Edward Seeley


Gender: Male

Date of Birth: June 8, 1898

Date of Death: June 13, 1941

Birth Place: Newark, NJ

Death Place: Santa Monica, CA

Edward Seeley

(Death Certificate Transcription)
District # 1906 Registrars No. 361 Certificate # 6745
Edward Seeley
Date of Death: June 13, 1941 5:45 AM
Place of Death: Residence
Residence: 2125 Ocean Park Blvd., Santa Monica
Length of stay in this community: 1 year 8 months
Length of stay in California: 1 year 8 months
SSN: 337-09-6352
Male Cauc
Married – Helen H. Seeley age 39
Birthdate: June 8, 1898
Age: 43 years 0 months 5 days
Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey
Usual Occupation: Electrician – Airplane Factory
Father: Edward N. Seeley born Unknown Conn.
Mother: Elizabeth Smith born Boston, Mass
Informant: Helen H. Seeley, 2125 Ocean Park Blvd
Cause of Death: Carcinoma of spine, metastatic from carcinoma of kidney, pelvis
Burial 6/16/41 Inglewood Park Cemetery
Funeral Director: Gates, Kingsley & Gates, 1925 Arizona, Santa Monica