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Query Number: 0011-9 November 2000

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Requested Information:

Kate requests any information on Eliza Seeley who married Horace/Horatio Raymond in 1820 in Fairfield, CT.

Requester: Kate | bouhou@peakpeak.com

Initial Response Information:

Dan Seelye responded to Kate with the following information supplied by John Seely, SGS Database Coordinator: Eliza Seeley, b. ca 1799, d. ca 1857, married, ca 1819, Stamford, Fairfield County, CT Horatio Raymond. He died ca 1871. Her father was Seth Seeley. Mother unknown, lineage unknown. Ref: Raymond Family Gen. No additional information as of 17 October 2000.

Responder: SGS Query Editor | October 17, 2000

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