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Jacob Seely Bible Births & Deaths

Family Bible Information on Jacob Seely and Elizabeth Van Campen

“This information is taken from the family Bible and does not give a very full account of some of them. But I think (for) some of them their deaths were not known about by the ones who had the Bible until quite a time after it had happened and full date perhaps was not given. But this is the best I can give you.”

Births Deaths
Jacob Seely was born Aug 5th AD 1786 Jacob Seeley died Mar 31st AD 1830
Elizabeth Seely was born Dec 30th AD 1789 Elizabeth Seely died Sept 22nd AD 1838
Mary Ann Seely was born Feb 23rd AD 1812 Mary Ann Webb died Mar 3rd AD 1872
Hannah Seely was born July 23rd AD 1813 Hannah Webb died Feb 10th AD 1881 at Caldwell Summer Co Kan
Diannah Seely was born Sept 10th AD 1814 Diannah Webb died Jan 7th AD 1885 aged 70 years, 3 mos, 27 days
William Seely was born Jan 27th AD 1816 William Seely died May 20th AD 1851 aged 35 yrs, 4 mos, 24 days
Stephen Seely was born Aug 20th AD 1817 Stephen Seely died Jan 16th AD 1896 Buried at Sac City, Iowa
Thomas Seely was born Dec 31st AD 1818 Thomas Seely died May 18th 1873 Buried at Ackley, Iowa
John Seely was born July 6th AD 1820 John Seely died Feb 12th Aged 6 yrs, 6 mos, 6 days (no year given)
Clinton Seely was born Nov 8th AD 1821 Clinton Seely died Feb 11th AD 1853 Aged 31 yrs, 3 mos, 3 days
Jacob Seely was born May 15th AD 1823 Jacob Seely died Dec 19th AD 1882 at Winfield Kansas
James Seely was born Jan 26th AD 1825 James Seely died Dec 9th (no year given) and is buried in Zimmerman’s Cemetery 1 ¾ mis South of Polo Caldwell Co Missouri
Joseph Seely was born July 30th AD 1826 Joseph Seely died in New Mexico in battle against the South (no year given)
Andrew Seely was born Dec 15th AD 1829 Andrew Seely died Apr 22nd AD 1896. Buried in Portland __?? Cemetery. Kossuth Co Iowa.”

Submitted by Alfa Jean Carter, 892 S. 700 East, Centerville, UT 84014

Note: Although this Family Bible information is not listed as a reference, the information agrees with only a few exceptions with that compiled on this family in the SGS Publication The Seventh Generation Families, Obadiah section, pages 25 and 26. This Jacob Seeley was assigned SGS # 1494. In a letter to the Newsletter Editor, Alfa Jean Carter lists her line as Verna May Seely, Arta McLean Seely, Joseph Seely, and William Seely, the son of Jacob Seely listed above. A copy of Alfa’s correspondence, which also contained a group sheet on her grandfather, Arta Seely, has been sent to the Seelye Research Center.

SGS Newsletter, May 2004

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