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Samuel Dibble Seelye


Gender: Male

Date of Birth: March 14, 1829

Birth Place: Bethel, CT

SEELYE, SAMUEL DIBBLE, Montgomery, Ala., descended from Welsh emigrants to this country in 1665, was born in Bethel, Conn., March I4th, 1829. His professional education was received in the med. dep’t of the univ. of N. Y., whence he was graduated in 1855. During the ensuing four years he practised in New York, and since Dec., 1858, has been established in Montgomery. He is a member of the Am. med. asso., elected vice-president in 1875; of the Ala. State med. asso., orator in 1875, counsellor since 1876, and censor since 1877 ; and of the med. and surg. soc. of Montgomery. Of his professional publications may be mentioned : ” Embolism of the Heart and Pulmonary Arteries,” and ” Cell Life the Source of all Power, both Mental and Physical,” both published in pamphlet.

Page 54, “The Physicians and Surgeons of the United States,” edited by William B. Atkinson, M.D., published Charles Robson, Philadelphia 1878.

[Son of Frederick SGS # 2057 – Samuel Dibble; Frederick (#2057); Nathan; Seth; Nathan; James; Nathaniel; Nathaniel; Robert]

* this is another biography from a different source

SEELYE, SAMUEL DIBBLE, physician, was born March 14, 1829, in Bethel, Conn., son of Frederick and Polly M. (Dibble) Seelye, natives of Connecticut, the former who resided for many years in New York City. He is of Welsh descent, his ancestors having come to this country, in 1665, and the Seelye family have received much literary distinction in England. He attended the schools of Bethel, and Danbury academy, and after completing his academic education, engaged in the mercantile business in New York City and Vicksburg, Va., until 1853. During the latter year, he entered the Medical college of New York, and was graduated from there in 1855. For the next four years he practiced in New York City, and in 1859, came to Montgomery, where he resumed his practice, and in 1869, formed a partnership with Dr. E. A. Semple, which partnership continued until the latter’s death in 1871, after which time Dr. Seelye practiced alone. He was a member of the Montgomery Medical society since its organization after the war; was twice its president; was a member of its board of censors, which is also the committee of public health, and of the board of medical examiners of the county, since 1873, when it received its charter as a constituent member of the medical association of the state. In 1868, he became a member of the Medical Association of Alabama, and continued on the roll of permanent members until, 1871; in 1874, delivered the oration at the Selma session; in 1876, was elected counselor of the association, which position he held for many years; was a member of the state board of censors, the state board of medical examiners, and the state board of health since 1877 ; and in 1886, was made president of that association. He was vice-president of the American Medical association, in 1875 or 1876. He was the author of many medical papers, among the principal papers being: “Arterial Embolism and Heart Clot,” “Cell Life, the Basis of All Force Both Physical and Mental,” “Drainage and Underdrainage in their Sanitary and Economic Aspects,” and the “Sewage of Cities.” He has been a member of the First Presbyterian church for many years, and has served as deacon. Married: in November, 1885, to Amelia J. Bigelow, daughter of William and Elizabeth Bigelow of New York City. Children: daughter, d. in childhood. Residence: Montgomery.

Page 1524, “History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography,” by Thomas McAdory Owen, LL.D., Volume IV, The S.J. Clarke Publishing Company, Chicago, 1921.

[Son of Frederick SGS # 2057 – Samuel Dibble; Frederick (#2057); Nathan; Seth; Nathan; James; Nathaniel; Nathaniel; Robert]

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