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Mark Wilson Seeley

May 7, 1912 – Sept. 28, 1985

Publication Date: November 1985 Seeley Genealogical Society Newsletter – Issue #45 and May 1986 Seeley Genealogical Society Newsletter – Issue #47

Mark Wilson Seeley

Mark lived at 1140 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. Early in 1984, following an operation it was determined that he had cancer. Late in January of this year he was placed in a Hospice in critical condition, supposedly with only a few days to live but being the rugged person he was, he was still going strong … and pursuing his interest in Seeley Genealogy which he considered his most important activity. His two brothers, Bill & Everett visited him regularly as did his former wife. Finally, on September 28th death overtook him and SGS lost an important source of information, some of which will surface for years to come. His printed obituary will probably be in the next issue of the Newsletter. This information excerpted from a letter to Esther Walter by his brother Bill of Salem, Oregon.

Mark Wilson Seeley in Issue #45 (Nov. 1985) there was a notice of the passing of Mark, but not too much more and note was made of the fact that his printed obituary would probably be in the next issue of the Newsletter, but it wasn’t. However, this time one of his two brothers, William Linus Seeley of Salem, OR has sent personal information, which is as follows:

Mark Wilson Seeley was born 7 May 1912 at Coquille, OR and died 28 September 1985 in San Francisco, CA. He was the son of Oran James and Florence Seeley. He graduated from Western Oregon College of Education in 1937, taught in the elementary schools of OR, served in the U.S. Army in England & France during WWII. Returned to teaching, retired in 1974 making San Francisco his home until his death. He was very interested in sports and in the Seeley Family genealogy. Bill (Wm. Linus) had researched their immediate family, but Mark enlarged his research to cover any information on Seeleys and forwarded the info that he found to Esther (Houtz) Walter for deposit in the Seeley records. In the last few years he devoted most of his time to visiting the libraries of San Francisco and adjacent college libraries, searching for “family” information. This he did by going shelf by shelf, book by book and page by page until it became physically impossible for him to get around. I’ve found numerous things he has copied and Esther’s information from him is as yet virtually untouched. Mark’s other brother is Everitt James Seeley of El Cajon, CA.

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