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Anna Seeley


Gender: Female

Date of Death: April 14, 1813

Death Place: Weston, CT


Spouse: Ebenezer Seeley

From the Windham (CT) Herald, 20 May 1813 issue:

“Seeley, Anna, died at Weston (CT) on April 14, 1813, age 51, wife of Ebenezer.” Anna appears likely to be the first wife of #606 Ebenezer (7) on page 2 of the Nathaniel section of the Seventh Generation Book of the SGS. She was born in 1762, which relates to Ebenezer’s birth date of 1761. Ebenezer remarried in 1814, a year after Anna’s death. Since Ebenezer served in the Revolutionary War, this information may already be in someone’s records; but it is published so the information is not lost.

[Submitted by Jean Seeley Richards, jbeoabn@aol.com.]

SGS Newsletter No. 2001-1 (February 2001) Page 5

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