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Elizabeth Seeley


Rev. John Taylor Seeley, D. D., now pastor of Pittsford Baptist Church, New York, born January 5, 1814, graduated from Madison University, New York, 1839, and from Baptist Theological Seminary, Hamilton, N. Y., 1841. Ordained as minister of the Gospel, and married Harriet M. Seeley, September, 1841; commenced his pastoral life at Port Richmond, N, Y., and has not been out of the pastorate a single Sabbath since. Has immersed, baptized eleven hundred persons. Married about one thousand persons, and has been an active, sincere and successful Christian, Minister in Syracuse. Lima, and other important churches in New York. They have two surviving children : James Edwin, born June 28, 1843, a physician, educated at the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, and New York Homoeopathic Medical College, 1866, where he graduated. He was in the United States Navy in 1863, during the Civil War. He married Ida E. Bolles, March 12, 1869. They have one daughter, -Ida, and reside in Rochester, N. Y.

Hattie Adella Seeley, born January 26, 1856, resides with her parents at Pittsford; is an artist and pursues her profession.

Rev. Jesse N. Seeley, now of Clinton, Iowa, was born May 15, 1815 ; licensed to preach 1834; next nine years teacher, preacher and student at Granville College, Ohio, and at Baptist University and Theological Seminary, Hamilton, Madison county, N. Y. ; home missionary in Iowa, 1843; organized fifteen churches ; pastor in eight losing his voice compelled him to relinquish preaching. Married Sarah H. C. Chesebrook, 1847. She died 1848; afterwards married Agnes J. Scott, went South, had yellow fever, and remained until 1856; then to Illinois, on a farm, where his second wife died May 25, 1857. For third wife married Mrs. Gulaelma W. Pier, April 3, 1860. Only five children survive; Adelaide, born December, 1860, now a teacher at Clinton, Iowa; Oscar Judson, born September, 1854, a teacher at Cordova, Ill.; John Wm., born February 7, 1850, in sewing machine business at Burlington, Iowa — married Phebe A. McWhirt, June, 1874. They have four daughters : Ethel, Elma, Nora, Flora.

Emma Elizabeth Seeley, born January, 1853, married to Samuel Marshall, November, 1876. They are farmers, reside near Sauk Rapids, Minn., and have two children : Hattie Elizabeth, born July, 1878; Jessie Adelaide, September 23, 1882.

Jessie Elma, born October 10, 1871, with parents; attending school at Clinton, Iowa.

Ann Eliza Seeley, born June, 1817, married Rev. T. G. Lamb; died three years thereafter.

David W. Seeley, born January, 1821, married Maria Loucks; in business in Albany, N. Y. They have three sons : John N., William, a physician, educated in part in the Medical Department of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; and Harvey, an engineer.

Chloe Jane Seeley, born January, 1825, married Matthew Freeman, an editor. They had five children, to-wit: Elizabeth Freeman, who married Alfred Widener, a farmer; John W. Freeman, who married and is an editorial reporter; Charles Freeman, who married and lives in Ohio ; Anna Bell Freeman, who married George Morris. They had three children when Mr. Morris died, and his widow is a teacher ; Hattie Freeman, who married Joseph Kelly. They have three children.

Pages 66 – 69 “Genealogy of Judge John Taylor and his descendants’, by Elisha Taylor, Published Richmond & Backus Co., Detroit, Mich., 1886.

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