Alexander J. Seely

Alexander J. Seely came to Portland with his brother Norman. He worked at his trade, that of blacksmithing, until November, 1838, when he into a difficulty with an Indian, and the latter was. killed. He secreted himself in cornfields for a time, and finally succeeded in leaving the country. He went to Texas, was in the war with Mexico, and was taken a prisoner and probably killed. He married Philene Blackmore. Their children were Jennette and Robette, who are now married and living in Michigan. Mrs. Seely afterward married Chauncey Van Duzen.
“Bent & Wilson History of Whiteside County, page 350

[Alexander J. is SGS# 2663 – Alexander J.; Jeduthan/Juduthen; Ebenezer, David; John; Benjamin; Nathaniel; Robert]