Cynthia Marie Seeley (born Connal)


Gender: Female

Date of Birth: January 12, 1950

Date of Death: November 28, 2000

Birth Place: CA

Death Place: Murrieta, CA

Cynthia Marie Seeley

(Death Certificate Transcription)
Riverside County Book # 2000 Record # 10175
Name: Cynthia Marie SEELEY, White Female
Married – Spouse: Raymond Tony Seeley
Father: Clarkson Elliott Connal, born Massachusetts
Mother: Eileen Louise Harris, born: California
DOD: 28 Nov 2000 @ 1:55 pm
Place of Death: Residence
DOB: 12 Jan 1950, born: California
Age: 50 yrs
Residence: 23288 Shooting Star Dr., Murrieta, CA
Yrs in Riverside County: 50 yrs
Occupation: Landscape Designer 8 yrs
Employer: Self-Employed
Industry: Landscaping
Education: 12 yrs
Military: None
Citizen: USA
Soc. Sec.#: 572-82-3015
Cause of Death: Metastic Breast Cancer
D/T: Left Breast Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma
Treated- to/from: Apr 30, 1999-Nov 28, 2000
Last seen alive: Nov 7, 2000
Biopsy: Left Breast Biopsy
Date: Apr 5, 1999
Surgery: Left Modified Radical Mastectomy
Date: Apr 5, 1999
Physician: Michael Kosmo, MD
Address: 25485 Medical Ctr., Dr., Murrieta, CA
Informant: Raymond T. Seeley, Husband, 23288 Shooting Star Dr., Murrieta, CA
Date Filed: Dec 1, 2000
Cremated/Residence: 06 Dec 2000; 23288 Shooting Star Dr., Murrieta, CA
Funeral Director: Inland Memorial