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Query Number: 0011-7 November 2000

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Requested Information:

Herman asks, “Can you tell me who my Uncle Lyle Baker was related to and also Kenneth Inman?”

Requester: Herman J. Seelye

Initial Response Information:

John Seely, SGS Database Coordinator, responded that Herman John Seeley is in the eleventh generation of Nathaniel’s line. (Herman’s SGSA # 468.) However, he had no connection with Herman’s Uncle Lyle Baker or of Kenneth Inman. Jim Seeley wrote requesting any additional information Herman might have that could help in the search. No additional information as of 17 October 2000.

Responder: SGS Query Editor


Update to Query #0011-7

In response to a letter Jim Seeley sent to Herman Seelye (the Query Submitter), Herman responded that he believes one of his great grandfather, Charles H. Seeley’s, daughters married a Baker.

John Seely provided Herman John Seelye’s line to Robert the immigrant to America as follows: Herman John Seelye (11), John E. Seelye (10) & Josephine E. Kresse, Herman W. Seelye (9) & Janet Cram, Charles H. Seelye (8) & Julia Lockwell, William Spratt Seelye (7) & Catherine Gregory, John Seelye (6) & Elizabeth Lindsley, Justus Seelye (5) & Phebe Bissell, John Seelye (4) & Martha Benjamin, Benjamin Seelye (3) & Deborah Sturgess, Nathaniel Seelye (2) & Mary Turney, Robert Seelye (1) & Mary (___) Mason. No other information has been received regarding Lyle Baker or Kenneth Inman.

Responder: SGS Query Editor

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