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James Edwin Seeley


Gender: Male

Date of Birth: June 28, 1843

Birth Place: Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY

SEELEY, JAMES EDWIN, M. D., of Scottsville, N. Y., was born at Port Richmond, Staten Island, on June 28th, 1843. He is the only surviving son of Rev. J. T. Seeley, a clergyman of the Baptist denomination, who is well known throughout the State of New York as a most exemplary and efficient minister of the Gospel. In bringing up a family of three children, two sons and one daughter (one of the sons now deceased), Rev. Mr. Seeley recognized the value of education as superior to any other earthly legacy he could leave them, and accordingly gave them superior scholastic advantages.

The subject of this sketch commenced his education at Syracuse, N. Y., going through one of the public schools, and afterward the graded High School, hut on his parents removing to Lima, Liv. county, he entered the Genesee Wesleyan Seminary. After going through the requisite course of study in that institution, he graduated with honor ; subsequently became a student in Genesee College, but being desirous of beginning the study of medicine during the progress of the war, he did not finish his course of literary studies in that institution. Early in the year 1860 he commenced to read medicine in the office of Dr. Webster, of Lima, N. Y., where he remained until the fall of 1861, when he entered the University of Michigan, in the medical department of which he attended his first course of lectures. At their conclusion, having secured letters of commendation and merit from his several professors, he obtained the position of Assistant Surgeon, United States Navy, which position he held for a period of two years. Then becoming a prey to disease brought on by exposures to a southern climate, he resigned his position, and espousing the cause of homœopathy, became a member of the graduating class of 1865-’66, in the Homœopathic Medical College of New York. After receiving his degree, he settled in the spring of 1866, at Saratoga Springs, in partnership with Zina Clements, M. D., but not finding this association congenial, after a year’s residence in that locality he removed to Mount Morris, Liv. county. A year later, having in the meantime received satisfactory recognition of his skill as a physician, he changed his residence to Hornellsville, Steuben county, where homœopathy was at that time unknown. Battling against all that “old-school” influence could bring to bear upon his efforts he succeeded in gaining over to his cause a large share of public patronage. In the fall of 1870, desiring a more lucrative field of labor, he disposed of his practice to Dr. H. C. Orcutt, of Vermont, and took up his residence in Scottsville, Monroe county, where he still remains.

In the spring of 1869, Dr. Seeley was married to Ida E. Bolles, the daughter of Dr. H. A. Bolles, a noted physician of Cortland, N. Y.

Dr. Seeley is an active member of the Monroe County Homœopathic Medical Society, and holds the office of Vice-President therein.

Earnest and firm in the cause he has espoused, a deep student of the principles of medicine, and successful in his application thereof, he has steadily won for himself the confidence and respect of the people among whom he labors.

Page 83 -84 “Cleave’s Biographical Cyclopædia of Homœopathic Physicians and Surgeons” by Egbert Cleave published by Galaxy Publishing Company, Philadelphia 1873.

[James Edwin is grandson of SGS # 1994 – James Edwin; John Taylor; Nathan (#1994); Jesse (#620); Samuel; Nathaniel; Nathaniel; Nathaniel; Nathaniel; Robert]

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