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Ida M. Seely


Gender: Female


Spouse: Chas H. Davis

Date of Marriage: 1880

Marriage Place: Elmira, NY


Most of our town readers, at least, are aware of the happy affair which occurred in a neighboring city on Monday of this week. We refer, of course, to the matrimonial business Mr. Chas. H. Davis went to Elmira to transact, and who returned to our place with his beautiful bride last Tuesday evening. Quite a number of friends called upon him that evening at his elegant rooms in the Birdsall, and offered their congratulations, in which we heartily join, wishing Mr. and Mrs. Davis a long, happy and prosperous life.

The following, regarding the ceremony, is taken from the Elmira Advertiser of Tuesday morning:

It will be seen in the proper column that Mr. Chas. H. Davis and Miss Ida M. Seely have been joined “for better or worse.” The bride is a well known and highly esteemed young lady of the Fifth Ward. Mr. Davis a few years ago was Press operator in the Western Union Telegraph Office in this city, more recently of Chattanooga, Tenn., and now of Whitney’s Point, Broome county, where they will reside. Many wishes for their happiness go with them from Elmira, where they will always find a host of friends.

No date, no indication of the publication from a private family collection.

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