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Query Number: 0102-4 February 2001

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Requested Information:

Charles is seeking information on Walter Austin Seeley (thinks he died in 1935 at the age of 90-95). Walter was the father of Charles Burl Seeley (b. 26 Apr 1871, d. Jan 1957 in Greencastle, IN. Walter was the grandfather of Hiram Harry Seeley (b. 28 Jun 1915 in New Goshen, IN, still living). Walter was the great-grandfather of Charles Thomas Seeley (b. 8 Apr 1934, query submitter). Reportedly, Walter had another son besides Charles Burl, named Orris Seeley (b. 1873). Any information we could obtain would be greatly appreciated. Charles T. is a member of SGS.

Requester: Charles T. Seeley | tseeley@qwest.net

Initial Response Information:

Dan Seelye responded that he had no information on Walter Austin Seeley and requested the query submitter provide any information he had on the wives of the Seeley’s he mentioned in his query. No information on Walter Austin Seeley could be found in the 3 SGS Publications.

Responder: SGS Query Editor


Update to Query #0102-4 // Re Walter Austin Seeley

Charles T. “Tom” Seeley received a reply from W. Leonard Seeley who read the query in the Newsletter. Tom received a Family Group Record for Austin and Lucy Ann (VAUGHN) Seeley, the parents of Walter Austin Seeley. According to Leonard, Walter Austin Seeley’s line is unknown to SGS or to the Seeley’s of New Brunswick. Leonard plans to transfer additional info on this line to Tom. A copy of Leonard’s correspondence of 9 April 2001 was also provided to John Seely, the SGS Database Coordinator.

Responder: SGS Query Editor

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