Walter Seeley


Gender: Male


Spouse: Josephine Livingston Struve

Date of Marriage: May 2, 1914

Marriage Place: Los Angeles, CA

Appendicitis caused the sudden marriage of Miss Josephine Livingston Struve to Walter Seeley last night, nullified plans and invitations to the fashionable wedding scheduled for the 15th inst., and will cause the cancellation for the time being at least of an eastern honey moon.

Neither the bride nor the groom is afflicted with the disease, but Mrs. Josephine Struve, mother of the bride, suffered a sudden attack while in her apartment at the Bryson Friday evening, and it became necessary to have her removed to the Sisters’ Hospital.  The operation will be delayed until this morning, Mrs. Struve having expressed a desire to see her daughter wedded prior to this serious event.

When her wish had been expressed, every effort was made to arrange the affair in the quickest possible time and at 6:30 last night, the two young persons stood before the Rev. Leslie Learned of the Pasadena Episcopal Church, in the parlor of the home of Mr. and Mrs. E.P. Gaffney, No. 189 North Robles avenue, Mrs. Seeley is a niece of the Gaffneys – and were united.

As soon as possible the bride and groom hastened to the hospital to receive the benediction of Mrs. Struve.

The bride is a graduate of the Marlborough School and has traveled extensively in this country with her mother during the past year.  Walter Seeley is a son of Mrs. Henry Cheney and grew up in Los Angeles, going east to college, and having returned after his graduation.  Mr. and Mrs. Seeley will reside at the Bryson until the recovery of Mrs. Struve, and will then go on their honeymoon.

Published in The Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, California) Sunday May 3, 1914

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