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Philander C. Seely


Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 1823

Birth Place: Cayuga County, NY

The first company of immigrants who located in this town, was that of David Pratt and his large family, accompanied by P.C. Seely and family, and a number of other persons who all located here in the year 1857. They took up considerable land, and proceeded to make large improvements.

The Name of the Town.
The town was named Seely, by the special commissioners, in 1858, in honor of Philander C. Seely, one of the earliest settlers of the town.


Mr. Seely was born in Cayuga county, state of New York, in 1823. He emigrated to Wisconsin in 1846, from thence to this county in 1857.

He married Miss Harriet Pratt, a daughter of David Pratt. They have one child living, Clement W. Seely, now a resident of the town. Mr. Seely was the first chairman of the board of supervisors, of this town, and the first justice of the peace, being chosen to both offices the same year. He was also a member of the board of county supervisors (now commissioners) one term. He was elected to the office of sheriff, of this county, in the fall of 1861, receiving every vote polled in the county. He served one term. When elected sheriff he removed to Blue Earth City, where he resided some years, but subsequently returned to his farm in Seely, and engaged in farming. He was in the military service of the United States, and went south near the close of the rebellion.

Mr. Seely, in his younger days, took much interest in politics, and early allied himself with the republican party. He was a delegate to the first free-soil convention, which assembled in Wisconsin, and which was held in 1848, when the free-soil party was organized in that state, and he supported Mr. Van Buren, the free-soil candidate for president that year.

Since writing the above sketch Mr. Seely returned again to Blue Earth City to reside, accompanied by his son and his family, and there he expects to spend the remainder of his days.

There are five post-offices in the United States named Seely, and two named Seelyville.

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