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John Edward Bernard Seely


Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 1868

Date of Death: 1947

Fear, and Be Slain - John Edward Bernard Seely

“Fear, and Be Slain”

Adventures by land, sea & air. SEELY J. (General Jack [Lord Mottistone]) Personal experiences. Published by Hodder & Stoughton, London. 1931. 306pp Year Illustrated Plus forward.

About John

Seely, John Edward Bernard, 1st baron of Mottistone 1868–1947, British politician. He served in the South African War and entered Parliament as a Conservative in 1900. Having switched to the Liberal party, he became (1912) secretary of war in Herbert Asquith’s cabinet. In 1914, when officers stationed at the Curragh military camp in Ireland asserted that they would not serve against the Ulster Unionists in the Home Rule crisis, Seely assured them that they would not be required to do so. This unauthorized concession complicated an already difficult situation, and Seeley was forced to resign. After serving in World War I, he was undersecretary for air (1919). In Adventure (1930) and Fear and Be Slain (1931) he tells the story of his life. He was created baron in 1933.

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