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William A. Seeley


Gender: Male

Date of Birth: March 18, 1824

Date of Death: November 3, 1907

THE SEELEY FAMILY is another of the old and honored ones in Erie county, and its founder was Austin Seeley, who came here from Otego county, New York, about 1819. His home was first near Elk Creek, adjoining Lake street, but later he bought land on the east side of Lake street in what is now North Girard. When the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad was completed to this point he donated the land for its depot and also the railroad park, and he was the first station agent for the company. In many ways he aided materially in the upbuilding and advancement of his new home, and his name is prominently recorded on the pages of Erie county’s early and formative history. Born in 1779 (correction to 1799 noted on submission), he lived on the good old age of eighty-six, dying in 1865, and he now lies buried in the Girard cemetery.

Mr. Seeley married, in the state of New York, Phoebe R. Allen, and their children are as follows: Samuel A., born November 2, 1822, died in 1876; William A., born March 18, 1824, died November 3, 1907; Esther M., born November 27, 1825, died April 22, 1868; Susanna M., born July 4, 1827, died November 28, 1845; Lucy A., born June 23, 1831, died May 13, 1893 and Erwin, born February 18, 1841, is the only surviving member of this once large family and his home is in Iowa.

William A. Seeley, the second son of Austin, was born March 18, 1824, and after receiving the common school education of the early days he became identified with railroad work, and during thirty-six years was in the employ of the Michigan Southern Company, serving as the station agent here during eighteen years of that time. During his early like he was a famer and lived with his father. His first marriage was to Miss Charlotte Lawrence of the 1st of March 1846, but she died in July of 1847, leaving one son, Eugene A., born January 16, 1847, and who died August 8, 1861. On March 24, 1868, Mr. Seeley married Mariva A. Robertson, born May 30, 1830, and she died on the 12th of March, 1890, without issue. His third marriage was to Miss Alice Pettibone on November 26, 1890. She was born on April 1, 1850, and her home is now in North Girard. Mr. Seeley died on the 3d of November, 1907, after a long and useful life and as a faithful and earnest member of the Christian church. He now lies buried in the cemetery at Girard, the resting place of many other brace and faithful early residents of Erie county. He was in politics a Republican.

[Austin is SGS # 742 – Austin (#742); David; Austin; Nehemiah; Robert; Nathaniel; Robert]

[William Austin is SGS # 2146 – William Austin ( # 2146); Austin (# 742); David; Austin; Nehemiah; Robert; Nathaniel; Robert]

Pages 509 – 510, “A Twentieth Century History of Erie County Pennsylvania, Volume II” by John Miller, 1909, The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago

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