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Query Number: 0105-10 May 2001

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Requested Information:

Two Samuel Seeleys (SGS #s 467 and 501) each had a son named William, per SGS Publication The Sixth Generation Families of Obadiah Seeley (SGS # 4). Both Williams are believed to have lived in Bradford County, PA, one in Wells Township, the other in Ridgebury Township (separated by only a few miles). William (SGS # 1595) was b. about 1792 and William (SGS # 1692) was born 5 Apr 1783, a difference of only 9 years. A genealogical research company, Lineage, Inc., issued a Report in 1998 that concluded William A. Seeley (b. c 1779, d. 24 Oct 1858) and lived in Wells Township, Bradford County, PA was the son of Samuel Seeley (SGS 501) and Mercy Bartlett (SGS 482). However, much of the rationale used to support this conclusion is also valid when applied to the other William Seeley (1783-1867) of Ridgebury Township, Bradford County, PA. Both Wells Township and Ridgebury Township in Bradford County, PA are close to Southport, NY where Samuel Seeley (SGS 501) is buried in Fitzsimmons Cemetery. The William of Wells Township apparently moved to Cumberland County, IL. The William of Ridgebury Township is buried there in Hanlon Hills Cemetery. SGS members Tere and Jim Seeley request information that would help in determining which William is the son of Samuel Seeley (SGS 501) and which is the son of Samuel Seeley (SGS 467).

Requester: Tere J. Seeley and Jim Seeley | tjseeley@plantationcable.net

Initial Response Information:

Tere Seeley provided a copy of the Lineage, Inc. report to Madeline Mills and Jim Seeley. Jim provided a copy to Terry Tietjens. Excerpts of the Report that contained descendants of William of Wells Township were provided to Dan Seelye and John Seely for their Web Site and Data Base respectively. Please send any info you may have to Tere Seeley at tjseeley@negia.net and Jim Seeley at jrseeley36@gmail.com. Particularly useful would be any family records of descendants of these two Williams.

As the SGS Genealogist, I would like to compliment Tere Seeley for providing SGS with a copy of the Lineages, Inc. Report # 96429-Hoyt, James M. Hoyt (a cousin) for contracting with Lineages, Inc. for conducting the research that produced the report, and Lineages, Inc. for a detailed, thorough report, that included copies of its references.

Responder: SGS Query Editor


Update to Query #0105-10 // Re The Two William and Two Samuel Problem

J. Kelsey Jones, Email Montrose@npacc.net, has provided Tere, Jim, and SGS with some info on the William who lived in Wells Township of Bradford County, PA. This William is probably Tere’s ancestor and J. Kelsey Jones believes he may possibly be the son of Nathaniel Seeley and Jemima Collins. The other William lived, and is buried, in neighboring Ridgebury Township of the same County and his parentage is also unproven. What we don’t know, for sure, are the parents of the two Williams. The two Williams were born in the 1783 to 1792 timeframe and are listed in the SGS Publications as SGS # 1595 and SGS # 1692. If any researcher is interested in this line, please let Jim Seeley know and he will forward J. Kelsey Jones’ fairly lengthy Email to you.

Responder: SGS Query Editor

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