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Query Number: 0011-2 November 2000

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Requested Information:

Susanne is trying to find additional descendants of Nathaniel Seeley (b. 19 Sep 1796 in Connecticut, d. 2 Jul 1876 in Middlefield, Ohio). He married Betsey Warren (b. 19 Aug 1798 in New York State, d. 14 Feb 1888 in Middlefield, Ohio). They were married 21 Dec 1818 in South Harpersfield, Ohio. Susanne Gruber Marshall provided lineage sheets with her line back to the Nathaniel (above). Her line is summarized as follows: Nathaniel, Lois Seeley (b. Apr 1822), Laura Gray (b. 1846), Amber Nickerson (b. 30 Jan 1868), Laura Chapman (b. 21 Nov 1889), Harland Altrogge (b. 6 Jun 1919), Anna Altrogge (b. 15 Aug 1941) and Susanne Gruber (b. 22 Feb 1966)(submitter).

Requester: Susanne Marshall | marshall@swns.net

Initial Response Information:

Copies of the lineage sheets provided by Susanne were forwarded to John Seely, Dan Seelye and to the Seeley Research Center in Abilene, KS. No additional information as of 17 October 2000.

Responder: SGS Query Editor

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