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Query Number: 0011-4 November 2000

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Requested Information:

The Davison Area Historical Museum (263 E 4th St., Davison, MI 48423) is seeking any info on Seeleys that came through Genesee or Lapeer Counties in the 1800’s and their descendants. There is an old cemetery near by that contains 40 or so graves (about 20 marked) of Seeleys or relations. It is now privately owned and the owner would like the remains removed. The Historical Society would like to see these early settlers properly interred. Jeff provided his line back to Esther Seeley (b. 3 Feb 1864), her father Judson Seeley (b. 1815), and his father Stephan Seeley (b. 3 Apr 1788).

Requester: Jeffery S. Agnew | jscottagnew@webtv.net

Initial Response Information:

At John Seely’s suggestion, SGS President Dan Seelye approved making the Davison Area Historical Museum an Honorary member of the SGS, approved sending them a copy of the three SGS Books and copies of the Newsletters. (What a wonderful way to encourage local Seeley descendants to become SGS Members and exchange data with SGS for the benefit of all!) Hopefully, descendants will be found who can help with the Historical Museum’s cemetery project. Jeff states Davison, MI was founded by 3 Seeley’s in 1836, 2 brothers Andrew and Alson and a sister, Debby Seeley. John Seely (SGS Database Coordinator) provided Esther Seeley’s line as Judson (9), Stephan(8), Stephen (7), Hezekiah (6), Nathaniel (5), Nathaniel (4), Nathaniel (3) and Nathaniel (2). (Generation number from Robert is in parenthesis after each name.) No additional information as of 17 October 2000.

Responder: SGS Query Editor


Update to Query #0011-4

An email was received from Helen Harger (HelenHarge@aol.com) on 1/18/01. She says perhaps the first Seeley to come to Michigan (in 1823) was Harvey Seeley, son of Hezekiah Seeley. She relayed interesting information to add to the Davison, MI Area Historical Society records and offered that others may contact her for further information.

Responder: SGS Query Editor

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