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Linda Joy Niswender Weiler

August 10, 1940 – June 21, 2011

This obituary of Linda Weiler was written by her sister-in-law Toots Brundage, Karl’s oldest sister. An obituary was not placed in the paper in Fresno, CA. There was no funeral but a grave-side service was held in Belmont Memorial Park, Fresno, California. Linda’s husband, Karl arranged for lots of chairs to be set up and a good microphone, so everyone could hear the speakers. Linda’s 3 children and her husband, Karl spoke. It was very nice and everyone enjoyed the service. Karl dedicated the grave.

Linda Joy Niswender Weiler wife of Karl L. Weiler died June 21, 2011 in Fresno, Calif. in the hospital. Linda had suffered a stroke on the 3rd of June and then another on the 16th. It completely paralyzed her. She had been sick many times during her life and always came out of her sicknesses and did very good, but this one was too severe.

Linda is survived by her husband, Karl L. Weiler of 49 years, their 50th anniversary would have been in November 2011; Daughter, Jill (Donny) Castro-Condi, sons, Terry (Leann), and Clint Weiler; A sister, Nancy Ann Goe, from North Carolina, who also came for the funeral. Linda has 10 Grandchildren and 2 Great-grandchildren. She has lots of family on her husband’s side. Presiding in death was a son, Jacob, and a daughter Suzette.

Linda Joy Niswender Weiler

Linda was born 10 August 1940 in South Gate, California. Her parents were Neil Allen Niswender and Pearl Alice Nitchell Workman Niswender.

Linda and Karl Weiler are LIFE members of the Seeley Genealogical Society. We will miss Linda very much. She was a very spiritual and wonderful mother, wife, grandmother, and sister-in-law. She was always very generous, kind, and thoughtful of everyone.

Published in the Seeley Genealogical Society Newsletter, November 2011

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