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Query Number: 0105-6 May 2001

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Requested Information:

Request any record or information on an Elizabeth Seeley, the daughter of Robert Seeley, who married a William Stebbins 12 Dec 1840 and who died at Plainfield, NY 6 Jan 1873. I know nothing of William, except possibly that his father was also a “William” and no known middle name – if any – for either of them. And, the dates I’ve given are the only ones of record that I have.

Requester: Elizabeth T. Seeley (Mrs. James H. Seeley) of Salem, Oregon 97302

Initial Response Information:

John Seely, the SGS Database Coordinator, replied that this couple [Elizabeth Seeley and William Stebbins)] was listed in the STEBBINS GENEALOGY available to Mark Seeley in 1979. William Stebbins parents were William Stebbins and Bridget Eliza Jordan. This genealogy was probably at the SUTRO Library in San Francisco. John’s data is limited to William’s birth date of 10 Jan 1817. SUTRO Library has inter-library loan on it’s content if Elizabeth (the submitter) wishes to have access to the book.

Responder: SGS Query Editor

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