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Joseph W. Seeley


Gender: Male

Site of the home of Joseph Seeley, Watchmaker

Joseph Seeley pioneered Coloma’s jewelry and watch repair trade in 1849. He advertised himself as “Watchmaker and Jeweler,” selling gold and silver watches from “the best watch-makers in the world.” He manufactured watches, vest chains, lockets and breastpins, often using gold brought in by the miners. All of Seeley’s work was “made to order” with neatness and dispatch. In 1856 he closed his successful shop on Main Street and continued his craft from his “retirement” home here on High Street.

Photograph taken by: Colleen Seely Rentsch on a 4th grade field trip to Sutter’s Fort; James Marshall’s State Park in Coloma, California.

Mention is made of Jos. W. Seeley in the History of El Dorado County, California.

In 1854, the Sunday law passed and the undersigned business men gave notice they would close up their stores on and after December 10th, 1854 : Wm. McConnell & Co ; O. Camp & Co ; Dunn & Bell ; Kimball & Co ; Geo. Vincent & Co ; E. Weller & Co ; M. Holmes : A. G. Tryon ; Frank Beckhart ; M. Skolney ; J. Morris ; J. Bernhard & Co ; Wm. Dormody ; Jos. W. Seeley ; A. Dombrowsky ; J. Waters ; Wm. Clatworsly and T. Elkus. These were the leading business firms then.

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