Ethel Stewart Seeley (born Stewart)


Gender: Female

Date of Birth: December 13, 1906

Date of Death: December 27, 1994

Birth Place: MO

Death Place: San Jose, CA

Ethel Stewart Seeley

(Death Certificate Transcription)
Santa Clara County
Ethel Stewart SEELEY, Female, White
Married Ralph Sherwood Seeley
Father: William H. Stewart born Missouri
Mother: Etta H. Hahn born Missouri
DOD: 27 December 1994 2335
Age: 88
DOB: 13 December 1906 born Missouri
Education: 16
Occupation: Poet -Church Organist – 25 years
SSN: 385-16-8960
Place of Death: Good Samaritan Hospital, San Jose
Stay in Santa Clara County: 26 years
Residence: 2231 Coronet Drive, San Jose
Informant: David Seely – Son 2231 Coronet Drive, San Jose
Cause of Death: Arrhythmia – 48 hours
Accute Myocardial infarction – 48 hours
Artheriosclerotic Cardio vascular Disease – 5 years
Cremation/REL 12/30/94 St. Andrews Episcopal Church
Funeral Director: Chapel of the Hills