy, Clifton age 15, stepson b. MN, IRE, IN, labor – general farm
In 1920 Albert is in Jordan living with his stepson Clifton and Clifton’s wife Fannie
1880 census Battle Plain, Rock, MN
Rexford, Harriet age 46, divorced, farmer b. NY, NY, NY
Seeley, Albert R age 21, son, b. MN, NY, NY
Seeley, Maggie A., dau age 20 b. MN, NY, NY
Rexford, Job W., son age 13 b. MN, NY, NY
1870 census Bloomfield, Fillmore, MN
Rexford, Vincent age 38 b. CAN, farmer
Rexford, Harriet age 36 b. NY
Rexford, Willis age 3, Harriet b. Oct 1869, both b. MN
Seely, Albert age 12 b. MN
Gates, Henry W age 61, grocer b. NY
1865 census Fillmore, MN
Willis, GW, male, HE, female, RA, male, JP, female, HJ, male
Seeley, HA, female, AR, male, ML, female
Wilson, ML, OM, both female
1860 Chatfield, Fillmore, MN
Seeley, John age 40 b. VT, farmer
Seeley, Harriet A age 26 b. NY
Seeley, Albert H age 2, Margaret age 1, both b. MN
1857 Chatfield, Fillmore, MN (October)
Seely, John age 38, b. WI, joiner
Seely, Harriet age 24 b. WI
Page, Mehitable age 17 b. VT
Lowery, Charles age 25 b. NY, blacksmith
Lowery, Mary age 20 b. IRE
Lowery, James A age 1, Jane age 5 mos., both b. MN
MN Marriage Index
Albert R Seeley md 1 Oct 1902 at Preston, Fillmore, Minnesota Betsy Stone Sutherland
Albert Seely md 3 Mar 1885 at Fillmore, Minnesota Mary Boath
Harriet Ann Seelye md 3 Jul 1866 at Fillmore, Minnesota Vincent Rexford
Harriet A Willis md 15 Jan 1857 at Fillmore, Minnesota John K Seely
1850 census Paris, Kenosha, WI
Willis, Grove W age 40, farmer, b. NY
Willis, Harriet age 38 b. NY
Willis, Harriet A age 16, Mary age 14, Grove age 12, all b. Ny
Willis, Rufus age 8, Matilda age 4, Jane age 2 all b. WI
John Seely, husband of Harriet Willis is SGS# 2325 according to our records. We have him dying in Chatfield, MN on 22 Jan 1861. It would be helpful to have a death record or something to tie him to his father Philo.

Responder: Query Editor

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