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Query Number: 0011-6 November 2000

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Requested Information:

Lynn is looking for her grandmother’s ancestors. Here’s what she has: Charles Seeley (b. 21 Feb 1802, d. 4 Sep 1868-NYC) m. Sarah Brundage (b. 1812, d. 15 Mar 1903). Child: Charles Morris Seeley (b. 19 Dec 1845, d. 15 Dec 1914-NYC) m. Ida Sophia Bullard (b. 25 Feb 1855-Wellsboro, PA, d. 7 Jul 1892-Wellsboro, PA). They had 7 children, the youngest was Lynn’s grandmother Mildred Seeley (b. 11 Jun 1892, d. 30 Oct 1967) m. Charles Fay Erway. Do you have anything on this line?

Requester: Lynn Fortney | mlfortney@supernet.com

Initial Response Information:

Dan Seelye responded that John Seely’s database showed Charles Seeley was b. ca 1805 Ovid, Sene (Seneca?) County, NY, m. ca 1830 Ovid, Sene Co, NY Sally Brundage (b. ca 1810, Ovid, Sene Co, NY.

John Seely responded that he had names of the 7 children of Charles Morris & Ida Sophia (Bullard) Seeley. These names and spouses were based on the Wellsboro Gazette obituaries which Rhoda Ladd loaned John Seely years ago. He does not have complete dates for the vital records. Charles & Sarah (Brundage) Seeley were m 30 Jan 1830 in Ovid, NY as recorded in the Ithica Chronicle of 13 Jul 1830, page 3. The other 6 children were Jessie (b. ca 1882, d. ca 1965 in Concord, NY, m. Jack Towner of New York City), Sarah H. (b. ca 1886, d. ca 1963 in NYC, m. Edward Welch), Fred Graves (b. ca 1887, d. ca 1927 in NYC, m. Margaret (__)), a daughter (b. ca 1890, living in 1945 in Brooklyn, NY, m. H.W. Gaither), Harry M. (b. after 1890, living in Montclair, NJ in 1945) and Lewis (b. after 1890, d. ca 1945 in Yonkers, NY, m. Katherine (__)).

Terry Tietjens, Director of the Seeley Research Center in Abilene, KS also responded that Charles Seely (b. 21 Feb 1802) (SGS # 3590) was the son of John Bartlett Seely (SGS # 1606) and Sarah/Sally Seely (SGS # 1700), both of whom are descendants of Obadiah (SGS # 4). Terry said he had several emails with Lynn Fortney and has sent Lynn family records by postal.

Responder: SGS Query Editor

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