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Old Daniel Seely House

To whom it may concern,

I have been doing research on my house at 405 S. Saginaw Holly Mi. and found that Daniel Seely and his wife Mary (Terbush?) moved here in 1890. Daniel died in 1900 according to a book I found at the library.

I have done some backyard archeology and have found many items from the time the Seely’s lived here. Most notably a Civil war cannon ball and a beer bottle from 1890. I have also dug up close to a thousand other items, mostly broken pottery and glass.

I have also found a post card with the photo of the house as it looked in 1907 when the widow Mary lived here. Photo included. Also sent a photo of the house as it looks now.

Would anyone wish to share info about the house or family?

Thank you

Brad Rebar
Holly MI

(Submitted by Brad Rebar – gotosafeside@comcast.net)

Old Daniel Seely house
Old Daniel Seely house - current look
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