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Henry B. Seely


Gender: Male

Date of Birth: July 7, 1838

Date of Death: May 23, 1901

Birth Place: Seneca Falls, NY

Death Place: Philadelphia, PA

SEELY, Henry B., naval officer, was born at Seneca Falls, N.Y., July 7, 1838. He was graduated from the U.S. Naval academy in 1857; served on the Minnesota, East India squadron, 1857-59; [p.294] was warranted passed midshipman, June 25, 1860; promoted master, Oct. 24, 1860, and served on the Iroquois, European station, 1860-61; promoted lieutenant, and cruised on the Keystone State in the West Indies, 1861; served on the Sumter, South Atlantic blockading squadron, 1861-62; and on the Saranac, Pacific squadron, 1863-65. He was appointed lieutenant-commander, Feb. 21, 1864; commanded the Bienville, West Indies, in 1866; the Guerriere and Pawnee, 1867-69; the Kansas, Paraguay river, 1869, and Rendezvous, Boston, 1873. He was promoted commander, Aug. 24, 1873; served as light-house inspector, 1873-76; was engaged in torpedo instruction, 1878 and commanded the Ajax, European and South Atlantic squadrons, 1881-84. He was captain of the League Island navy-yard, Philadelphia, 1884-88, being promoted captain, Dec. 13, 1886; commanded the receiving ship St. Louis, 1886-87; was commandant of the navy yard, League Island, 1888-91; commanded the U.S.S. Lancaster, March, 1891, to June, 1892, when he was retired on account of incapacity resulting from long and faithful service. He died at the League Island navy yard, Philadelphia, Pa., May 23, 1901.

Johnson, Rossiter, ed. “Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans”. Volume IX. Boston, MA: The Biographical Society, 1904.

[Son of Carlton White Seely SGS # 3131 – Henry B.; Carlton White (#3131); Abijah Jr.; Abijah; John S.; Obadiah; Obadiah; Obadiah]

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