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C. B. Seeley


Gender: Male

Date of Birth: February 9, 1835

Birth Place: Kirkland, OH

SEELEY, C.B. The subject of this sketch, whose portrait appears in this work, came of revolutionary stock, his grandfather, Jonathan Seeley, having served in the Continental Army throughout the war for Independence. Mr. Seeley was born in Kirkland, Ohio, February 9, 1835, being the son of Benjamin and Lydia Seeley, and the seventh son of a family of eight children. At the age of four years he moved with his parents to Warrick County Indiana, where he was reared upon a farm, and where he resided until he came to California in 1864. In his youth he attended the public schools of his neighborhood, and subsequently Delaney Academy, at Newburgh, Indiana. He afterwards engaged in teaching. On his arrival in California he located in Napa County, of which he was elected County Clerk in 1865, holding that office by re-election for ten consecutive years. In 1866 he married Mary White, also a teacher. In 1879 he engaged in the business of banking with L.A. Bickford, under the firm name of Seeley & Bickford, in which business he is still engaged. He is at present, 1881, a member of the Board of Trustees of the City of Napa. In politics Mr. Seeley has always been a Republican, and is one of those genial, whole-souled men whom it is a pleasure to meet. While not professing to be a humorist, his frequent sallies of wit “without intent to harm” certainly give him a place second to but few, among that very attractive class of men. But underlying this vein of humor there is a substratum of deep thought and serious reflection. He is at his best in a friendly discussion, wherein he shows in an eminent degree a mind both analytical and logical. In an animated controversy a few days since, we noted this quite characteristic expression: “When I die, I ask no better epitaph than this: ‘Sacred to the memory of one who paid every obligation in life, and met the world more than half way.’”

Page 559, History of Napa and Lake Counties, California. San Francisco, California: Slocum, Bowen & Co., 1881

Thank you to Martha Graham for the scans of this biography.

[Chauncey Barton is SGS # 2425 – Chauncey Barton; Benjamin; Jonathan; Ephraim; John; Benjamin; Nathaniel; Robert]

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